Amren 2022

A brief fisking.  In all cases, emphasis added.

See this. Excerpts:

Once again, the American Renaissance conference was a smoothly organized weekend of fellowship, keen insights, and inspiration. 

Very humble.

We began with a cocktail reception on Friday night, where Jared Taylor talked about his very successful speaking engagement at Arizona State University organized by a promising new group, Campus Republicans United. 

That’s where he said that Asians are superior to Whites.

On a much more serious note, Mr. Taylor was joined by Sam Dickson and Gregory Hood in a remembrance in honor of our staffer, Chris Roberts, who died suddenly in June. Mr. Taylor noted that the very day before he died, Roberts – his real name was Martin Rojas – had been in a staff meeting, planning, joking, full of ideas as usual. 

Note that they have never revealed cause of death. You may say that perhaps the family asked for privacy.The problem is that Rojas was a public figure in Der Movement who interacted with Amren followers and others, and so there is an obligation to inform other activists  about the facts of the case. 

…how tragic it was that a man of his great talents should have been cut down before the age of 30.

Cut down how?

Saturday was a full day of speeches, beginning with Christopher Zeeman, better known as The Z-Man…Mr. Zeeman said we are the “vanguard of a movement,” and that we are successful when “people want to be like us.” He said the purpose of organizing is “changing minds,” and advised organizers to “stop trying to be tough guys online” and avoid futile online feuds.

Attention Greg Johnson.  And I suppose when Zeeman racially smears Italians then he is living up to these standards of behavior?

Miss Loomer expressed her pleasure at being invited to speak to a conference of people “leading the charge educating people about our replacement.” 


“I am Jewish, but I consider myself a white advocate and I campaigned as a white advocate.”

Any oxymoron?

She also called for recognizing political affiliation as a protected civil rights category

Which I called for long ago.

Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice presented a comprehensive…[boring conspitard nonsense follows]

Daniel Vinyard told fascinating stories of his 30 years of service as a police officer. 

The practical meaning of which is what?

Gregory Hood argued that what our movement needs more than anything is a Sorrelian Myth to inspire immediate action for a long-term goal. 

More impractical theorizing that has zero resonance for the average White.

Mr. Hood argued that the West is entirely on the wrong course because it is following an egalitarian morality that will end with dissolution and chaos. 

Wow, thanks for that insight, none of us had ever realized that for ourselves.

Young whites trapped by this system give in to depression and suicide

Anyone in particular in mind?

….Mr. Hood argued for a radical break and a new political and cultural order that he said would be the culmination of Western society and the completion of our historic mission. 

Any actual strategies and tactics to achieve this?  Or just more empty bluster?

Ruuben Kaalep, a member of the Conservative Party in Estonia and an elected parliamentarian, took a different view, in a presentation he made by video. He passionately defended ethnonationalism and independent nation-states. 

Cue Greg Johnson’s heavy breathing.

Former Congressman Steve King was the after-dinner speaker. He guided the audience through Western history, identifying the origin of key concepts such as the rule of law, the right to confront one’s accusers, and limits to the power of the state. He defended whites as the group indispensable to the creation of Western Civilization. He said the rule of law began with Moses, the concept of free speech with Socrates, and the general spread of civilization with Rome. However, the seminal event in the history of Western Civilization was the birth of Christ. 

What horseshit. Just what we need – more Jaysus-freak bible thumping.

The congressman spoke of intriguing plans for an International Center to Save Western Civilization, which would be located in Vienna and coordinate the work of patriotic European political parties. 

Let me guess. The call for D’Nations will start soon. How many more millions of dollars will be flushed down the “movement” toilet?

Congressman King ended by expressing amazement that leftists believed the West would roll over without a fight. “We’re the ones who have to save this country,” he concluded, to a standing ovation. 

Yes, that from the guy who voted for the resolution condemning himself for racism.

The rest of the evening was spent at a lively party hosted by American Renaissance that many attendees thought was the highlight of the weekend.

Based on the Pilleater tape, we can only imagine some of the activities involved.

 “What is it about whites,” Mr. Taylor wanted to know, “that makes them casually say such vicious things about their own people?” 

High Trusters!

Mr. Taylor noted that this zeal for the welfare of other races and a thirst to condemn their own people is unique to whites. No other peoples ever work up a fanatic conviction that they are bad and should be suppressed.

Racial Proximity Theory, Sammy.  Read EGI Notes.

Mr. Taylor argued that if whites are ever to be free in their own homelands, many more people will have to agree with us. They will have to be pried away from this suicidal form of virtue and made to understand that the supreme virtue for us to ensure our own survival. He urged the audience not to think of our opponents as vicious or bad-intentioned, but as lost brothers and sisters whom we must respect enough to try to understand and win over. 

That is 100% against my view that people need to be held accountable for their destructive behavior. Reading between the lines, I can’t help but believe there is some underlying agenda here of saving leftist High Trusters, who are considered racially more valuable than rightist White ethnics.

