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Movement Monday

Odds and ends. In all cases, emphasis added.

Counter-Currents writer takes a Joyceian, rather than a Johnsonian, view of Mr. Screw Your Optics:

No White Nationalist should feel the slightest desire to apologize, backtrack, disavow, or rethink a single thing he believes because of this event. 

I do none of these things.  I need to rethink nothing: I believed Der Movement was a disgusting mess before and I believe so now.  I believed the Type I retards have ruined racial activism and I still believe so.  I believe “acting out” is a mistake – nothing has changed.  And why should I “apologize, backtrack, disavow?”  The incident was a Type I operation; it has nothing to do with Type IIs.

Continue as if nothing happened. 

That attitude worked with all the infiltration incidents, and all other “movement” failures, why not now?

Call out our enemies at every turn, mock them for their hypocrisy, ridicule their insanely childish ideals, and throw statistics and blunt truths at them as usual – do everything but blink. Don’t give them an inch of moral ground. They have absolutely no right to take it.

True enough.  However, the same can be said of the Type Is – who have long ago forfeited any moral high ground or legitimacy whatsoever.  I suggest that the Type Is burrow down into their snug hobbit holes and let adults run things for a change.


That’s the real fight here. Rod Rosenstein can threaten obstruction of justice all he likes, but he has not power. Trump has real power. He can address the nation one night, reveal the secrets Rosenstein is trying to hide and then fire all of the people involved in this subversive plot and its cover up. Congress, even one run by Democrats, is not going to impeach Trump for exposing corruption. They will make the ritual noises and rush to their media outlets to complain about how Trump is a tyrant, but nothing will come of it.
That’s probably why Trump has been sitting on this stuff until after the election. He has no fear of twerps like Rosenstein. He just needs to get through the election and then figure out the new game board. If the GOP keeps the House, then maybe he lets Congress work this case. If it is the Democrats, then maybe he calls their bluff and releases these documents to the public during the lame duck session. The one thing he will not be doing is worrying about what silly men like Rod Rosenstein have to say about it.

Here’s another possibility, regardless of the election’s outcome: Trump, as usual, does nothing.  Oh, not exactly nothing – he’ll continue with his blustering tweets, his late-night cheeseburgers, and will continue to trade insults with horse-faced porn stars, but with respect to actual governance, actual hardball politics, it will be, typically for him, nothing.  All talk, no action. MAGA!

Presented for your amusement.

This fellow – a German Borreby who claims to be “the head of the German Alt Right” (I’ve never heard of him) – seems like he has a good heart, but he’s naive about the whole thing.  He sees a difference between Johnson and Spencer, while, in reality, there is no real difference.  That’s why I don’t take sides in that feud – it’s mostly personality, not principled differences in fundamentals (superficial differences yes, fundamental, no).

HBDer Welton:

The likely moral for people in the West and especially in “secular” Western Europe: fundamentalist religiosity seems to be pretty important in defeating the forces of SJW chaos. It “gets things done”.

HBD and Sallis are as different in viewpoints as two entities both ostensibly on the “racially aware Right” can be.  I disagree with the HBDers on virtually everything.  It’s quite remarkable, actually.


Trump does have to do something, fast. He has to regulate these social media companies, internet hosting companies, and payment processor companies as common carriers. Do it!

Yeah, Trump is going to do something fast – what he does best.


1488D chess strikes again! Just tell the Cville and RAM guys, even those Proud Boy cucks, they have to sit it out in jail a little while longer until Trump reveals himself as the Great White Hope after the midterms, and walks back all the ZOG kissing and anti-WN rhetoric he has made. And don’t take those threats he made yesterday in the aftermath of the Pittsburgh shooting personally. He really isn’t coming after you just some strawman to placate the kikes and libs.

Crudely put, but essentially correct. The Trump worshippers will be waiting for their “God Emperor” to “do something” long after he’s dead (probably from a heart attack after eating a Big Mac) and buried.  Why, he’ll rise from the dead like Jesus and smite the heathens with some clever “negs.”

Kamikaze: a European invention.  Asians: copy, copy, copy, steal, steal, steal.

Puerile Brimelow is with his cheesecake pictures again.  This fellow used to be useful and mature.  I’m not sure what happened, but I suspect it may have to do with the tragedy of his first wife’s death – an event for which I had genuine sympathy for Brimelow and his first set of children) and his subsequent second marriage to a much younger woman.  Since then he’s been behaving like an absolute jackass.

Has Brazil elected a real right-wing populist, unlike the fraud Trump?


He says, without a hint of irony or glibness, that subversives within State will take Trump down if he doesn’t immediately clean house and fire at least three-quarters of the staff. He says, again sans glibness, that whatever negative blowback this will have on foreign relations is more than compensated for by removing an actively hostile threat to his Presidency, and he wonders why Trump has to date dropped the ball on this pressing matter. He presumes members of Trump’s inner circle are deliberately hiding State Department subterfuge from him, and if that’s the case, then the fix is in.

