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Contra “Admixture” Testing Redux

Food for thought.

More evidence in support of Sallis’ critiques of “admixture” testing.

Hellenthal et al, 2014 estimated from data of 94 modern populations a couple of analyses on Bulgarians inferred from an admixture event in 1000-1600 YBP between a Slavic and a Cypriot donor group: to a Polish donor group Bulgarians are of an estimated 59% Polish-like and 41% Cypriot-like admixture; to a Belarusian, Bulgarians are of 46% Belorussian-like and 54% Cypriot-like admixture.

It should be clear to the triple digit IQ crowd that Bulgarians are not literally a mix of 59% Polish and 41% Cypriot or 46% Belorussian and 54% Cypriot. The weasel word “like” gives a clue here (e.g., “Polish-like” instead of “Polish”). These data merely suggest that Bulgarian genomes could in theory be modeled as such mixtures given those specific options as parental reference populations; if other reference populations were chosen, the results would of course be different (note here how the levels of the “Cypriot-like” component changes dependent upon whether “Polish-like” or “Belorussian-like” is chosen as the other component). This is merely modeling (what current “admixture testing” is for the most part); it is not meant as a literal reading of ethnic history. And if the authors of the paper did in fact have the intention of it being literal in the sense quoted above, then they are being absurd.

Also note how different studies give significantly varied results and interpretations – about the same studied genomes. This also clearly demonstrates that study methodology (foremost among which is the choice of reference populations), and bias with respect to interpretation, color the reported findings

Extend this to commercially available “testing.” If a Bulgarian reference population was used, then ethnic Bulgarians would test as, say, 95-100% “Bulgarian” (dependent upon how closely their genomes match that of their co-ethnics chosen as the parentals). If, however, Poles, Belorussians, and Cypriots were chosen as the parentals, then results would likely mirror the modeling of Hellental et al. Companies also interpret these data differently. 23andMe, for some bizarre reason, would place Cypriots as “West Asian” while at the same time labelling Ashkenazi Jews as “European;” in contrast Living DNA is labelling Cypriots as (Southern) European.
We can see the problems here. Unfortunately, semi-retarded simpletons who spontaneously ejaculate over “testing” results do not see the (quite obvious) problems.

Odds and Ends, 6/10/20

Good CvH speech and other news.

This is a good von Hoffmeister speech.  Note that he rejects “twigs and branches” “hobbit hole” reactionary “traditionalism” and supports a technological and futurist approach forward for Whites.

He’s also correct about “testing” – particularly given all the problems identified at this blog. I would only quibble that instead of saying “look White, identify as White” – which can include all sorts of NECs – merely say “of European descent,” i.e.., ancestry from of one (or more) of historical European ethnies.

But, overall, I strongly endorse the speech and recommend that readers share it far and wide.

By the way, is CvH “sane” and “decent” enough for Johnson to debate?  While it is true that only Sallis is qualified to defend Sallisism, since Johnson runs from that, what about CvH then?  Or is he, like Woods, “not up to it?”

They could, for example, debate pan-Europeanism vs. petty nationalism as well as technics-oriented futurism vs. hobbit hole “traditionalism.”  However, I cannot speak for CvH and do not know if he has any interest in debating Johnson or anyone else.  I merely suggest that if Johnson is too cowardly to engage with the Sallis Groupuscule, then these issues can be addressed by a “pinch hitter” or “designated hitter” who has significant, albeit not total, overlap with Sallis.

I’ve been saying that for years, Quota Queen.

If you really want to see Gaslighting Greg’s deficiencies on display, see this.

What a retard.

