A Weak Religious Argument

A religious HBDer: the worst of both worlds.

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The existence of God, gods or some supernatural force that animates the universe is unknowable. The big religions get that, which is why it is at the core of those faiths. For that matter, what we understand to be the universe could just be a kid’s science experiment in another dimension. Our world exists in a terrarium on the desk of some kid in the lizard people dimension. These are things we cannot know. That is the nature of faith.

That is nonsense.  It is part of the Western intellectual and legal tradition – actually going back as far as the Classical civilization – that the burden of proof rests on those making the assertion.  To argue that something – no matter how ludicrous – may be true just because we lack 100% definitive evidence that it is not true is no argument at all. That is true sophistry.  If you want to make such an “argument” why not invent a religion worshiping the lizard boy who has our world in a “terrarium” on his desk?  Why not?  What about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?  Why not a religion centered on an omnipotent rodent who can control the weather?  

Well, we’ll be told it is “faith” and no proof is required.  Very well, but then again, why not faith in Lizard Boy or the Cult of Phil?

If the argument goes that Christianity specifically has been part of Western culture and has been adaptive, then “has” is past tense.  We can argue whether Christianity made the West, or the reverse, but as far as adaptive fitness goes, that is dependent on context.  One phenotype may be adaptive in one environment and not in another. The phenotype may be altered by the environment and be no longer adaptive; one cannot project adaptive fitness of one context to another.  A religion whose main figure literally – not figuratively but literally – grovels at the feet of alien invaders is not a religion fit for a people at risk for genocidal race replacement.  Sterner stuff than “turn the other cheek” is required.

And as far as the argument that “we need to retake the religion of our ancestors” – well, it is up to religious Christian believers to get it done.  Why expect us “crazy” atheists to do your work for you?  If Christianity is such a powerful toolkit of Western adaptive fitness then surely the sane and powerful Christian believers should be able to seize their religion back from the radical Left, no?  

Of course, if the present self-destructive cult of masochistic Christ-Insanity is not a perversion of the “one true faith,” but actually is the underlying premises of that faith taken to their natural conclusions, then no renaissance of “muscular Western Christianity” is going to be possible.