“…he wonders why Trump has to date dropped the ball on this pressing matter.”

Trump has other pressing matters to attend to…like pressing all those cheeseburgers down his throat.

“He presumes members of Trump’s inner circle are deliberately hiding State Department subterfuge from him…”

Yeah…it’s being discussed on juvenile gamester blogs, but the President is too clueless to know what’s going on in his own State Department.  MAGA!


Nutzi Sunday

Type I filth killing racial activism.

Guess who the “your” describes, eh?  All the rest of the quota queens and their enablers, with their wink, wink, nod, nod toward dysfunctionals (because they are dysfunctional themselves).

It’s hard for me to express how much I loathe these Type I retards – whatever little memetic progress Der Movement makes, tiny baby steps, can be ruined, set back, by one thoughtless act.  So, Instead of “screw your optics,” how about “screw your juvenile acting out?”  Can this specimen explain to us – from his jail cell – exactly what he thinks he has accomplished with his little steel city escapade?

Is it fair to blame Der Movement for this?  After all, they’ll say, anyone can assert adherence to a cause and do stupid things.  Fair enough.  However, I make two points.

First, the Type I core of Der Movement, with its crudity, stupidity, quota systems, rigid dogma, etc. attracts and nurtures trash like Mr. Screw Your Optics

Second, the constant failure of Der Movement, its ineptness, its utter lack of any hope of real progress, induces despair in its followers, leading some to act out in frustration. They have no outlet for pent-up activist energies, because there is “no there there” in Der Movement, it is all sound and fury signifying nothing. So, some unbalanced Nutzis create their own sound and fury in response.

So, yes, indirectly, Der Movement is responsible.  And note I am not whining about Christian morality here or, worse, “mourning the victims.”  My concern is with White racial activism, and the constant harm done to said activism by Der Movement and its retarded followers.

And thanks a lot, Type I scum, for giving Mama Merkel, the Queen of Auto-Genocide, the chance to engage in international moral posturing.

Der Movement will NEVER make ANY progress as long as Type I trash are running the show.  The Type Is need to sit down, shut up, and let Type II adults grab the reigns for once.

Johnson and I sort of agree in one sense and disagree in another:



 37m37 minutes ago

More Counter-Currents Retweeted Joyce

Disavowing is too weak. We need to morally condemn cranks who go on shooting sprees. Since when does condemning evil NOT help you maintain your moral legitimacy? Doing good and shunning evil is pretty much the essence of a moral life. It doesn’t matter what our enemies think.

Moral condemnation – but only in the sense described below.  Not in an absolute sense.  I don’t consider the shooter “evil” – merely incredibly stupid, reckless, and asinine.  I’m not concerned about how the broader society views my moral legitimacy other than how it affects White racial activism.  So, yes, I am concerned, but only in a utilitarian sense.  My morality is different from that of the broader society, and while I am currently forced to adhere to the latter (most of the time), I do not grant it an inherent legitimacy.  I maintain authenticity by following, in a moral sense, my own inner directives.

Now, how do I judge the morality of a racially relevant action?  Adapting Salter’s “mixed ethic” I propose a two part scheme:

First, does the action advance or harm White racial interests?  If it harms those interests, it is immoral.  If it advances those interests, then –

Second, does the action reasonably, and to the extent practically possible, minimize the harm done to the individual rights of Whites and to the individual and group rights of non-Whites?  After all, one could think of many actions that could in theory advance White interests but do so at costs that would offend most people’s innate sense of objective (aracial and disinterested) morality and human decency – even (possibly) offend my own sense of morality that is different from that of the broader society. If such an action was truly necessary, then the costs would have to be accepted; however, if significant moral cost is incurred for some marginal gain in White racial interest, a cost that would offend the inherent moral sense of Whites, then I argue that marginal advantage – something not existential, not required for racial survival and reasonable racial prosperity – can be foregone.

This idiotic attack on the Synagogue fails test one, and would fail test two even if it did not fail test one. 

At this point people looking to trap me in an inconsistency will say: “hey, I thought you were a Moralpath and such people will accept even war and genocide to do what they feel is right – so why do you reject this action?”  The point is – doing what’s right.  The underlying basis for moralpathy is pursuing one’s moral path regardless of where it leads. That does not have to be the most extreme choice in every instance. In some cases, restraint is deemed right, in other cases, war and genocide. It depends upon context. Shooting up a Pittsburgh synagogue achieves nothing positive that I can see, and instead is a net negative for White racial activism. Thus, it is not “right” as I define it, so I oppose the action.  On the other hand, if White survival in another context required war and genocide, then war and genocide it must be.  Further, if Whites become extinct I say let the world burn and I do not want “high IQ Asians” to rule and prosper; in my view, any human world that allows White extinction does not deserve to survive and prosper.  Context, my friends, context.