A Failed Nation and a Failed Movement

Terminal decline.
America is a failed nation state.  A nation with a third world infrastructure, with potholes like moon craters, rusting bridges, crumbling cities; a nation that uses nuclear weapons technology from the 1960s and 1970s while its Idiocracy President gibbers about “super-duper” missiles; a nation that has to use private companies, or beg Russia, in order to launch into space; a nation that can send troops overseas but cannot control its own borders; a nation that has its citizens having to use home-made or improvised face masks during a pandemic because there are no supplies; a nation that cannot perform covd-19 testing properly; a nation of waddling drug-addicted fatsos who blather, in their opioid- and Adderall-induced haze, about “poisonous vaccines” “jabbing” them with toxins and microchips; a nation that has lost control over its own territory to violent mobs of criminals, far left extremists, and subhumans, enforcing mob justice uncaring of newly discovered facts; a nation whose upcoming Presidential election is currently scheduled to feature a morbidly obese blustering retard vs. a mummified perverted dementia patient, each trying to outdo the other in being anti-White and pro-Black.

The buffoonish fraud Trump has had four years to declare Antifa a terrorist organization and use the power of the federal government against them.  Instead, his DOJ persecuted his own supporters. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, what makes you think he’ll do anything except blustering tweets?

What happened to the sincere man of genuine greatness?
Hmmm…you see, Rich, the difference here is that someone was calling Trump a vulgar ignorant buffoon and a fraud back in 2016, before the election.
Who was it?  Not the folks calling Trump a “God Emperor” or who were raising toasts for him after the election.
Trump, the hero of “criminal justice reform” and ASAP Rocky and the Jack Johnson pardon, was correctly labelled a “Negrophilic race cuck” here four years ago. Now all of the “Trump is the last chance for White America” In Trump We Trust Quota Kings and Queens are shocked – shocked they say! – that their “God Emperor” sits on his hands and blusters incoherently while American cities (such as they are) burn.
Der Movement is a failed as America is.

An appeal. By the way, Skandinavisk Frihet is apparently “out of business” – such is the way in Der Movement, Gresham’s law of Activism.

Definition: A White nationalist is someone whose primary identity, primary allegiance, primary sense of peoplehood, and primary focus of organizing is centered on their race, not on their ethnicity or nation of citizenship or religion or anything else.  Further, they promote this ideal to Whites in general – Our Race Is Our Nation.

A century ago, Nordicists were asserting:

The Mongol is not inferior to the Nordic in intelligence, as is the Negro, but represents such a divergent type that the mixture between Nordics and Chinese or Japanese is not a good one. The overflow of these Asiatics into our Pacific Coast might have Mongolized the States there had not the American laboring man taken alarm and secured legislation forbidding their immigration…We see the Nordics again confronted across the Pacific by their immemorial rivals, the Mongols. This will be the final arena of the struggle between these two major divisions of man for world dominance…Today, Nordicists embrace HBD, which has as its objective the subservience of Nordics to their Mongol (and Jewish) overlords, and the submergence of Nordics into a Jeurasian mongrel class through admixture with Asians and Jews.  I doubt that their hero Grant would have approved.

We are not surprised (emphasis added):

Do men value physical attractiveness in a mate more than women? Scientists in numerous disciplines believe that they do, but recent research using speed-dating paradigms suggests that males and females are equally influenced by physical attractiveness when choosing potential mates. Nevertheless, the premise of the current work is that sex differences in the importance of physical attractiveness are most likely to emerge in research on long-term relationships. Accordingly, the current work drew from four independent, longitudinal studies to examine sex differences in the implications of partner physical attractiveness for trajectories of marital satisfaction. In all four studies, both partners’ physical attractiveness was objectively rated at baseline and both partners reported their marital satisfaction up to eight times over the first four years of marriage. Whereas husbands were more satisfied at the beginning of the marriage and remained more satisfied over the next four years to the extent that they had an attractive wife, wives were no more or less satisfied initially or over the next four years to the extent that they had an attractive husband. Most importantly, a direct test indicated that partner physical attractiveness played a larger role in predicting husbands’ satisfaction than predicting wives’ satisfaction. These findings strengthen support for the idea that gender differences in self-reported preferences for physical attractiveness do have implications for long-term relationship outcomes.

