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Lind Not Roissy

The Amish (and Cuban) fraud.

The latest “movement” stupidity, courtesy of the lying race-mixer Roissy, is that Trump’s election was due to “Amish in Pennsylvania” and “Cuban White Euro-hispanics in Florida.” Now, no doubt, many Amish and anti-Castro Cubans supported Trump, and it helped, as all votes in swing states help. But, what’s the real story?  That can be ascertained by a few minutes of easy googling (you know, like what disproved Mangan’s retarded statement about the intra-Italian origin of Italian-Americans), using proper search terms. Indeed, the fact that the likes of Mangan and Roissy cannot, or will not, find information that is only a few mouse clicks away tells you all you need to know about their dishonesty or laziness, or both.

Sample articles are (emphasis added), first from Pennsylvania, land of the Amish:

On Tuesday, Mr. Trump took a county, Luzerne, that Mr. Romney lost by 5,982 in 2012 and won there by 26,753 votes, a swing of 32,735 votes.

In Lackawanna County, Mr. Trump lost, but reduced Mr. Romney’s losing margin of 26,753 to 3,491 votes, a swing of 23,262 votes.

The two swings, totaling 55,997 votes, amount to 86.6 percent of Mr. Trump’s unofficial 64,678-vote winning margin in Pennsylvania.

And who lives there, in the heart of Joe Biden country?

Luzerne County boasts an estimated Irish-American population of 63,846 – about 20 percent of the county’s approximately 320,000 residents.

Lackawanna County’s percentage is even higher, with 58,615 or 27.4 percent of its approximately 214,000 residents claiming Irish ancestry.

Irish-Americans are the top ethnic group in Lackawanna County, with Italians, Germans, Polish and English respectively rounding out the top five.

Irish ancestry trails only Polish in Luzerne County, with about 75,000 Polish-Americans making up 23.5 percent of the county population. 

Residents of German, Italian and English descent, respectively, fill in the remaining top five ancestries in the county.

Lots of White ethnic Catholics (Irish, Italian, Polish), with some NW Euro types (German, English) mixed in.  Without those White ethnic Catholic voters, Trump doesn’t win Pennsylvania, even with all of Roissy’s Amish.

Micks and Wops and Polacks, oh my!

A key to the Pennsylvania result came from Luzerne County. Barack Obama won Luzerne County four years ago. This time, it was Trump with the big victory in our biggest county 58 to 39 percent.

Clinton won Monroe and Lackawanna Counties, but while Obama had a blowout in Lackawanna in 2012, Clinton only won 50 to 47 percent.

These are working-class White folks who despised Mitt Romney enough to vote for Obama for economic reasons, but who flocked to an anti-immigration right-wing populist like Trump.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s large margins in Miami-Dade County and Broward County, Trump ran up the score elsewhere in the state — from the Deep South Panhandle to the interior of Florida to peninsula’s southwest, a bastion of working-class whites and retirees from the Midwest who pushed him over the top. Trump ran up huge margins with white Florida voters — who comprise 64 percent of the state’s voting rolls — and have always been the most reliable voters in terms of turnout. Latino turnout in Miami-Dade and Orange County was just not enough for Clinton.

Four of the five counties where he improved most over Romney’s showing in 2012 — Lee, Pasco, Polk, Pinellas and Volusia — are on the I-4 corridor and three are in the Tampa Bay area. The common thread? These counties are whiter, older and mostly less-educated than the state as a whole.

How many “Cuban White Euro-hispanics” are there in the Florida Panhandle?  Read this:

Okaloosa Republican Executive Committee Chairwoman Gaye Ellis said Trump’s strategy proved wrong the naysayers who said he shouldn’t spend so much time in the solidly conservative Panhandle.

“It’s always the Panhandle that pushes the Republican candidates over the top,” Ellis said. “We serve as a counterbalance to South Florida and particularly the I-4 corridor.

Panhandle: Southern Whites of founding stock ancestry – one-half of one of Lind’s tribes. The other half are the drunken Micks, swarthoid Wops, and dumb Polacks.

“She was massacred in smaller counties up and down the Panhandle and in Central Florida.”

Summary for Florida: Southern Whites.  Yes, some Cubans helped, but it was the White vote.  Lind again, my friends: Southern Whites and Northeast/Rust Belt White ethnics.

Always remember: Der Movement is fundamentally dishonest.  For facts, come here instead.



