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More Movement Lies: RNA Vaccines

And other news.

Der Movement lies:

Can’t Stop Noticing@RenegadeRightReplying to @NewRightAmericamRNA vaccine: look it up. Never been done, permanently alters your DNA by design, passed down through generations, consistently grows tumors in rats. All open knowledge, none of this is hidden from you. You are a 5 second Google search away from seeing this first yourself

Reality facts:

The use of mRNA has several beneficial features over subunit, killed and live attenuated virus, as well as DNA-based vaccines. First, safety: as mRNA is a non-infectious, non-integrating platform, there is no potential risk of infection or insertional mutagenesis. Additionally, mRNA is degraded by normal cellular processes, and its in vivo half-life can be regulated through the use of various modifications and delivery methods.

Dear “movement” retards – injected mRNA (by itself, without a reverse transcriptase) is not going to permanently alter your DNA and is certainly not going to be passed down “through generations.”  As far as “tumors” go, well, if targeted to the appropriate gene expression, you see this:

With this study, we introduce a potentially general approach to therapeutic vaccination enabled by a dynamic drug-delivery system (mRNA-CART) and demonstrate its utility in suppressing tumor formation and in eliminating established tumors.

Hey…” suppressing tumor formation and in eliminating established tumors.”
Of course, a covid-19 RNA vaccine won’t do that…but it won’t “grow tumors” either.  

Der Movement: Lies, lies, lies.

Also see this.

What you get from Der Movement: Lies, ignorance, and abysmal Luddite stupidity.

See this.  Again, that has nothing to do with covid-19, but does demonstrate that RNA vaccines – when targeting the appropriate genes – can be formulated to attack tumors.  

A Der Movement ethnostate would kill Whites faster than anything else.  I laugh at these guys talking about “going to the stars” – without a proper grounding in science and technics, the only place the Type Is are going to go is to the sewer. They’re all be cringing and cowering in their hobbit holes as the Chinamen rocket into space.

One caveat to all of this – if the vaccine is produced in China, India, etc. then all bets are off and likely you’ll see folks growing rhino horns or bat wings.  What can I say?  Don’t get crap made by Asians.  A White-produced vaccine is another story.

Let me explain – at a simplified middle school-level appropriate for the Type I peanut gallery – what a White Man’s RNA vaccine is and how it works.  The idea is to have the recipient’s own cells produce an antigenic viral protein that can stimulate the immune system.  An artificial mRNA coding for a viral protein (or an antigenic section of the protein) – the RNA perhaps modified to alter stability – together with delivery agents  (if required) is injected.  It enters the cells of the recipient, and in the cytoplasm the mRNA is translated by the ribosomes into the relevant protein. The body’s immune system recognizes the foreign protein, and the mRNA is eventually degraded.  Also, the foreign mRNA itself can trigger an immune response, adding to the vaccine’s effectiveness.  In some cases, the major immune response will come from the protein translated from the RNA, in other cases from the RNA itself, and most optimally, from both.

For a more detailed explanation, see this.

Note this.

Safety: RNA vaccines are not made with pathogen particles or inactivated pathogen, so are non-infectious. RNA does not integrate itself into the host genome and the RNA strand in the vaccine is degraded once the protein is made.Efficacy: early clinical trial results indicate that these vaccines generate a reliable immune response and are well-tolerated by healthy individuals, with few side effects.Production: vaccines can be produced more rapidly in the laboratory in a process that can be standardised, which improves responsiveness to emerging outbreaks.

Now, again, a Chinese-produced vaccine might in theory be composed of warm bat spit mixed with lead paint chips and pangolin excrement; an Indian-produced vaccine might in theory be distilled fetid Ganges water after hordes of diseased brownsters have bathed in it. But those possibilities are an indictment against globalism and against Asia, not against the idea of a RNA vaccine.

Also note the paranoid ideation behind the idea that the System is knowingly, intentionally going to be giving all of us a vaccine that will harm us, give us tumors, alter our genetics, etc.  First of all, they’ll be prioritizing giving the vaccine to the SJW elites and their Colored pets – the System will poison itself?  Second, the System wants us all to be productive wage slaves, hard-working economic drones. They want us safely vaccinated and back at the grindstone to prop up the economic foundation of the System. They are not intentionally going to poison their worker drones (further straining the health care system and harming the economy). Of course, they may unintentionally do it if they try and save money and have the vaccines produced in China and India, but that, again, is a problem with globalism and with Asia, not with the System knowingly trying to kill us with “toxic jabs.”

Italians do something right?