Also see this.
And this.
And this.
So, yes, the statin-addicted, anti-vaxxer land whales are not attractive, and, yes, for those ditzy airheads who are, currently, reasonably physically passable, the inexorable ravages of time will make them invisible to men once “the yeast hits the fan.” The collision with “the wall” is coming, milady, and there is nothing you can do to avoid it.
Do you believe that your beloved “movement” is any different?
Don’t the HBDers you support essentially want the same thing?
The World of Color sticks together, doesn’t it?  Cue more nonsense about “Aryan Persians.”  Where’s Jorjani when you need him?
ET phone home. Profiting from the suffering their alien ethny created.

See this.

The mudslinging is likely to impact Counter-Currents more severely, in part due to the rampant homophobia of the white nationalist movement. Not least, it is likely to cause the outlet to haemorrhage donations at a time of financial need (the row comes on the back of many of Counter-Currents’ titles being removed off Amazon), and could also see the departure of Polignano, following Friberg’s leaking of the purported messages.

Correct about Polignano, but wrong about everything else. The Left, with all of its resources, is good at infiltration, but poor at analysis.  They accumulate data, but cannot effectively interpret it. The Far Right is in fact today primarily made up of cults of personality, centered on various gurus and elder statesmen and Internet personalities and “rock stars.” While there are some ideological differences, the vast majority of Der Movement is composed of Type I Nutzi fetishists, so the major divisions therein are that of the personality cults. 
You may argue – hasn’t that always been the case with the Far Right, historically?  The difference is that when there is an authentic ideology underpinning the personality, the movement can survive, in some form, even after the demise of the leader.  Mussolini and Hitler are dead, but Fascism and its National Socialist variant, are still with us today.  The Legionary Movement survived Codreanu’s death. Yockey is dead, but his ideas still cast an influence today, at least upon the Type II minority.
On the other hand, after Pierce died, the National Alliance collapsed.  The group was a Neo-Nazi personality cult centered on Pierce. There was nothing novel there, no deep ideological core other than warmed over Nazism and Nordicism. Without Pierce, there is only a zombified corpse of an organization, resistant to revival.  The Spencer faction of the Alt Right collapsed after Spencer’s implosion as a viable leader.  The Alt Right was merely the same tired Piercian dogma freshened up with Millennial juvenile jackassery and with younger “leaders.”  Sans Spencer, the Spencerian faction had/has no core ideology to keep it afloat. That leaves Johnson by default, the others being too old or uninterested in leadership to constitute a challenge.  Johnson’s core of supporters are undeterred by the Pilleater and Polignano scandals or by the Hermansson and Lewis infiltrations.  There also isn’t really anywhere else for them to go. I have to give credit to where it is due; Johnson is very resilient.  He’s a survivor, like it or not.  All of the people who predicted his demise as a leader (note that EGI Notes never did), like Forney or the Left, have been wrong. Relatively minor scandals, embarrassing infiltrations, chronically bad judgment, and economic woes cannot sink a personality cult centered on a cunning and politically savvy leader.  “Rampant homophobia” will not sink Counter-Currents because “rampant homophobes” were never supporters to begin with. Such people would have been driven away by James O’Meara and Buttercup Dew long before The Pilleater Chronicles.  Johnson is able to dig up sources of donations (at least for now), so Counter-Currents is surviving in that respect. Losing Polignano a second time means nothing since Counter-Currents did fine after the first time, and, after all, what does Der Movement care about someone surnamed “Polignano” anyway? As long as Johnson is around in Der Movement, and in the absence of a real serious scandal and/or the emergence of a viable competitor, Counter-Currents will be around assuming that Der Movement itself is still around.  Again, the Left’s ability to analyze the Right is chronically flawed.  If the Right were in any way competent, they would take advantage of that; but since they are not, they won’t.
Ethnonationalism brings failure after failure.  Exhibit A is Brexit, where anger at “Polish plumbers” has led to an increase in non-White immigration into Britain and genocidal plans such as this.  So, according to Johnson the heroes of Intermarium should be getting ready to wage war against Britain and “ethnically cleanse” it, right?

