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A Note to the Negro

Beware the Asiatic.

Contrary to Derbyshire’s devious and familial-serving nonsense about an “Arctic Alliance” between Whites and (East) Asians is the reality of a South-South or Tropical or pan-Colored Alliance against the White Man, consisting of all non-White groups.

The question is whether this alliance is actually in the best interests of all of its participants. The economic exploitation of the Black Man by the Chinese in Africa is an ongoing crisis. What about the Brown Man?  What about South Asians?  The British imported a South Asian middleman class into Africa and friction between indigenous Africans and the intrusive South Asians is well known.

I’ve been reading the book Bottle of Lies – and I expect to mention this book again in the future – and what strikes me is how the South Asian fraud targeted the Black Man to a significant extent, with the Indian generic drug company Ranbaxy knowingly, and with malice aforethought, sending ineffective and/or contaminated and/or unstable AIDS drugs to sub-Saharan Africa.  According to the book, when confronted with this, one top Ranbaxy executive stated – “Who cares?  It’s just blacks dying.”  

By the way, those drugs were paid for, it seems, by the American taxpayer – mostly White – so Whites were paying out of their own pocket to help Black Africans with needed medications, while fraudulent Indians took the money and sent useless, or even harmful, drugs to the sick Africans.

Is this the Asian “hand of friendship” the Black Man eagerly grasps?  Is the Negro hatred of Whites so great that the Black Man willingly gets into bed with hate-filled colored Asiatics whose attitude is “Who cares?  It’s just blacks dying?”  

Consider Mr. “Aryan Brotherhood” (where have you heard that before?) Gandhi and his anti-Negro racial views – is the South Asian really your “colored brother?”  

The authentic Black nationalist view should be for the Black African to make his own way, not to be manipulated by East Asians and South Asians in the same manner that Black Americans have been manipulated – and ruthlessly used – by Jews.

Readers of this blog know that I am in general not a supporter of “racial alliances” – here is my criticism of Derbyshire’s absurd “Arctic Alliance” idea tying together Europeans and East Asians.  Different racial groups have different interests and agendas, and these proposed alliances are typically reflective of an unequal power relationship, with one partner benefiting more from the alliance than the other.

The only thing I see that sub-Saharan Africans have in common with Asians is hatred of Whites and a desire to dispossess Whites. But,the enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend. Africans may believe that they are also deriving some sort of economic benefits from Asians, but it is merely the exploitation of Africans by Asians. It is unclear what else Africans can want from Asians other than illusory economic benefits and an “ally” against Whites – Whites, who are, by the way, not in any way a threat to Black Africa and are in fact a benefactor.

On the other hand, it is clear what Asians want from the Black Man. The Chinese want Africa’s natural resources and raw materials for the Chinese economy, and they want Black Africans as cheap labor in order to extract those resources.  Whatever minimal economic benefits to Africans from this would be used to buy Chinese products – providing another market for Chinese junk – thus funnelling the economic “benefits” back to China.  Coastal areas of Africa may be useful for Chinese military bases.  African votes in the United Nations may be useful to China as well. As regards India, Africa as a dumping ground for useless and/or dangerous Indian generic drugs (paid for by the White man) is the utility of the Black African for the Brown South Asian.  Perhaps, long range, African territory can be viewed as “up for grabs” for settling excess Asian populations.  After all, East Asians and South Asians are ultimately “tropical” peoples and can fit in well in Africa, climate-wise.

You do not make alliances with real, long-term enemies,  That always backfires. Whites are not a threat to Black Africa.  Asians are.

Black nationalists should be as aware of Asian exploitation of Blacks in Africa as they are of Jewish exploitation of Blacks in America.

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Alliance

Black, Brown, and Yellow United: The “Arctic Alliance” in America is refuted by data

Read here.  Note how Asians generally track with non-Whites in these metrics; indeed, in a significant fraction of cases, Asians are akin to Blacks and more extreme than are Hispanics.

Indeed, instead of a mythical “Arctic Alliance” we instead see The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Alliance – Black/Brown with a Yellow core.

So much winning!  Pepe! Kek!

This is ethnonationalism.  We need those skilled Blacksters and Brownsters!  Poles out! Beautiful Commonwealth immigrants in!  Hail Brexit!  Hail Farage!  Hail ethnonationalism!  Hail!

The Counter-Currents and Amren crew are all with this, I suppose.  Just as long as the non-Hungarian ethnonationalist Morgan can live in Hungary, the non-Romanian Munro can live in Romania with his Romanian “wife” telling us how horrid Romanians are, Farrell mocking wops in wopland with his wop “wife,” and Deasy being traumatized by Bulgarian faces…in Bulgaria.

HBDers groveling before Jewish IQ.

A better religion than Christianity.

Hey, Richie – someone was calling Trump a Negrophilic race cuck BEFORE the election.  It wasn’t you…or Johnson, or Taylor, or Duke, or MacDonald, or all the rest.  Yes, I find con men contemptible as well. All of them; all of you. MAGA!  Pepe! Kek!

The NY Times is a Hate Organization

And other news.

Please read this – all of it – very carefully.

Case closed: the New York Times is a hate organization, dedicated to anti-White bigotry.  With their employment of Jeong, and their defense of that employment, this is established as fact.  And their spin is nonsense: imagine a White NY Times writer – let’s say one with the rag for decades – being discovered to have one, just one, anti-Black or anti-Jewish tweet.  You know very well they’d be gone in a microsecond, and all the whining about “trolling” would count for nothing.


