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Der Movement, Ethnonationalism, Etc.

Der Movement.

That’s good.  Unfortunately, the same for the American Alt Right would consist of: Pepe! Hail Kek! Trump is god!  Boomers such (except Trump)!

Hey, Steverino: I thought the impossibility of knowing “what is White” will ever prevent White nationalism from every being successful?

How come you know these guys are “white” now?

Or does “white” become questionable only when it comes time for Unzian handouts?

And this Nobel Prize harken back to the time when research in America was performed by Americans, not by Chinese and Indians, overseen by their own nepotistic ethnics or by grasping Jews.

At an Alt Right blog, someone using the surname “Leonard” and claiming to live in Sardinia, champions ethnonationalism and the alleged separatist desires of Sardinians.  

I wonder though if this “Leonard” is himself an ethnic Sardinian?  Or even an ethnic Italian?  If not, perhaps, in the name of Holy Ethnonationalism, he can get the hell out of Sardinia, out of Italy, and let the natives sort out their own problems?  I also like the strawman characterizations of pan-Europeanism, par for the course for an intellectually lazy website that takes positions on important topics merely out of spite.  I’m a pan-Europeanist, and my take on Catalonia is if they want their independence, let them have it.  However, one wonders what they’ll do with it?  Import more refugees and enjoy more terrorist attacks on the streets of Barcelona? But, hey. I support their independence.  Sardinia as well, Padania, Flanders, Scotland, Basques what have you.  But all these nations are going to need, eventually, to be confederated into some European structure.  The Chinese – all 1.3+ billion of them – could care less about the ethnonationalist wants or needs of European micro-states.  Eventually, they – and the entire world of color, including Jews – are the enemy, not other Europeans.  Ethnonationalist idiots, the ones that have made the cities, fields, trenches, and beaches of Europe run red with the blood of our people, may learn that one day.

Right now, they tell us that balkanization is good: breaking up Europe into ever smaller and weaker micro-states, so the continent becomes a conglomeration of squabbling, mutually hostile postage stamp sized “ethnostates” hostile to their neighbors, and ready to team up with another state – temporarily of course – to “ethnically cleanse” their neighbor if some problems arise.  Ethnonationalism – gotta love it!

And let’s not forget what Saint Francis said in Imperium about those who want to divide Europe against itself: the culture retarders, the Michel element, the traitor within the gates, the enemy of Europe.

In any case, the lack of self-awareness of these hypocrites is amazing.  Are you a proponent of ethnonationalism?  Yes, very good.  Are you Sardinian?  If not, out of Sardinian, please, and don’t pontificate about Sardinian separatism.  It’s not your business.  And if you are not Bulgarian, Mr. Deasy, please refrain from visiting there (invited or not) and spare yourself the trauma of exposing yourself to all those “different” faces.  Of is ethnonationalism a euphemism for ethnic imperialism?  Members of certain ethnic groups apparently believe that nationalism, sovereignty, and homogeneity for their own ethnic group is imperative, while they live in other people’s nations, and dictate to these other peoples how they should run their lives. 

Chump Trump

Kushner up, Bannon down.

It’s been a day since that happened, and a scan of several Alt Right sites – nothing about it. Yes, yes – “it’s too soon,” and perhaps we’ll get commentary over the next few days (perhaps prompted by this post, eh?).  But I can’t hope notice that when something ostensibly goes well for Trump (*) the Alt Righters usually immediately jump to post about it, and Roissy is back to picturing himself as a little girl lying in the grass (sexually) dreaming of the grand (and borderline obese) God Emperor.  So, it’s strange that a major Alt Right-related news story exhibits such a delay in posts.

Could it be that the mendacious Alt Right has a hard time accepting that they’ve been fooled once again with the Man on White Horse Syndrome (**)? Oh, yes, they’ll tell us “it’s early and Trump has been faced with constant opposition.”  Let’s look at what he has actually done: apart from Sessions, lousy cabinet picks; wasting time with jackass tweeting; poorly executed travel bans; promoting “Ryancare;” the Internet privacy issue…the list goes on.  At best, Trump can be graded with a “D” so far for his pitiful performance.

