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Der Movement: (Taylor) Swiftly Humiliated

Taylor and Trump: the Left triumphant.

The Type I retards of Der Movement are publicly humiliated once again.  How’s your “Aryan Princess,” doing these days, eh?  How’s that “Aryan Alt Right Avatar?”  And I love how some of these nitwits are pretending (channeled through “Milo” and Anglin) that it all really never happened – you see, their years-long sweaty obsession over this fox-faced female yeastbucket “cuck nagger” was just a “jest” you see, a “joke,” a “meme” never meant to be taken seriously.  Sure.  Sure.  That’s like some beta male who proposes marriage to a woman in public, and is then humiliated when she ever-so-publicly rejects him, and then he protests, red-faced, that it was “all just a joke.”

No, Type Is – you indulged in your fetishes and stupidities, and were head-smacked by reality once again.  Der Movement: a story of continuous failure.  And I note that the various “movement” sites – except for Anglin – that have been obsessing over Swift for years are strangely silent about this news story – can’t admit being wrong, I suppose.  No surprise there. And as to the argument that “this isn’t important, who cares?” – I could have asked “who cares about Taylor Swift?” for the past several years.  No, Der Movement themselves made it a big deal with their Beavis-and-Butthead jackassery, setting themselves up for yet another morale-deflating public humiliation.  It’s the public perception of the Far Right being shown to be immature, wrong, and once again scorned by an idol, that is most important issue here – The Yeastbucket on White Unicorn Syndrome in this case.  Fail, fail, fail – Der Movement is synonymous in the public mind with endless failure.  That’s a surefire way to get high-quality recruits, no doubt!

And, no, by the way, contra the obsessives and fetishists, Swift is not a “HB10” – are you kidding me?  She’s just some lanky (likely high-T) ditzy female, who paints herself up to look presentable in public. Maybe a 7 on a good day.


Threads are tied, chess pieces are maneuvered into place, rope is knotted…the Deep State actors who attempted a silent coup of President Trump are about to face their reckoning.

Er, no.  Instead, it are Trump’s own supporters who are facing a reckoning, emphasis added:

Starting with the President’s own inauguration, antifa have rioted—attacking political enemies, threatening politicians, and sparking street brawls. By the group’s own admission, its purpose is to use violence against opponents. And yet, in a purported crackdown on “serial rioters,” Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department skipped over antifa and indicted members of a little-known right-wing group called the Rise Above Movement (RAM).

Last week, the US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia, Thomas Cullen—a Trump Administration appointee—held a press conference to celebrate bringing charges, including “conspiracy to riot,” against four RAM members. “They were essentially serial rioters,” said Mr. Cullen. “This wasn’t in our view the lawful exercise of First Amendment rights. These guys came to Charlottesville to commit violent acts.”

This latest indictment follows in the spirit of S.J. Res 49, passed unanimously by the Republican Congress in September 2017, which called on the President to use all available means to combat the “hate groups” that brawled in Charlottesville. It specifically mentioned white nationalists, white supremacists, the Ku Klux Klan, and neo-Nazis—but not antifa.

To his credit, President Trump attached a signing statement saying he did not blame a specific group for the violence, thus sticking to his contention that there was blame on both sides—but this appears to have had no influence on his own Justice Department. Instead, antifa remains in the clear while its enemies are arrested. White advocates don’t want special treatment. We want equitable enforcement of the law. We certainly haven’t seen it yet.

Who was it who has made a big deal about Trump signing S.J. Res 49 (his attached “statement” being irrelevant)?  Who has been harping about Trump betraying his own supporters?  That’s right, Sallis – while Roissy obsesses about how Trump shakes hands with Macron, and while Der Movement swoons over their obese “God Emperor.”    And while Derbyshire and Coulter praise Antifa Jeff Sessions, it has been Sallis who has been beating the drum about how the Trump DOJ is viciously anti-White.