Now, of course, we also see more evidence of the Sallis Law of Asians: the existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites. Indeed, one wonders whether Asians, particularly the Northeast Asians so beloved by Der Movement, hate Whites more than any other group hates Whites, including Jews and Negroes.  Something to consider, anyway.  Remember as well that a major faction of the Alt Wrong self-identifies as Yellow Supremacist.

Despite all of that, Derbyshire keeps on pushing his “Polar Alliance” crap, including this:

….what are Spaniards but just Italians speaking Latin with a lisp instead of hand gestures?

Let’s reword: 

…what are Chinese but just Koreans whose women have pico-breasts instead of nano-breasts?

Roissy once said we should all pray for McCain’s cancer.  Save time to do the same for Derbyshire’s as well.


White men driven by a shared purpose, cooperating to defeat an enemy, are the most formidable force in the known universe.

But first, they have to overcome petty intra-ethnic divisions.

That coming from a blog that does its best to foster such intra-ethnic divisions, as part of Der Movement Inc. (a money-making enterprise) based on such divisions.

Are gamesters as clueless as the women they ridicule?  Gamester and hamster rhyme – and not just rhyme.

The essence of VDARE in one photo.  Keep dem shekels comin’ in!  That tin cup, it be a-rattlin’.


…it occurred to me that there are no alt-right women outside of the eye candy who do YouTube videos. Let’s face it, their popularity is superficial. No one will be asking me about Tara McCarthy’s thoughts on the current crisis.

Hey, watch it, Zman, or Counter-Currents will start white-knighting again in favor of Tara McGanges and for the rights of ditzy airheads to collect donations from beta male losers, so the yeastbuckets can buy “all sorts of silly, frilly things.”  But Greg needs to consider that the more shekels go to the women, the less available for Counter-Currents, so he may be re-thinking his support for them real soon.

Korean Spews Hatred Toward White America

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites and of the West.

Why be surprised?  If you read this blog, and are willing to listen to the truth (instead of HBD lies), you’d already know that Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites.

And, no, Breezy gets no credit for bringing this to our attention, as he has been a prime promoter of HBD and the NAM SCAM, and even in this piece, he has to end it in a desperate attempt to distinguish White-hating Koreans from White-hating Negroes.

Asians Supporting Affirmative Action

Colored is as colored does.

“Such broad support for race conscious admissions policies sends a clear message that AAPIs overwhelmingly support these policies and will not be used as a racial wedge to disenfranchise other communities of color”…

That’s right. HBDers can shuck and jive with their “NAMs” crap, trying to make a distinction between “good Asians” and “bad non-Asian minorities,” but it fails because Asians see themselves as part of the world of color at war with the White man. Pathetic Whites with their “measured groveling” toward Asians cry “but affirmative action hurts Asians” – that’s irrelevant.  The key to affirmative action is that it hurts Whites, and that is precisely why Asians support it.

Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites. Asians may actually hate Whites more than other colored groups, because the higher intelligence of Asians makes them realize how close they are to Whites but yet so far away.  In Negroes, low intelligence coupled to ludicrously undeserved high self-esteem, and low levels of anxiety, temper the degree of racial envy. In high-anxiety, high-intelligence, lower self-esteem Asians, the racial envy toward Whites is at a high level, and Asians as a race-culture can be viewed as an existential negation of European Man and of the West. Anything that helps Whites will be opposed by Asians; anything that harms Whites will be supported by Asians.

We must also keep in mind that Asians (like Jews) are to a large extent protected against affirmative action through the extensive use of ethnic nepotism, unlike individualist, atomized Whites who have no such protection.  And, of course, in some respects, such as government-sponsored small business loans, Asians are considered “socially disadvantaged” and thus benefit from affirmative action. 

Thus, Asians have a triangle of Yellow-Brown Privilege:

1. They have ethnocentric networks from which Whites are excluded; in addition they enjoy certain affirmative action advantages.

2. While they exclude Whites from their Asiatic networks, at the same time Asians demand – and receive – full access to White institutions and White-built nations and infrastructures, and many Asian-worshiping Whites are only too happy to oblige these demands.

3. Asians support the broad policy of affirmative action because it harms Whites and because Asians have innate protection against the worst excesses of this policy, due to points 1 and 2.

The damage done to White interests by Asian-loving White HBDers has been incalculable. There should be no limit to the efforts made by any future White ethnostate to bring the HBDers to justice. There should be no safe haven for that filth; they must be put on trial and then publicly shamed, very slowly tortured until they are reduced to mere broken shells of flesh, and then painfully and humiliatingly executed.

In the News, 5/15/15

Several items.
Action taken against this individual but not this one.  That pesky Colored Privilege once again.
White sheriff happy shot man is White.  After all, we can’t harm any of those there Imperial Negroes now, can we?  More leucosa behavior from the infinitely inferior White race.
Asian Americans in New York are divided.  About what, the pathetically naive HBD nerds ask? Well, one group of Asians are screaming that Asians are being treated unfairly compared to those dastardly racist Whites; after all, Whites are “first class” in America, compared to the poor downtrodden Asians, they who get preference in immigration over Europeans, they who have higher incomes than Whites, they who get affirmative action advantages because they are “socially disadvantaged” (despite being objectively advantaged and Yellow Privileged), they who practice ruthless ethnic nepotism against the hapless individualist Whites. Then, we have another group of Asians who side with Negroes against “police brutality” as part of the Colored Alliance. So, we have one group of White-hating Asians vs. another group of White-hating Asians.  I guess the naivete of Whites toward Asians is part of the pathology of White inferiority.