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Odds and Ends, Memorial Day 2020

In der news.

Re: 5/23/20 FMA livestream. Greg Johnson doesn’t have the discipline to work out at home and he also needs a trainer at the gym.

A personal trainer must be paid. Where does the money come from, all ye rank-and-file supporters and donors?  How many of YOU have a private trainer at a gym?  Does it bother you that those you give donations to live better than you do?

This is what we call Herrenvolk Logic – Dershowitz is for something, therefore it is bad.

Actually, I wouldn’t go so far as to make the vaccinations mandatory in the sense Dershowitz advocates.  Just shun the anti-vaxxers, limit their movements so they don’t spread disease, and hold them legally accountable if they do spread disease. If contact tracing demonstrates that an anti-vaxxer caused disease – that’s assault and battery if the victim survives and homicide if they die. Only fair, no?

And while we should reject vaccines because Dershowitz supports them, anti-vaxx vaccine skepticism is justified because of tweets from those medical and epidemiological experts Roosh and Michelle Malkin.  Dat right!

Questions for the anti-vaxx filth – Do you believe that the forcible quarantine of Mary Mallon (“Typhoid Mary”) was unfair? Did it limit her “freedom?”  Her body, her choice!  How dare Big Gummint tell her she can’t work as a cook!  Just because she was killing people means nothing. And, after all, anti-vaxxers tell us that viruses and bacteria don’t cause disease anyway!  So there!  We should worry instead about the “bullets flying everywhere” that are wiping out all non-human animal life on Earth!

More questions for the anti-vaxxers – If you or your children were to be bitten by a rabid animal, would you consent to the “jabbing” with rabies vaccine and rabies immune globulin? Yes or no? If your child were to get a deep puncture would for which the probability for tetanus was high, would you consent for them to be “jabbed” with tetanus vaccine?  If the inept and TROPICAL Chinese were to “accidentally” release smallpox from one of their laboratories, sparking an outbreak, would you consent to a smallpox vaccination?  Why do you tweet and retweet doctored and edited videos that maliciously and mendaciously make it sound that Gates and Fauci are promoting intentionally harming people with vaccines, when you damn well know that it is not true?  If people die as a result of your anti-vaxx lies, are you prepared for the moral and legal consequences?

If you would like to see a pictorial example of what anti-vaxx filth like Red Ice want – in the de facto, ultimate outcome, sense (not implying intention) – for your children, see this.  It doesn’t matter if it is intentional or not.  Criminal negligence is a crime.  Promoting disease by advocating against vaccination has real life consequences, including death. With freedom comes responsibility.  You can’t have one without the other.  

Jenner and Pasteur are spinning in their graves. The fruits of White genius flushed down the toilet by childish retards frightened of scary needles “jabbing” them.

In the past, parents could only dream that there would be a way to save their child who was bitten by a rabid dog, or to prevent their child from being paralyzed by polio, or disfigured or killed by smallpox, or killed by tetanus, or killed by diphtheria or measles – and now that this is possible, and that White genius has brought these gifts to humanity, hysterical retards are throwing it all away.

The real poisons are the maintenance medications, most produced in India and China, which The Great White Whales and their pudgy offspring gladly take because they can’t push away from the table and can’t admit their children are just dumb. But, hey, they’re nice pills and not scary needles, so who cares?  Pills don’t “jab” you.

The coming man  That’s “coming” not “cumming” – in case any men sexually harassing Pilleater were confused about that.

What you do is not debate it – just call it “shit” or “insane” or “indecent.” Then you have a “discussion” with folks who agree with you on everything and congratulate you on your willingness to “debate.”


Patriotic Black Man


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Greg is clearly letting his Spencer hatred inform his Woods hatred.  I found out about Keith from a counter currents podcast

John Wilcox


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Not wanting to debate a willing opponent is always a good look. Also, wasn’t Bowden pretty clearly a third positionist?

This is particularly relevant:

Not wanting to debate a willing opponent is always a good look.

Johnson only “debates” two types – either morons he knows he can beat or people who basically agree with him. Why folks take this specimen seriously is a mystery;  well, actually not a mystery – affirmative action, faux intellectualism and a PhD (not “credentialism” in his case, of course), a lack of competition, etc.

