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The Wages of Affirmative Action

In Der Movement.  In all cases, emphasis added.

Read this important essay.

How to finish such a pessimistic essay? It’s true that the information presented here is disturbing, infuriating, confusing, and heartbreaking. Can any practical lessons be derived from it?

One clear pattern observed in this essay is the overwhelming reliance on “think tanks” and similar bureaucratic vehicles for the intrusion of harmful Jewish influence into our “democracy.” Jews, even with their very significant financial power, rely on the magnification of their rhetoric, interests, and grievances through such bodies in order to accomplish their goals. This is where they can and should be challenged. Who is granting access and power to these groups? Can existing legislation be used to prevent the intrusion of these bodies into the democratic process and, if not, can new legislation be proposed to do so? The closest the dissident right ever came to a think tank was the National Policy Institute (NPI), which despite its name, and while fulfilling an important movement function, didn’t really produce any policies. 

Considering who has been running the show there, are you surprised? How much failure and uselessness will you rank-and-file types tolerate before you reject the affirmative action policy?

At the present time, our movement clearly needs talented legal minds

Unfortunately, we have none.  Worse, I see no strategy for acquiring any.  Even worse than that, apart from Joyce and I, there seems to be no one else on the Far Right who believes that this should be a priority.  Building a legal support infrastructure is in fact priority number one – not “metapolitics” or “Kali Yuga” or chugging gallons of milk while screaming “Kek!”

…and institutions…


…to unpack existing legislation, and develop new legislative proposals that, even if not explicitly racial, can seriously hinder the movement of harmful Jewish groups through the political body of the West. There is a serious lack of infrastructure of even the most basic kind, and we simply aren’t going to make any progress until this problem is addressed.

I agree.  Readers of EGI Notes know that I have been harping for years about the need to build infrastructure, and have been advocating an overall strategy in which infrastructure building is one of the three main legs  of the activist tripod  (besides the over-used and over-emphasized “metapolitics” leg and the completely withered electoral politics leg).  Indeed, I’ve stated, ever since November 2016, that the four years of Trump should have been used to quietly build an infrastructure behind the scenes.  But, no.  Instead we got screeching lunatics, Beavis-and-Butthead podcasts, street brawls, Unite the Right, retarded Nutzis chugging gallons of milk as a “racial statement,” Pepe and Kek, nitwits in shorts and their “extreme vetting” of “are you Swedish?,” moronic feuds, homosexual harassment, poor judgment, defeat after defeat after defeat – FOR GODSSAKES WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO HOLD THE QUOTA QUEENS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ENDLESS FAILURE?

The second lesson from this survey of developments is that social media is likely to become an increasingly compromised and dangerous place for activists. In Europe, new laws are probably a few years away, but the broader plan will almost certainly eventually envelop Canada, Australia, and, despite apparent belief that the Constitution is invulnerable, even the United States. Already American legal scholars have developed arguments for curtailing the First Amendment in the case of “hate speech” (see, e.g., Jeremy Waldron, The Harm in Hate Speech (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2012), and it is widely believed that a liberal Supreme Court majority would adopt such reasoning. The clock is probably already ticking on internet anonymity, and the example of Germany indicates that direct police involvement in “speech crime” is on the horizon. 

But one reason this is all happening is the utter uselessness of the Right. They got their “God Emperor” elected, they get millions of dollars in “D’Nations,” they have followers, they have their NPI, they’ve had DECADES of opportunity – with people like me crying in the wilderness for sane activity and infrastructure building – all wasted. All wasted by affirmative action cases and shameless grifters. The situation that exists today didn’t “just happen.”  The Right LET IT HAPPEN.

Off-line activist methodologies should be increasingly explored. 

Another thing I’ve been saying for years.  The Internet, and the over-reliance on digital activism, has been a double-edged sword.  Unfortunately, the WN 2.0 Quota Queens have wrecked every analog IRL activity they’ve touched.  WN 1.0 was much better.  Essentially we need new people involved, with more sense and better judgment.

