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Some Silk Road Realities, 10/7/16

Asians hate you, White man.

I’ll ignore for now Dr. Jekyll’s pontifications, and as well ignore Silver’s bizarre obsession with the Assad regime in Syria (what White person really cares what goes on in Syria other than stopping the flow of migrants?  And even there the problem is more with us – don’t let them in.  Let Syrians do in Syria what they hell they want.  I’m sure NECs do care about Syria in and of itself though….), and instead look at an excerpt from this excellent article (emphasis added) that takes a good look at the Asian character.  It’s another warning against the stupidity of “Silk Road White nationalism” (as if the fact that you do not make unnecessary “permanent alliances” with your greatest long-term strategic enemy is not enough):

However, the actual “success” should be given a second look. South Korea is only different from North Korea due to the presence of thousands of well-armed, highly trained and disciplined American troops forcing the adoption Western standards on a non-Western population. Additionally, Seoul is filled with battalions of American advisors, businessmen, and diplomats. This influence is what makes South Korea’s prosperity possible. Korean culture on its own is North Korea. Indeed, North Korea is more like Korea prior to Japanese rule than otherwise — the land of Juche is merely a reversion to the pre-1905 Hermit Kingdom.[17]

Like all Oriental people, Koreans are more concerned with saving face and harmony than actual substantive results. This is why a gold medal gained by cheating in boxing in the ’88 Olympics was more important to the South Koreans than an honestly gained silver medal. To emphasize appearance over substance, Asian societies produce people that are good at taking tests, but not so good at cutting through the professional fog in real life. Part of the reason for excellence in taking tests is a widespread culture of cheating. Cheating scandals are so common that one must wonder exactly why Universities bother to accept Asian students.[18] In the United States, cheating by Asians, including South Koreans is very common. One blogger writes,

The stereotype, delicately put: first and second generation Chinese, Korean, and Indian Americans, as well as nationals from these countries, often fail to embody the sterling academic credentials they include with their applications, and do not live up to the expectations these universities have for top tier students.

Less delicately put: They cheat. And when they don’t cheat, they game tests in a way utterly incomprehensible to the Western mind, leading to test scores with absolutely zero link to underlying ability. Or both. Or maybe it’s all cheating, and we just don’t know it. Either way, the resumes are functional fraud.[19]

This fraud comes out in funny ways. Discovered in the fallout of the Obamacare website rollout scandal was Asian incompetence. Writes another blogger:

But just who has been behind the crash-and-burn of Obamacare? None but Henry Chao, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Deputy Director of the Office of Information Services at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, and Aneesh ‘Depak’ Chopra, former CTO.

It reads like a who’s-who of Asian ‘America.’[20]

The scandal also revealed large swathes of stolen code in the Obamacare website, setting up the US Government for all sorts of lawsuits. Indeed, much of Asian technological progress hinges upon copying (or stealing) the technological advances made in the United States and Europe.

Up until Omar Mateen, an Islamist from the savage Pathan tribe, shot up the Pulse Nightclub in 2016, the worst spree shooting was done by Korean Immigrant Cho Seung-Hui in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.

The hatred in the center expresses itself in the margins.

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  These are enemies, not allies. The only difference between Jews and Asians (other than the Jews’ obvious better ability at phenotypic crypsis) is that the former is the major short-term enemy and the latter the greater long-term enemy. One does not pick one over the other: a pox on both their houses.

Throwing Russians Under the Bus, Part 2

Choosing Asians over Slavs: measured groveling from “White nationalists.”

Now what are the little White boys at MR doing while securely pinned under Kumiko’s stern yellow thumb? 

Daniel S has a long rambling post, complete with maps, suggesting we should hand over the Russian Far East to Asians as part of a grand alliance in which the Asians will protect us. You know, the same Asians who eagerly form alliances with Africans and other colored peoples as part of an anti-White Pan-Colored Alliance against the White race.

Right. Just like Derbyshire’s “Arctic Alliance” is primarily his “measured groveling” to “Rosie” so is Daniel’s grand alliance his measured groveling to Kumiko. To gain favorable sexual attention from diseased oriental “maidens,” we have to throw Russia under the bus. Got it.

It gets worse.  Not only do we let Asians colonize Siberia, but we should allow them to colonize core European territories as well!  Thus, crazed yellow fever enthusiast Daniel S posts pictures of female Chinese soldiers carrying guns and suggests that we let Chinese and other East Asians colonize White lands in order to “provide border security.” Yes, indeed, let’s have Asian woman with guns protect us! 

We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.

You know, if I wrote something like that as a parody (complete with the pictures), something with such an obviously masochistic sexual yellow fever undertone, I’d be accused of picking on Derbyshire again, or some such thing. But Daniel S goes far beyond the Derb – he’s probably in the onanistic throes of excitement, imagining being “sternly” protected by soldierly Kumiko Oumae. Can any of this be believed?  How about Whites provide their own border protection, you pathetic Asian-worshiping pervert? Not as much fun as Chinese girls with guns ordering you around?  Obviously, Danny boy wants to get in on Derbyshire’s “fun.”  No more Polish sausage and pasta for you, Danny!

Some commentators there show sense:

Kumiko’s presence has taken this site in an odd, neo-connish direction, which I guess is not surprising given her connections to ZOG. 

More wars in the middle east, grand strategic plans for containing Russia, not the white left we need, but the left we already have. 

The upshot of all of this is to enable China as an expansionary power.  Why must we cooperate in awarding these chinks lebensraum across the globe?  Because we need to subcontract our border security to them!  Lulz What a crock of shit.

The problem is government policy, not lack of border guards. There’s a lack of will on the part of European governments to prevent migration, and even a desire to invite and accept migrants. If we were ever in a position to hire Chinese border guards to prevent to prevent migration, we wouldn’t need to. With government policy changed to focus on preventing migration, domestic border guards would be sufficient. 