I don’t know who this “Keith Woods” is, but if it is someone who Johnson is running from, there must be something useful there.

Very true.

Question – does morality also play a role in “movement” politics?  If so, what can we say about a person who doles out, or withholds, criticism based upon how influential the target is in the “movement,” and based upon the possible affect such criticism would have on the critic’s meeting invitations and “D’Nations?”

Is such a person immoral?  On the other hand, if a person speaks truth to power, even to the extent of being labeled “insane” and indecent,” are they moral?  Just asking.

Sallis is doing well (emphasis added).

And not all benefits are physical: anger can help with negotiating, too. A major flashpoint for aggression is the discovery that someone does not value your interests highly enough. It involves inflicting costs – the threat of physical violence – and withdrawing benefits – loyalty, friendship, or money – to help them see their mistake.

Everyone has interests.  If yours are not being taken seriously, why stand for it?  Why be an extended phenotype for someone else’s interests?

Quota King Ann Coulter.  Gee…what ever happened to In Trump We Trust?  Affirmative action means never having to admit being wrong.

Mudshark Annie is still waiting for Costello to serve her and Dinesh breakfast in bed.  Nighttime activity works up a hearty appetite.

Always remember – when high-T Quota King Coulter was doing her In Trump We Trust shtick, Sallis was calling Trump a vulgar ignorant buffoon. Who was right?  Who was wrong?  When are the rank-and-file Nutzis going to stop the affirmative action program?

Those two faced sneaky liars!  Giggles…and gives the words “ditzy” and “airhead” new meaning. Seriously though, how did we degenerate from William Pierce to this? Yes, I’m critical of Pierce, but how can you compare him to Sorority Girl White nationalism?  Please explain to me again how WN 2.0 is so superior to WN 1.0. I’m not getting it.

Well, of course. Why did any of you ever take that giggling retard seriously in the first place?

Sallis answers yes.  An associate of mine attended one of those Scandinavian conferences at which Miss Giggles was a speaker.  He said all speeches were good, except hers, which was unbearable.  When the conference speeches were put online I couldn’t get through two minutes of hers.

Again, when Babushka hits the wall, none of her beta (ex)fanboys will care in the slightest what she has to say, and they’ll pretend like she never existed.

Well, gee…Brazil’s flubro approach certain is working out well, huh?

While these criticisms of “movement” “rock stars” is necessary (and amusing), there are limits to what can be achieved through purely deconstructivist tactics. So, while such critiques will continue, they’ll be a bit targeted and perhaps less frequent.

There are some projects of importance required.  First, the ongoing project, the main thrust of the Sallis Groupuscle, is the defense and promotion of the fundamental Yockeyian vision of the Western or European Imperium (always keeping in mind that is perfectly compatible with Salterian EGI).

Second, a more in depth project to create the philosophical underpinning to the Sallis Groupuscle, including a critique and rejection of the adulation of Heidegger prevalent among the “traditionalist” faction, building upon analysis of certain existentialist principles, and justifying the Sallisian worldview.

The Nazi Next Time, II

Further analysis.

Let’s take another look at my The Nazi Next Time essay from 2015.  How does all of that look now from the perspective of Trump’s election and all the events from the year (and more) since that election?

Before we look back at the main points of that “Nazi” essay, let us consider that now, approximately two years later, certain elements of the System Left are beginning to reach similar conclusions.  Read this Frank Rich piece.

However common the ground of Democrats and Trumpists when it comes to economic populism, they will still be separated by the Trumpists’ adamant nativism, nationalism, and racism. The liberal elites who continue to argue that Democrats can win by meeting Trump voters halfway don’t seem to realize that those intransigent voters have long been hardwired to despise them.

The pot calling the kettle black?  Who despises who?  It was the Democratic Party’s abandonment of the White working class, in favor of Colored Identity Politics, which set the stage for right-wing populism to begin with.  Working class and middle class White Americans rightly perceive that the Democrats despise them, so why not return the favor?

