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More News in Der News

In der news.  In all cases, emphasis added.

How’s that ethnonationalism working out for you?  Poles out, Brownsters and Blacksters in.

Ted Sallis: Asians pimp out their women for influence in the West (whatever remains of it).

Reality actualized; Sallis correctSee here.

Meanwhile, Der Movement tells us to worship Trump, no wait, Putin, no wait, Reagan, no wait, Princess Tulsi Coconut, no wait, Andy Eggroll (the Yang Gang!), no wait…or, they pontificate about the “deep Asgardian themes” of Shakin’ “Big Red” Stevens.

Sallis:  Always, always right.

Der Movement: Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

Don’t forget to ignore the former and gather around the latter, because, well, you know….

Gather around the Affirm-Act cases: Like Quota King Mudshark Annie.

In Trump We Trust! E Pluribus Awesome!

What a turd this Trump is.  Hey, Antifa Don, do you remember the first two years of your “Presidency” (if you can call it that), when you had a Republican Congress?  How about your recent call for increased immigration?

A question. The proper answer: Ted Sallis has been right about Trump from the very beginning.

Andy with his folk.  Laughing at Whitey willing to sell their posterity for $1000 per month.

Yeah, funny.  Hey, Greg, who was it who was saying that Trump was going to stabilize White demographics? Think real hard now.

While there was some sense here, there was also:

In short, we needed a miracle. Only a god could save us. Or a God Emperor.

MAGA!  Pepe! Kek!

Electing Donald Trump to his first term was just the battle for Helm’s Deep. The battle for Middle Earth is about to begin.

An orc, an orc!  My hobbit hole for an orc!

But even if you are a liberal, your birthright as an American means something to Donald Trump. Try it on for size. It might start meaning something to you too.

Donald Trump promises to bring many changes to American politics, but the most fundamental one is sincerity.

And that time, I was calling Trump a fraud and a buffoon.

Sallis: Always right.

Der Movement: Always wrong.

…and by being pro-American, Trump cannot be against the white majority, whereas the Democrats and mainstream Republicans both promoted policies destructive of the white majority.

Beyond that, Trump’s proposals to build a wall on the Mexican border, deport millions of illegal aliens, and ban Muslim immigration would slow the demographic displacement of whites, giving us a few extra decades before we become a minority in our homeland. We can use that extra time to rally our people and create a consensus around policies that will halt and then reverse our demographic decline.

If Donald Trump is elected, he will slow down the demographic displacement of whites which will make it possible for White Nationalists to salvage the United States and turn it into a white homeland.

Taylor praising the Alt Right here.  Down the memory hole!

Johnson on the Alt Right.  Remember, back then, I was openly criticizing the Alt Right.

Johnson on Trump:

He is the last chance to save America.

All hail the American Caesar!

Remember, I was calling Trump a Negrophilic race cuck and Touchback Trump at that time.

Trump’s immigration policies will definitely slow down the rate of white demographic decline…

Yeah…those of us who were calling Trump a fraud back then are not surprised that he is now calling for increased “legal” immigration.  Can you same the same, Greg?

MAGA! Pepe! Kek!

The Mudshark on Dinesh Penis syndrome.  Will Jef Costello be the White House butler in a Coulter administration?

From failure to failure.  From one wrecked organization to another.  Following in the footsteps of Duke and Spencer.  Affirmative action is as affirmative action does.

So, will Spencer start supporting Johnson for President?  What would be the catchy meme to describe that?  The Greg Dreg?  Not as good as The Yang Gang, I admit.

African space research – no, not an oxymoron!  To the stars (after a pit stop at the local KFC)!

Neutron Sterilization

If quarantine is “impossible.”
The easiest way to deal with the Ebola crisis is via a strict quarantine – no one in or out, and let the epidemic “burn itself out,” so to speak. When the population in the infected regions is sufficiently thinned out, the rate of transmission will drop below sustainable levels.  Spending time and money trying to end the epidemic through Western medical intervention is folly.  Even if it worked now – and we avoided further infecting ourselves in the process – the whole thing will start anew in another 5 or 10 years or so, as the overpopulated natives continue using bush meat as a protein source, exposing themselves to the natural reservoirs of the virus.
Of course, the System tells us that a strict quarantine “won’t work,” is “impossible,” and “we can’t fence in an epidemic” (surely, if you never attempt to do so, it will invariably be “impossible”).  Any alternatives? In the name of the only useful form of “mainstreaming” there is – expressing radical ideas in matter-of-fact, rational language – I would like to offer an alternative.

The neutron bomb.  This enhanced radiation weapon is of relatively low yield and produces lesser radioactive fallout. Controversies over effectiveness against tank armor are irrelevant here, as the proposal would be to blanket the affected areas of West Africa with a dense neutron bomb bombardment, targeting unprotected hominid and non-hominid biological organisms, and whatever viruses they may or may not be carrying.  More limited radioactive fallout, and the use of low-level, close-to-ground bursts (keeping fallout local), would mean relatively little threat of harm done to Europe through wind-blown radioactive debris.

If quarantine is “impossible” and if the spread of Ebola in Africa endangers the rest of the world, and if future outbreaks are likely inevitable even if the present epidemic is controlled by Western intervention, then what other alternative is there?

Vector of Death

Excellent Strom piece.
When Strom is not praising Putin or Pierce, he produces excellent material, and this has to rank among his best.
That “our” government, and the governments of Western Europe, are facilitating the spread of the Ebola plague tells you all you need to know about how much they “care” about the well being of their populations, especially the despised majority (for now) population. These same governments encourage mass migration and miscegenation – with the same “care” in mind.