Unlike the worshipful Alt Right, this blog, from the beginning, designated Trump as a vulgar ignorant buffoon, a Negro-loving cuck, and as someone with deep Jewish family connections.  This blog’s support of Trump has (apart from some useful foreign policy ideas he floated during the campaign) been about right-wing populism and using Trumpism as a tool to promote racial chaos and balkanization.  Trump the man, Trump the President: tragicomic buffoonery.

*I’m real skeptical the Rice story is going anywhere.  The Alt Right can stop their heavy breathing and wait to see what happens.

**This syndrome – a sign of mental weakness, the quick fix, people who cannot deal with harsh reality and have to indulge in Big Daddy fantasies.

Right-Wing Populist Politics

The next step.

With the victory of Trump (*) the potential scope of right-wing populism in American politics has expanded.  Yes, we need metapolitics, including the creation of a community infrastructures and the production of cultural artifacts, but we need to get involved in politics as well.  It’s not that we are going to exert change by working within the system, but we can advance the cause by infiltrating the System, and turning the System against itself, and continuously push the envelope by actualizing increasingly explicit pro-White politics.  Pro-White political campaigns, even if unsuccessful, can be used for propaganda purposes, to promote our memes, to recruit, to build infrastructures, and to infiltrate the GOP and/or to create new parties.  Such campaigns would increase chaos and balkanization, creating divisions that can create even more demand for right-wing populism and even more explicitly White politics.  Perhaps, indeed, overtly pro-White candidates may be possible, eventually, given enough balkanization, starting at the lower, more local levels, and eventually working up nationally.  And if any candidates are successful?  That opens the door for yet even more pro-White candidates, pushing the envelope farther to the right, it creates more hate and balkanization, and, also importantly, it puts pro-White individuals in positions in which they can exert influence in favor of the “movement” in general, at least providing protection to allow “movement” infrastructures to flourish.  It’s analogous in a sense to the distinction between “legals” and “illegals” in The Turner Diaries, although in the scenario I’m talking about all involved are legal – it is the distinction between those working within the System and those working without, and the former can provide “cover” and assistance to the latter.

This is the time to get started.  If he have achieved nothing else, Trump has broken the “glass ceiling” for hard rightist politics.  I would advise first getting involved at the level spanning the spectrum from, at the most local level, school boards and city/town politics up to and including at the national level at the House of Representatives (we should think big and I believe that the House should be an excellent target to aim at).  If that’s successful, over time, then the Senate and seeing what can be done at the Presidential level (explicit pro-White candidates, not Trumpian implicit civic nationalism), at least at the third party level

* Trump is President with the Alt Lite Bannon high in his councils.  Sessions is Attorney General.  With respect to a crackdown on illegal immigration and a reduction of legal immigration – if not now, then when?  With respect to a crackdown on leftist thuggery, up to and including using the RICO laws against the organized leftists and labelling them, rightfully, as a terrorist group – if not now, then when?  If not by those individuals, then by who? The time for excuses are over, the civic nationalists worshiped by precincts of the “movement” are in power.  They had better get it done, and quickly, before Der Touchback is impeached for (real or imagined) Russian connections or some other scandal or invented scandal.  Let’s see what happens.

What The Cuck?

Roissy weeps.

Trump crows: Cuckadoodledoo!

It is time to remember that old wisdom our soldiers will never forget: that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots, we all enjoy the same glorious freedoms, and we all salute the same great American Flag.

And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the windswept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty Creator.

That’s pure unadulterated cuckservatism.  Sure, the beginning of the speech was some good (albeit aracial) red-meat right-wing populism, but then it degenerated into “let’s rally around the flag” unifying civic nationalism – exactly the opposite of what we need.
Thankfully, the Left isn’t buying it and are doing – through their idiotically short-sighted protests – the balkanizing that Der Touchback should have been doing himself.
And all the WNs who have been worshiping Trump’s inflated citizenist paunch are going to really have to endure at least four years of  major-league beta race cucking.  We are all in for a bumpy ride.