The Dago Divide

Eyetalian genetics.

It’ll be interesting to see how Italianthro tries to parse this.

In any case, the bottom line is that the differences between North and South Italy are mostly of ancient origin – and while these ancient differences have been reinforced by additional migrations, these additional migrations have not (significantly) added novel components.

Abstract (emphasis added):

The cline of human genetic diversity observable across Europe is recapitulated at a micro-geographic scale by variation within the Italian population. Besides resulting from extensive gene flow, this might be ascribable also to local adaptations to diverse ecological contexts evolved by people who anciently spread along the Italian Peninsula. Dissecting the evolutionary history of the ancestors of present-day Italians may thus improve the understanding of demographic and biological processes that contributed to shape the gene pool of European populations. However, previous SNP array-based studies failed to investigate the full spectrum of Italian variation, generally neglecting low-frequency genetic variants and examining a limited set of small effect size alleles, which may represent important determinants of population structure and complex adaptive traits. To overcome these issues, we analyzed 38 high-coverage whole-genome sequences representative of population clusters at the opposite ends of the cline of Italian variation, along with a large panel of modern and ancient Euro-Mediterranean genomes.

Only 38?!  I realize that high-coverage whole-genome sequencing is not trivial, but 38 is an absurdly low sample size for a population genetics study.


We provided evidence for the early divergence of Italian groups dating back to the Late Glacial and for Neolithic and distinct Bronze Age migrations having further differentiated their gene pools. We inferred adaptive evolution at insulin-related loci in people from Italian regions with a temperate climate, while possible adaptations to pathogens and ultraviolet radiation were observed in Mediterranean Italians. Some of these adaptive events may also have secondarily modulated population disease or longevity predisposition.


We disentangled the contribution of multiple migratory and adaptive events in shaping the heterogeneous Italian genomic background, which exemplify population dynamics and gene-environment interactions that played significant roles also in the formation of the Continental and Southern European genomic landscapes.

Now, this is interesting (emphasis added):

Sharing of chromosome chunks among individuals belonging to the identified population clusters was investigated with CHROMOPAINTER. Accordingly, both Italian groups were found to share similar proportions of DNA segments with Sardinians (N_ITA, 48%; S_ITA, 43%) and Northern Caucasian populations (~ 10%), which have been previously supposed to be suggestive respectively of Early Neolithic and Bronze Age contributions to the ancestral pan-European genetic background [7, 8], while presenting considerably different painting profiles for the rest of their genomes (Fig. 1b). In particular, S_ITA showed substantial sharing (30%) with Near Eastern populations, while this signature is completely absent in N_ITA. Moreover, S_ITA presented 17% of chromosome chunks in common with Southern Caucasian groups in contrast to the 9% observed for N_ITA, although this pattern might be influenced by the fact that populations from Southern Caucasus are genetically close to those from the Near East [77]. N_ITA finally turned out to share DNA segments also with Eastern and Northern European groups (19%) and the Basques (12%), differently from what was observed for S_ITA (Fig. 1b).

CHROMOPAINTER yielded data showing northerners and southerners shared a majority of ancestry, but differed in certain minority affiliations, with a “Near Eastern” component only in the South, while in the North, some “Eastern and Northern European” and “Basque” similarities were found.

Now, here is the key point.  The CHROMOPAINTER data – the same data – were then analyzed with GLOBETROTTER and a significantly different outcome was observed.  Both northerners and southerners were now modeled as a mix of “North European” (and “Basque” for Northern Italians) and “MENA” (“Near Eastern and North African”) – albeit in different proportions.  Thus (emphasis added):

CHROMOPAINTER painting profiles were then used to infer admixture proportions of N_ITA and S_ITA with respect to the other Euro-Mediterranean clusters by calculating co-ancestry curves with the GLOBETROTTER method (see the “Methods” section). Admixture events involving a Northern European (and Basque in the case of N_ITA) gene pool and a Near Eastern/North African source of gene flow were found to have affected both Italian population clusters(Fig. 1c, Additional file 1: Figure S2). Nevertheless, N_ITA and S_ITA showed inverse proportions of these admixture sources, with respectively 59% and 32% of Northern European (and Basque in the case of N_ITA) contribution, coupled with 41% and 68% of Near Eastern and North African one.