Failing that, radically alternative modes of using internet networking should be considered. For example, even if someone uses a completely outrageous Twitter handle, complete with comic book avatar, most people still have their entire lives online (job, home town, friends, likes, hobbies, vacations). Don’t forget who ultimately has all of this information, and the organizations that will increasingly be able to access it.

How to do it?

It’s becoming very apparent that social media is itself a form of social control. 

I don’t use Twitter or Facebook.  Notice that?

We now have the ability to identify someone in a crowd simply by cross-referencing a photo of their face with available internet information. In seconds they can be identified, their employer can be contacted, and their loved ones can be harassed. In a strange way, despite the atomized condition of postmodernity, we have social control levels approaching those of the middle ages. We have new forms of social shaming, and new forms of the public pillory. Dissident activists who face overwhelming costs if they are doxxed would be well-advised to reduce their internet presence to the bare minimum, in effect, deliberately fading themselves into obscurity, thus making their life harder for the Zionist-Globalist panopticon to search for and penetrate. Remember who you were before you became an employee number, a Facebook profile, or a Twitter handle, and protect that person like you’d protect your child or other loved ones.

And how?

Andrew Joyce can do us all a service by emphasizing more in the future on practical things activists can do to navigate the situation we find ourselves in. Essays about Jewish power and the dangers we face are, of course, important, but they are also a dime-a-dozen and, in the absence of real actionable approaches, induce despair and inaction, despite whatever brief “inspiring” quotes are added as a coda. We need actionable strategies and we need infrastructure building. Whoever does that will deserve the hundreds of thousands of dollars per year that are currently being flushed down the grifter toilet.

Consider this.

Some in the Dissident Right think the way to overcome these moral communities is to encourage whites to exhibit stronger ethnic identities just like blacks and other minorities. But this message would go against the central thesis of MacDonald’s book, which is that white individualism has a genetic basis.

And then, second:

MacDonald’s answer is that whites do have an implicit inclination to favor their own race, to be ethnocentric…MacDonald anticipates that as whites become aware of their “impending minority status” this will trigger white ethnocentrism.

That’s from the same essay, separated by several paragraphs. Then you wonder why I can’t take any of these guys seriously.
And again, if these HBD-Nordicists really believed their own work, then why don’t they at least support the idea of “modestly collectivist” Southern and Eastern Europeans having some positions of leadership in pro-White activism, instead of the rigidly stringent ethnic affirmative action program for Anglo-Germanics that currently exists?

Virtually all possible answers to that question would not reflect well on Der Movement, would it?

A sincere man of genuine greatness.

More sincerity and more genuine greatness.

Gee – who was it in 2016 who told you that Trump was a fraud and a buffoon?  Think real hard now.

While this is in essence a good idea, how would the “movement” implement it in practice?  Put Patrik Hermansson in charge?

Remember – you reward a sterling record of consistent success by giving yet even more money! “D’NATIONS!”

All of this – everything – in this post demonstrates the wages of affirmative action in Der Movement.


Odds and Ends, 7/2/20

In der news.

Andrew Joyce speaks.  If my opinion is worth anything to Joyce, I have a positive opinion of that podcast and would be interested in hearing more, and I wrote as much on the comments thread there.

One point of criticism in the Joyce podcast – mispronunciation of forte.

Genuine greatness!

One legitimate criticism of Yockey (among several) can be of his insistence of labelling his philosophy “Imperialism” – which is not only vague and uncertain, but has reactionary undertones and does nothing but agitate the hysterical fantasies of the petty nationalists. That hysteria would be from “Imperialism” in the intra-White context.  What about globally? Really, do we really want Imperialism with respect to the non-White world? Even if that was realistic, which it is not, cross-civilizational Imperialism always backfires on the Imperialists.  The conquered always tend to, ultimately, conquer the conquerors.  Look at Britain today.  

And Yockey was perhaps a bit of a Daltonite when he wrote: “Street meetings are themselves victories, but a speech in a hall of old ladies, from which the enemy is excluded, is a political nullity.”