I hadn’t voted for a long time (what’s the use?) but I did yesterday – voted for the vulgar civic nationalist Fat Don “Der Touchback” Trump, for reasons previously outlined in this blog. Once again (just like with Brexit), I’ve had the opportunity to do my little morning victory dance, and I am savoring the meaning of the Trump victory (despite the Left’s desperate hand-waving that it’s only about “change” and not polices).  Despite the fact that Trump is a beta male cuck pro-Negro citizenist, his victory, in the face of an unprecedented hate campaign and opposition from his own party, demonstrates:

1. A complete repudiation of the political establishment, especially the Republican cucks. Trump turned blue states red, he won states that “America’s Dad,” square-jawed “movement” hero Mitt Romney, lost. All the morons saying the GOP needs to cater to minorities and that we need to follow the “2012 autopsy” are proven WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.  When – finally – the GOP has a candidate who – implicitly yes, but implicitly in a strong manner – appeals to Whites, that candidate WINS BIG. Neoconservatism: lose. Cuckservatism: lose.  Big business and open borders: lose.  Right-wing populism: WIN.  It’s time for the right-wing populists to kick all the Neocons and cucks out of the GOP. Time to be vindictive. Don’t forget, Fat Don, about the trash who opposed you, who reneged on their pledge, Republicans who supported Clinton.  Don’t forget scum like George Will (which of Lind’s tribes does he belong too?) who were rooting for a landslide loss for you. Remember it all.  We, your voters, will remember, remember long and hard.

2. A complete humiliation for Hillary Clinton and for that smug, purple-lipped White-hating mulatto Obama, telling all that “Trump will never be President.”  But he is, you loser, and your legacy goes down to toilet, where it belongs.

3. All the SJWs and other shitlibs, crying bitter tears – it’s great.  And since I am – I admit this freely – a relentlessly vindictive person, I will also greatly enjoy all of the SJWs I (unfortunately) personally have to interact with on a regular basis, the majority of people I know, all Clinton supporters, who will no doubt be in mourning.  Suffer, you losers, I’ll enjoy every second of it!

Mea culpa – I’ll be honest: I believed the polls and pundits and gave Der Touchback little chance of winning.  I was wrong, and pathetic homoerotic fanboys like Roissy were right (although the gamesters can cool it a bit with the “Amish” heavy breathing – what about working class White ethnics disgusted at “America’s dad” Romney but who supported the “ethnic-acting” Trump?).  And let’s be fair – the Sailer strategy worked.  Kudos to dumb Breezy.  Now it’s time for the Sallis strategy: chaos, despair, division, and balkazination.

And hey Fat Don – pardon Matt Hale and Richard Scutari.  At the same time, make Giuliani (hint: a strong Trump supporter unlike, you know, Jeb and Kasich and Romney and all those “superior” sorts of fellows) Attorney General and let’s get the Clintons in jail, where they belong.  And stop this nonsense of Obama of building low income Negro housing in White suburbs. How about rewarding the people who voted for you – middle class and working class Whites?

Now it is time for the hard work – for Der Movement to leverage this unprecedented political upheaval to foment division, despair, chaos, hatred, and bitterness in America.  Incite the Left, provoke the Coloreds, seize the narrative and don’t let the Megaphone tell us this was just about “change.”  No, it is about fed-up Whites (including dem dere White ethnics who helped get Trump nominated in the first place, against all the cucks) standing up for themselves, in a very tentative manner. Now, it’s time to stand up beyond the secret ballot and take the steps to Smash the System, balkanize America, spread the seeds of rage and despair across the land.

You’ve been given a gift – a rare historical opportunity.  I doubt the Old Movement is up to the task.  It’s time for a change, for a repudiation of the “movement” establishment to occur that mirrors in its meaning that which has just taken place for the mainstream political establishment.

Chaos!  Destruction!  Despair! 



Hood essay.

Three points:
1. The paradox Hood points out is very real and is one key to victory: the very group that is despised and targeted for genocide is the same group that holds the System together. Getting just a fraction of Whites to withdraw support would be, I think, fatally (in the long run) destabilizing to the System.
2. What other groups than the Scots-Irish are supporting Trump? The admission that dare not speak its name (in Der Movement)?
3. There’s a lot of fear-mongering in Der Movement about this election; some of it may be accurate. But if the “last chance of White America” goes down in defeat, what options to the fear-mongerers believe are still open to us?
And then we have this:

ms_anthro • 3 hours ago

An excellent piece by Mr. Hood. And how many of us will be too afraid to share it on social media under our real name? Far better to be called “racist” by communists than to be an actual coward, is it not?

Yes, indeed. What kind of (real) name is “Ms. Anthro” I wonder.

Oil Driler Trying to Avoid the Rope

Race-mixer Roissy.

Oil-drilling race-mixer Jimmy C. Wideassman, friend of Lady Raine, lover of Negresses and hater of WN, blames White ethnics, along with Jews (who are really responsible), for America’s decline:

Later still, ethnic Whites and half-White/half-Semites — Slavs, Italians, Irish, Jews — arrived, and their genetic and cultural distance, relative to the Englishman’s, did begin to erode the American Idea and twist it into a monstrous apparition that could be turned against its father.