Looking to the future in his 60 Minutes White House exit interview, Bannon said, “The only question before us” is whether it “is going to be a left-wing populism or a right-wing populism.” And that is the question, he added, “that will be answered in 2020.” Give the devil his due: He does have the question right. But there is every reason to fear that our unending civil war will not be resolved by any election anytime soon in the destabilized America that Trump will leave behind.

But the long-term threat is bigger than the potential arrival in the Capitol of radicals like Moore or the conspiracy theorist Kelli Ward, a possible inheritor of Flake’s Arizona seat. By illuminating a pathway to power that no one had thought possible, and demolishing the civic guardrails that we assumed protected us from autocrats, Trump has paved the way for far slicker opportunists to gain access to the national stage. Imagine a presidential candidate with Trump’s views and ambitions who does not arrive with Trump’s personal baggage, his undisciplined penchant for self-incrimination, and his unsurpassed vulgarity. 

Yes, I can imagine it: that’s why I wrote the “Nazi” essay; the vision was clear in my mind…and still is.

Finer-tooled instruments — smarter and shrewder demagogues than the movement’s current titular head — may already be suiting up in the wings.

Oh, we can only hope.  I do believe eventually, we’ll see that.

In any case: Sallis was prescient once again.

Now, back to the 2015 Sallis piece.

The hysterical angst of the Republican Establishment concerning the rise of Trump is glorious to observe.  Of course, the interesting thing is their complete lack of self-awareness, their lack of understanding that they themselves are responsible for the predicament they find themselves in.

I was I believe too kind to the GOP then.  Or, perhaps, I realize now that the Republicans don’t care about winning; they only care about being part of the System’s anti-White agenda.  Trumpism in the 2016 election gave the GOP sweeping victories at every level, leaving the Democratic Party in complete disarray.  2016 was a stunning confirmation that right-wing populism is the path for continued Republican electoral dominance even in the face of the changing demographics that the GOP itself has been complicit in promoting.  Trumpism can build a solid White voting bloc, with strengths among demographics (working class Whites, White ethnics) who were part of the Reagan coalition, but who have been straying from the GOP after decades of Neocon-corporate-cuckservatism, as exemplified by the Bush family, “plastic man” Romney, and execrable filth like John McCain (and the pink-frilled Lindsey Graham).  And how has the GOP reacted to this good fortune?  By doubling down on their anti-Trumpism, by obstructing what little the Grand Cuck Trump (this revealed after the election) wants to accomplish in a positive sense, by joining in with the absurd moral panic over “Russian interference,” by cucking to an extreme degree, by doing everything possible to throw away the fruits of the 2-16 electoral sweep an alienate and discourage Trump’s base.  So, now, I believe that they have awareness and understanding – it’s just that they are part of the same corruption, and always have been.  It’s always been a fraud, a scam, a con game run on the White American voter.  The GOP really isn’t in any predicament at all; they are simply playing the role assigned to them, playing it with relish.

Of course, all else being equal. The GOP would prefer to win elections, as they would like to enjoy the power and perks of elected office.  They also want to convince the rubes of the viability of the “two party system” and they want to keep the political donations and campaign contributions flowing in.  But winning is not an existential issue for them, but being anti-White is. If given a choice between winning with an explicitly pro-White agenda and losing as pandering cucks, they’d pick the latter every time. When the choice is put into those stark terms, the real Republican agenda comes into sharp focus.

Consider: after the startling electoral success of 2016, GOP cucks still pretend that association with right-wing populism will somehow damage the party – they will be ‘”toast.”

Still think they really want to win?

One reason is that the GOP has been complicit in the demographic changes that have put them “in between a rock and a hard place,” politically speaking. On the one hand, Republicans look at America’s growing colored population and see the need to appeal to that demographic. On the other hand, the GOP base of support is conservative White Americans, particularly right-of-center White men.  To pander to minorities runs the risk of alienating the base; to secure the base runs the risk of alienating the coloreds. Up to this point, the GOP strategy has been to pander to the colored minorities, while throwing “bones” to the base in the form of phony “implicit Whiteness” and “dog whistling” rhetoric with no real-life political consequences. Heretofore, the GOP has mastered feinting right during the primaries, running centrist in the general election, and, in the rare cases of GOP Presidential victories (since Ronnie Raygun, we have had only the two failed Bush men being elected), governing from the left. Base anger has been silenced by “they have nowhere else to go” “lesser of two evils” electoral considerations.