Well, today, we can’t even have a meeting “in a hall”: – which shows you how backwards we’ve gone in the last 70 years.  Thanks, “movement.”

Gee, too bad nobody warned you about Trump back in 2016.  Oh, wait…Sallis

More genuine greatness!

More Yockey quotes:…

a pen-name is just as “real” as any other. The determining thing about a name is whether one can be proud of it or ashamed of it.

Food for thought for the Type Is who debate about the appropriateness of pseudonyms.

When a man devotes himself to a negation thus, he inevitably turns into a carbon-copy of that which he is supposedly resisting.


Whenever anyone announces and formulates an Idea which cuts across all older classifications and theories, he may expect that petty-raceless dimwits from the day-before-yesterday, survivals from the previous century, will fail to understand, and will greet with great hatred that to which they are not equal.

Hence, the petty nationalist ethnonationalists reacting to pan-Europeanism.

In the Massie book, Peter the Great, we read the following on 17th century Russian attitudes toward women:

…a woman was regarded as a silly, helpless child, intellectually void, morally irresponsible and, given the slightest chance, enthusiastically promiscuous.

Looking back from the perspective of 2020, can we honestly say that they were wrong?

Spencer and Conte are teaming up again for podcasting?

I told you that Carlson was useful.

As TOO says: Cue the Vikings.

So, for (many, most) Whites we have outgroup (pathological) altruism coupled to a lack of ingroup altruism. Related to this perhaps?

Sallis predicted the downfall of the Alt Right as far back as late 2016.early 2017.  And by March 2018, the “insane and indecent” Ted Sallis was already recognizing that the Alt Right was dying.

Whose judgment should you trust in the dark days ahead?

A Jewish Coup?

And other issues.

Read this.

Mostly true, but perhaps MacDonald should worry more about the Jewish-HBD coup to compromise Der Movement, effects of which are manifested in TOO itself.

I believe the present political crisis should be seen as a struggle between our new, Jewish-dominated elite, stemming from the 1880–1920 First Great Wave of immigration, and the traditional white Christian majority of America, significantly derived from pre-Revolutionary colonial stock but augmented by subsequent white Christian immigration.

According to Lind’s America’s Tribes hypothesis – a hypothesis supported by historical data – the “Yankee” fraction of the “significantly derived from pre-Revolutionary colonial stock” group is actually part of the “Yankee-black alliance” that is now the Yankee-Jew-Colored Alliance.

The history of US politics is little more than the history of these two coalitions: the southern-Catholic alliance and the Yankee-black alliance…the civil rights movement united Jews with blacks and their traditional allies, greater New England Protestants and Germanic Americans, against white southerners and northern white Catholics. Today, Jews are the most loyal white ethnic group in the northern coalition

An online comment about The Lords of HBD:

If you expect the truth from the Chinese government, then you are, respectfully, quite insane. And as for anyone seriously questioning the official pronouncements, a pipe dream at best.
My wife is Chinese, naturalized many years ago. Her oldest sister, who was raised in Communist China looked right at me once and said: The Tiananmen Square massacre never happened; because, the government said it never happened. They would not lie.
When I asked her about the press coverage, she calmly and clearly stated it was a fabrication of the western press meant only to embarrass the Chinese government. Really.

He’s a sincere man of genuine greatness!

The HBD view of an issue of significant relevance to the Alt Right is seen here. The “Gay Shaman Theory” must be very popular among a certain faction, a certain cabal, of the Alt Right. The Masters of the Mannerbund!  No wonder that the cabal is in love with HBD, especially with this fellow saying that having a “homosexual caste” is beneficial for a society.  Will Andrew Joyce critique Dutton on this?  If not, why not?  Why are the HBDers a sacrosanct caste within Der Movement?

In any case – the video is classic HBD.  Long on theory, short on data, and completely deficient of skepticism-inspired hypothesis testing. “Just so stories” are as essential to HBD as is Yellow Supremacism.

It’s the Tropical Alliance

The reality of racial alliances – Asians with other Colored against Whites…since 1905. In all cases, emphasis added.