While in general the two analyses are similar in that the northerners are “more northern” and the southerners “more southern (as expected), the pattern is different, in that the first analysis was more disjunctive and the second more clinal (and likely more realistic considering Central Italians represent a mid-way point in the clines).

Note also how this is wholly consistent with the many posts I have made being critical and skeptical of “admixture” analyses such as what is shown in this paper – as the outcome is completely dependent on the methodology used (and of course the reference samples used) – so findings vary from paper to paper and here actually vary from method to method within the same paper.  Note, amusingly, how the authors use the word “Nevertheless” to distract the reader from the point that the two methods of analyses yield completely different patterns (e.g. ,the first shows zero “Near Eastern” in northerners, but the second shows 41%!). 

Keep in mind, again, that how you model populations depends on the reference samples used.  And models are just that – models.  Just because you can model a population as a mix of “Northern European” and “MENA” doesn’t mean they literally are such a mix, just that their gene frequencies, when measured against whatever reference samples used, and given the particular methodology used, resemble that more than not.  A different set of reference populations would allow the same sample to be modeled based on those particular references. And we have learned from 23andMe how dependent on context (reference samples, confidence levels, etc.) “chromosome painting” is.  

Indeed, if the authors of this paper wanted to get the results obtained, they certainly used the “appropriate” reference samples and methodology.  And when things go awry, use the word “Nevertheless.”

But there are some general take-away points that likely have some validity.  See this. Thus, in summary, the northerners are more like “South-West Europe” (e.g., Spain) and the southerners more like “South-East Europe” (e.g.., Crete).  But, based on some genetic kinship data I’ve seen for southerners, some overlap must exist (e.g., high S.Italian kinship hits to Tuscany, “Italy” [Bergamo], Basques, French, Sardinia, Iceland, etc.).  

As regards Central Italy (emphasis added):

Gene flow from the Near East instead seems to have affected mainly Central Italy and for a longer period than other regions of the peninsula…people from Central Italy present variable degree of admixture between them, but no additional private ancestry fractions.

Why Central Italy is so much more “Near Eastern” than the other areas is uncertain, perhaps the Etruscan influence or perhaps Imperial Roman influxes

There are also functional data in the paper for those interested, although nothing there about “singing on balconies,” military ineptness, or Schettinoism.

If Der Movement is going to get all excited (*) over these data, I’d advise them to calm down before their priapisms get out of control. Three points to consider from these data (and previous studies) as the Type Is wipe the sweat off their foreheads:

1. That differences exist between Northern and Southern Italians has already been long known (albeit often exaggerated) by virtually everyone except perhaps Italiathro/Racial Reality.  These sorts of studies have been done (repeatedly) already.

2. Northern Italians are not “Celto-Germanic Nordics.”

3. Der Movement’s True Romance racial history of Southern Italy – an initially northern-like population becoming darkened through admixture with (or replacement from) Negroes/Moors – is not correct.

The fundamental differences were in place thousands of years ago, they are very ancient, and are part of the European ethnogenesis of the various types of Italian peoples.

*Of course, Amren breathlessly ran a summary of these data but I don’t recall that they ever focused on the recent study on Ancient Roman genetics. Interesting, no?  Also ignored at that site (but discussed here) are population genetic studies demonstrating the modern Middle Eastern origin of the Jews, the tropical origin of East Asians, and East Asian/Siberian admixture in Northern Europe.  Won’t find that at Amren, but obsession with the wops, yes indeed. Interesting, no?