I recently critiqued Greg Johnson when he implied that he and his site do not obsessively criticize Richard Spencer. It would seem others share that view.  A partially censored comment by Andrew Joyce:

Greg Johnson…His fixation on Spencer appears almost Biblical, and is inexplicable unless one assumes Spencer occupies a massive role in his psyche. Strange…

I censored part of the comment because I’m not interested in personal ad hominem against Johnson or anyone else; I’m concerned with ideas and actions.  The issue here is the Johnson-Spencer feud, and what I termed the “ugliness” of Johnson kicking Spencer when the latter is at a low point, both “professionally” and personally.  Let it go, Greg.  How about a moratorium on Spencer comments at Counter-Currents?

And this humorous aside from Joyce:

My goal for 2019 is to think about my wife at least half as often as Greg Johnson seems to think about Richard Spencer.

Note carefully the comments to this essay, focusing particularly on those by miguel70, minsc, and, of course, O’Meara.

West Coast White nationalism, I suppose.  The “big tent” (of the circus freak show).

More O’Meara:

The Right of course promotes extermination of the homo; the Left originally promoted promiscuity and hedonism, but when AIDS made this impractical, pivoted to a modified version of the Right’s “family values” — contrary to all historical evidence, the gays always wanted to marry and raise children!

In both cases, society loses the important contributions of the homo to culture and statecraft…

Extermination?  How about not making Far Right activism a front for pushing a homosexual agenda?  This has been going on a long time.  I remember the early days of online Yahoo groups, with “gay National Socialist” groups. What was that?  An intellectual discussion of sexuality and politics?  No, instead it was a disgusting hook-up site with adverts such as “U Piss, I Drink.”  

Contributions to “culture and statecraft?”  How come those contributions were more legitimate in past centuries, when (religious) intolerance to homosexuality was greater?  Sublimation was the real outcome of “The Right,” not “extermination.”  It’s today’s tolerance that brings degeneration. Historically speaking, the evidence is that homosexual contributions to society are maximized in situations far more restrictive than in today’s society…or on certain WN blogs.

Greg Johnson

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I’m approving this comment because I am a connoisseur of jaundiced rants by paranoids. I love it when lunatics act patronizing.

A self-referential “meta” comment if there ever was one.

Pure delusion:

The Cultural Renaissance began more than eight years ago at Counter-Currents. Why not lend your shoulder to the wheel?

If Trump as not a retarded fraud, and if Sessions was not a far-left cuck, this here is all the “legal justification” they need to refuse entry of the Invasion Caravan. The “refugees” were offered “refuge” in Mexico.  They refused.  The want the USA.  They are economic migrants, they are invaders, and they are no different from the Wehrmacht marching through Paris in 1940.  This is a test for Trump.  Put down the Big Mac and act.

They’re …HuWhite.  Meyer Lansky, Antifa…what’s the difference?

I agree with much of what Strom says about the Jews, although we disagree on other issues.  For the most part, I agree with Joyce’s writings at TOO.  But for the sake of consistency, both men need to take on the Alt Wrong.  Why should certain people be sacrosanct and above criticism?  If both Joyce and Strom view Jews as a particularly pernicious influence, then why “hold your fire” against those who bring Jews into the heart of pro-White activism?  

Evola: Sallis Right Again

Origin of “spiritual race” ideas.  In all cases, red font emphasis added.

This is a surprisingly (reasonably, not perfectly) objective look at Evola’s race ideas and his tacit criticisms of Nordicist thought, coming from TOO of all places.

Now, the interesting thing is the two part summary of what Evola’s underlying agenda is in The Myth of the Blood:

Evola’s belief that there is a lack of higher aristocratic impulse in generalized racial thinking (i.e., making the assumption that being Aryan is simply a matter of birth rather than also of spirit/nobility/character). Ferraresi cites Evola as arguing concerning the people: “only of an elite may one say that ‘it is of a race’, ‘it has race’ [in the French meaning of race for ‘of good breed’]: the people are only people, mass.” In other words, Evola is advocating a radically aristocratic and anti-egalitarian concept of race.

Evola’s unease or even annoyance at the special place accorded to the Nordic type in his day, at the expense of other Europeans.

Now, it is clear – or should be, to anyone with an understanding of human psychology – that point one derives from point two.  In other words, Evola essentially reasoned thus:

1. Materialist race concepts are Nordicist and say that only Nordics are a superior, honorable, cultural people.

2. Hey!  I’m superior, honorable, and cultural, but I’m not Nordic.

3. Thus, racial materialism must be wrong and we must instead substitute it with spiritual race concepts in which it are elites (like me, the great and good Baron Julius Evola) who are “of race” and are of a superior and honorable breed, whether we are Nordic or not.