Remember this?

In contrast, Sallis has talked about a “Tropical Alliance” or a “South-South Alliance” or a “pan-Colored Alliance.”

So, read this.

Appreciation of the Russo-Japanese War’s racial significance was not limited to the actual combatants. Lothrop Stoddard writes that the war inspired “an understanding between Asiatic and African races and creeds . . . a ‘Pan-Colored’ alliance against white domination.” He wrote that Japan’s victory “produced intensely exciting effects all over the Dark Continent [and] sent a feverish tremor throughout Islam.”

Chinese statesman Sun Yat-sen was sailing through the Suez Canal in 1905 when the news of Japan’s victory broke. The locals, mistaking him for a Japanese, enthusiastically congratulated him on his people’s great victory, calling it a triumph for all colored people. Muslim leaders called for political alliances and commercial relations with the Japanese — even for the reorganization of Oriental armies under Japanese direction. A few dreamed of converting them to Islam.

At the same time, as Stoddard noted, white solidarity seemed to be eroding; the Asiatic cause was finding “zealous white sponsors and abettors.” Among the most dangerous symptoms was an expansion of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance in 1905, in the immediate aftermath of Japan’s victory.

Anglo-Japanese.  Of course. Proto-Derbyshires, perhaps? Hey, if the “wogs begin at Calais,” then what does White solidarity matter?  Ethnonationalism!

Laurence Whelksays:
January 16, 2020 at 7:29 am
“Above all, however, there is no comparison with spending time researching the lives of one’s own co-ethnic heroes and one’s own culture. As Europeans, we are so spoiled for choice we needn’t waste time with the rejected, outcast, and badly damaged members of other groups.“
This pretty much sums up my stance on regaling vs. reviling Mishima. There are plenty of our own people to study and hold up as exemplars – no need to go fishing for mentally ill, sexually deviant outsiders to worship.
There seems to be a misplaced expectation among racially aware right whites of a potential kinship with East Asians because they are – like us – one of the smart races. It’s the smart races we should be most wary of…

Indeed.  But in some cases the “misplaced expectation” is intentional – Yellow Supremacists and other HBDers, the Silk Roaders and their masochistic sexual fantasies about black-booted Chinese girls with guns, Derbyshire and his self-admitted “measured groveling” to his Chinese wife and the interests he has in normalizing his mixed-race family.  There’s an agenda there.

Listen to this.  You have a duty to fight HBD, the Arctic Alliance, and Der Movement.  Note the part about getting involved in politics.  Sound familiar?

Sallis: Always,always right.

An effeminate SJW soyboy talks sports.

Andrew Joyce:

Andrew Joycesays:
January 16, 2020 at 12:09 pm
Greg Johnson declares a piece with 50 references (covering biographies, psycholical papers, sociological studies, mental health research etc) unscholarly, while promoting pro-Mishima pieces on his website with barely a reference and packed with vague and sweeping claims. Just one of the reasons I’ve long regarded Johnson as an intellectual fraud who should stick to film reviews, some of which are actually enjoyable to read, if a little on the sissy side for my taste. He’s now written about 1000 words in comments, rather than provide, or point to, a single piece of worthwhile (and for us, necessary) piece of political literature. Instead, Johnson has obfuscated matters, mischaracterised the essay, avoided its core argument, denied being influenced by his own homosexuality, and otherwise simply thrown a hissy fit. All in sharp contrast to the majority of readers at both this site and Unz. It would be laughable but for the desperation and strange sincerity of his effort.

Note the reference to Unz.  I have a difficult time taking Joyce seriously – particularly with respect to his views on Jews – if he’s in support of having his work on Unz.

In his latest podcast, with some incoherent, mumbling “racial traditionalist” Millennial, Johnson specifically promotes Taylor, Brimelow,and MacDonald (by name) – supporting my contention of the ethnonationalist-HBD-Nordicist alliance.  Of course, that’ll be labelled as “the paranoid style”- after all, noticing things is “paranoid.” and “crazy and bitter” too, lest we forget.