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Rodney Martin on White Nationalism

Really about Der Movement, not about “White nationalism.”
The following is an anti-“movement” post I wrote a while back and that has been waiting in the publishing queue, so let’s get it out today.

I would like to examine Rodney Martin’s very interesting essay on White nationalism. You should read the whole thing.
The most fundamental problem with this essay is that Martin conflates Der Movement with White nationalism. This is logically incorrect, as the former is just one vehicle for actualizing the latter. Only if you believe that White nationalism must absolutely and inevitably lead to a disaster such as Der Movement would such an equivalence hold.  I do not believe that to be true.
In any case, excerpts (emphasis added):

…blacks…are winning. The internet tough guys who bark on the internet for our “Culture and Values” are not. When approached by CNN and asked if he stood by his internet based bravado, Kyle Rodgers, the loud mouth internet mouthpiece of the CoCC, (Council of Conservative Citizens) who famously said “never back down to the left wing media, hid behind his door like the preverbal High School nerd running from the Jocks and screamed at the CNN crew to go talk to his big mack daddy Jared ( Jews are White) Taylor.…/council-of-conservative-citizens-griff…. This is the reality of White Nationalism, tough online, cowards in real life and almost always refusing to own their positions when confronted in person.

They are cowards online as well, refusing to debate competent opponents, or moderate their blog comments so as to allow criticism, even after openly declaring themselves eager and ready for “debate.”

Contrast the self-described White Nationalist “E-Activist” to Black, Latino, Jewish, and any other Leftist activist . Black activists took to the streets and pushed their interests and agenda, self-described “White Nationalists” continued their online, anonymous bravado via various websites, chief among these is Stormfront AKA Stormdrain led by Don Black who uses Oral Roberts fundraising tactics, demanding $7K per month from low information self-described “White Nationalists” for the honor of “blogging about the “problem”. This shtick has enabled Black to live in comfort in Palm Beach, Florida ( a Jew dominated City) while sending his son Derek, his former right hand man to a private liberal college which resulted in young Derek bowing before Mark Potok and the SPLC and no doubt delivering Stormfront user data to Potok and Morris Dees.

I have always unfavorably compared the White Right to the Coloreds and to the Left.  Of course, Martin should acknowledge that these others have the tacit and sometimes open support of the System.

When Anglin is not bashing White women as “whores”, “sluts”, and “worse than Jews”, he has called for age of consent laws to be lowered to age 14 so prearranged marriages between girls and 30 and 40 year-old men could be set up by his Pedo dream State. Perhaps Anglin’s insecurities regarding White women has more to do with his own failures and insecurities with the opposite sex. There is something wrong when a 31 year old male who has only ever expressed desire for underage girls of Africa and the Philippines making obsessive attacks on OUR women. Of course Anglin who has appointed himself the world’s hardest hardcore Nazi, seems to work very hard remaining out of certain jurisdictions, not indicating where he resides, and for nearly the last 2 years has attempted to live off donations, i.e. “Movement Welfare”. For a “Movement” that prides itself as “Racists” or “Racialists”, many at “Daily Stoner are all too willing to overlook Anglin’s fetish for underage Asian and Black females and the fact that at age 31, Anglin has never been with a White Woman, has no White children, and has actually attacked marriage while patronizing brothels in Eastern Europe with the publisher of a web site Anglin has borrowed material from and reposts on Daily Stormer. Cut & Paste and claiming 14 hour work days is the actual standard of practice at “Daily Stoner”, symbolism over substance is the hallmark of White Nationalism while Blacks, Latinos, Jews, and others engage in real activism and advance a real Agenda based on substance, White Nationalists engage in online circle jerks that make the porn industry blush.

According to Johnson, who respects Anglin, Mr. Anglin is one of the “voices of WN 3.0.”

The fundamental difference between “White Nationalism” and activists of Leftist Organizations such as the NAACP, LaRaza, MeCha, ADL, et. al, is simple, the Leftists are not dominated by, identified by and exists solely by websites and anonymity. Nor are they dominated by low information, mentally defective hobbyists who see conspiracies around every corner who still live at home with mommy and daddy at advanced ages, have not been in a real relationships with the opposite sex, have no children, lack any semblance of an education, lack real jobs, careers, and professional development and go so far a to viciously attack those who work in the Struggle who bring these essential tools to the motionless” Movement based on nothing more than jealously, envy and self-loathing. While White Nationalists are high-fiving Dylaan Roof for murdering old women in a Church, pardon me while I get ill, the Leftists are advancing their agenda by leaps and bounds.