Let’s see now: Sallis right, Der Movement wrong.  Who would have ever guessed?

By the way, this underscores why creating a Legionary-type movement – which I support and have proposed – will be so difficult in America.  The Ultra Far Left Trump-Sessions axis will use all the power of the federal government to crush it. Such a movement would have had an easier time getting established under a regime of a President farther to the right than Trump – Obama, for example.

Trump’s adipose tissue must be inducing record levels of estrogen production – enough to promote the blossoming of puberty in a busload of 13 year old girls.  Or is it that he’s just a White-hating Neo-Marxist?

Trump has Taylor Swift-Boated Der Movement once again.  Instead of the God Emperor, he’s the Red Emperor – a Far Left Marxist paragon.


The Left Triumphant: the Power of Myth

Leftist violence and victory everywhere. Rightist surrender and defeat everywhere as well. In all cases, emphasis added.

I’ll make the key point at the end, so be patient.

See this – yet, it is the Right labeled as “violent and intolerant.”  Laughably, the victim here has been under investigation for “hate speech.” The key to this of all is that the Left, Center, and Mainstream Right are all part of the same System, protecting and boosting each other (more that the Center and Mainstream Right support the Left rather than the reverse, but, then again, look at the outpouring of Leftist grief over the death of “conservative” McCain).  It is only the “Far Right” – which I suppose includes the more extreme civic nationalists (even though they probably should not be included, but I’m being descriptive here, rather than prescriptive) – who are anathema.

Here’s a “cheerful” thought: Just like the buffoonery and mistakes of Hitler helped discredit and delegitimize fascist politics for decades thereafter, lasting to this day – even tainting those only moderately to the “Far Right” – so may the buffoonery of Trump discredit and delegitimize plain old right-wing populism.  If you gamble all on an idiot, you may lose all – “shoot your bolt” so to speak.  And you become anathema.

Laugh at this:

But there are also drawbacks.  It can attract the attention of fash/the authorities.  

Oh boy!  You may attract the attention of “the authorities!”  Think of all the nasty things “the authorities” would do to an “Antifa school group” – you know, like giving lavish praise and unending support, funding it with government money, funding from major corporations, publicly spoken of with kind words by politicians and celebrities, and maybe a speech or two by a glowing Antifa Jeff Sessions, pledging all the resources of the Justice Department to give assistance.  It’s hilarious that these sucker-punching soyboys believe – or pretend to believe – that somehow the same “authorities” that support them every step of the way are “against” them.  Err…Antifa are the authorities.

But, as we shall see with the key point discussed below, this myth serves the Left well.  We may shake our heads sadly over running dogs for the Establishment believing they oppose the very System that they serve as a loyal cog in the machine.  But life is irrational (as Yockey was fond of telling us), myths have power if they are believed, regardless of how objectively ludicrous they are. [But there are limits to this – “movement” myths are so abjectly ludicrous, so based on empty fallacies and on wishful thinking, that they end up disillusioning rather than inspiring.  One reason perhaps is that “movement” myths pretend to be objective fact rather than as motivating ideology, and as such are easily debunked. Yockey is inspiring; ethnic fetishism masquerading as “fact” is not].

And, oh, beware the “fash” – who may interfere with your “student group” by getting elbowed in the face, hit over the head with a bike lock, pepper-sprayed, threatened (with impunity) with a home-made flamethrower, sucker-punched, shouted down, deplatformed by the same companies that give you a platform with no questions asked, “Proud Boys” running out of a LA bar, told by their fathers to “get out of my room,” hold rallies where no supporters show up, have their “God Emperor” sign legislation dedicating the resources of the federal government to combat them (and not you), or being hit with “hate crimes” indictments by an Antifa-supporting Attorney General who looks like a retarded Dumbo-eared Howdy Doody puppet.  A threat, no doubt!  Drawbacks!  Drawbacks!