It never occurred to Evola that maybe point #1 is incorrect, that racial materialism can be a simple objective evaluation of biological racial differences, without making subjective evaluations of relative worth, or making absurd leaps of faith as to assert that positive qualities of character are bestowed, or not, at birth in an automatic yes/no fashion.

But I’ve realized all of this about Evola (and Yockey) before.  Thus read:

My contention has been that Yockey’s embrace of “spiritual” (“horizontal”) race had the same genesis as Evola’s: a misguided response to Nordicism.  Ironically, Yockey discussed how a Culture can react to Cultural Pathology in ways ultimately harmful to the Culture (akin to a destructive fever resulting from an infection in a person), but he lacked the self-awareness to understand that his own destructive ideas about biological race were also an over-reaction to Nordicist theory.  Yockey wanted European unity, and Nordicism was (and is) an obstacle to that.  Yockey equated Nordicism with biological race theory and so biological race had to be discredited (although it still holds for White-Negro differences in his eyes, clearly demonstrating that Yockey was really specifically concerned about arguing against intra-European racial differences). Evola was likely distressed by theories that attributed all positive qualities only to Nordics; therefore, Evola thought – “hey, I’m honorable and noble, but I’m not Nordic, so I must be a spiritual Nordic.”  Neither Yockey nor Evola had the scientific understanding or the moral courage to just state that Guntherite Nordicism was wrong; instead they had to invent fantasies to go around it.

Back to the TOO piece:

In de Lapouge he sees the origin of the idea of Nordic Aryan man as a blond dolichocephalic. Such was his concern with facial angles and skull proportions that de Lapouge prophesied:  “I am convinced that in the next century millions of men will come to the battlefield on account of the difference of one or two degrees of the cephalic index.”

Well, how does that differ from “movement” dogma?  Let’s bring out Durocher and his calipers!  At least today we can drill down to ultimate interests and talk about gene frequencies rather than of cephalic indices.  And, no, I’m not suggesting that “millions of (European) men” should “come to the battlefield” against one another based on “one or two percentage points of gene frequencies.”  That’s more of Der Movement’s attitude, not mine.  I’m just saying that at least gene frequencies are actually tied to kinship and ultimate interests than are cephalic indices.  Guess which of the two are more closely associated with familiar ties, for example.  Then extend that to ethnies.

That being said, I found it difficult to shake the feeling that The Myth of the Blood risked sliding into a kind of racial-philosophical apologetic for non-Nordics.

And we certainly can’t that!  Blasphemy!

Seriously though, given that the entirety of Der Movement is a kind of racial-philosophical apologetic for Nordics, what’s wrong with having some dissident ideas here and there in opposition?  However, those ideas should be better than Evola’s nonsense.

By the way, for a materialist view of “spiritual race” see this.

Sallis will no doubt be proven correct about that one day as well.

Monday’s Movement Madness

In all cases, emphasis added.

Meet the Alt Right, meet Der Movement:

“If anyone should have racial pride, it is Europeans, the more northern and western the more so.”

Sallis: right again and again and again.  Particularly, with respect to the point that Der Movement Inc. has nothing – absolutely nothing – to offer so-called “White ethnics.”  If anything, given its HBD factions, it is more pro-Jewish and pro-Asian than in any way compatible to White ethnics.

Roissy, 8/5/2018:

Comment Of The Week: Anti-Trump Hatred Is Anti-White Hatred

…is that they’re not infuriated at HIM. They’re infuriated at US.

The entire media and government complex essentially ORDERED White Americans not to vote for Trump. White America disobeyed them and elected him anyway, with wildly enthusiastic crowds obliquely expressing a desire for racial/ethnic survival with chants of “build the Wall,” etc.

At this point, it doesn’t matter what Trump does from the viewpoint of the (((tribe))). He could give every jew in the US $1 billion and they’d still hate him, because they don’t really care about him. He is the symbol of our defiance to them, however rudimentary and quasi-subconscious it is in many cases. It’s that defiance which infuriates them — and terrifies them, which infuriates them even more.

Hence why International Shtetl organs like the NYBetaTimes are beginning to slip up and allow their unchecked fury at Trump (read: at White Christian America) to betray them, recently evident in their mishandling of the Sarah Jeong debacle. It’s harder to properly strategize and subvert a nation when you’re driven by fear and loathing to a pitched hysteria. Their desperation to maintain control of the horizontal and the vertical is making them sloppy. Anti-White Noise is leaking through the screen.

Ironsides is right. Anti-White hatred is channeled through Trump, which explains why the rage against Trump is so unhinged; (((they))) and their shitlib Gentile useful idiots who never met a phony virtue they didn’t want to signal correctly perceive in the phenomenon of Trump a resurrecting White consciousness and awareness of the malice that is directed against them.

