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Korean Spews Hatred Toward White America

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites and of the West.

Why be surprised?  If you read this blog, and are willing to listen to the truth (instead of HBD lies), you’d already know that Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites.

And, no, Breezy gets no credit for bringing this to our attention, as he has been a prime promoter of HBD and the NAM SCAM, and even in this piece, he has to end it in a desperate attempt to distinguish White-hating Koreans from White-hating Negroes.

Asians Supporting Affirmative Action

Colored is as colored does.

“Such broad support for race conscious admissions policies sends a clear message that AAPIs overwhelmingly support these policies and will not be used as a racial wedge to disenfranchise other communities of color”…

That’s right. HBDers can shuck and jive with their “NAMs” crap, trying to make a distinction between “good Asians” and “bad non-Asian minorities,” but it fails because Asians see themselves as part of the world of color at war with the White man. Pathetic Whites with their “measured groveling” toward Asians cry “but affirmative action hurts Asians” – that’s irrelevant.  The key to affirmative action is that it hurts Whites, and that is precisely why Asians support it.

Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites. Asians may actually hate Whites more than other colored groups, because the higher intelligence of Asians makes them realize how close they are to Whites but yet so far away.  In Negroes, low intelligence coupled to ludicrously undeserved high self-esteem, and low levels of anxiety, temper the degree of racial envy. In high-anxiety, high-intelligence, lower self-esteem Asians, the racial envy toward Whites is at a high level, and Asians as a race-culture can be viewed as an existential negation of European Man and of the West. Anything that helps Whites will be opposed by Asians; anything that harms Whites will be supported by Asians.

We must also keep in mind that Asians (like Jews) are to a large extent protected against affirmative action through the extensive use of ethnic nepotism, unlike individualist, atomized Whites who have no such protection.  And, of course, in some respects, such as government-sponsored small business loans, Asians are considered “socially disadvantaged” and thus benefit from affirmative action. 

Thus, Asians have a triangle of Yellow-Brown Privilege:

1. They have ethnocentric networks from which Whites are excluded; in addition they enjoy certain affirmative action advantages.

2. While they exclude Whites from their Asiatic networks, at the same time Asians demand – and receive – full access to White institutions and White-built nations and infrastructures, and many Asian-worshiping Whites are only too happy to oblige these demands.

3. Asians support the broad policy of affirmative action because it harms Whites and because Asians have innate protection against the worst excesses of this policy, due to points 1 and 2.

The damage done to White interests by Asian-loving White HBDers has been incalculable. There should be no limit to the efforts made by any future White ethnostate to bring the HBDers to justice. There should be no safe haven for that filth; they must be put on trial and then publicly shamed, very slowly tortured until they are reduced to mere broken shells of flesh, and then painfully and humiliatingly executed.

In the News, 5/15/15

Several items.
Action taken against this individual but not this one.  That pesky Colored Privilege once again.
White sheriff happy shot man is White.  After all, we can’t harm any of those there Imperial Negroes now, can we?  More leucosa behavior from the infinitely inferior White race.
Asian Americans in New York are divided.  About what, the pathetically naive HBD nerds ask? Well, one group of Asians are screaming that Asians are being treated unfairly compared to those dastardly racist Whites; after all, Whites are “first class” in America, compared to the poor downtrodden Asians, they who get preference in immigration over Europeans, they who have higher incomes than Whites, they who get affirmative action advantages because they are “socially disadvantaged” (despite being objectively advantaged and Yellow Privileged), they who practice ruthless ethnic nepotism against the hapless individualist Whites. Then, we have another group of Asians who side with Negroes against “police brutality” as part of the Colored Alliance. So, we have one group of White-hating Asians vs. another group of White-hating Asians.  I guess the naivete of Whites toward Asians is part of the pathology of White inferiority.