The HBDers and Silkers must be real upset about this.

Is Bob Lazar correct?

Hmmm…see 50:47-51:37 here.  WN 2.0 behavior?  Der Alt Right?  Type I activism?  Beavis-and-Butthead’s desert road trip.  One can image Lloyd and Poke doing an Alt Right podcast together.

Did Yockey Endorse Racial Proximity Theory?

Great minds think alike?  And other news.

Racial Proximity Theory, from EGI Notes.

Compare that to this quote from Yockey from Imperium:

England, because of this island situation, did not become acquainted with the Slavic border-barbarian. It experienced, for instance, no Hussite Wars as did Germany. For 16 years, 1420-1436, the Hussite armies, first under the blind Ziska, and later divided, flooded over half Germany, burning, ravaging, killing. This destruction was vandalism, unconnected with any constructive political idea. It was 15th century Bolshevism— annihilation of everything Western.

The situation of Germany, on the border against Asia, was one of constant danger of invasion by barbarian Slavic, Turkish, Mongolian and Tartaric armies. Fighting against these armies was not colonial warfare, in the meaning of one-sided warfare that the expression acquired in the later centuries. These border barbarians were in contact with the West and adopted its purposefulness, its higher organization, and its centralized will.

While Germany in the East, and Spain in the South, were protecting the body of the Western Culture from the Barbarian, England was forming a national feeling based purely on contrast with other Western nations, and without feeling for the deep, total contrast between the Culture-peoples and the Barbarian. This exaggerated national feeling was to have fateful consequences for the entire West, including England, in the era of World Wars.

The “national feeling” of England was in contrast to other Western nations, that of Germany to “non-Western” Eastern Europeans as well as that of Asiatics, while Spain was fighting the non-European Moors.
Thus, the more “north” and “west” you go in Europe, the more “the other” was other Europeans, even Western Europeans, while to the “south” and to the “east” “the other” was more and more likely to be truly alien.  That supports the basic idea behind Racial Proximity Theory.

Other news:

A lot of man-jaws here. The sexually normal Fuhrer!  Emil Maurice.  Whew!  Between Maurice and Adolf Hitlerstein and his very interesting Y chromosome (consistent with rumors about his paternal grandfather), we can say that the gracile and feminine Geli really liked her Jewboys, eh?  Oy vey!

It is absolutely remarkable – and not in a good way – that someone in the year 2020 talks about the Alt Right as if it still exists in any meaningful way, and if did still exist that it can be a vehicle for anything other than defeat, humiliation, and endless failure.

Can you doubt that the Quota Queens are completely hopeless?

Amren conferences and Alt-Right marches and like public events should be places where debates are held and votes are cast.

Yes, sir, as soon as you can hold an Amren conference without the state of TN having to pay through the nose to provide security so that those in attendance don’t get sent to the hospital, and as soon as you can have an Alt Right march without it being violently broken up and its organizers sued into oblivion, then we’re all set!  Send in the White Guard!  Who will be the Captain of the Guard?  Hermansson or Lewis?

There has long been a split on the dissident right between those who wish to retain an American identity and those who wish to make a clean break from the American tradition. This article is my attempt to achieve a kind of syncretism. We must seek to create an Alt-American identity, one that emphasizes the founding traditions of the republic.

In other words, adhere to the same “identity” and “traditions” that have failed us and led us right into this mess.  America is dead.  Deal with it.  Once you can uncover the corpse, presently buried under a pile of yarmulkes, burqas, basketballs, chopsticks, burritos, and saris, then you can give America a proper funeral.

And while I agree with this fellow’s anti-Christian attitude, it is interesting that he combines that attitude with the promotion of “traditional Americanism” – even though such “Americanism” has a Christian foundation.

Odds and Ends, 7/2/20

In der news.

Andrew Joyce speaks.  If my opinion is worth anything to Joyce, I have a positive opinion of that podcast and would be interested in hearing more, and I wrote as much on the comments thread there.

One point of criticism in the Joyce podcast – mispronunciation of forte.

Genuine greatness!

One legitimate criticism of Yockey (among several) can be of his insistence of labelling his philosophy “Imperialism” – which is not only vague and uncertain, but has reactionary undertones and does nothing but agitate the hysterical fantasies of the petty nationalists. That hysteria would be from “Imperialism” in the intra-White context.  What about globally? Really, do we really want Imperialism with respect to the non-White world? Even if that was realistic, which it is not, cross-civilizational Imperialism always backfires on the Imperialists.  The conquered always tend to, ultimately, conquer the conquerors.  Look at Britain today.  

