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Debased Poland

Der Movement marches on.

“Based” Poland!  Visegrad! Ethnonationalism!

Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

Apparently, the Nazi occupation caused less damage to Poland’s genetic structure than the current reign of “Polish nationalists.”  Leave it to ethnonationalists to impose a genocidal immigration policy on their countrymen.  Another fail for “implicit Whiteness.”

Another fail for mainstreaming as well – even if the mainstreamers achieve power (a rare occurrence) they achieve nothing of value and may very well – such as in Poland’s case – act in a destructive manner. In some ways, this action of Poland’s “based” government is worse than Merkel’s – since, because of the alleged “cultural compatibility” of the Filipinos, they are more likely to interbreed with the natives, compared to the Muslims invited into Germany by Merkel.

All hail the Visegrad group!

Maybe the Poles should get back their people from the UK instead of importing Filipinos.

Durocher, January 13, 2019:

On all this, Darwin and other early evolutionary/racial scientists were ahead of the curve. See for instance the innumerable genetically-determined human adaptations to local environments that have been identified ( or the striking correlation between “the shape of the cerebral cortex — the brain’s outer layer of neural tissue — and genetic ancestry” ( The science indicates that race is ‘only’ cerebral-cortex-deep!

Sallis, November 4, 2018: See here.  

No further comment on that Durocherism.

Answer: Because Trump is a fraud and a vulgar ignorant buffoon, as this blog has been telling you since 2015 – you know, for the last three years that the quota queens have been screeching that “The God Emperor” was “the last chance for White America” and “an American Caesar who was going to stabilize White demographics.”  And, yet, who do you continue to prop up as leaders?

Der Movement has its priorities straight on Trump:

Once again the Beloved God Emperor has proven to be worth more than double his weight in gold. Those tweets are priceless.

All you need to do to be a successful President is tweet like Beavis and Butthead.  Der Movement marches on.

Read this, and remember that Counter-Currents writers now tell us how much they love the GOP. Republican conservatives: Vicious anti-White racist Sarah Jeong good, good, good; mewling cuckservative civic nationalist a bad, bad, bad racist.

Arrogant Asians and Brexit

Typically breathtaking Asian arrogance.

In a recent issue of Science (a leading scientific journal with a definite leftist slant), there was an anti-Brexit article, on how Brexit is casting a “pall” on British science.  Well, all no surprise, but what caught my attention was the photograph accompanying the article.  The picture showed two “young pro-EU campaigners” protesting Brexit in London by holding up a sign saying: YOU STOLE OUR FUTURE.

Who were these protesters?  A South Asian female and an East Asian female.  Well then! That basically summarizes the problem with the EU, doesn’t it – the EU being an organization that promotes the interests of everyone in Europe except for native Europeans.  Maybe, just maybe, native Europeans want to determine their own destinies, without pushy aliens dictating to them and attempting to shame them.

The arrogance of those two female coloreds is breathtaking.  These invaders – who are not racially or culturally European, do not belong in Europe, and whose presence there is actually stealing the future from native Europeans and their posterity – have the goddamn nerve to whine that their futures are being “stolen” by the dastardly indigenous people of Britain who had the temerity to stand up for their own interests.  These Asians have chutzpah as the Jews would say, or, more vulgarly, “they have big balls.”

Here’s some advice to these invasive filth: you can take back your futures by going back where you (or your invading ancestors) came from, and leave native Europeans the right to their own future in their own homelands, thank you very much.

Asians – a people whose existential meaning is hatred of Whites.

Der Movement in the News, 6/15/16

Several items, with a concentration on HBD: Jews, Breezy, gamesters.

Tim Wise: Jews gonna Jew.

Steve Sailer: HBDers gonna HBD.  Breezy’s article isn’t up yet, but I’ll take this opportunity to once again state my opinion that the Johnson-Reed Act (which is what I presume Breezy will talk about) was a good idea, although the major rationale was preserving ethnic balances, not proximate issues (which are of course important also).

In that spirit, I’ll also state my support for another example of a majority acting firmly, an example of which I’m sure Breezy and the other HBDers would rather like to ignore.
Here’s an amusing comment:

(((Ivanka Trump)))

(((Michael Cohen)))

(((Sidney Adelson)))


CONDI for Veep


CH founded by (((…)))

Part of the Grand Strategy of Asians

Pimping out the Asiatrices.

Did the Chinese actually sell their daughters in 1978? Are we talking wives or prostitutes?

What about today?

Look, even though many Asian men do not like it, a part of the grand strategy of Asians, as a race, is to pimp out their females to White nerds, so as to facilitate the Asian colonization/infiltration of the West.
Fact is, the Asiaphilia common to Whites is almost exclusively found among White males (not men), and no doubt there is a “yellow fever” connection to it. Even among the Right, one can look at HBDers, some of whom are/were married to Asiatrices (Derbyfogle, Murray, Brand), and so-called “pro-White” sites that include female (of course) Asian bloggers, sites that promote Asian colonization of White lands as part of what we can call “Silk Road White nationalism.”
And among the White masses, the male fetish for Asians dampens White resistance to Asian immigration and upward mobility; note with all the hysteria about Trump and his plans for Mexicans and Muslims, no one critiques the Asian invasion of White lands.

Different Kinds of Security Risks from Chinese Immigration

Various types of security risks.