But now, the rise of Trump is an ill wind blowing in the direction of the GOP elites: the base is starting to awaken and will not be forever willing to “vote for lesser of two evils” and support anti-White leftist Republican candidates.

Whatever else Trump is or does, this alone justifies supporting his 2016 campaign, which I did.  Even if he is a completely self-interested phony, his reliance on right-wing populism “let the toothpaste out of the tube” and the System, however it may try, cannot get it all back in again, long-term.  They may win some battles here or there, tactical successes, but the tides of war will go against them.  By this, I mean the war to make multiculturalism work smoothly, and have White blithely accept their own dispossession.  The System may still win in the end, but their victory will be a Pyrrhic one, a bloody mess that will leave a nation essentially ungovernable long term as any major power on the world scene.  They may suppress right-wing populism short-term (and likely, not even that), but, like a bed penny, it’ll keep on popping up again.  Trump is a catalyst, a “John the Baptist” foreshadowing things to come.

But there is something else. The problem with Trump is seemingly not only his ideology of right-wing populism (real or fake), it is also because the Republican Establishment – with some justification – see Trump as an ill-informed, vulgar, obnoxious, childish buffoon, with no self-control and an embarrassing lack of gravitas.  Very well, but in response to those concerns I have two words: Pat Buchanan.

Like Trump, Buchanan ran for President as a right-wing populist Republican. In fact, there is considerable overlap in overt ideology between the two men’s campaigns. While lacking Trump’s “alpha jerk-boy” charisma, Buchanan has certain advantages that you would think would endear him to the GOP elites: Buchanan is a well-informed, articulate, religious man, with strong Establishment connections, and prior political experience in previous Republican administrations. Buchanan has always been an “inside-the-Beltway” man, and is not an obnoxious buffoon.

And how did the GOP elites deal with the more polished and political Buchanan?  With the same disdain and hysteria that they now reserve for “Der Trumpening.”  The Elite made it clear that they would never accept Buchanan as the nominee, they panicked over his early successes, they sabotaged his campaign (as I recall, they even prevented him from being on the ballot in some states), etc.  So, the case of Buchanan proves that the problem with Trump is not so much his repellent personal aspects, but his core of right-wing populism. Anything that appeals to Whites is anathema to the GOP, which is of course self-destructive given the nature of the GOP base (it is not for nothing that Sam Francis labeled the GOP “the Stupid Party”).

As stated above, the GOP would rather lose as anti-Whites than win as pro-White.  It’s a well-established trend dating back decades.

The point is that the GOP lost anyway with Bush and Dole in 1992 and 1996. While it is understandable that the incumbent would be favored in 1992, there was no excuse for favoring the “living mummy” “civil rights Republican” Dole over Buchanan in 1996. Favoring Buchanan would have solidified the GOP base and could have put the party in the direction of a right-wing populist track that could have genuinely benefited White Americans.

That is anathema to Establishment Republicans.

But, no. The elites sabotaged Buchanan and they suppressed right-wing populism for several electoral cycles. Now it has erupted in a more “virulent” form with Donald Trump. Instead of learning their lesson and understanding that the base cannot be taken for granted, instead of understanding that they need candidates that appeal to the base, the GOP elites are hell-bent on sabotaging Trump and suppressing right-wing populism for another couple of electoral cycles.

They may succeed but they are playing with fire.