And Yockey was perhaps a bit of a Daltonite when he wrote: “Street meetings are themselves victories, but a speech in a hall of old ladies, from which the enemy is excluded, is a political nullity.”

Well, today, we can’t even have a meeting “in a hall”: – which shows you how backwards we’ve gone in the last 70 years.  Thanks, “movement.”

Gee, too bad nobody warned you about Trump back in 2016.  Oh, wait…Sallis

More genuine greatness!

More Yockey quotes:…

a pen-name is just as “real” as any other. The determining thing about a name is whether one can be proud of it or ashamed of it.

Food for thought for the Type Is who debate about the appropriateness of pseudonyms.

When a man devotes himself to a negation thus, he inevitably turns into a carbon-copy of that which he is supposedly resisting.


Whenever anyone announces and formulates an Idea which cuts across all older classifications and theories, he may expect that petty-raceless dimwits from the day-before-yesterday, survivals from the previous century, will fail to understand, and will greet with great hatred that to which they are not equal.

Hence, the petty nationalist ethnonationalists reacting to pan-Europeanism.

In the Massie book, Peter the Great, we read the following on 17th century Russian attitudes toward women:

…a woman was regarded as a silly, helpless child, intellectually void, morally irresponsible and, given the slightest chance, enthusiastically promiscuous.

Looking back from the perspective of 2020, can we honestly say that they were wrong?

Spencer and Conte are teaming up again for podcasting?

I told you that Carlson was useful.

As TOO says: Cue the Vikings.

So, for (many, most) Whites we have outgroup (pathological) altruism coupled to a lack of ingroup altruism. Related to this perhaps?

Sallis predicted the downfall of the Alt Right as far back as late 2016.early 2017.  And by March 2018, the “insane and indecent” Ted Sallis was already recognizing that the Alt Right was dying.

Whose judgment should you trust in the dark days ahead?

The Alt Right Has Fallen

When will the rank-and-file rebel?

See this.  

Richmond is not the only thing that has fallen.  The Alt Right has fallen.  And the two events are connected, no?  Isn’t it the complete failure of Der Movement, as exemplified in its latest Alt Right incarnation, which has led to the current disaster?

Think back to the election of Trump, the joy of the Alt Right, and the vistas of opportunity open for the following four years.  And now look at the “nightmare” (their word) of today.

You can’t say you weren’t warned.  When this blog was warning you that the Alt Right was a disaster, headed for an inevitable collapse, and that tying racial activism to the Alt Right was an error in judgment of historical magnitude, others were completely on the Alt Right train.  They openly defended and explained the Alt Right and identified with it.

A longstanding member of the Alt Right!  They’re growing all the time!  (Like a cancer)  Twitter army – creative!  Race and IQ!  Better brighter future!  

Richmond has fallen? What happened to the Alt Right dream?  It came true. You’re looking at it.

Never, ever forget who warned you about the Alt Right and never, ever forget who promoted it.

Some Counter-Currents commentators rebel against the stupid and shallow triumphalism of that site (emphasis added):

HamburgerTodayPosted June 14, 2020 at 11:30 am | PermalinkI don’t see the value of trumpeting how great the BLAntifa riots have been/going to be for WNs. It’s unseemly. Yes, our enemies do our work for us (sometimes), but they sure don’t do it the way we would have done it ourselves if we had the option (which we don’t). Also, some of this article plays the ‘mind reading game’ with BLAntifa’s corporate sponsors. Corporations will never regret backing BLAntifa because (a) the amounts they are ‘donating’ are minscule compared to their profits, (b) they can take these donations off on their taxes and (c) White consumers will generate the bulk of the profits used to pay off BLAntifa. The BLAntifa riots are not good for White people and, as advocates for White people, these riots cannot be good for us. Whites are a people under siege, what do you think some White person just coming over to our side would think of the almost-triumphalist rhetoric of this piece compared to their fear and confusion? They don’t care if WN’s win. They only care if *they* and their loved one’s survive what is coming. Isn’t helping White people survive (and thrive) in the coming racial conflagration is what WN is at least mostly about?