Sound familiar?  That is what I’ve been saying here at EGI Notes for several years, most recently on June 29, 2018;

Thus, based on these perceptions, I have argued that hatred of Trump (and his staff) is a proxy for hatred for Whites; thus, all the sweaty, hateful fetishes and fantasies these people (including White leftists) harbor toward Whites comes out in their unhinged demented fury at the leftist Trump and his SJW staff.  Perceptions, it is all perceptions.

Therefore, given the genocidal animus these folks have for Whites, is it no wonder they pose with mockups of a decapitated Trump head or say “Fuck Trump” at a media-covered celebrity event or shoot up a GOP congressional baseball practice or attack Trump supporters (with Sessions providing legal cover) or harass Trump staff wherever and whenever they show themselves in public?

You see, to these people, including Homo erectus Maxine, Whites have been getting too uppity recently.  They are not quietly and humbly accepting the steady march toward White dispossession.  The perception of Trump has thrown a monkey (no pun intended) wrench into the multicultural apparatus and the Guks and their White traitor allies are enraged at the temerity of these Whites. Why doesn’t the lowly White Man know his place?  Sit down and shut up, Whitey!

That explains much I think.

Once again: the quota queens eventually end up repeating Sallisian memes – weeks, months, or even years later.  It’s a form of plagiarism, really.

From MPC:

Lol at the alt-right viciously harrassing a young asian woman. 

With what? Marriage proposals and paypig offerings?

Good to see that some people are noticing what Sallis has been talking about – the Yellow Fever of the Alt Right.

Podcast representing the bulk of the financial support going into activist coffers. Taylor is painfully naïve concerning the judicial system.  What is going to happen to Fields and to Spencer’s lawsuit is anyone’s guess, but my guess is that I’m real skeptical it is going to turn out well.  Comparing Fields to Zimmerman fails at many levels; regardless of the “White Hispanic” nonsense of the controlled media, the reality to the jurors was of a Hispanic defending himself from a violent Negro (to eliminate redundancy: a Negro) attacking him.  Fields, regardless of the circumstances, is viewed as a White Nutzi and that alone, even ignoring his actions, is sufficient for a typical jury to convict him of virtually anything.  One wonders how aggressively his “counsel” is going to defend him, as well.  As regards the civil suit against Beavis and Butthead – that’s so absurd it should have been immediately thrown out of court.  That is wasn’t tells you much about “judicial fairness and integrity.”

On all the other issues discussed though, Taylor made more sense than Brimelow, which is of course not at all surprising.  By the way, Pete, “Razib” is not an Indian, but a Bengali, and he does not write “ably” on genetics or anything else.  He’s the idiot who once confused homologous chromosomes and sister chromatids.

Prior generations of White leaders betrayed us, and the levers of power and money in the West are no longer in our hands. We must choose a strategy carefully, as we most likely will not have a second chance.

Agreed. That’s why the decades of wasted opportunities – in part due to Pierce and the National Alliance – has been so devastating.  And why the affirmative action policy has to end.

We must awaken a new generation of our people. We must inspire the superior minds among them. We cannot do that by reviving the distant past of our race, no matter how much we can and do honor it. 

We also cannot do that by reviving the recent past, either, whether that includes the general problem of fossilized “movement” dogma, or the specific issue of trying to revive the National Alliance, which effectively died with Pierce.

We cannot do that by ignoring the exponential increase in human knowledge that has been brought about in the last century — knowledge of the genetic structure that makes us what we are, and knowledge of the structure of reality itself.

That knowledge invalidates a significant portion of “movement” dogma, including the HBD fraud (hello, Rushton).

None of the strategies I have enumerated so far seems likely to revolutionize the moral thinking of the superior fraction of our population — the fraction that can actually get things done and change this filthy excuse for a society into something great and noble again.

None of the “movement” strategies of the last 50 years, including those extant today are likely to do so either.

But there is another choice.

Yes, dump the quota queens and actualize meritocracy within racial activism.  Dump the dogma and try something new.

The authors are clear that this could never have developed if females’ estrus was clear for all see and if human females, like female swans, were evolved to be monogamous. But this is the crucial point. Human females are not evolved to be monogamous. They’re evolved to be, albeit cunningly, “polyandrous”: marry the kindly Beta male if you must but get pregnant by the Alpha one.

Grant and Montrose argued that patriarchy is, therefore, entirely understandable in evolutionary terms…

Not surprisingly, the attitude of VDARE toward Antifa Jeff is different than that of EGI Notes.  We both agree that his behavior is “amazing” though.

Fisking the Duped

Clueless quota queen.

The MSM has been in SHOCK! HORROR! mode over the news that one Patrik Hermansson, purporting to be graduate student Erik Hellberg (as if anyone could tell the difference!)…

The “movement” obviously could not.