This ostensibly reasonable post by Derbyshire poses some problems.

I suppose that my suggestion to bar persons with China connections from sensitive national-security work will seem outrageously shocking to many; perhaps doubly so as I myself have such connections. Should I be barred from access to sensitive data? 

Yes, I think I should. I have publicly expressed fondness for my Chinese relatives. It would be reasonable for an investigator, on learning that, to suppose that threats to my relatives in China might be effective in “turning” me.

That’s great. Let’s take it further. Having someone with such “connections” is a security risk in Der Movement and associated precincts, such as the anti-White HBD cult and “immigration patriotism.” Why only talk about risks to The System? What’s the difference? One can argue that the immigration of “Rosie” to the West is a security risk because it affects Derbyshire’s influence over racialist discourse, with all the damage that does to interests of value to “latrine flies.” Speaking of interests, note that The Derb only talks about narrow proximate concerns, and not about the damage done by Chinese immigration to White American ethnic genetic interests, nor about the damage done to the cultural/civilizational organic solidarity of the nation and its identity.

Also note the picture accompanying the article. Was The Derb only “teaching English” to Chinese females?

HBD, HBD, HBD marches on.

Sidenote: This is exactly one of the reasons some of us find Derbyshire so annoying – his hypocrisy. Except for the one time he should have mentioned it but did not (the essay attacking MacDonald), Derbyshire is always, constantly talking about his “Chinese connections” and his mixed marriage. It is seemingly his favorite topic, particularly if one includes not only his work at VDARE, but his writings elsewhere, as well as his personal website. He seems to derive satisfaction “tweaking the noses” of the “race purists” by making his private life a public spectacle. But, on the other hand, he acted as the outraged family man on VDARE, concerning emails allegedly received from skinhead types critical of his family. How dare they! And then Derbyshire “invites” them to come to his home, so he can “greet them in the appropriate manner.” Derbyshire himself makes an issue over his “Chinese connections” and then in that VDARE post exuded SJW rage because others mentioned it. That is like Ted Cruz’ plastic anger over people like Trump and cartoonists mocking the Cruz family that Ted himself intentionally uses as props in his campaign (note to Brimelow: using your children as VDARE props is not fair to them). Or, it is like the White women who demand that White society smile benignly on, and fawn over, their inter-racial relationships and mulatto children. If you choose to make the private public, then you have to acknowledge that not everyone is obligated to approve of your private choices. If you cannot acknowledge that, then keep the private private.

Meet Edward Lin

More Asian perfidy.

Why should anyone be surprised?  Why should anyone doubt that Asians will “pull a Pollard” and demonstrate that blood is always thicker than “citizenist” civic nationalism?

Asians are the enemy, potential traitors one and all, and having them in the US military is akin to the RAF recruiting fanatical German Nazis during the Battle of Britain.

Asians HATE, HATE, HATE Whites, they hate America, they hate the West. All of this should be obvious to anyone who has even just an ounce of common sense.

Trump Race Cucked Again

A supporter of “skilled” immigration.

Trump is once again backtracking on an immigration flip-flop, this time on the H-1B issue.  Even the flip-flop is not sufficient (see below). Hey, Touchback, we do NOT need “high-skilled” immigration. As VDARE has pointed out over and over again, the USA has a STEM surplus, not a shortage.  We do NOT need more White-hating Asians displacing White Americans in STEM.  Instead, maybe there’s a shortage of real estate moguls in the USA – plenty of those in China no doubt!  Let them all in!  Maybe there’s a shortage of reality TV show hosts.  Let’s have more!  And certainly we can use more ignorant, loud-mouthed, Negro-loving buffoons running for President while pretending to be on the “right.”  Also: if Der Touchback can be so easily confused by “blood running out of everywhere” Megyn, how is he going to fare debating Sir Hillary, queen of carpet munching?  Assuming of course that Clinton is not indicted, as she should be.  One wonders if Trump could actually out-debate Biden (assuming Joe is a late 2016 candidate addition replacing jailbird Clinton) – that would certainly be a duel of wits between unarmed opponents.
And, no, mop-head (*) Brimelow – apparently another affirmative action case with a reading comprehension problem – Trump did NOT correct himself “again” on skilled immigration:

Megyn Kelly asked about highly-skilled immigration. The H-1B program is neither high-skilled nor immigration

In other words, part of Trump’s opposition to H-1B is that it is not “high-skilled” (**) implying that Trump is still supporting “skilled” immigration.  Where in his clarification does it say that he is opposed to such an influx?  As far as I can see, Trump still supports Asiatics displacing Whites, as long as the Asiatics are “high-skilled” and (permanent) immigrants – and not “short-term cheap replacements” (being long-term, less cheap replacements is, of course, somehow better, right Touchback?)..
It’s a good thing the System is still bashing Race Cuck Trump as  a “fascist racist sexist etc.” or else his utility for balkanization would be fading away right now.
Of course, if elected, his penchant for flip-flops raises the question of what happens when he remembers to tell us that his “beautiful wall” is going to be on the Canadian border and not on the Mexican one.
*Perhaps the usual VDARE panhandling can be for the purpose of paying for Pete’s haircut.
**If I remember correctly, Derb’s illegal immigration to the USA was via H-1B, which would underscore the unskilled nature of such invaders.