Canadian guyPosted June 14, 2020 at 3:45 pm | PermalinkThis is something that our race has a hard time understanding. Our goal is survival and achieving power that can secure our existence. It’s not simply about winning an ideological war and getting people onto our ideological side. You have to actually… survive. People will say – the riots are good for us because getting burned out of our neighborhoods, killed in the street, and pogrommed generally is good for us because it wakes people up. Well… actually it’s a bad thing because getting pogrommed is pretty direct evidence that we are losing. Even if people wake up to our horrible situation, it doesn’t mean that they have power to do anything about it. This is what people don’t seem to understand. Simply understanding that we are in a weak position is not enough to secure our existence – we actually have to come up with an actionable real world game plan.Our critical flaw is that we cannot come up with actionable group strategies. When detroit collapsed it didn’t cause a white awakening that magically drew us all together. It was just the utter decimation of detroit whites and we really learned nothing from it as a people.

Victor HendersonPosted June 13, 2020 at 1:45 pm | PermalinkInteresting, because many of these looters, rioters and fire starters are white American youths all over the country. There are plenty of videos on snapchat, twitter and Instagram that proves this. And that is more of a problem to me. These white teens beating up white older men, destroying shops of whites, blacks, non-white Hispanics, Arabs/Middle Easterners and Asians like its ”party next door college tour”. We really have to focus on this burgeoning new level of white youths that don’t give a shit in what old white people think, that is juts to the true reality. America is changing is not a nation with strong white nationalist and white supremacist ideals as it ones had. Asians have taken over the West Coast and Canada and neo-colonized large parts of the North America to become new territories for Asia especially CCP China as the Chinese population in both countries are the biggest and most Asians follow the Chinese discourse when it relates to Asians in North America. I find them and Hispanic a much bigger danger then Black Americans who like i have met many good individuals some even genuinely helped whites in my life time as both white, black and natives know we are Americans despite our differences. But these new age immigrants are real danger because they don’t care about the USA and have alliances with foreign nations.

Here is a thought experiment.  Remember in 2008 when Black militants engaged in voter intimidation at polling places and of course got away with it (Black Privilege)?  What happens if in Nov. 2020 this happens nationwide – Black mobs decide to prevent Whites from voting?

You may say that’s absurd.  Why?  After what we’ve just seen – why?

Would the police or other authorities move in to disperse Blacks away from polling places?  

Or would the police be there simply to arrest any Whites who resist and who try to force their way in and vote?

Would Trump do anything except hunker down in a White House bunker and tweet: LAW AND ORDER!

What people simply do not understand is that talk and “fairness” mean nothing.  Power means everything.  Action is the real talk.

The most disturbing thing about recent events has NOT been the behavior of the Blacks, White leftists, and White cucks. Their behavior is to be expected. The really disturbing thing has been the complete surrender, the complete inaction, the complete uselessness of the authorities – including wonderful “God Emperors” like Trump and the heroically ethnonationalist Brexiter Boris Johnson.  In actions completely reminiscent of The Camp of the Saints, the authorities stand by helplessly, or run away, from the Colored Left mobs, while those same authorities are motivated to act ONLY against those pockets of Whites who have the temerity to resist.

This is the natural outcome of having a useless vulgar ignorant buffoon as President who has done nothing except energize the Left, this is the outcome of endless decades of Der Movement’s failures, and this is the outcome of decades of the grifting fraud of mainstream conservatism, all of it.

What is needed within the “movement” is for the rank-and-file to “riot” in the metaphorical sense akin to what we’ve been seeing in America and the UK the last few weeks. But instead of “Richmond has fallen” it should be “The Quota Queens have fallen.” The rank-and-file should “riot” and rebel against Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program, against the comically inept Quota Queens who have brought years decades of endless failure, against the Mr. Moneybags types who earn executive salaries off of “D’Nations” for doing virtually nothing.

Do I expect that to happen?  No.  Der Movement’s rank-and-file are as cucked to the Quota Queens as White America is to Blacks and the Left.  I’m being prescriptive, not descriptive. That is what SHOULD happen. It is the ONLY thing that can salvage any hope the rank-and-file has to actually achieve what they want to achieve. They FINALLY need to hold their failed leadership ACCOUNTABLE. They won’t do it, but they should.

The rank-and-file need leadership that warns them against impeding disaster, not “leadership” that gleefully leads them right into obvious disaster. They need leadership that actually leads and not follows. They need leadership that doesn’t blindly jump into the latest fad in order to try and maintain relevance. Leadership is about doing the right thing, not going along with the crowd.

On a related side note, I found another instance of Gaslighting Greg being attacked by his new-found Internet tweeting partner Silver. Maybe the two can get together in an Australian pub and chuckle over Sallis’ “insanity” as well as over that Race History Notes comments thread about Johnson and Polignano.

Also see this.  That’s another indication of Quota Queen Incompetence – the bizarre toleration of Silver.  Must be an Anglo thing (Johnson and Guessedworker).

Also see this.