Fair enough.

It is common to hear low life White Nationalist trouser stains post long diatribes attacking people who have done something with their life/lives as “obviously being an “Agent” or a “Jew” or some other nonsense because we cannot have talent and ability in the motionless Movement. Then these self-appointed experts spend hours (because they have no life) on their favorite groupie web site or podcast opining on subjects they have absolutely no real or practical experience, education, or life experience.

Indeed. Included in this are folks like Borat Jeelvy preaching downward mobility to young White men, and he and the rest of the Millennial crew label IRL work as being the linked to “Boomers.” To be fair, twenty years ago you had Boomer and Gen X “activists” also preaching dropout because “the entire System is going to collapse within five years, no doubt about it.” Sound familiar?

Most laughable is the volume of posts on White Nationalist web sites on “marriage” “relationships”, “and “women” posted by men who blame everything and everyone but themselves for their failures in life.

It’s always great when homosexuals do the same. A lot of expertise there.

In a real and successful political movements the cream rises while the pond scum sinks, this has not been the case in White Nationalism. In fact the pond scum has drowned out the crème and driven out many valuable assets, including families, which provide the next generation.

I have often talked about Gresham’s law in Der Movement, and the need to weed out defectives or else the defectives would alienate all the sane and rational people. Instead, we have promoted “chips and genetic modifiers in vaccines and house flies exterminated by ‘bullets flying everywhere.”  Good job!

Too often the pond scum of the motionless Movement are all too willing to sacrifice future growth, including generational growth all so they can be the biggest turd in the toilet, i.e. so they can self-confer some grand title in a group of 3 or 4. Groups like RaRaza, MeCha, NAACP, and ADL have understood the key to success is discipline, advancing their agenda to the next generation, and most importantly completely absent in these organizations is the fragmentation, character issues and cannibalism based on personality tiffs. These Organizations message has been consistent, disciplined and above all, they are led by the best and the brightest of their respective Organizations and never allow pond scum in the membership to run off their assets. Too many quality people, especially families have walked away NOT because they grew tired of harassment by the ADL and SPLC, but because they burned out on the internal drama and vicious attacks from anonymous White Nationalist “E-Activists”, who are often so self-loathing and disappointed with their own failures in life, that they attack others who have been successful because of hard work, education, discipline, and character.

“They” – Johnson, Jeelvy, et al.  Also note that Martin recognizes something that I have often written about – ironically, the Left, which supports affirmative action, has organizations run by their “best and brightest.” Now, Martin doesn’t talk about Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action, but he does note that the “motionless Movement” is led by “pond scum.”

Finally, the greatest weakness and the most glaring reason why “White Nationalism” fails, is a large number, most likely 75 percent, of those who self-identify as “White Nationalists” and frequent the various White Nationalist web sites do so as an internet based hobby only and really do not hold White Nationalist beliefs as core principles that guide their life.

Certainly. Beavis-and-Butthead drunken Alt Right podcasts, “Irony bros,” Millennial jackasses, people using Der Movement for “gay pickups,” and all the rest.  The big tent!

These self-described “hard core” “Nazis”, “Racialists”, “Racists”, “Identists”, etc, when pushed on solid racial ideological issues always retreat to making exceptions for their favorite mixed race or Non White friend or family member or even bed mate.

All too true.

In many cases they are all too willing to accept Jews and Homosexuals…

Mostly the latter.

….as “contributors to the Cause”, just attend AmRen or the American Freedom Party conflabs, it will not be too difficult to trip over a Jew and land in the lap of a Homosexual…

Pilleater beware!

…while hearing speakers opine at the state of “White Culture” and “White Civilization”. Those speakers generally have Non White spouses…

Hello, Derb!

…or same sex spouses which make these so called “Pro-White”, “Traditionalist”, and “Nationalist” gatherings even more hypocritical.

Hypocrisy in Der Movement?  Say it Aint so!

American “White Nationalism” because of its hobby based nature is nothing more than a hodgepodge of various groups with a Baskin-Robbins like ideologies, i.e. 31 flavors, SOMETHING to suit everyone.

The big tent!

This is so typically weak it provides no real viable alternative to the current political system. But then again, White Nationalists are not really serious about it to begin with.


White Nationalism is in reality an internet based hobby. While some, such as David Duke and Don Black make a decent living…

Then we have folks who earn $180.000 in a year…more than a “decent living.”  Why doesn’t Martin mention them?  I sure will, in future posts.