We cannot afford the dizzying luxury of hatred…

Except against White ethnics.

Sam Dickson concluded the conference, as he always does. 

More useless nonsense.

Needless to say, we deplore all violence and expressions of hate.

Expressions of hate against Italians – like from Hippocrates – are OK though.

See this. Excerpts:

Former Iowa Congressman Steve King spoke at Amren this year after being condemned by Congress and stripped of his committee assignments and ultimately purged from Congress in his primary for being misquoted in the New York Times. It all happened over the course of 2018, 2019 and 2020 when the NRCC and Kevin McCarthy felt it was necessary to take a strong moral stance against “racism” to keep Republicans on track to losing control of the White House and Congress. 

How about being honest here and admitting that King voted for the resolution condemning himself?

Even though he is no longer in Congress, the fact that Steve King attended and spoke at the Amren conference and socialized with and drank a few beers with a who’s who list of the top “domestic rightwing extremists” in America (i.e., people who hold traditional views of American identity which would have been familiar to Theodore Roosevelt) is itself an indicator of how much our politics have changed since 2014. 

Yes, a guy who voted to condemn himself for racism “drank a few beers” with an assortment of freaks, grifters, HBDers, and Anglomanics. Lots of progress there.

I enjoyed his speech which was a strong defense of Christianity as the bedrock of Western civilization. 

More like quicksand than bedrock if you ask me.

Laura Loomer was also there and spoke at the conference about her congressional campaigns in Florida and Big Tech censorship. She was asked a question by someone in the audience about the disproportionate number of Jews involved with policing online speech. Loomer responded that even though she is Jewish those same people had banned her from everything including Uber Eats and Airbnb years ago and that she wasn’t optimistic about her Twitter account being restored by Elon Musk. 

Poor baby.  She always has the option of starring in the leading role in a remake of the movie The Elephant Man, no makeup needed.  Paging David Lynch…..

Daniel Vinyard, a retired White police officer…The conference wasn’t over before Antifa were doxxing him on Twitter

How?  Who was at the conference?

Zman was the first speaker at the conference. He spoke about how conservatives need to become radicals. I’ve spent the last two years documenting how this trend is registering in poll after poll. The more pressing question for me though is how should those of us who are veteran radicals – people like Gregory Hood or Greg Johnson who was also in attendance – engage with conservatives who have become radicalized only in the last two or three years. 

Talking about Savitri Devi and Kali Yuga will help no doubt.

Should we continue to act like marginalized outsiders circa 2010? Should we reassess our position in the new political firmament now that our views are more mainstream?


Christian nationalists have pushed back against a lot of the MAGA era degeneracy. 


For a conference that is supposed to be about “white supremacy,” race struck me as being an afterthought at the conference.

Of course. This WN 3.0 – a grand alliance of Nordicists, HBDers, Anglomaniacs, Christian nationalists, homosexuals, ethnonationalists, Jews, Negroes and other Coloreds, etc. against White ethnics and against pan-Europeanists.

Laugh at this.

But my fears were unfounded — and I should have realized this from the get-go — for our people are far too savvy to believe that the Republicans are going to save us. And many of us believe that working within the present political system at all is futile. 

Talk about missing the point.  Disappointment about the election results have nothing to do with grifter strawmen of saying that those disappointed “believe that the Republicans are going to save us.”  Instead, MacDonald is correct in that Der Right is not getting its message out, and its “worse is better” strategy is a failure (as I predicted).

This was the view taken by the conference’s first speaker, Christopher Zeeman, popularly known as “the Zee Man.” 

That’s ZMan, you idiot.

The title of his talk, “What is to be Done?” was borrowed from Lenin (who himself borrowed it from elsewhere). None of us, Zeeman asserted, will get what we want from the current system. We should not think of ourselves as “conservatives,” because there is nothing in this society left to conserve. We are not, he said, part of a “great silent majority.” Instead, we are a minority of dissidents, of revolutionaries who need to sweep the present system away. In preparation for this, he advised us to engage in “networking” — not virtual networking, online, but networking in person and locally. However, he also cautioned that one of the Right’s major problems is with presentation; we very often present ourselves badly.

Indeed, look at Counter-Currents, Amren, TOO, Zman himself. And who are you going to “network” with?  Among yourselves, in the homo enclaves Pilleater described?

Zeeman was not the only speaker to talk of revolution and of the futility of reforming the present system. Nor was he the only speaker to insist that white people must form racially conscious, local communities. Such sentiments were expressed again and again, and I got the distinct impression that these were, in fact, the views of the majority of attendees.

Note that none of them actually work to produce such communities. They simply panhandle for D’Nations instead.

Hood is the star writer at American Renaissance…

Not saying much.

Echoing a theme heard again and again throughout the weekend, Hood declared, “We are not going to vote our way out of this.” So, what is to be done? If we are going to survive as a race, Hood argued, we have to bind together. Right now, we are essentially a stateless people being treated as a conquered enemy.