We all also notice that the definition of “fash” is specifically White, and excludes Colored racial nationalists, such as the Nation of Islam or the New Black Panther Party.  There are three reasons for this, I suppose.  First, the mantra “anti-racism is another word for anti-White” is clearly true, the main motivation is not hostility toward racism, but simple hostility to Whites as a race.  Second, the System doesn’t appear to really believe that non-White racial nationalist groups are a threat to its survival, so there is no reason to get their private security forces involved with opposing such groups. Third, and of equal importance, the specifically White definition of the “fash” enemy is a convenient way to avoid getting a big Black fist in the face.  The very idea of any of these types confronting Black nationalists is ludicrous; a single bow-tied Negro would have the entire bunch of them running for cover.  White activists, the whole Charlottesville Ragnarok crowd, should reflect on why their presence has the exact opposite effect.

Back to Brazil.

Lt. Col. Marco Rodrigues of the Minas Gerais state police told reporters that de Oliveira, who was once affiliated with a leftist party, said he acted because he disagreed with Bolsonaro

The leftist mantra: disagree with someone?  Explode with violence.

Flavio Bolsonaro rejected the idea that his father incited the attack…

Hey!  He’s on the Right.  That by itself is an incitement to violence, no?

…saying the candidate was engaged in a campaign of ideas. He said the mainstream media bear some responsibility, accusing them of portraying his father as a “monster.”

Sound familiar?  And yet the media claim that they are the ones under “attack.”

Video clip.

The Right: constantly losing, constantly under attack, constantly hapless and pathetic.

So, let’s tackle the key point now. Why is it that the Left is able to motivate, to generate fervor and sacrifice, to have people constantly pushing toward a goal, to induce fanatical commitment and a fanatical intolerance for dissenting viewpoints?  Why is everything for the Left an existential struggle, while for the Right it is merely a hobby?  Which leads us to the converse: Why is the Right unable to motivate for self-sacrifice, unable to generate fervor and fanatical dedication, why does the Right manifest itself in listlessness and inertia, with passive acceptance of defeat?  Why does the Right think it a great “victory” if it can get folks to go to vote every few years so as to elect some fraud, at which time the Right declares “victory,” goes home, and lets the Left, with its unswerving dedication, keep on moving ahead to real victories?

The Left, you see, has myths, ideological foundations, that inspire.  The Left’s fundamental basis has always been on revolutionary change, on some utopian future that breaks with the past; often anti-religious, the Left’s ideology becomes a secular religion, and so taps into evolved human tendencies leading to fanatical commitment and self-sacrifice. It doesn’t matter if, objectively speaking, the Left is the spoiled child of Big Business, “deep state” political actors, and self-interested (and powerful) middleman minorities.  They perceive themselves as heroic figures smashing a dead past to make way for a glorious future; the whole Leftist worldview is based on the underlying assumption of revolutionary dynamism and militant fervor.

The Right on the other hand has a fundamental basis centered on “tradition,” a reactionary look to some past era, conservative bourgeoisie values, a defensive attempt to “stand athwart history,” and a misplaced emphasis on traditional religion which sucks up whatever “bigger-than-life” self-sacrificial commitments a person would make.

Really, the only time in modern (recent) history that the Right has motivated sacrifice, commitment, and fanaticism was with the various fascist movements of the first half of the twentieth century.  These movements were revolutionary, and even when they looked to the past, they did so in a futurist and palingenetic manner.  They were secular religions, even in the case of those fascist movements that were openly traditionalist Christian.  Indeed, the militantly Christian Romanian Legionary movement was perhaps the most “pure fascist” movement there was, inspiring remarkable acts of courage, fanaticism, commitment, and self-sacrifice; paradoxically, a movement centered on traditional Christianity became a secular religion of its own, with Codreanu as a Christ-like figure, and Mota and Marin as martyred saints.