…infiltrated and—arguably illegally and unethically—surreptitiously recorded a number of right wing organizations (he fashionably says “Alt Right” although they mostly predate the term) in Europe and the U.S. e.g. Undercover With the Alt-Right, by Jesse Singal, New York Times, September 19, 2017.

Counter-Currents‘ Editor-in-Chief Greg Johnson, a victim, has a characteristically sensible discussion here.

If by “characteristically sensible” you mean minimizing the outrageous incompetence of “leaders” letting an infiltrator joyride through the “movement” for a year, sitting with “leaders” to “vet” genuine activists, and giving “keynote addresses” about “anti-fascist infiltrators” (I still can’t get over that one), and then hysterically “banning” people who call for accountability, yes indeed, very sensible.

The bottom line: Hermansson/ Hellberg’s “revelations,” although written up in hyperventilating British tabloid style on Hope Not Hate, the Cultural Marxist Enforcer website that sponsored him, contain no evidence or even allegations of any illegal behavior, let alone any conspiracy to commit violence.

That’s not the point is it, you mendacious handout artist?  The point is that a nobody, an infiltrator with a flimsy cover story, was able to worm his way into the highest levels of “movement” discourse and decision making, simply because (1) he’s a Swedish Nord, and (2) he’s an effeminate homosexual. What happens in the future, when an infiltrator is sitting at the highest “movement” councils in a time of crisis?  Or this: how do we know that there  isn’t another infiltrator like Hermansson already there?

All Hermansson/ Hellberg seems to have, at most,  is Politically Incorrect talk—from people already associated with Politically Incorrect websites!

No, all he has is exposing a bunch of clowns with their red rubber noses and makeup on.

He claims “sometimes being a mole in the far right was dangerous….” But he (and his rewrite man, who tried very hard) provide absolutely no support for this.

Big deal. The Hope Not Hate donors, who reportedly supported him for a year, must be very disappointed.

No, they are getting a big laugh over it all, I’m sure.  But in the last analysis, they could have done us all a big favor by exposing the affirmative action racket in the “movement” for what it is.  I say “could have” because I know the mental weaklings among the “movement “rank-and-file don’t have it in them to abandon failed “leadership.” and I make a number of minor appearances on Hope Not Hate (here and here), but it’s just Search Engine Smear stuff.

Which is mildly interesting, because Hermansson/ Hellberg did contact me and Lydia and I met with him for coffee in Cipriani Dolci above New York’s Grand Central Station. 

And the other shoe drops.  Quota queen Brimelow fell for the same scam as his affirmative action colleagues.

(Note to Hope Not Hate bookkeeper: I paid!)

In other words: VDARE donors likely ultimately paid for it.

I guess I agree with Greg Johnson’s summary: “A bit socially awkward, a bit inarticulate, a bit effeminate, but not so outside the norm for academic types that I felt suspicious.” (Hope Not Hate says proudly that Hermansson/ Hellberg is a “gay, anti-racist activist”).

Two important points. First, the more I hear about Hermansson’s “effeminacy,” the more I think that Andrew Joyce is correct in his criticisms of gays in the “movement.”  If the Far Right was less tolerant of homosexuals, then Hermansson’s behavior would have been a more obvious red flag (alternatively, Hope Not Hate would just have had to dig up an attractive young blonde women to do the job, recording conversations while fending off groping and dodging marriage proposals).  Second, if Hermansson was so awkward and inarticulate, how did he end up being invited by Johnson to address a private Counter-Currents meeting?  How did he end up with the London Forum “leaders,” helping with meeting vetting?  Don’t these guys understand that the more they mock Hermansson as part of their “spin,” the worse they make themselves look for trusting Hermansson and elevating him?  Are these guys really that clueless?  So lacking in self-awareness?  Apparently so.

But I must also say that Hermansson/ Hellberg never said he was anything other than a graduate student, frankly asked if he could record me (Lydia got bored and left)…

That’s surprising. I would have expected she would have a high threshold for boredom.

…and never evinced anything other than academic interest in the movement.

Maybe that’s why his rewrite man couldn’t figure out how to smear us.

No need.  You smear yourselves, first by incompetence, and then by your pathetic “spin” to try and cover up the incompetence.

So why did Hermansson/ Hellberg (and/or his rewrite man) not realize they were undercutting the Left/ MSM Narrative? Because these Leftists are idiots. 

If they are idiots, then what about the Rightists so easily fooled for a year?

They live in an intellectual bubble and they believe their own propaganda.

Is Brimelow talking about “movement” activists here?  Or just deluded VDARE donors?

At least, the Hope Not Hate rewrite man does. But after we met, Hermansson/ Hellberg (email him) replied to my polite note:

Thank you yourself! It was really great talking to you.

Since I left I’ve actually looked into applying for universities in the US so I’m right now looking at Georgetown in DC and possibly NY as well. It’s my supervisor who pushed me to look into a phd or a research position.

