Of Saliva and Vagina

More food for thought (for thought – don’t eat it!).

Here’s a question for all you white knighters out there.  Why is it illegal to spit in a pizza that is being made and will be served to customers, but not illegal for women to secretly give their “sexist uncles” bread baked with their vaginal yeast (and all the other microorganisms festering there)?  Why is the former a criminal and the latter a “badass feminist hero?”

Inquiring minds want to know.  Really, White men have allowed women to run wild, just like they’ve let Negroes and other Coloreds run wild – it’s the same thing.  No difference.  Women. Coloreds. Privileged destroyers of a nation and a civilization.  Oh, wait, there is a difference – actually, Negroes are held more accountable than White women are – spit vs. yeast for example.

Silk Road White nationalism in action.  A border guard of the West!

Incredible stupid bastard Zman writes this post, apparently not realizing in his feeble “brain” that neoconservatism is itself the result of allowing Jews to “join Team White.”  And just as they subverted conservatism, they’ll subvert any sort of nationalism as well.  We’ve already had Hart promoting the idea of a multiracial “White separatist state” (sic).  Need I say more?

My answer to this is that the Far Right can, and should, be planning and organizing for all sorts of contingencies.

Of course, the Far Right has several disadvantages in this compared to the Far Left.  For example, while Antifa is essentially a government agency, support by Feds and corporations alike, the Far Right is actually a dissident force targeted by the System.  That’s an external problem.  Internally, the problem is that a “movement” “led” by Type I quota queens will find every “cell” and “militia” infiltrated by Far Leftists embraced with open arms because they’re Swedish or a movie critic (if they’re both…watch out, they’ll become head boy overnight).  Also note that all of this is going on with your “God Emperor” as President.  Good thing Clinton wasn’t elected, or we’d have government- and corporate-supported leftist domestic terrorists running around with impunity.  Oh, wait….

On his message for young men, Trump said: “It’s a very dangerous period in our country, and it’s being perpetrated by some very evil people.”

And he does nothing about it.  Someone needs to tell this fast food-gobbling wreck of a “man” that he was elected to take action against “the swamp” and to stand up to the System, not for jackass tweeting and impotent blustering.  And the early results of Trump’s utter incompetence and sloth-like laziness are discussed here.

Clarification on this.

A future of high technics (for Whites) is possible only with the victory of Type II nationalists.  If the Multiracial System wins, the future will be of devolved australopithecines swinging from the trees; if Type I nationalists win, the White future will be of small tribes snug in their hobbit holes, measuring each other’s cephalic indices with calipers, watched over by laughing Oriental overlords.  I’m pessimistic.