Libertarianism: a vast majority of self-described White Nationalists are in reality “Libertarians”, despite their professed support for National Socialism.

Der Alt Right!  WN 2.0!

They are the first to invoke “Liberty”, “Freedom”, and “Individualism”, which are the 3 primary ingredients that have led to the destruction of White Western Christian Civilization on the North American Continent.

It’s just the flu, bro!  Hail Shelly Luther!

Character: simply put, a huge majority of self-described White Nationalists lack the character, discipline, and honor to put a real Movement above themselves and are in reality web site and podcast Groupies rather than political or ideological soldiers.

Hello ,Greg Johnson.

Symbolism or Substance: White Nationalists are like cats and the laser light. White Nationalists fall in love like a teenage girl for every new face, and declare their allegiance to the new “fuhrer”, that says something catchy, only to be disappointed when they learn he is saying something different to different people, has no real ideological core, likes Jews, blah, blah, blah.

Trump?  Reagan?  Putin? Paul?

This has plagued White Nationalism for years as it is common to hear White Nationalists say, “all we need is THE LEADER”. Well, White Nationalism has LOTS of Leaders, what it lacks is ideas and a broad based Ideology. Groups like the ADL, LaRaza, MeCha: NAACP, DO have ideas and are committed to an ideology and are successful regardless of who is in charge. White Nationalism fails to understand this ON PURPOSE because unlike MeCha, La Raza, the ADL, NAACP, et al, White Nationalism is like a video game, it is fantasy, an escape, a HOBBY. There is NO real desire to do what is discussed.


Compromised: Too many self-described White Nationalists, even those who profess to be “hardcore” are compromised or are all too willing to compromise on the Race issue. Jared Taylor and his AmRen Jew Crew takes the position “Jews are White”…

They’re HuWhhhiittteee….

…The National Youth Front, a brainchild of the American Freedom Party, itself Jew compromised, started off led by a leader married to a Non White who proudly supported Israel. Its current “Leader” is a self-proclaimed “anti-supremacist” and hypnotist who uses Hollywood imagery as examples of White Ancestors. 

What else is new?

While Marxist Organizations use the internet as an effective tool to marshal resources, communicate and to move resources from one ground operation to another, White Nationalists use it to engage in the most depraved cannibalism which in the end denies the motionless Movement the essential tools in the toolbox to grow and develop from a Struggle into a Movement.

E.g.,the Greg Johnson feuds.

The White Nationalist Movement is dominated by individuals who by any standard should be as far away as possible from any alternative political revolutionary struggle and most certainly no mainstream political movement would tolerate the absolute crap that is seen in the motionless White Nationalist Movement.

So, Martin are I are in absolute agreement here.  He doesn’t mention the affirmative action policy though.

Because of the complete lack of self-policing and the complete absence of character, discipline, and honor, White Nationalism allows any mentally defective low life with a PC and internet connectivity to declare themselves some sort of “Supreme Chancellor” by night from the Imperial HQ of their Momma’s basement, as is the case with many well-known personalities in the motionless Movement, and go on rampages in the Superman Underoos attacking people who come into the motionless Movement with real talent, abilities and experience that is desperately needed.

Those “people who come into the motionless Movement with real talent, abilities and experience that is desperately needed” are “insane” and “indecent.” And of the wrong ethnic background.

In almost every case the talent leaves because people with real lives, i.e. families, careers, etc, have little time for this nonsense and the motionless Movement is left as it always has been, the same little sewer dominated by the same little turds who think they are big fish in the small pond.


To all of this I say NO THANKS. I have a wife and 5 children and have better things to do.

Gresham’s law in action.

Apart from the caveat in the beginning, I agree with ~95% of what Martin writes here. Well, I also disagree with the general pro-White female attitude – that’s included in the ~5% of difference.  Those are relatively minor points.

I congratulate him for this fine essay, and for the understanding underlying it. Job well done!

WN 3.0 Marches On

In all cases, emphasis added.

Remember Greg Johnson’s statement:

Greg Johnson

Posted March 6, 2018 at 8:46 pm | Permalink

Sadly, Occidental Dissent has now embraced “hard right” black-pilling and self-marginalization.

White Nationalism 3.0 will be hammered out by Counter-Currents and advocates of American Nationalism like James Allsup, Identity Europa, Anglin and Weev, and Mike Enoch

How is that WN 3.0 doing these days?  Good judgment (once again) there Greg:

A federal judge has awarded $4.1 million to a Muslim-American radio host who accused a neo-Nazi website operator of falsely accusing him of terrorism. 