Hey, Pete: did you – or any of the “characteristically sensible” members of the “good old boys network” – ever bother to check “Hellberg’s” academic bonafides?  Maybe contact his “supervisor” directly to say what a fine job he’s been doing (by supervisor I mean the alleged academic supervisor, not Hope Not Hope staff). You know, as part of the “extreme vetting” and all.  The Alt Right could have done that after drinking mead, reciting poems in Old Norse, and blowing on a Viking horn (and on anything else for that matter).

My intuition: Hermansson/ Hellberg actually is a graduate student. He really does hope to study in the U.S. (Note to readers: watch out!).

My intuition: Brimelow/Mophead actually is a panhandling, empty suit, quota queen.  He really does hope to continue to exploit readers to contribute to keep Happy Penguins LLC’s coffers full, so he can continue living that fine blue state lifestyle.

He’s just ripping off Hope Not Hate as well as the AltRight.

Are we talking about Hermansson here, or the editor of an “immigration restrictionist” website?

All joking inside, this is a serious matter.  What we likely have is a coordinated effort by an Alt Right-Alt Wrong alliance of affirmative action hacks to minimize the travesty that took place, distract their supporters from utter incompetence, and to get back to “business as usual” as quickly as possible, ensuring a steady stream of donation money.

Frankly, it’s more disgusting than comical.  And our EGI goes down the toilet due to failed leadership.  So much for adaptive fitness.

The Alt Fail

Navel-gazing ideological contortions.

One wonders how Andrew Joyce squares his recent series on homosexuality (*) with this expression of tolerance.

It would seem that’s current crusade against homosexuality is to a large extent informed by their feud with Counter-Currents.  But let’s give the other side equal attention.  Greg Johnson’s crusade for ethnonationalism, and crusade against pan-Europeanism, which came as an unpleasant surprise to me (who considered him to have been a pan-Europeanist), mysteriously coincided with the deterioration in his relations with Richard Spencer.  Memes in the service of personal animus, it seems.

Feuds between “movement” leaders is a “grand tradition” – one can remember Pierce-Carto and Pierce-Covington, but in those cases, the disagreements were personal/tactical.  The situation in which “movement leaders” actually take ideological stands on important issues merely to spite each other is totally unprecedented.  Yes, it seems that “youth culture” is indeed a key component of the Alt Right scene: narcissistic, feckless, and juvenile.

On a related note (emphasis added):

However, more important is understanding how a far-right movement operates, organizes and functions. This is invaluable for finding the most effective strategies for opposing and undermining them. I spent hundreds of hours with these people and came away with a real understanding of what drives their activism, the tactics they seek to use, and what they were planning to do. This allows Hope Not Hate to always be one step ahead, and to plan responses and opposition earlier than anyone else.

But don’t forget…the problem is not with the outrageously irresponsible, feckless, imprudent, failed leadership that allowed an effeminate homosexual anti-racist infiltrator to joyride through the “movement” for a year with a tragicomically flimsy cover story while legitimate activists were frozen out of meetings because of “extreme vetting.”  No, the problem is with anyone who states that there should be some accountability for this pathetic failure of common sense and good judgment – or so say our “betters” among “movement leadership.”  I guess when faced with the possibility of the panhandling donations running dry, hysteria ensues.  Too bad they weren’t more hysterical with basic operational security.

*Before someone accuses me of being “queer,” I’ll say I’m in general agreement with Joyce (excepting the Christian apologetics and the idea that Tacitus was a historian in the modern sense, instead of in the ancient sense – a story-telling propagandist), but more nuanced.  However, my view remains that if someone is homosexual but is pro-White, and if they acknowledge that homosexuality is a defect, and if they “stay in the closet,” then tolerance could be given.  In On Genetic Interests, Salter asserts that homosexuals should actually be very pro-extended family and pro-ethny, given they have a greater genetic interest investment in broader circles of relatedness, as most of them do not have children of their own.  If a homosexual actually behaved in that fashion (most do not, including some “anti-natalists” masquerading as WNs), then some degree of societal tolerance could be acceptable.  That doesn’t preclude personal disgust and the acknowledgment that overt homosexuality, celebrated by society, has the pernicious effects described by Joyce.

Punchgate, Spencer, and NECis

Punchgate and related matters.

The System has been crowing about the attack on Spencer, praising the attack, saying it was great, making musical memes about it, and publicly discussing such action as appropriate and “American” (like slavery and segregation, eh?). It has been truly disgusting, but, in the long run, from the balkanization standpoint, the Left’s action may backfire on them.