Propitious Times For The Sallis Strategy

The Sallis Strategy: Promote balkanization and chaos so as to make multiculturalism untenable, weakening the System, and making White survival more possible.

Why the Sallis Strategy is becoming more possible; excerpts, emphasis added:

To the surprise of no one who understands human nature, many whites didn’t appreciate being told that they had to die off for “progress” to be achieved. They didn’t like being derided by their betters as “bitter clingers” with their guns and Bibles, and they especially didn’t like being termed “deplorables” unworthy of compassion or consideration. In the last days of Hillary’s doomed campaign, its contempt for a huge chunk of the American population had become so blatant that one of her top celebrity surrogates publicly hailed the “extinction” of straight white men as a step in the right direction. 

Trump is no political genius. He made an appeal to working-class whites, who correctly felt that the Democrats viewed them with undisguised contempt and didn’t want their vote. 

Ethno-racial nationalism is an enormously potent political force; wise politicians know this and employ it cautiously. Nationalism arouses genuine passion and is a political motivator like no other, which it explains why a majority of white women voted for Trump, to the bitter consternation of outraged feminists. 

Moreover, once nationalism becomes the main political factor, there’s no putting that troublesome genie back in the bottle. Politics become tribal, ethnic conflicts waged at the ballot box rather than on the battlefield. Having done most of my scholarly work on multiethnic societies like the Habsburg Empire and Yugoslavia, I can attest that the fires of nationalism, once stoked, are only put out with great difficulty—and that ethnically diverse societies that play games with nationalism are living dangerously. 

“However verboten discussion of White Nationalism is at present among polite Americans, it is unavoidable that this will become an issue in the future, with potentially explosive consequences.” 

Trump’s winning our presidential election heralds a new era in American politics. The Democrats decided to bet everything on their emerging “new” America, and lost big. Obama’s two terms have overseen the destruction of the Democrats as a national party: they control nothing in Washington now and their performance at the state level is nothing short of dismal. Democrats dominate our big cities, California, and the Northeast—and little else. Barack Obama’s real legacy is putting Donald Trump in the White House. 

Buckle up, it looks to be a bumpy ride ahead in the emerging era of competing American ethno-nationalisms.

Despite all the negatives of Trump the man, his election expands the range of possibilities; the times have never been more propitious to implement the Sallis Strategy.  Again: I agree with Salter – the only thing worse, from the perspective of a majority being replaced, than a multiculturalism that does not work is one that does work.  What must be avoided at all costs is a “successful” multiculturalism that enables the peaceful and orderly race replacement of the majority population. Instead, what you want is for the process to be as messy and painful as possible, so that the majority realizes their peril and resists.  In other words: multiculturalism must be made NOT to work.

The new America must be defined by competing “ethno-nationalisms – polite talk for competing racial nationalisms – it must become a living hell of division, despair, bitterness, rage, balkanization, hatred, distrust, and unending boiling anger and frustration.  Group must be against group; the idea that “we are all Americans” must be thrown into the dustbin of history.  “Americans” of European, Asian, African, Jewish, Hispanic, etc. origins must hate and distrust each other, making a “coming together” impossible, making the multicultural consensus untenable.

Powerful forces will attempt to smooth over these difference to delay the collapse of multiculturalism sufficiently to ensure that Whites are a powerless minority.  We must oppose this; thus, Trump’s election and its meaning, and the short-sighted Left reaction to it (if they really wanted to save their multiculturalism, they’d support Trump’s civic nationalism,) provides real hope for the Sallis Strategy.   

We need to do everything to highlight the contradictions, encourage distrust and division, stoke anger, promote rage, open up the fissures to full-fledged balkanization, catalyze chaos, tear open the wounds of America and pour salt into those wounds and rub them raw and bleeding.

From the perspective of White racial interests, multiculturalism is hell on Earth; therefore, this needs to be actualized in everyday life for everyone to see.


Sallis Strategy: The Center Does Not Hold

Chaos and division.