U.S. District Court Judge Edmund Sargus Jr. had previously agreed to enter a default judgment against The Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin and his company.

Unlike the tin cuppers, I have no financial incentive of donations to tell (i.e., lie to) all of you about how great it’s all going for Der Movement, and how victory is at hand.  Instead, I tell you hard truths – the “movement” is going from defeat to defeat, abject failure to abject failure, embarrassment to embarrassment, and utter humiliation to utter humiliation.

And let’s not forget this little tidbit:

A motion Obeidallah’s attorneys filed in February noted that one of Andrew Anglin’s accounts received more than $198,000 in donations between February 2016 and October 2018. A third-party tracker also estimated that Anglin received more than $378,000 in Bitcoin, the motion said.

If this is true, then Anglin is giving Petey a run for his shekels.  Imagine if that money went elsewhere. Imagine if those donations went to Salter, allowing him to concentrate on research and writing to extend and expand his work on EGI and ethnic conflict.  Imagine that money was invested in a dividend fund, yielding several thousands of dollars of income per year, which could be used for various projects, while the principle is maintained. Imagine the money was spent to help buy a property that could be used for meetings, conferences, and organizing. Imagine it was spent building a legal apparatus or some other sort of needed infrastructure.  Yes, imagine, and all you’ll be doing is imagining, because while the “crazy and bitter” Sallis has those ideas for that money, the big-brained Inner Hajnal heroes running your “movement” obviously have quite different ideas on what to do with dem dere “D’Nations.”

How’s that affirmative action program working out for all of you?  Keep on giving, moneybags!

Very cognitive, very elite.  Remember, it has long been EGI Notes that has preached to you that the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  And they openly admit it:

Greg Johnson:

It was nine years ago today that the Counter-Currents website went online. I can’t count the number of writers, YouTubers, podcasters, websites, and entire movements that have come and gone in our ideological sphere in the last nine years. The attrition is understandable. Deplatforming, demonetization, and demoralization take their toll.

Let’s rewrite for added accuracy:

It was nine years ago today that the Counter-Currents website went online. I can’t count the number of writers that have come and gone on our website in the last nine years. The attrition is understandable. Demoralization, disgust, betrayal, and banning of writers take their toll.

Just replace “Lite” with “Right” and you’re 100% correct.

Another shallow Counter-Currents post by one of the horrifically bad new crop of “writers” there. Yeah…if that thesis  is correct, then White women would be flocking to support, and have sex with, “fascists.”  Is this the case?

Sunday Movement Roundup

Race and Der Movement.

“Based” Poland!  Visegrad! Ethnonationalism!

Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

And, hey, I thought that Poles are “ethnocentric ‘Outer Hajnal’ Eastern Europeans.”  What happened? Maybe, just maybe (consider it) all of this “Hajnal line” nonsense is just more HBD flim-flam designed to divide Europeans against each other.  Yes, there are biocultural-behavioral differences among Europeans, but these are gradients, not sharp distinctions.  Poles may be a bit more on the ethnocentric spectrum than, say, Swedes (which is not saying much), but it obviously doesn’t protect them from the blowback from multiracial globalism.  All of this HBD nonsense would never have gone anywhere among racial activists if it wasn’t for the fossilized dogma and ethnic fetishism of the Type I retards of Der Movement. They have a lot to answer for.

One theme here recently is how HBDers try to appeal to Type I ethnic fetishists in order to derail White nationalism.  The emphasis on “David Reich’s data say Aryans invaded India” is one such example – because the word “Aryan” means different things to different people. To legitimate scholars, essentially, the ANI component in modern Indians is from Central Asian steppe people who were most likely more akin to modern Iranians than to anything else.  To Der Movement, it all means “blonde Nordics built the Taj Mahal.”  The HBDers are aware of, and exploit, these differences in perception.  

Spencer criticizes Puritans (who he calls “the worst people of the White race” – “horrible people”) – criticizing a major segment of America’s New England founders.  What’s interesting is that someone like myself who has never made any comments like that was wrongly accused of “bashing the founders” – while I don’t recall anyone criticizing Spencer for actually – and vehemently – doing such bashing.  Those affirmative action protections for “movement leaders” are really airtight, huh?

I agree with Spencer about pessimism being more realistic than airhead optimism. Is the King of Hobbits and the King of Racial Phenotype listening?

Is Spencer’s personal problems making him more Russia-skeptical?