It were the radical, vanguardist, fascistic movements of the Right that inspired the same, or greater, activism than what we see on the Left.  This is the power of myth, of the irrational in human nature.  Civic nationalism does not provide this.  Trump does not provide this.  Paleoconservatism does not provide this, and Neoconservatism is its pure antithesis (for Whites; Jews may be a different matter).  Der Movement, Inc. certainly doesn’t provide this either.  Military dictators and other para-fascist types do not inspire, do not provide this. “Traditionalism” and other reactionary memes do not inspire this commitment; they inspire sloth and comfort instead.  Only radical and fanatical futurist fascist ideology has been proven to have this power: from Codreanu to Yockey, from the Blackshirts marching on Rome to the French SS Charlemagne Division fighting in the ruins of Berlin, from the Blood Flag of the Third Reich to the power of Mota’s ashes.

We do not have this today, so the Right is reduced, literally, to being punching bags for noodle-armed punks, or stabbing dummies for crazed fanatics.

A perhaps not unrelated comment from a Counter-Currents post:

Travis LeBlanc
Posted September 7, 2018 at 4:10 pm
If this is all a lost cause, I would rather go down in a blaze of glory. History will record that some of the white race died as men.

Jason Kessler: Quota Queen Failure

These affirmative action bastards are killing our race.  They have got to go.

In all cases, emphasis added.

Another pathetic humiliation: the Tradition of Failure continues.

A white nationalist rally in the heart of Washington drew around 20 demonstrators and hundreds of chanting counterprotesters on Sunday, the one-year anniversary of racially charged violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Dan Haught, a 54-year-old computer programmer from Washington, was attending his first protest at the White House holding a sign that said “Back under your rocks you Nazi clowns.”

“We wanted to send a message to the world that we vastly outnumber them,” Haught said.

Gee, what a surprise!  It’s not like, you know, that’s ever happened before, right?  Seriously though, Der Movement really has this scenario worked out to perfection: rallies in which the racialists are greatly outnumbered by protesters and require police protection from the mass of protesters – exhibiting weakness and a hypocritical dependence on the System, and a comical lack of foresight and self-awareness.  EVERYONE knew – or had to know – that the “rally” would turn out like this.  Then why do it?

You know what?  Kessler is more the enemy than is Haught.  Much, much more.  It are guys like Kessler who are killing what could be a real movement and making it into a pathetic joke.  As long as The Quota Queens Inc. are the “leadership” of Der Movement Inc. (a money-making enterprise for the Tin Cuppers) nothing – absolutely nothing – will ever be achieved.

A handful of members of right wing, white supremacist and neo Nazi groups holding a Sunday rally near the White House were vastly outnumbered by massive crowds of counter protesters.

Dubbed “Unite the Right 2,” the white supremacist rally was organized by Jason Kessler…But Sunday’s rally did not draw the turnout Kessler might have envisioned, with only approximately 20 of his allies joining him. They traveled to the event on the Metro train from suburban Vienna, Va. Kessler’s group arrived in downtown D.C. at about 2:30 p.m. They were flanked by police as they walked a few blocks through downtown D.C. to the park, which is across the street from the White House. 

Large crowds of counter protesters encircled the group and tossed objects at them as they marched from the train. At the Lafayette Park, police kept Kessler and his followers far from the protesters, who had them surrounded. 

The counter protesters included members of a wide variety of groups including socialists and Black Lives Matter organizations. Maurice Cook, the co-founder of March For Racial Justice, which helped plan the count-protests, told Yahoo News turnout was “more than we expected.”

Greg Johnson: Jason Kessler is a likeable, sincere, and intelligent guy.

Ted Sallis: Jason Kessler is a moronic stupid bastard, an embarrassment whose all-too-easy-too-predict failures are killing American racial activism.

Who is right?  Who is wrong?

Consider that Johnson wrote:

The people at Unite the Right who were doxxed, injured, arrested, harassed, fired from their jobs, shunned by their families, and in one case driven to suicide had a lot of illusions stripped away from them. A lot of them are understandably bitter.