I must admit to being naive.  I believed the polls and was wrong about Der Touchback’s chances of winning (unlike Der Movement, I have no problem admitting when I am wrong), and now I am surprised about the rapid and ferocious Left reaction to Trump’s victory.  Yes, I am naive indeed.

The last few days have been eye-opening.  Not content to wait (like I had stupidly thought) for President Trump to actually do something (e.g,, an immigration crackdown) before acting like a bunch of jackasses, the SJWs took to the streets (and Twitter) in an eruption of stupidity, violence, and chaos-inducing tantrum protesting.  And it is continuing.  All those folks who voted for Trump are watching no doubt, and they cannot be pleased.

I on the other hand am pleased, as it fits in with the Sallis Strategy.  While wrong about the details, at least I was right (as were others) that a Trump victory would unleash forces of chaos, division,and balkanization in America. And the Left’s rage that “we will never accept this” and “never normalize this” holds out hope that this disunity will continue.  The specifically anti-White aspect of the protests, the vandalism, and the violence is also being noted by White Trump supporters.

Excellent.  Excellent.  What was that Putnam wrote on diversity eroding public trust and societal solidarity?  You’re seeing it action folks.  That “America is two nations” is not idle talk.  While unfortunately not true literally, it is increasingly true demographically, culturally, politically,and spiritually.

Now, I’ve been describing the “bottom-up” reaction of the Left.  But the “top-down” reaction is just as promising.  The elites have (so far at least) learned nothing from Trump’s surprising victory.  Instead of reflecting on White anger and resentment, they instead double down on their anti-White attitudes (as I’ve written many times – Hatred of Trump is a proxy for hatred of Whites), and spew forth venom (e.g., media, Reid, celebrities, various pundits) and excuses (it was Comey, not the fact that Democrats are overtly anti-White,* which led to Clinton’s historic defeat).

These folks have learned nothing, and I doubt that they are capable of learning anything. Their racial animus toward Whites is so ingrained that any serious thought about the facts of the case becomes short-circuited – the idea that Whites have legitimate grievances are taboo.  They just can’t go there.  Instead talk about “White Privilege” and “White racism” (we wish!) and other nonsense.  In other words, the System is behaving in exactly the same manner that alienated White folks to begin with, the Left bemoans Trump’s victory and then they continue to do the same exact things which led to that victory in the first place.

And then we have the mendacious Sanders, who does utter the phrase “White working class,” but who forgets his own contemptuous dismissal of those folks during the election. Further, any economics-based “outreach” to White middle class and working class Americans is going to fail, since their alienation is not based solely, or even mainly, on economics – even those few leftists who take the election results seriously do not understand this. This is ultimately about Identity, about race and culture – White folks are not going to forget the Democratic Party’s hatred for, and abandonment of, Whites just because a few economic bones are belatedly thrown in their direction,  It’s far too late for that.

So, what we have is an unprecedented opportunity.  Der Movement, if it is any good, should be leveraging these events to promote division, chaos, despair, hatred, rage, bitterness, and balkanization throughout the land, fanning the flames of the fires started by leftist hysteria over Trump’s victory. A fraction of Trump’s supporters are ripe for recruitment – albeit recruitment by a real movement, one that is sane and that does not reject half of Trump’s White base.  The time is propitious for that, and equally propitious for other right-wing populist candidates to “strike while the iron is hot” and get into politics at the congressional, state, and local levels.  And also propitious for ordinary Whites to practise Salter’s democratic multiculturalism, which would unravel the multicultural consensus from the inside out.

The center does not hold.  It all falls apart for the System, but it will be too slow and possibly not enough in the time left if this “falling apart” is not helped along.  This will be a test for Der Movement.  This is the real “last chance for White America.”  

We’ll see if the caliper crowd is up to the challenge.

*Republican cucks are not much better (although they usually try and hide it), but in this election, the candidate was less of a cuck than normal.

Turning Up The Heat

Against Der Movement.

