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The Fragility of Infinity

From Archimedes to Tyrone Carjacker…how have the mighty fallen.
Excerpt, emphasis added:

…we urgently need to be thinking about planting the seeds of Life, and of our race, on other worlds. We have already squandered more than half of the fossil fuels on Earth, mostly on pointless and worthless things (such as making trillions of pieces of Chinese junk that go straight into the landfill forever — after making brief appearances in Walmart and in our living rooms; or making sure that Jamal and LaTwonda have Burger King and air conditioning). The window of time in which we can achieve our destiny in the stars may close forever if we do not act soon.We need a philosophy — a vision — a religion, if you will — that can make that possible. 

How fragile is the thread leading to infinity.