They couldn’t stop Trump from winning, but they are fairly successful in teaming up with Democrats to block Trump’s ostensible agenda. Here, they are getting help from Trump himself, who betrays his base at every opportunity.  xxThere are some who say that there is evidence that Trump is sincere in his right-wing populism: he gave up his easy billionaire lifestyle to run for President. But that in and of itself means nothing.  It ignores issues of ego and the lust for (political) power. By analogy, we can ask why billionaires all don’t just ease up and enjoy the “good life,” why do most of them continue to strive, “wheel and deal,” obsess over money, and engage in rent-seeking behavior, including political lobbying, designed to further increase their wealth and power?  That’s the nature of the rich and powerful: they are never satisfied; they always want more (and that is one reason that they become rich and powerful to begin with).  If such people are given the opportunity to go into the history books as US President, would they eschew that opportunity?  Trump’s Presidential ambitions tell us nothing about his sincerity.  The fact that Trump ran as a right-wing populist may reflect his real views, or it may simply reflect his realization that the only way he could stand out from the established field of GOP cucks was to give the base the “red meat” that they were craving.  If Trump is really the shrewd businessman his admirers says he is, then he must have noticed the open political niche space to the political right of the GOP candidate field.  Trump’s sincerity would be better displayed by an honest and consistent effort on his part to fulfill his campaign promises.  That he is not doing; instead we get jackass tweeting, half-heated measures, backpedaling, a disgraceful waste of political capital, and waffling on issues like DACA.  If there is sincerity there, it is awfully hard to see.

Who will come after Trump?  Who will be the next right-wing populist?  As even worthless and weak Whites become more aggressive out of sheer desperation, who will they turn to next?  Someone more extreme and firebrand-populist compared to Trump to the same degree Trump is compared to Buchanan? 

It won’t be “the fire next time,” but it may well be “the Nazi next time.”  The GOP elites had better hope that their country clubs are well fortified indeed.

Will Trump’s constant betrayals and failures discourage his base?  Or, as Rich suggests, whatever the outcome of Trump, the base will only become more energized?  The latter, we hope.  But we must realize that the trauma of Trump has immunized the System against the “virus” of right-wing populism; they’ll be on their guard against it, and will try and nip any further manifestations in the bud.  Where they will fail, I believe, is that the System is, at its heart, anti-White; they cannot muster up any real “red meat” to satisfy a growing sense of White Identity Politics that will become ever more resistant to Democratic attempts to divert race with economics or GOP attempts at implicitly White “culture war” dog whistling.  The toothpaste is out of the tune, so to speak.

But, the System may not be able to win over the Trump base, but they’ll use their power to sabotage future political manifestations of right-wing populism.

In the movie The Day of the Jackal, the Jackal tells the OAS leaders: “Not only have your own efforts failed, but you’ve rather queered the pitch for everyone else.”  One can say that about Trump perhaps (and about the “movement” more generally, certainly).

Now, right-wing populism, essentially civic nationalism, is not the answer.  It is best a precursor or at least a stop gap, and at worst a diversion, a cul-de-sac, a competitor to what is needed – which is explicitly prop-White racial nationalism – White nationalism.  At this point in time, we can work to ensure that right-wing populism serves positive functions, as a precursor to White nationalism (the membrane separating the two is thin; it is one step from civic nationalism to racial nationalism, but an big step many do not make), or at least as a stop gap as racial nationalism begins to develop (Trump is in a sense a stop gap; one other benefit of his election, besides all “breaking the ice” for more extreme politics and increasing balkanization an chaos, is that he prevented a Clinton election that could have led to more repressive conditions for the development of racial nationalism – worse is not always better).

I would suggest that at this point, right-wing populism is best suited for Presidential campaigns and also for Senate and Governor races, and for lower level races in areas in which the White population is not sufficiently “prepared” for more radical approaches.  However, in selected areas and selected times, we should begin to consider explicitly White candidates – even racial nationalist WNs – ranging from school board elections all the way up to the US House of Representatives. Some successes there can lead to consideration of WNs for the higher level races.  The value of political WN campaigns exists regardless of the electoral outcome: promoting balkanization, recruiting, propaganda, organization, normalization of racial nationalist discourse and “pushing the envelope,” forcing the civic nationalists to get off the fence in one direction or another, a whole host of advantages.

Political campaigns would benefit from effective local organizing and vice versa.  It’s been said, and I believe it to be true, than in some locales, WNs love near each other but do not know of each other’s existence. Even if some fraction of these are kooks, freaks, defectives, Nutzis, fetishists, etc. there may still be a critical mass of useful like-minded people in certain areas.  The trick is to get them together, to work together, and to organize, safely, without the threat of infiltrators exposing them all.  How to do it is uncertain.  Existing meetings with their “extreme vetting” are ludicrous jokes; real extreme vetting would help, but I’m not sure that Der Movement has the competence or discipline to pull it off.  Anyone who is able to put together an effective plan for local organizing is going to be at an enormous advantage.  In the competition for racial nationalist leadership, those who can perform effectively will rise, and those who are laughably inept will fall.  

