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My Secret Agenda Revealed!

Sallis: A pro-Jewish (or Jewish) troll disrupting the growing Euro-Asian alliance!

If I was Guessedworker, I’d want to just about crawl under a rock right now, with the unhinged babble on his website.  For the sake of cheap laughs, let’s take a look at some of it.  I’ll say first of all, god only knows who the hell this “Thorn” is they are ranting about.  Someone using that pseudonym linked to my material there – is that a commentator who had previously criticized the dynamic duo at MR?  Who knows?

Before we continue, I’d like to apologize in advance to my readers for Daniel’s crazed vulgarity; however, I hope you find it as hilarious as I do.
Anyway, let’s start with Danny’s quite demented ranting, before moving on to Kumiko.  The poor boy seems quite upset.  Perhaps my comments about his interest in Kumiko (originally meant as political satire) struck a little too close to home.  At the time, I of course didn’t actually believe it – it was obviously a joke, a parody, a caricature, the equivalent of a political cartoon. However, given his hysteria, now I’m wondering if it is true.  Let the fisking proceed.

Kumiko, I moved Thorn’s comment here because, as you note, this is where it belongs, if anywhere besides the trash. 

That’s great, Danny. Speaking of putting things in the trash, can you, finally, remove my EGI PDF from your website?  I asked GW years ago, and I didn’t want to make an issue of it, but if I’m such a pro-Jewish troll why would you want my trash contaminating your fine site?

Thorn is a long standing troll on behalf of Jews, a man dedicated to sucking Jewish cock.

Certainly!  Anyone who has followed my work over the years knows full well that my life’s long standing agenda is to troll on behalf of the Jews!  I finally admit it!  The truth at last!  I’m a secret pro-Jewish agent (maybe a Jew myself?), dedicated to promoting Jewish interests and, at the same time, dedicated to fellating Jewish penis! Indeed, every Sabbath, I go to Israel to orally satisfy Bibi Netanyahu, and get my secret instructions! 

Hence, his new found “affinity for Russians” has everything and only to do with a Jewish strategy of tying to counter a European-Asian alliance.

Certainly!  It’s a secret plot by Trad Vlad and Bibi to break up Danny and Kumiko’s femdom relationship.

He and his Jewish masters know that this alliance will crush the hegemony of his Jewish god, will not only put an end to their hegemony, but will put an end to his faggot, Jew sucking self.

My god!  The secret agenda revealed!  I mean, damn, that is so many years of activism wasted.  And I’m sure KMacD will be upset that I used his website to promote my Jewish masters, and, by god, all the work I’ve done over the years for the Jewish god for naught!  I mean, writing for Strom, KMacD, Amren, TOQ, Counter-Currents, and others – all a plot. Promoting Salter – a Jew plot!  Now, the Jewish hegemony will be ended, not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with the crack of Kumiko’s whip.

He will only tactfully distance himself from Jews in an attempt to not be too obvious in his allegiance.

Certainly!  It’s all been a ploy!  And all the activists I’ve met, or known, interacted with, written for, over the years – obviously they’re in on the plot as well!  Oy vey, it’s a conspiracy!  Rabbi Pierce!  Kevin Stromstein – Jew! Greg Johnsonowitz – Jew! KMacD = Kosher MacDonald!  

But at bottom…

Where Danny is with Kumiko?

…Thorn is a man dedicated to sucking Jewish cock…

That’s right. My entire body of work is, obviously, a homoerotic paen to Jewish penis. Circumcised of course!  That goes without saying. In my spare time I’m a mohel.  I chew on the foreskin after the bris.  Tastes like chicken!  Note to reader: have you noticed by now that Daniel is absolutely obsessed with homosexual oral sex?  It makes one wonder…

…and that is what is behind his concern for Russians as White – i.e., he wants to see Jews as White too and mix them up with Russian interests as much as possible in order to play them off of a European-Asian alliance.

That’s right.  That’s the plan.  Putin and I share the same yarmulke, you know.  It was fine-spun out of the hairs of Hitler’s moustache, recovered by Red Army soldiers in 1945.  Oh, the humanity!

Kumiko is Japanese.

Oh, not “Chinese Nationalist Maiden,” despite the marked similarity of writing? It would seem that a Chinese would be more concerned about Russia and Siberia than a Japanese, but a Jew like me just can’t get these Yellow goys straight!

I am not against Russians, I wish them health, happiness and home – a sound and safe ethnostate. 

Which is why you ally yourself with an Asian who says it is enjoyable to “inflict harm” on Russians.
And now, the Yellow Queen:

I see that Thorn is making several delirious demands as well, as though he has the right to demand anything from Japanese people at this point.

How’s this for a demand to “Japanese people”: get out of my country.  Thank you. By the way, what right to you have to demand anything from Russian people?

 Also, it’s interesting how Thorn couldn’t make his response inside of the thread that the conversation was actually occurring in, because the arguments going on there were too strong. 

No, it’s because your blog disgusts me and I make it a point never to post there.

I find it really interesting that all of the pro-Jewish unstable lunatics also happen to be Christians…

Now I’m a Christian!  A pro-Jewish Christian!  (That I’m an unstable lunatic goes without saying). I really do hope readers of my blogs are getting a hearty laugh over the deranged rambling of these two idiots.  

…who want to cuddle with Russia at the same time. It’s almost like these things are really correlated. 

Yes, once I finish serving (in every way!) Jews, I go and cuddle with Putin and Dugin.  The three of us snuggle together under a (kosher) wool blanket.  After all, it’s cold in Moscow.  It’s all really correlated!

He asks why it is that Asians came to western countries. It’s easy…

Hmmm, let’s see: either they want a better life in Western countries rather in their own polluted, over-populated shitholes, or its part of a master Anglo conspiracy.  I think I’ll take the former.

 …after losing the Second World War.

Yes, indeed, as we know, China, Korea, and the Philippines – the main sources of Asian immigration to America – lost WWII.  Certainly!  Maybe this Asiatrix really is Japanese, and is suffering from a heritable mental condition caused by radiation-induced defects from the atomic bombings.
What a loon.