These later White ethnic waves opened the Pandora’s Box to the Hart-Cellar 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act, which has since overrun the nation with literally tens of millions of nonWhite hordes who are as genetically and culturally distant from the founding sons and daughters and their posterity as can be, and their presence on American soil now rapidly (and predictably) debases, poisons, and will shortly extinguish, the Proposition Nation ideal.

Yeah, and who exactly is supporting your God Emperor you weasel-faced Derb imitator? During the GOP primaries, the Upper Midwest wasn’t exactly prime Trump territory, in case you missed it, with all your pursuit of Negress “tail.”

By the way, as Lincoln’s “Electric Cord” speech demonstrates, the earlier waves of immigration (which including the micks true, but also the krauts and squareheads) really opened the “Pandora’s Box” to a nation founded on “ideals” rather than, strictly, by blood.

The “race replacement that dare not speak its name?”

Anyway, Jimmy is probably trying to sabotage WN to avoid “the day of the rope.”

Race, Politics, and Der Movement in the News, 8/31/16

Several items.

And so Trump once again cries: Cuckadoodledoo!  The stupidity of Trump is exemplified by the fact that this is a winnable election only if he were not such a moronic jackass (*). Even with the demographic challenge, unrelenting media hostility, and the machinations of the GOP Establishment, the polls still show things relatively close.  Imagine if Trump was not engaging in Twitter feuds, making constant stupid comments, and showing shocking indecisiveness by changing hos campaign staff every other day and flip-flopping back and forth on the fundamental positions of his campaign.  We all await his speech on immigration.

*Maybe Trump is a Game-Alt-Righter after all?  What will Pepe say?  Did Trump attract his model wives by letting his hand slide down an escalator?

The absolute and utter worthlessness and shocking inferiority of the White race is on display once again.

From Counter-Currents:

Greg Johnson
Posted August 30, 2016 at 2:22 pm | Permalink
I have banned this commenter.

Excellent.  The ONLY way to run a blog with comments is to (strongly) moderate and to ban commentators who are obviously trolling (hello, GW).  And I say that as someone who occasionally has had his own comments moderated away from Counter-Currents.  One must be objective about things, and Greg has the right to direct the discussion in the manner he sees fit.  I have my own blogs that are the ultimate expressions of my views.

Posted August 30, 2016 at 7:06 am | Permalink
I just listened to an npr podcast with Jared Taylor attempting to explain the alt right. One speaker (not Jared Taylor) declared the alt right isn’t so much white nationalism as it is wasp nationalism, because there are little to no Catholics in the movement. I’ve never heard this interpretation. Mr. Johnson, does this have any merit in your estimation? How would anyone even know there are no alt right white Catholics? Is there an anti-papist element of the alt right? Can a white Hispanic be a white nationalist?

Anyway, that’s all I have. I’m curious to read any feedback, and yes I am a white nationalist of Catholic background.

Greg Johnson
Posted August 30, 2016 at 2:18 pm | Permalink
I wish you could provide the name of the speaker. This is one of the stupider things I have heard in the recent discussions. The backbone of WN in America is “ethnic” Catholics, not WASPs, but the larger truth is that Christianity of any stripe is increasingly less important in our cause, and religion more broadly as well. People who want to inject old religious conflicts into our movement are frowned upon in the same as people who promote Old World ethnic conflicts. They are seen as sowers of discord, whereas white unity in the face of a much greater enemy is our goal.

Posted August 30, 2016 at 4:17 pm | Permalink
I believe the person who insisted that it is a Protestant movement was Robert P. Jones CEO, Public Religion Research Institute.

Greg Johnson
Posted August 30, 2016 at 6:08 pm | Permalink
He’s either uninformed or is simply trying to sow discord.

I’m of a mixed mind here.  No doubt, Greg Johnson is correct that Jones’ agenda is an anti-racist leftist attempt to sow discord. On the other hand, on the level of “leadership” of Der Movement, Jones is undoubtedly correct (there is one “leader” who is ostensibly “Catholic” – but who care about religion in the end, who believes? – but is ethnically compatible with the typical “movement” leadership).  This says something about the “rank and file.”  If “ethnic Catholics” were really the “backbone” of WN in America, why would they support an affirmative action program that closes off leadership possibilities and influence for themselves?