Hood’s own conception of what “binding together” would mean was not unlike Zeeman’s: forming real ties in real, local communities. 

Go out to the woods for your “moots” and have eyebrow-less girlfriends who betray the group to the SPLC whenever they feel a bit depressed. That’ll build those cohesive communities, no doubt.  All we get from these guys is empty talk, platitudes, NEVER any concrete action. Then they ask for money.

Some of these same themes appeared again in Jared Taylor’s talk, entitled “Madness: Rare in Individuals, Common in Groups.” Here Taylor was attempting to address a question that often comes up on the Right: Why are white people so prone to insane, suicidal self-hatred? Some of us tend to think that this is something new, but Taylor argued that it is quite old. He cited the crazies of the French Revolution (at least our Leftists haven’t gone quite that far yet!). He also cited the Abolitionists, many of whom, Taylor theorized, were probably psychotic. It is the Abolitionists, with their hatred of their fellow whites, who probably come closest to today’s loonies. And just like our loonies, the Abolitionists’ hatred for their white opponents far exceeded their love for blacks.

The Abolitionists were founding stock High Trusters. 

What can explain such madness — this moral fanaticism coupled with hatred of one’s own? 

Racial Proximity Theory?

Taylor noted that white people seem to have a compulsion to throw themselves into virtuous causes. He cited research showing that feelings of virtuousness stimulate the basal ganglia, flooding the brain with dopamine. Are white people just dopamine addicts? Possibly. But the real mystery is why whites are attracted to causes that are anti-white — why, as Taylor put it, they “make a fetish out of opposing their own people.” We simply do not see this at all in other races. Is there any other race that campaigns for other races to the detriment of its own? Why are we the only race that gets a dopamine surge from hating ourselves? So far as I can see, Taylor did not really offer a theory that might explain this most mysterious aspect of whites.

Read EGI Notes.

Taylor ended his talk by asking us to bear in mind that though white Leftists may be pernicious, they are nevertheless members of our own race. We should avoid simply dismissing them as “evil,” and should recognize that most are well-intentioned. Our goal, he said, is not revenge against our white enemies, but saving our common race. 

“Our common race” – including Far Left High Trusters, Jews, race-mixers who marry Orientals, and R1A Aryan Neil Kumar.  Excluding White ethnics.

Taylor’s talk was followed immediately by Sam Dickson’s, and his remarks exhibited an interesting contrast to Taylor’s. Dickson began by saying that it is imperative that we “know who we are.” 

Freaks, conmen, incompetents, and grifters?

But I digress. Dickson’s second point about America was that its founding stock had a problem with the use of power. 

That’s not the only problem, Sam.

Dickson described Leftists as “evil, wicked, and horrible” (his exact words). We have, he said, separated into two nations entirely, and there is no putting them back together again. And there is no converting most Leftists, because they are not reasonable and were not honestly mistaken in the first place. 

True. Dickson therefore has more sense than Taylor.

In a pre-prepared video, Ruuben Kaalep of Estonia’s Conservative Party delivered an eloquent defense of ethnonationalism (Mr. Kaalep did not appear in person because he has refused to get the Covid jab and thus cannot enter the United States). 

A paragon of the current “movement.”

Lastly, one of the conference’s major highlights was the appearance of Laura Loomer, a well-known figure on the Right. 

And a Jewess who makes Elephant Man Merrick look narrow-faced.

Loomer’s was easily the most controversial presentation of the entire conference. The reason is simple: She is Jewish. Thus, here was a speaker who was indeed saying all the right things — but a number of the attendees I spoke to felt that she had no right to be saying them. For when she spoke of “our people,” who was she talking about? Few questioned Ms. Loomer’s sincerity (and I know I will catch some heat for this, but I found her hard to dislike). She clearly identifies as white, but is she? And can we accept her as an ally? These questions were debated all weekend.

All good questions.

Some felt that Ms. Loomer should not have been invited, but I was not one of them.

WN 3.0!

Her presence gave us something to disagree about, and that made the weekend’s discussions livelier. Surely this was partly Mr. Taylor’s intention. As he put it to me in conversation, and with a bit of a twinkle, “We believe in diversity.” He meant intellectual diversity, I am sure.

No, I actually believe he means WN 3.0 diversity – a grand pan-racial coalition against White ethnics an against pan-Europeanism. Before you dismiss that as “crazy and paranoid” actually look at the facts.

Mr. Taylor is to be commended for trying to stir up controversy among the faithful, for controversy makes us think. It may not change our minds, but it can lead us to strengthen our positions with better arguments. Mr. Taylor — and his associates — are also to be commended for putting on yet another splendid conference. What a pleasure it is not just to be among the like-minded, but among the active-minded. 

Active?  Active in what?  Panhandling for money?

I can hardly wait for next year.

Me too.