Danny’s Yellow Dominatrix pontificates thus:

On a meta-level also, it seems strange to me that I’m constantly being accused of being anti-Russian like if that is supposed to be some kind of shameful thing. Why should it be shameful to be anti-Russian? Bringing harm to Russia is both strategically sensible, and would be enjoyable.

So, White nationalists should join with White-hating bizarrely alien Orientals to “enjoy” “bringing harm” to their racial brothers, the Russians.  Yes sir, that’s really favoring “European EGI.”  Only sick pervert masochists like Daniel S would agree to that.


But Japan and Korea have no capability to prevent China’s westward movement (for obvious geographical reasons), nor is there any reason to prevent such a thing.

Sure, no reason.  Let’s facilitate China’s expansion toward Europe, while at the same time “enjoy inflicting harm” on Russians.  I can understand where a yellow Asiatrix would support that, but so-called White nationalists?

Let me be clear: Silver killed Majority Rights.  Killed it dead.  And then drove a stake through its heart so it could never rise again (except as a ludicrously perverted den of pussy-whipped yellow fever masochists).  That’s a bit of an over-simplification, others contributed as well (here’s to you, Sir Desmond).  Of course, the site owner is ultimately responsible for letting it happen.  I hope other site owners look upon the wreckage that was Majority Rights and despair if they let Silver anywhere near their comments section. The definition of insanity is making the same mistakes over and over again.

Two more (important) points.

First, Guessedworker is, I believe, a good man.  I’ve had my disagreements with him, but I do not doubt he is sincere in his commitment toward pro-White politics.  I understand that he also has a (quixotic) commitment to unfettered free speech on his blog, but this is really, I think, going too far.  In The Rising Tide of Color, Stoddard termed as RACE TREASON attempts by White businessmen to import Asian labor.  Well, what Daniel S is proposing, the bizarre idea to import Asians as some sort of Praetorian Guard “defending” borders that we can very well defend ourselves, is also RACE TREASON.  For godssakes, I cannot believe that even John “measured groveling” Derbyshire would propose something so embarrassingly stupid, never mind have such a lack of self-awareness that he’d post pinups of female Asian soldiers as the “defenders of the West.”  That’s something some sniggering, pimple-faced, sexually frustrated White teenager, in the throes of unrequited yellow fever, would do.  As a former poster at MR, I really urge GW to pull the plug on this whole Kumiko-Daniel S lovefest.  It’s really, really bad.

Second, a word for my Russian readers.  Now, I sometimes criticize Putin because, even though the man has many good points and is far superior to any “Western” leader, he is unfortunately a multiracialist and civic nationalist, not an ethnoracial nationalist.  I also criticize the “try-hard” lying Raciology wanna-bes, who think they’ll be accepted by the “movement” if they hysterically adopt the worst of the fossilized “movement” dogma.

However, as regards Russia and the Russian people, I am very pro-Russian.  And, if it comes down to Russia vs. China, or, more broadly, Russia vs. Asia, I am 100% on your side, my Slavic brothers.  And, no doubt, I would certainly ENJOY seeing Russians INFLICT HARM on arrogant Asians.  Hail Rus!

A Good But Incomplete Strom Essay

Black yes, but what about Yellow and Brown?
That’s an excellent essay and, obviously, I agree with everything Strom says.  And, the latest information confirms that some of the police officers charged are, indeed, Negro themselves.  Of course, regardless of the race of the accused, and regardless of the fact that the police are rarely our friends (*), the fact remains that this is “mob justice” and another step downward into the Third World sewer.
All well and good.  But incomplete. Strom writes eloquently about the danger of the Negro in our midst, and of the Levantine Tribe that forces Negroes upon us.  But what about the Asians?  How about an essay about the Asianinzation of America?  How about that if we praise the Asian as a “model minority” they hate us more and say that is offensive?  How about when Whites destroy their own parental kinship and our genetic interests by adopting Asians, those same Asian children, brought up in loving homes by White parents who gave them all the best instead of having children of their own, how about those Asian children claiming they were “kidnapped,” identifying with the Asian mothers who gave them away, and scorning the White America that gave them a home (Koreans are particularly good at that game)?  How about Asians, given positions of power and authority, prizing blood over all else, and spying for their racial homelands?  How about Asians, offered an “Arctic Alliance” with Whites, instead knocking away the White Hand of Friendship with the Yellow Fist of Hatred and making common cause with Robert Mugabe and other White-hating Negroes?  How about Yellow and Brown Asians brought into our universities and the STEM fields and into business, to the top of the human energy pyramid, engaging in outrageous ethnic nepotism for their own, crowding out Whites, while all the time hypocritically preaching to Whites that “ethnic nepotism is not adaptive” as they practice that same nepotism to their own racial advantage and our detriment?  How about Asians, literally worshipped by pathetic White male nerds, lashing out in hatred with their Monolid hate magazines and other expressions of racial animus?  How about Asians, with higher average net worths than Whites, supporting quotas (“Chinese for affirmative action”) and getting special advantages and government business loans for being a “socially disadvantaged” minority?  How about that whatever we do for them, praise them, try to distinguish them from the nasty NAMs, intermarry with them, these Asians are still consumed with an existential hatred for everything White and Western?  Please write about that as well, Mr. Strom.  Use your great talents as a writer, as a polemicist, and point out the dangers of of the Yellow and Brown Asiatic, in the end a more formidable enemy than the Negro, for obvious reasons.
*If you are the White victim of a Negro “hate” crime in an urban metropolis, do you think you’ll get a fair hearing from any (White) police officer?  Sorry to disappoint – the answer is no.