I think the most realistic interpretation is that “ethnics” form an important minority (heh) component of American WN, but certainly not a backbone, much less a majority – but they could.  The Trump campaign shows us that “Northeast White ethnics” are the “low hanging fruit” of potential activists. There is great untapped potential there.  But why should they join a “movement” that so openly and loudly despises them and holds them in contempt?  I know that many of my detractors believe that I am “thin-skinned” but actually the opposite is true. Many of these detractors, who fly off the handle at the slightest negative comments about their own ingroup identification, would not last five minutes associated with the “movement” if they were one of the “ethnics” that Johnson refers to.  One has to have the hide of a rhinoceros to associate with the “movement” – much less do so for decades – if one derives ancestry from European sources anywhere to the east of Berlin and/or the south of Vienna. Certainly, every once in a while, frustration sets in, but still the fact remains.

Affirmative Action Report: Blind Hero Worship


Coulter is really no different from the “movement” as a whole:

Speculation that columnist Ann Coulter might not be disinclined to Donald Trump’s candidacy began when she characterized her attitude toward him as “blind worship…like the North Korean people with their dear, dear leader.” Her description of him as “my hero, our savior” and “the greatest candidate for president ever” did little to dispel the rumors.

The “savior” seems to be postponing his speech on immigration. Curious, indeed.  After all, if he was just sticking to his previously stated positions, why the delay?  It doesn’t take too long for his staff to write something up expressing his original ideas in better language.  The delay suggests something else, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Also curious that if Trump is being worshiped as a god (and he is, by many precincts of the “movement”) than why aren’t those who supported Trump during the primary campaign considered the “holy anointed ones” and those who opposed him (and continue to oppose him from within the GOP) considered to be the “evil blasphemers?”

Well, irresistible force meets immovable object: Der Movement’s Trump worship meets its strident and dogmatic ethnic affirmative action program, so watch the cognitive dissonance ensue!

Race in the News, 8/20/16

In Der News.

The Soros revelations are an antidote for the nitwits who state that since Jews only make up a small percentage of America’s population, they cannot be a major source of our problems. Soros is one man, and he is singlehandedly waging a successful war against Whites worldwide.  Image millions of his co-ethnics, with equal anti-White fervor, and whose resources – in aggregate – surpass those of Soros.  Still think they’re harmless?

Wouldn’t prudence suggest that we hold off on importing more diversity…?

Sure, I agree.  Let’s have no importation of Chinese women married to English illegal immigrants. That’s a start.  Do we need Chinatrices in America?

One can almost hear Roissy’s heavy breathing:

This is a classic alpha male apology. So much reframing goodness.
“heat of the moment” = “I’m a passionate untamed man”
“don’t choose the right words” = “the substance of what I said is essentially correct”
“I regret it” = “I’m not apologizing to you; I’m apologizing to myself”
All of it delivered with a cheeky, insouciant self-knowing smirkitude that yields no ground to his enemies, and ends with a sincere, reassuring, intimacy-building promise.
Trump just did the equivalent of blowing through a girl’s player-wary anti-slut defense and making himself attainable.

Sure, Roissy, sure.  Anything that enables you to continue getting all hot and bothered (is that an example of “intimacy building promise?”) over Der Touchback as he goes on merrily cucking to the Negro.

I really do not understand why Der Movement and associated precincts cannot view Trump in an objectively dispassionate manner, but are hysterically in love with the man.  And I say this as someone planning on voting for Der Touchback (even though I typically do not vote for reasons which should be obvious).  

However, I do understand why a “movement” so enthusiastically besotted with Trump want to ignore the implications of where Trump draws his support.

I’ve been fascinated by the spectacle of the Neocon liberal Republican Rudy “Kebab” Giuliani, whose career has been built on pro-Jewish cucking (“Jewliani”) coming out as one of Trump’s most aggressively vocal supporters.  That contrasts with the fervent, and equally vocal, anti-Trump hostility coming from Mitt “strap the dog to the top of the car” Romney, who, truth be told, is politically to the right of Giuliani.

Is that just because Kebab Rudy previously knew Trump?  Hardly.  Consider: Trump actually endorsed Romney back in 2012.  Now, that’s a prior relationship – an important political relationship – that normally imposes obligations of reciprocity.  But, Mitt can’t even control himself to be neutral, he’s trying as hard as he can to hand over Utah to Clinton.  I mean, hey, Der Movement, listen up – Lind’s “America’s Tribes” piece had a point.

But, no.  Der Movement doesn’t want to look at that, doesn’t want to move in directions that would go against decades of fossilized dogma (and make no mistake about it, the “New Right” and the “Alt Right” are really no different in this regard than the “Old Right”).  

The badly kept secret of “movement” failure is that White ethnic support for racial nationalism is the “low hanging fruit” that is constantly ignored – considered poisonous, no doubt – by a “movement” grasping for followers among those who consider the civic nationalist Trump “an outrageous bigot.”

Well, after all, we gotta reject all dem dere “needle workers” and the likes of the dastardly John Marchi!  (John Lindsay and Nelson Rockefeller being right and proper Republicans, as is Mitt Romney).