Born in Blood

Strom piece.


I assume Strom will continue to discuss the ADL’s perfidy over the next episodes, all of their sordid history.  The problem is we’ve heard all of this before, he’s preaching to the choir.  The net effect on the wider White population: zero.  A more helpful analysis would be this: how was the ADL actually founded, organizationally speaking, how was it structured, how was it funded, how did it network, how did it compromise Gentile elites?  No doubt much of that was due to the Jews’ specific characteristics, their extreme ethnocentrism, and some of the criminal connections Strom alluded to.  But, there must be some lessons in the ADL story that can be educational for White activists wishing to emulate some aspects of ADL organizational structure, fundraising success, and ability to leverage influence over crucial elites.  Even if a pro-White group were achieve only a small fraction of the ADL’s success, this would be an enormous gain over the nothing we have now.  I wish that Strom – an intelligent fellow who has done his research – would help us by dissecting the keys to the ADL’s success with a specific emphasis on those keys that would be possible for us to learn from, adapt, and implement.