Fields of Inglory

Fallout from Ragnarok.

Some of the Grand Poobahs of the Alt Right do not want to accept any responsibility for Fields and the outcome of his trial.

Comments from a Zman commentator:

There were many former military people who helped plan charlottesville. it amazes me that they did not perceive a trap.
1) They were planning an advance into an enemy stronghold.
2) They knew they would be outnumbered.
3) they were inexperienced.
4) They knew the local authorities were unfriendly
5) They did not properly recon the territory. These people were unaware that the local university has a berkeleyesque reputation.
6) The announced their event well in advance, allowing the enemy time to plan and prepare.
If you advance with inferior strength into unknown territory full of fortified enemies you will LOSE.
This displays the problem the right has with Clausewitizian thinking..trying to force decisive results. This does not work when you are vastly inferior.
The torchlight parade the night before was far more effective, as it was launched before the enemy had time to rally its superior resources. If the event had ended there, it would have been a success.
Those guys with the “Its OK to be white” flyers have achieved far more, at far less cost. This is Maoist thinking, which is appropriate for the vastly inferior side.

Let’s consider ZMan’s take on it.

The organizers who put it together and promoted it have some culpability here. 

Indeed they do.  And what culpability have they accepted?  More to the point, what have they done that shows accountability?  Well, we have Kessler actually having the temerity for Unite the Right II, and being praised for that by Greg Johnson.  

The thing that leaders must always accept is they are responsible for their people. 

Except in Der Movement, where “their people” are “thrown under the bus” whenever it is convenient to do so.

That’s part of leadership. 

Well, when you choose your “leaders” based on an affirmative action program and/or by a system of negative selection – who is it who are so failed and dysfunctional that they would overtly and publicly identify themselves with a failed and dysfunctional “movement” – then you are going to get, believe it or not, even more failure and dysfunction.

When you lead your men into a fight, they expect that you are not leading them into a trap or into certain death. 

Or to an “extreme vetted” meeting in which the main speaker is a leftist infiltrator talking about the dangers of infiltration and who was invited to assist in the vetting for other meetings (an infiltrator deciding on which sincere activist cannot attend) because he passed the extreme vetting hurdle: “Are you Swedish?”

Leadership requires a sense of duty to those you are leading. 

If the “leaders” are so devoid of character that they do not possesses this sense of duty, then they must be held accountable when they fail to fulfill the minimal obligation stated by Zman .  But they are NEVER held accountable by the rank-and-file, are they?  And, if you ever try to hold any of them accountable, then you are “crazy,” don’t you know.  Pure Frankfurt School-level pathologizing of dissent.

The people who put this together failed in that regard and they should be judged accordingly.

They should be permanently banned from any leadership role in Der Movement whatsoever.  Anyone who continues supporting them for such a role should be similarly banned.

That said, most involved were new to activism and can be forgiven for getting caught up in the spirit of the times. 

Hey, Zman, what is “the spirit of the times?”  Acting like immature, irresponsible jackasses?  And how are they going to be held accountable if people like you are going to start making excuses for them immediately after calling for accountability.  Judge them accordingly and then forgive them.  That’s great.  We’ll really get these problems of leadership sorted out now!

Mike Enoch, who has done everything he can to support the men being persecuted, has clearly learned a hard lesson from this. He is a guy who deserves credit for not only learning from the event, but accepting some responsibility for blundering into a trap. 

Credit?  I would give him credit if he had announced: “Look, I’m clearly not suited for any leadership role whatsoever.  So I’m stepping down, permanently, from taking on such roles, and from this point on will solely be a rank-and-file activist and content creator.  I call on all other leaders involved in this fiasco to do the same.”

I don’t remember reading or hearing that.  And, anyway, whatever his ancestry, Enoch is clearly not “one of the boys” so I’m sure the rank-and-file wouldn’t miss him too much anyway.  However, it would shine a light on “the boys” who refuse to do likewise.  Perhaps the rank-and-file at that point would start getting restless even with their chosen ones.

Not everyone involved has covered themselves in glory, though, and that’s a good lesson moving forward. Leadership is not just about being cheeky on YouTube.

Really?  I never would have guessed.