A huge number of people who attended and who watched the disaster from a distance simply disappeared from the movement.

After all of that, with Kessler planning a sequel to that (which turned out to be the tragicomedy described above), Johnson still writes “Jason Kessler is a likeable, sincere, and intelligent guy!!!!!!”  Oh, but he “can’t admit defeat” you see, that’s the problem.  No, the problem is that ALL these guys, the Kesslers and Johnsons and Spencers et al. HAVE NO ACCOUNTABILITY because their “leadership” positions are a result of a de facto affirmative action policy rather than on merit.

At the extreme end of the spectrum in having a lack of self-awareness, Greg Johnson edition:

There’s an animus in the movement against realism and honesty when it comes to our failures…

Yeah, Greg, like “banning” people from your blog when they honestly and realistically talk about your failures.  Der Movement Inc. is parody of itself.

But, hey, keep on supporting failure, all you Type I Nutzis out there.  Keep on supporting people because they have Anglo or Germanic surnames, keep on with the complete lack of accountability, keep on following “leaders” who comically make the same mistakes over and over and over again (while gibbering about “low Negro IQ” – while said Negroes are capable of organizing rallies that dwarf in size and success anything the quota queens have ever put together).

Another example of Type I retardation is here.

President Trump, who seems to have far less power over this country than do the media and technology conglomerates, must act forcefully to guarantee freedom of speech and to ensure that the objective rule of law is reestablished.

Hey, imbecile, Trump signed a document last year stating to use the resources of the federal government against the Right.  Jeff Sessions went out of his way to indict Fields on “hate crime charges” while praising Heyer.  Don’t you stupid bastards, with your pathetic lickspittle worship of the Big Mac-gobbling porn star-rawdogging turd Trump, understand yet?  HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR “RIGHTS.”  Trump’s daughter, who he listens to more than to losers like you:

…there is no place for white supremacy, racism and neo-nazism in our great country.

You DO know she’s a convert Jew with an ethnically Jewish husband don’t you?  

Hey, don’t you know that at Kessler’s failed DC rally, the Antifa were allowed to wear masks without fear of arrest?  Who knows?  Maybe if you stripped off one of those masks, you’d see this face staring back at you.

Remember: Donald Trump is President and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General. Wow, how lucky we are!  Imagine if Clinton had been elected – then right wingers would have been deplatformed and physically attacked in the streets with impunity.  Oh, wait…

All of this is not – as the juvenile Alt Righters would say – “blackpilling.” It is reality.  To quote one of your grand “leaders” – There’s an animus in the movement against realism and honesty when it comes to our failures…

Don’t blame the messenger for the message.  How about blaming yourselves instead?  YOU – look in the mirror now, Type I losers – keep on supporting idiots who fail time and again, YOU keep on supporting people who MAKE THE SAME GODDAMNED MISTAKES OVER AND OVER AGAIN, and YOU keep on enabling approaches that are guaranteed to fail even before they commence.  


Live with it.

Behold Antifa Jeff

Der Movement may be silent, but others are beginning to notice.

Read here.  Emphasis added:

Watching FBI agent Peter Strzok battle with Congress, my initial reaction was pure anger. His repeated, arrogant insistence that he had done nothing wrong despite tons of evidence to the contrary convinced me he deserved immediate firing — if not the firing squad.

Gradually, though, anger gave way to amazement as Strzok grew increasingly combative and condescending. Given his predicament, the sneering and smirking were stupid, and yet he persisted.

Who is this jerk, I wondered, and how in the hell did he get to be a big shot at the FBI? And why are taxpayers still paying for the privilege of his malignant presence on the FBI payroll?

My answers can be summarized in four names: James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein and Christopher Wray. They are chief culprits in the death of public trust in the Department of Justice.

The cause of death was murder, and it was an inside job…

…Which brings us to Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray. How can they stomach the likes of Strzok and refuse to clean the stables?

