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Age of Treason on Chechar

Interesting points.

A post from Age of Treason about an anti-White non-White.  I would like to quote some excerpts (from the main piece and the comments thread) and comment on them.  Excerpts are in block quotes. In all cases, emphasis added.

As I’ve explained before, I’m not inclined to make lengthy or frequent responses to Chechar because he mainly craves attention and doesn’t really offer any new or useful ideas. His belief that Whites suck is already the dominant belief amongst Whites, and it’s doing Whites great harm. 

That is of course Chechar’s intention: harm Whites.  As a non-White dedicated anti-racist and apologist for the Tribe, what else would you expect?

Chechar’s just-so argument is not simply wrong, it’s wrong in an ironic and telling way. Chechar misinterprets and downplays the influence of jews on both Christianity and Spain, and jewish crypsis more generally.

I’d say likely greater than 90% of Chechar’s output is wrong.

If a significant number of Whites are prone to be like Chechar, then does it not make a tentative case for White Pathology?

Chechar is not White.

Chechar’s narrative on crypto-jews follows the first paragraph, the “litany of suffering” portion of the jewish narrative above. But note that even the jews don’t pretend that jews were completely eliminated/neutralized, as Chechar does.

Chechar more of an apologist than are Jews?


16 DECEMBER 2013 AT 9:52 PM

Chechar, the Spanish imposter,

Boring blog, no ideas to foster.

He’s descended from Moops

and still jumps through hoops

to forget being bullied by Auster.

If by “Spanish imposter” that means he’s a Mexican posing as Iberian, I agree. If it means that he’s a Spaniard posing as a racialist, then it should be reworded “Mexican imposter.”

He’s shifted the middle portions of his argument, but his premise and conclusion, that Whites suck (or to be more precise, Whites are fundamentally broken, in that we have some inherent jew-independent drive to self-destruct), remains the same.

He’s no longer focused on how I suck, but broadens it to how White nationalists suck:

Of course he is hostile to White nationalism. He is anti-White.

Yes, I’ve noted that as well, his consistency in diverting a directed criticism of what he has said by saying what he said was “hyperbole”.

That statement completely undercuts whatever point he was making, since the “hyperbole” was his core point.

What he does next is ask you to read a book that is 1,000 pages long, or redirect you to 10 of his past essays plus the entire output of Counter-Currents for the last two years.* Until such a time as you do so, he no longer permits you to engage him in debate.

Or he accuses folks of “sophistry” while admitting he’s not able to define what about that person’s arguments is wrong.

What Chechar sees is what he went searching for in the first place, a way to blame Whites and excuse jews.

Of course.  He’s anti-White.

My point is that Chechar is the one making ridiculous arguments and all-or-nothing claims. He acknowledges jewish infiltration and subversion only to dismiss it.

Now, why would someone do that?  Let’s see:

I think the best explanation for his behavior is that he’s either a crypto-jew, neurotic, or both. I think his bombast about Hitler and exterminating jews is squid ink. Whatever the cause for Chechar’s crusade, the bigger picture, I think, is that as the parasite is exposed and its cries of “ANTI-PARASITISM!!!” lose potency, the host’s antibodies can expect tacts like “IT’S ALL THE HOST’S FAULT!!!” to come to the fore. My larger point is, why does he do this? Why is he looking for a way to blame Whites and excuse jews? I have asked him directly. He ignores the question. In fact, when he made public the email where I asked if he was a crypto-jew, he deliberately left out that portion, the better to paint me as “paranoid”…

Of late, Chechar has been posting more and more on the necessity to exterminate large amounts of White people in order to preserve White people (well, specifically English Roses). It may seem counter intuitive to you or I but it makes great sense to Chechar.

I don’t know about the “crypto-Jew” thing – although it’s certainly possible. The bottom line is that we have a Mexican attacking White interests while pretending to be somehow “pro-White.”  He tells a certain faction of the “movement” things they like to hear, so he has an “amen corner” that pays attention to his neurotic drivel.  It’s pathetic. I’m sure exterminating Whites makes great sense to him. If you are filled with a resentment-fueled animus toward folks of Old World European heritage, you want to exterminate them. 

I thank the Age of Treason blog for this insightful information.