This essay summarizes the reality of leftists who call us “fascists” but who believe that political violence against their enemies is justified.  But this is nothing new.  Back in the 1930s, there were a number of major street brawls in American cities between the Right (Silver Shirts, Bund) and the Left (Jews, anarchists, communists).  The basic total outcome of those brawls was a victory for the Left (the more things change, the more they stay the same) – there’s a reason why Oliver was talking about 50 years of “movement” failure back in 1969.  Joyce’s essay on “anti-fascism” is mostly true, but it skips over the reality that the Left still rules the streets, as they’ve done in America for nearly a century. And while European nationalist parties may come to power in such circumstance, America for now seems different.  If we cannot break out of the digital sandbox and go analog, it’s not going to work out.  Triumphalist essays about how “anti-fa is dead” while Spencer can’t stand in DC without being punched in the face doesn’t cut it. Sorry.  And even the European nationalists hold meetings, have street demonstrations, etc. – so Joyce’s arguments don’t hold there either. Would the European nationalists have achieved their level of accomplishments (such as they are) if they and their leaders were unable to go out in the street without being punched in the face?  Let’s have triumphalism after real triumphs, not after mocking defeats.

Praise Kek!  Spencer seems to have learned something from Punchgate. First, he admits he is worthy of criticism for his naiveté and lack of preparation and security.  Second, and more importantly, he seems to understand things must be different going forward. WE SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD MORE INCIDENTS LIKE THIS.  IT MUST STOP.  WE MUST DRAW A LINE IN THE SAND.  That requires proper operational security and planning. Now, if after this, these incidents keep on occurring, that proves all my comments about “quota queens” are correct.

Also, despite my problems with Spencer (*), he is presently the best and most well-known public spokesman for the American Far-Right.  We can’t afford to have him as a subject of physical attack and subsequent Internet mockery.

*Besides the latest incident, there was Hailgate (not so much a big deal in my view), the Hungarian meeting fiasco, and, sadly enough, the serious inherent problems with the project. Shockingly enough, I have to agree with Silver again (yegads – my worldview is crumbling) – I don’t understand why Spencer is associating with a half-Iranian NECist, whose moronic ramblings has brought out other NECists on the comments threads at AltRight, posting Cavalli-Sforza charts from more than 20 years ago as if they were still relevant given the march of population genetics.  NECism keeps on popping up, and misuse of scientific data contributes to this. While I await a global assay of genetic kinship (the only genetic metric that is politically relevant), based on all the data I’ve seen, there’s no doubt that “Persians” will have the greatest kinship with other “Asian Caucasians” and not with Europeans. What outliers “look like” doesn’t matter.  Grasping comments about “artificial boundaries” doesn’t cut it – the European boundary is biologically relevant. Even a no-good low-IQ knuckle-dragging Euro-Swarthoid like myself had “Iceland” as one of my top hits in a company’s kinship measure of raw genetic data.  Would a “Persian” rate the same?  Let’s say I doubt that very much.  Morons talking about “artificial boundaries” don’t get that (1) Identity has culture-historical elements as well as biological, and (2) more relevant to all the racial heavy breathers, race and culture influence each other.  Populations that share foundational cultural/civilizational bases – such as “Western Christendom” – will tend to genetically align over historic time, while others that share “Eastern Islam” will align as well. Populations tend to be genetically similar to geographically close populations, except where there are reasonable boundaries to inhibit gene flow. These boundaries have never been perfect and do not need to have been, as long as gene flow has been repressed over historic time. Mountain ranges, bodies of water, these are geographical boundaries to gene flow – not perfect, but over time, they have serious impacts. Cultural/civilizational boundaries also have very serious impacts on gene flow.  True enough, Persian antipathy to Arabs may have reduced the extent of gene flow there, but the flow was even more markedly reduced between “The West” and “The Rest.” And it is doubtful that Persians were ever genetically similar to modern Europeans.  Prediction: genetic kinship assays will show “Persians” as closer to Iraqis and Afghans than to Europeans.

Why is the Right always taken in by this sort of thing?  The whole subjective Nazi-Larping nonsense about “Aryans” or “Indo-Europeans” gives an opening to NECists to get a foot in the door.  [Note: ironically and inconsistently, the “racial purity” Larping crowd overlaps the “big tent” “Aryan” crowd – as if Iranians or Hindu Indians are “more pure” than wops and hunkies!] Even “White” is subjective.  Then there is the cherry-picking of population genetics to favor particular agendas, even to the point of dusting off studies a generation old.  The same flaw that leads to conspiracy theorizing and breathless interest in gnostic traditionalist esotericism also leads to “gosh-isn’t-that-brilliant” acceptance of pseudo-intellectual faux-erudite claptrap of “parapsychology” and so forth that further entraps ECs into the NEC web.  

You know, American WNs look longingly at European nationalists and say “it proves the value of ethnonationalism” – but they ignore the fact that successful European nationalists don’t obsess over “Aryans” or population genetics or cephalic indices or Kali Yuga or Beavis-and-Butthead trolling lulzing. Listen to a Europa Terra Nostra podcast and contrast that to an American podcast or website.