Sessions, as attorney general, is nominally the boss over his deputy, Rosenstein, and FBI director Wray. But by recusing himself from anything related to the 2016 campaign, Sessions abdicated the most important part of his job.

As I have said, his appointment was Trump’s biggest mistake, one that denied the president and the nation a functioning attorney general. The most critical result is the unchecked and apparently endless investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller…

…But, thanks to the somnolent Sessions, we can add Rosenstein to the long list of those above accountability. A real attorney general — oh, what’s the use? Sessions is not a real attorney general and never will be…

…And so the corruption of the Justice Department proceeds, unmolested by actual justice.

It’s even worse than that.  Sessions openly supports Antifa narratives, worships deceased anti-White landwhales, legally persecutes Type I activists, and obsesses over Till’s murder.  Sessions is a monster.

Alt Captain America

What does Cap want you to do?

Remember when Richard Spencer was elbowed in the race by a cowardly leftist domestic terrorist?  Supporters of domestic terrorism made a joke of it, posting pictures of Captain America punching Hitler, with statements like “punching Nazis has always been an American tradition” or “Captain America wants you to punch a Nazi,” etc.

Well, let’s see what else the good Captain has been up to.

Here’s Captain America the Commie Smasher.

And here’s Captain America fighting the Soviet Red Guardian.

Apparently, Captain America wants you to smash communists, and “communist” can, I suppose, be interpreted as broadly as “Nazi” is by the Left.

Here is Captain America fighting the anti-nationalist leftist Flag-Smasher.  That looks like a scene from the Unite the Right rally.

Apparently, fighting anti-nationalist leftists is an American tradition; Captain America does it!

Here is the good Captain America expressing an opinion about Asians.

Does Captain America want you to call coloreds “monkeys?”  He does it!

Isn’t that all consistent with the “punch a Nazi” meme?  Let’s not cherrypick comic book panels now, shall we?  It’s all relevant!  Now, me, I’m a peace-loving pacifist, who advocates love, non-violence, and all the rest.  But this Captain America seems like a bloodthirsty sort, expressing animus toward the Left and to “yellow monkeys.”  Maybe the Alt Righters can meme those pictures; it’s all fair game.

Cuck Sessions and Others

More “movement” antics.

I think Griffin wrote this essay for the wrong Alt Right blog.  Another site would have been more optimal for that kind of content.

A little bit of wop baiting by Sailer.  HBD is as HBD does.  By the way, Balbo was a Northern Italian.  Doesn’t that make him a Celto-Germanic Nordic?  I mean, Der Movement needs to get its memes straight, doesn’t it? Was Balbo some greasy dago or the twin brother of Dolph Lundgren?  A conundrum it is!

Many on the Right have been frustrated by the inaction, the total pathetic inertness, of “America’s Senator” Sessions as Attorney General.  Antifa and other leftist domestic terrorists?  Does nothing.  Maxine Waters promoting violence against members of the Trump administration?  Does nothing.  Clinton email and other scandals?  Does nothing.  FBI scandals?  Does nothing.  But never fear!  Crusading Jeff has finally bestirred himself to take action:

“At the Department of Justice, we remain resolute that hateful ideologies will not have the last word and that their adherents will not get away with violent crimes against those they target,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement. “Last summer’s violence in Charlottesville cut short a promising young life and shocked the nation.”

Face facts.  Sessions is a radical leftist, an enabler of Antifa, a Cuck Supreme, and a vehement anti-White ideologue. Peaceful rightists, including deluded fools who have long applauded Jeff “one of the boys” Sessions, are violently attacked in the streets with impunity by leftist thugs that Sessions supports and protects.  The butterball yeastbucket described by Cucktorney General Sessions as a “promising young life” was participating in a violent radical protest, by domestic terrorists, attempting to silence folks conducting a peaceful rally.  Her lard-infiltrated heart gave out after a car incident, described by Ultra-Leftist Sessions as a “violent crime,” which may well have be precipitated by leftist attacks and intimidation against the driver, including a “professor” toting a rifle (and later bragging about it).  Sessions sides with the domestic terrorists against peaceful rally goers.  Sessions is such an unspeakable piece of shit that the stench emanating from his Howdy Doody countenance is much too foul to contemplate.