Let’s not stereotype Italians, Richie, it’s not all olive oil.  The relevance of comparing the economies of Russia and Italy is that Russia is much larger than Italy in land mass and population, Russia is resource-rich while Italy is resource-poor, and Russia is a major military power while Italy obviously is not.

I agree with the fellow (Jason I believe his name is) who said non-White anti-White racism is based on envy, and I have written on this before.  And I agree on the description of anti-White Whites as well – intra-racial envy.

It’s all about punishment and revenge.  And the comparison between numbers is true with respect to racial accomplishment.  Compare, for example, some of the swarthoid regions of Europe with China – the former having accomplished more for human progress than the latter despite the latter having 1-2 (or more) orders of magnitude more people.  We can productively enrage the HBDers with this.  I can think of one small area that between the world wars presented to us Evola, Gentile, Majorana, and Pirandello (Cannizzaro died in 1910) – and then we have China, with a population a couple of hundred times larger, which at that time produced who?  Mao?  

I’ll say that overall that was a good podcast and I note that Spencer is behaving somewhat more mature with these people compared to the Alexandria VA-Brewery Boys crowd – until near the end, when he started behaving like a Beavis-and-Butthead Alt Right jackass again.  He almost made it…too bad he couldn’t go the distance. Maybe next time.

The voice of WN 3.0, right Greg? How can we trust Johnson’s judgment?  About the “voices of WN 3.0” or about anything else, including Trump?  At least now Spencer is turning against Trump, while Counter-Currents regaled us about how the mid-term elections were really a win for their tin god, and scolded any of us who thought otherwise.


Allied to this growing militarism was an intense nationalism in most of the Great powers. Weltpolitik or the desire for world power status was very popular in Germany. The French desire for revenge over Alsace and Lorraine was very strong. In Britain Imperialism and support for the Empire was very evident. This nationalism meant that there was little resistance to war in these countries. Many welcomed what they thought would be a short, victorious war. For example the outbreak of war was greeted by cheering crowds in Berlin, Vienna and Paris. As A P J Taylor wrote “the people of Europe leapt willingly into war.”


More importantly, the EU was not in fact the source of Britain’s demographic problems. True, the indigenous English and Celts of Britain are being replaced by virtue of the EU’s free movement of people, but mostly by European migrants. For the most part, these are quite assimilable and hard-working, and represent relative demographic gain…British patriots need to keep their eye on the ball: national sovereignty, good relations with their fellow Europeans, and, above all, keeping Britain British!

So – we will keep “Britain British” by replacing native Britons with Poles and Romanians?

Behold the pathetic loser.  Exchange real-time amnesty for invasive scum in exchange for a “wall” that likely won’t be built or that will be only modestly useful if actually built.  The Quota Kings have more testosterone than does The God Emperor.

We need today what Oliver described as The National Youth Alliance 50 years ago.

While I despise Welton, the following should make all of the “but, but, but…Joan of Arc” white knighters weep:

Males must not be ashamed of being males. The downside of being male is inseparable from the upside: the fact that it is men who have been responsible for pretty much anything of consequence ever accomplished by human race.

A picture for the ethnic fetishists.  All are prime candidates to be let into an “extreme vetted” “movement” meeting.  Especially the one third from left.  He’s from southern Sweden. The far south. Or maybe he’s just a S. Italian immigrant?

Some possible Presidential/Vice-Presidential ticket combinations – all in jest of course:








Daniel S/Captain Chaos


Unfortunately, the Williams/Covington ticket has been derailed by Covington’s death.

Movement Monday

Mirror images.

More and more people on the Right are belatedly realizing what this blog was telling you three years ago.

Trump’s “alpha maleness” comes home to roost.  Orange man in orange jumpsuit.  Don’t drop the soap in the shower!  All due to that aspect of Trump’s behavior the gamesters admire most.

Cuck Nagger stock. Right, Roissy?

This summer, undercover activists cozied up to the organizers of a far-right march, and offered to make a website and coordinate T-shirt orders for the event. The website, which did not charge for T-shirts, asked participants for their names and addresses, supposedly to calculate shipping costs. Instead of sending free T-shirts, the activists behind the website published the names and addresses they received.

It is interesting that the Left today has nothing positive to offer, no attractive program other than “gimme dat,” no idealistic worldview, nothing but targeting, harassing, and attacking those on the Right.  The Left today is completely defensive and – do we dare say it – reactionary.  But the Right should not get confident over that – the Left has entropy on their side; therefore, the delaying and defensive tactics of the Left can result in their total victory (if complete destruction and degeneracy can be termed “victory”).  Time is on their side.  Thermodynamics and decay is on their side.  Every day that they prevent the Right from making progress is a day closer to Total Leftist Victory.