I agree: it is time to “turn up the heat” – but here I am talking about the “movement.”  Just like Trump smashed America’s fossilized political establishment, so must fed-up alienated racial activists smash the fossilized “movement” establishment.  Trump’s victory shows us the underdog can sometimes win against overwhelming odds, against strongly entrenched forces.  Trump’s victory is emboldening and inspiring.  

The White American Trump supporters rose up against the Establishment and said: “Enough!”  Now it is time for real movement (no scare quotes) activists to stand up to the corrupt and incompetent “movement” “leadership” and say “Enough!” as well.

It is well past the time to make a stand.

And for those who wish to defend their “turf” (such as it is – the proverbial “big fish in small pond” – in this case a pond that requires an electron microscope to be observed) by labeling critics of the “movement” as “shit-stirrers” and “whiners” I cite the following quote from one of Roissy’s commentators:

“Congress shall make no law respecting…..the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.’
1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution.
To justly complain about significant unjust treatment in a civilized manner is manliness and not whining. Conflating the two is a leftist lie—like when they conflate disgust/dislike of homosexuality with “homophobia.”

Quite right.  The “whiners” are those who cannot stand the heat of criticism despite their endless history of bad judgment and failure, those who justify their unjust treatment of sincere and competent activists by projecting their own entitled whining onto those who demand a fair and just redress of grievances.  

Now, we need to over-turn the “movement” establishment in the same manner as the electorate did to the political establishment.  All the Nutzis, Nordniks, ethnic fetishists, quota queens, fossilized spewers of tired dogma, HBDers, Asian-lovers, Judeophiles, narrow ethnonationalists, and other assorted idiots need to go.  Drain the “movement” swamp!

There are some in the “movement” that I have worked with before and it is possible that I could again work with some of these people, this time to rebuild the ‘movement” – but that’s up to them, only if they are interested.  If they are, they know how to contact me. I’m not going to hold my breath though.  There are other individuals and entities that I have heretofore had no contact with and some of these I plan to contact when the time is right.

The “movement” is either sound or it is not.  If it is, then there needs to be an adequate explanation for decades of constant failure and embarrassing missteps.  If it is not, then a solution needs to be found.  But to believe there is a problem but to do nothing about it – out of laziness, disinterest, self-interest, fear of change, lack of imagination, hobbyism, or whatever – is disgraceful. Settling for “movement” failure is like settling for Jeb Bush as GOP nominee and US President.  If even the “normie” voters rebelled against that, why can’t allegedly “red-pilled” “movement” activists face facts and rebel against endless years, decades, of stupidity, lies, and cowardice?

Look, guys, Trump won.  More important, the Left has apparently learned nothing.  They are not capable of learning anything.  They are behaving exactly in accordance to the Sallis strategy: riots, protests, and chimpouts. I personally know some female Trump supporters who report, since the election, being harassed at work by SJWs – even when the latter don’t know for sure the political affiliations of the former.  Mere suspicion of being a Trump supporter is sufficient; thus, Trump is the President-elect and some of his supporters are still cowed by shitlib oppression. This is the future going forward.  A clever REAL MOVEMENT could fan the flames, under the cover granted by at least four years of an administration not overtly anti-White, and make real progress.

But what do we have in Der Movement the last few days?  Self-congratulatory posts by Sailer and Spencer.  Durocher writing about “Frederick the Great’s principles of law making” at Counter-Currents.  Snoopy dance gifs and Amish fetishism by the race-mixer Roissy. Daniel S at Majority Rights having a meltdown because apparently Trump is too pro-Russian and anti-Chinese for that blog’s policy prescription of “Silk Road White Nationalism” – and the usual “song and dance” elsewhere.  

So, what?  Are we going to waste this opportunity because we “have to” stick with the usual “movement” madness?  The hatred and division in America is deeper than ever, bringing real hope.  Only when America becomes a living hell of despair, division, disillusionment, rage, hatred, and bitterness will the System be sufficiently weakened to make real racial progress possible.

If Der Movement is capable of producing this required hell on Earth in America, then that’s great, I’ll be thrilled.  I for one don’t think they have it in them.  Do you?

It’s time for a change, indeed.