Remember Roissy: “Sessions as Attorney General alone justifies the Trump Presidency.”

Remember Sallis“Trump and Sessions are enablers, de facto supporters, of Antifa.”

Guess who was right?  Again.

And note how no “Alt Right” (broadly defined) site discusses Sessions and his new role as the legal representative of Antifa.  Not “America’s Senator” anymore, he’s Antifa Jeff.

Deleda est Der Movement!  Crush the infamy!

Donald J Antifa: Sallis Right Again

Some in Der Movement are almost there, they just need to connect the logical dots.

A few days ago I wrote this. Relevant excerpts, emphasis added:

Most of all, it should have been known that the System works hand-in-glove with “Antifa”…the following three statements constitute the de facto reality in America (and with slight rewriting of the statements, applies for most of Western Europe as well).

1. Antifa is part of the System.

2. Antifa is part of the US government.

3. Antifa is part of the Trump administration.

Now, that last comment is not meant to be taken literally, in the official de jure sense…But I’m not talking about official roles here, and I’m not talking about perceptions, and I’m not talking about a literal reality in which Trump gives the leftists their marching orders.  No, I’m talking here about on-the-ground de facto reality.

Consider: Trump as President is the head of the US government’s law enforcement. It is his constitutional obligation as head of the federal branch of government, assisted by his Attorney General, to clamp down on domestic terrorists (including domestic terrorists who attack his own supporters at rallies!)…Their inaction enables domestic terrorism and allows the Far Left to act with impunity…As long as Trump and Sessions refuse their lawful obligation to take action, it is a de facto tacit approval of the leftists.  

Now read this, a new article at VDARE.  Excerpts, emphasis added:

Bottom line: even under a supposedly patriot president, politicized police seem to be allowing Antifa violence and instead attacking the victims. Gleeful MSM reporter/ activists can credit Antifa with repressing the Alt Right, but the masked thugs themselves aren’t the ultimate threat. They are in effect serving as the paramilitaries for the local authorities, preventing events which the City Fathers don’t want to happen anyway.

Thus, the Alt Right is in the impossible situation where masked anarchists are given the protection of law and are coddled by the courts, but demonstrators who simply want to express increasingly popular views can’t even obtain counsel.

Remember: Donald Trump is President and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General.  They are the heads of law enforcement in America.  They could end this overnight if they wanted to.  Obviously they do not want to.

Ultimately, this raises the same question as does mass illegal immigration: Is this a country of laws or not?

Remember: Donald Trump is President and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General.  They are the heads of law enforcement in America.  They could end this overnight if they wanted to.  Obviously they do not want to.

The lawyer who enabled Richard Spencer’s Michigan State event, Kyle Bristow, left politics altogether after an intensive media campaign—and, sources tell me, Antifa threats against Bristow and his family. Bristow himself hints at this when he complains “there is a side to the story which the media is not telling”.  [Richard Spencer’s attorney leaves ‘ideas’ foundation, Detroit News, March 3, 2018]

That explains the Bristow situation.  Remember, it’s not Obama/Holder/Lynch in charge now. It’s Trump/Sessions.

…what is happening is systematic government repression—politicized law enforcement is working in de facto alliance with violent Totalitarian Left to shut down peaceful dissent.

Remember: Donald Trump is President and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General.  

Trump: a fraud, a vulgar ignorant buffoon, the top cuck.  “Military at the border?”  We’ll see about that.  How about military against Antifa?  How about the FBI against Antifa?  How about the Attorney General against Antifa?  

Remember: Donald Trump is President and Jeff Sessions is Attorney General.