Another thing that annoys me about the Left – and which is exemplified by the current McNabb EMT Huffpost stupidity – is how they pretend to believe, or imply,  that a person who is a “White nationalist” would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to serve people who are non-White, whether that service is an EMT, doctor, teacher, plumber, or whatever.  I find it hard to believe that these writers, and their hysterical SJW readers, REALLY believe that, that they are unable to understand concepts of professionalism and compartmentalization of work vs. private beliefs.  It would seem simply dishonest concern trolling simply to target McNabb or anyone else. Or is it projection?  Perhaps leftists themselves would be unable to fulfill their professional obligations to those they dislike and so they assume everyone else suffers from the same character flaw?

More delusion.  Err..excuse me, if you haven’t noticed – Trump and his “Justice” Department support Antifa.  Stop looking at the blistering tweets and start looking at actual action, or the lack thereof.  Oh, where are you, Donald Trump.  He’s likely busy eating Big Macs, rawdogging horse-faced floppy-breasted porn stars, and thinking of new ways his administration can support Antifa while persecuting his own supporters.  MAGA!

They have the nerve to say other folks have never solved “the problem” – when some of these other folks are studiously ignored by the quota queens.  This blog has made suggestions, and the most basic suggestion is to carefully proof every activity to the extent possible, consider possible problems and plan contingencies, actualize real vetting, and don’t make mistakes so obvious a child would understand the possible problems.

And Parrott asserts that he does good work other than his foray with Heimbach and TWP.

In any case, a commentator has a good riposte to Parrott: Jared Taylor.  Whether or not you disagree with Taylor on some issues (and I do), the fact remains that he has never been made to look “trashy.”  And if the media attempted to smear him in that manner, the obvious disconnect between that smear and Taylor’s WASP-courtly manner would end up backfiring on the media.  Consider the reverse: imagine someone trying to make Trump appear like an intelligent and thoughtful commentator.  The discrepancy between that and the reality of Trump as a semi-retarded vulgar buffoon would make the attempt to Taylorize Trump look foolish.  And let’s not forget that Parrot was supporting Heimbach all during the period of the “bad optics” and “embedded leftist journalists.”  So, now, after all the bad blood between them for personal reasons, Parrott emerges from his snug hobbit hole to tell us all how he knew all the time the TWP approach was sub-optimal…blah, blah, blah.  That makes it worse – you knew it was wrong but went along anyway.  These are “leaders?”

My message to the “movement” rank-and-file is that you are NEVER going to make any progress until you ditch the affirmative action program.  And since you won’t even admit the program exists, much less that you need to get rid of it, then expect to be saddled with failure without end.  You never learn…never.

Visegrad all the way!  “Based” Poland!  Ethnonationalism!

The increasingly intolerant Greg Johnson:


Posted December 9, 2018 at 3:19 am | Permalink

Excellent analysis. I see the same thing happening to other yellow vest protests in European countries. They are quickly infiltrated by left-wing elements and the demands turn into the same old egalitarian mess that can’t really be told apart from the election promises made by the parties they are looking oust.


Greg Johnson

Posted December 9, 2018 at 4:04 am | Permalink

You mean you “imagine” the same thing happening because you “know” we are all doomed to be defeated by the all-powerful system.

Now that we all make believe that the quota queens never said that “last chance for White America” Trump was an “American Caesar who will preserve White demographics” we can all shift the narrative and believe that “populist” revolts over fuel taxes are going to save us.  The Yellow Vest on Fuel Tax Horse Syndrome.

Hey, we gotta do something about dem dere fuel taxes!  How are we gonna fuel our gasoline-powered steampunk starship?  And don’t forget – those yellow vests will keep you nice and warm and cozy snug in your hobbit hole!

Anglin here.  Now, there’s really nothing wrong with Anglin’s comments.  Very good.  The point thought is that this attitude is 100% against Johnson’s views on the subject (putting aside the issue of which of the two actually has the most, let us say, hands-on experience with the subject matter…if we include Filipinas as acceptable).  Indeed, this is exactly the sort of “misogynistic” material that Johnson denounces, as is Anglin’s entire “optics.”  And yet, according to Johnson, Anglin is one of the new voices of “WN 3.0” we need to embrace.  Does any of this make any sense?  Of course not.  But then, it is not supposed to make sense.  It’s not supposed to have success either.  It’s all a bad joke my friends, and the joke is on you.  Enjoy.