What’s Good for the Danish Goose is Good for the Iranian-Armenian Gander?

And other stupidity from Counter-Currents and the rest of Der Movement.

Remember when Johnson was attacking Roosh for being an aggressive “player” doing sex tourism throughout Europe, particularly Eastern Europe? 

Thus, Johnson wrote (*):

How can White Nationalists extol Eastern Europe as the most racially and culturally healthy part of the white world and condone the kind of man who treats it as a cheap brothel?

So, how does this differ from the likes of “Fullmoon Ancestry” – revered writer for Counter-Currents (never mind Anton, another of the same)?

Ahh…you see, while Roosh is Iranian-Armenian, and thus not derived of European ethnic ancestry, Mr. Fullmoon is “proudly Danish.”

But here we see a problem. That distinction might make sense (**) if Johnson and Counter-Currents consistently took a very broad, pan-racial, civilizational view of human differences. In that case, let’s call it the von Hoffmeister perspective, ethnic Danes scouring Eastern Europe for native women to “date” is intra-racial and hence acceptable, while an Iranian-Armenian doing the same is inter-racial and is not. Thus, this views says Europeans are fungible, while Roosh is the outsider.

But, alas, Counter-Currents is a leading defender of extreme ethnonationalism – indeed praising and defending petty nationalism.

Very well. However, if we want to focus primarily on highlighting and preserving the distinctiveness of different European nations and peoples, then we need to agree that Danes are different from, and distinct from Ukrainians or Balts or Hungarians or Poles or Balkanoids or whatever. You may say that in a relative sense they’re closer than Iranians or Armenians, but they are still different, and the ethnonationalists – the petty nationalist extreme ethnonationalists championed by Johnson – would want to stress the need for homogeneity, sovereignty, and preservation of the different European peoples as they exist today.

In that sense, it is as morally and ethically correct to condemn the sexual tourism of ethnic aliens like Fullmoon (and Anton) as it is ethnic/racial aliens like Roosh.  

And yet not only does Counter-Currents not condemn the ethnically invasive, ethnoimperialist sex tourism of Fullmoon and others of his ilk, but gives it a proud forum on the site, giving advice to others about using Eastern Europe as their brothel.

You see, ethnonationalism is so very, very good, and so very, very natural and optimal that none of its promoters can actually practice its tenets in their own private lives. Whether it’s Fullmoon using Eastern Europe as his brothel or John Morgan using Budapest as his “crash pad,” other people’s nations and women are ripe for the taking.

And then they get hysterical over Bang Poland.  

Disgusting hypocrites.

Either you believe in petty nationalism or you do not.

Executive Summary: The type of petty nationalism espoused by Johnson is not practical in today’s world. No one really wants it – least of all the petty nationalists themselves, who cannot get enough of exploiting other people’s nations.

Johnson trying to pathologize criticism of his grifting dishonesty.

Johnson strikes a devastating blow against Andrew Joyce!  Pathetically petty.

OK Millennial:

Like any big bad internet racist xenophobe sexist holocaust-denying huwite supremist worth his salt, I…am somewhat doglike in my behavior. I am inattentive and easily distracted, especially by commotion, strongly territorial and argumentative when I find my territory threatened, I use my nose for orientation far more than the average human, I get a little nutty and act out if I do not get my daily walk and I have a touch of the extreme omnivore about me — I have yet to eat a sock, but I haven’t ruled it out.

Read this.  As MacDonald will say – cue the Vikings.  Cue the fetishists.  Always wrong, always humiliated by reality.



I despise moralistic ninnies and shit-stirrers who advance the premise that we can’t cooperate politically with anyone if we wouldn’t want to share a pup tent or take a shower with them.

I don’t know, I myself don’t think about male Internet celebrities and activists as people who I may want to “take a shower” with.  Or “share a pup tent” with.  Rather odd, wouldn’t you say?

**But even there I would not defend hedonistic sex tourism, even for exact co-ethnics.  I also don’t condone it for those who sexually exploit Southeast Asian nations – including some “White activists” who do so.