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Auster the Liar and More Evidence of Israel-Diapora Jewry Connections

Auster – Jew, Auster – Liar: redundant?

Auster always used to say that there’s no connection between Israel and Diaspora Jewry, so traditionalists, nationalists, and racialists shouldn’t “punish” Israel because of Diaspora anti-White liberalism.  What I’d like to know is whether there’s a genetic basis for dissembling mendacious lying among a certain very special ethnic group.

The Tribe’s Hypocrisy

Good for thee but not for me.

It is no news to regular readers of TOO that Jews have been staunch and pivotal supporters of massive non-White immigration into America and other Western countries. The general Jewish attitude to the demographic crisis facing White America is captured in neoconservative Ben Wattenberg assertion that, “The non-Europeanization of America is heartening news of an almost transcendental quality.” This attitude typifies the entire Jewish political spectrum, from the far Left to the neoconservative Right, and is grounded in a simple logic: the take home lesson of  the Third Reich and the “Holocaust” is that all White people are incipient Nazis, and mass non-White immigration consequently makes formerly homogenously White nations safer for Jews. Jewish activists pose as moral paragons and humanitarians when their logic is nothing more than self-interested ethno-politicking: demographically swamp White nations so that the political power of Whites declines, making the rise of an anti-Jewish movement among Whites less likely. The result of these Jewish anxieties and hatreds is to promote the swamping the West with tens of millions of non-White immigrants, making Whites a powerless minority in the countries they founded and built. 

Noting the outrageous hypocrisy involved in simultaneously condemning White racial consciousness and concern while defending the Jewish ethno-nationalist state of Israel and Jewish anxieties about rates of intermarriage, Kevin MacDonald observes in The Culture of Critique that: 

“Ironically, many intellectuals who absolutely reject evolutionary thinking and any imputation that genetic self-interest might be important in human affairs also favor policies that are rather self-interestedly ethnocentric, and they often condemn the self-interested ethnocentric behavior of other groups, particularly any indication that the European-derived majority… is developing a cohesive group strategy and high levels of ethnocentrism in reaction to the groups strategies of others. … A Jew maintaining this argument should, to retain intellectual consistency, agree that the traditional Jewish concern with endogamy and consanguinity has been irrational. Moreover, such a person would also believe that Jews ought not attempt to retain political power in Israel because there is no rational reason to suppose that any particular group should have power anywhere. Nor should Jews attempt to influence the political process … in such a manner as to disadvantage another group or benefit their own. And to be logically consistent, one should also apply this argument to all those who promote immigration of their own ethnic groups, the mirror image of group-based opposition to such immigration.” 

In truth, Lieberman’s support for the segregated education of all young Jews is really just a re-statement and extension of the longstanding position of Jewish leaders throughout the West. For decades Jewish activism has centered on three main objectives: to ensure the ongoing existence of Israel as an ethnically homogeneous Jewish state; to ensure the safety of diaspora Jewry by reforming Western immigration policies to promote racial and ethnic diversity (high levels of white racial homogeneity being regarded as potentially dangerous to Jews); and finally, to ensure the continuation of Jewish ethnic separatism and endogamy (and counter assimilation) in the West through establishing separate Jewish organizations — especially  Jewish day-schools. 

The subtext of this piece is that it underscores the fundamental and close ties between Israel and Diaspora Jews.  That’s well known to anyone paying attention, but it is important to always emphasize this, since mendacious members of the tribe, like the late Larry Auster, would pretend that such a connection did not exist  – that it was “irrational” for White rightists to “unfairly punish Israel” because of the admitted racial liberalism (for us, not them) of Diaspora Jews in America (and elsewhere).  No, Larry, no.  There are not two separate and distinct entities there, but one entity that has a common core of interests.  It is one tribe, and must be considered as one.  If Diaspora Jews were to suddenly embrace and support White racial preservationism, then I’d be very happy to return the favor and support an ethnonationalist Israel. On the other hand, given the continued hostility of the Diaspora group toward White interests, why should any White support Israel?  There has to be “give and take” here.  I realize that the HBDers consider the tribe to be superior demigods, perhaps even superior to the big-brained Chinese supermen, but, still, high-IQ does not excuse rampant and obvious hypocrisy.