WNs cannot depend on a “man on white horse” civic cuck “hero” to save them.  The Nazi Next Time is not going to descend from Valhalla, complete with blessings of Saint Adolf; instead, the “demagogues” of the future will come to the fore as a result of hard work, discipline, and commitment.

This will, I believe, likely require a New Movement that replaces the clown show that currently exists.  I’m not sanguine about that, but this blog will continue to play the role of “loyal opposition.”  Racial nationalism is the future, but that future will only become actualized if we make it so.  

Future installments of this topic will be forthcoming when events and new ideas warrant; note as well there is overlap with the concept of Political EGI, as any pro-White leader who is worthwhile must incorporate (even if indirectly) the concept of genetic interests into their memetic toolkit.

Cuckadoodledoo! 8/17/16

Trump cucking to the Negro.

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday delivered his most aggressive call yet to woo African-American voters, vowing to restore law and order, only days after a fatal police shooting of a black man sparked more street violence.

Speaking a few miles from Milwaukee, which was rocked by weekend riots, Trump accused his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of “bigotry” and vowed to protect the jobs of minorities from immigrants. Trump has been repeatedly called a “bigot” by his Democratic opponents.

“I’m asking for the vote for every African-American citizen struggling in our society today who wants a different and much better future,” Trump said.

“Jobs, safety, opportunity, fair and equal representation: We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to, and talks down to, communities of color and sees them only as votes – that’s all they care about – not as individual human beings worthy of a better future.”

That’s great. Hey, Trump, how about give a speech where you equally explicitly woo European-American voters? Oh, the Trump worshipers will tell us that “he can’t do that, since it would damage his campaign.” Yeah, it looks like the “God Emperor” has been doing a pretty good job already himself of ruining his campaign. And I thought that, according to the fan club, Trump’s bluster was a “winning trait?” It’s “alpha” and all (although now Roissy his hedging his bets and talking about the Clinton campaign’s use of “game” that could impede “the Trumpening”).

I for one am going to hold Der Movement accountable if:
1. Trump continues to cuck in his campaign.
2. A President Trump reneges on his promises and cucks away.
3. Or, most likely, he goes down in flames and loses big, which puts all those who have said “Donald Trump is the last hope of White America” in a very interesting position indeed.
On a side note, the loser GOP party, representing the loser White race, really cannot run effective national Presidential campaigns ever since Ronnie Raygun left the political scene. Bush Sr. won in 1988 running against a moronic swarthoid and since then, for a quarter of a century since Clinton’s election, the only Republican who ran a campaign with a clear intention of winning was Bush Jr. – Dubya. Dubya, you see, compensated for his abysmal stupidity with animal cunning and frat-boy aggressiveness. Trump? He’s just like a charging bull, always baited by the matador’s red cape. Of course, the bull calms down and becomes a placid ox whenever he wants to kiss up to the Imperial Negro, who he worships.

The Day of the Hapless Jackal

And so Trump crows: Cuckadoodledoo!

Trump the cuck, Trump the buffoon, Trump the backpedaler.
Yes, I’ll vote for him for strategic reasons of balkanization, but Der Movement’s idolization of this idiot is deeply troubling.  Cleburne, however, seems to be waking up.


The inevitable pivoting begins…inevitable, that is, for everyone except Der Movement.

Let the backpedaling begin, and a jilted Roissy weeps.

Seriously though, Trump is an idiot.  A major aspect of his appeal is the perception that he is not like mainstream politicians, that he is authentic and speaks his mind, and means what he says.  In reality, he seems to be following the same old tired hypocritical GOP script: run right in the primary, pivot left-center for the general election, and, if elected, govern hard left.

The quota queens of Der Movement have the whole Trump thing backwards: they obsess over Trump the man rather than over the implications of his campaign and his support, which is the real issue.  I really do believe that a group of low-IQ shuffling ghetto Negroids would do a better job leading Der Movement than what “leadership” actually exists.