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Alt Right: Embracing Evil

It’s the Alt Wrong.

Let’s see:

Is involved in an inter-racial marriage, and supports miscegenation.

Is a despicable HBDer who worships at the feet of Jews and Asians.

An idiot who ignores the demographic facts on the ground and states that there is no existential threat to Whites.

A multiculturalist who supports a multi-racial “stew” society.

A lickspittle philosemite.

Who wants to associate with an Alt Right that includes execrable trash like Derbyshire?  Now, I’m sure that Alt Right defenders will state that the Alt Right cannot control who does or does not identify with this “movement.”  However, the faction had no problem disavowing the Alt Lite, so why can’t they do the same to Derbyshire and the rest of the Alt Wrong?  Is it because they agree with the Alt Wrong? With all the hate toward “boomers” coming from Alt Right Millennials, why do they grovel to a decrepit race-mixing boomer like Derbyshire?  And before I was “banned” from Counter-Currents, that site censored my criticism of Derbyshire’s comments about child porn – criticism that was nothing more than just citing Derbyshire’s own words on that subject!  So it is disingenuous of the Alt Right to just shrug and say that they have no control over Derbyshire and his identification with the Alt Right.

We can contrast all the financial support and meeting invitations and protection given to Derbyshire compared to how a good man like Robert Griffin is essentially ignored (except by TOO; I give credit to MacDonald for giving Griffin a forum).  Contrast Griffin’s wise words with Derbyshire’s self-interested pro-miscegenation rambling.

That VDARE is getting the lion’s share of “movement” donations, and that some of that goes to Derbyshire, is absolutely disgusted.  Not surprising tough.  Not surprising at all.

Let’s delve deeper into this; this is important.  

Let’s consider Derbyshire some more.  Not only is all written above true, and documented in his own writing, but let us not forget: for years, Derbyshire was openly hostile to White nationalism.  He wrote an insulting “hit piece” against Kevin MacDonald (it was when I wrote a riposte defending MacDonald that Derbyshire first came to my attention).  He openly mocked WN’s as “crazy” and “nutty” and “obsessed with racial purity.”  He publicly agreed with the assessment of Amren conference attendees as “latrine flies.”  He challenged critics of his marriage to come to his home so he could greet them “in the appropriate manner” (i.e., an elderly fist in their face, I suppose).  He sided with GNXP against WNs, and had one of the GNXPers at his home (welcomed, not attacked).  He praised the likes of the anti-WN and anti-Salter “Jayman.”  

But what happened when National Review kicked Derbyshire to the curb over his “the talk” article? Guess who it was who eagerly embraced Derbyshire and gave him new life – and money! – to spread his repellent views?  You guessed it – the “movement.”  The same “movement” Derbyshire attacked with relish for years now fell all over themselves to rescue him, including inviting him to address all those “latrine flies” he previously mocked in (digital) print. And, of course, he gets money and more money, supported via VDARE, etc.  And he is praised by “movement” commentators on blog threads.  This anti-WN race-mixer is propped up by the same WNs he’s always despised.

On the other hand, let’s look at how genuine WNs are treated.  Let’s consider this Sallis fellow – a WN for over twenty years, someone who made a major contribution in popularizing Salter’s EGI concept in the “movement” (and defending it against critics), among many other contributions.  Ted has essentially been “blacklisted” by Der Movement for the “crime” of questioning “movement” dogma and for criticizing “movement” leaders and for asserting that these “leaders” should be held accountable for their actions.  The anti-WN Derbyshire embraced; the WN Sallis is persona non grata.

Explanation?  I put forth two explanations, both of which are undoubtedly true.

First, many in Der Movement consider White nationalism as a money-making enterprise, as a way of earning a living (and living well).  They may well be genuine activists, sincere in their beliefs, but they want their money.  Derbyshire was never a threat to that – his attacks could easily be explained away by his Chinese wife and half-Chinese children.  Criticism coming from a twenty plus year veteran of WN is a whole other story, potentially far more damaging.  Let’s quarantine that “infection” before folks start getting the wrong ideas and the shekels stop pouring in.  Yes, there is also the issue of bruised egos among the thin-skinned, but I would think the money is more of a factor here.

But that first explanation does not explain the extent of the discrepancy; it does not explain the fervor with which Derbyshire been embraced, and the alacrity by which Sallis has been, in contrast, blacklisted.  Thus, second, I must invoke the “movement’s” affirmative action program.  Derbyshire – even with his Chinese family connections – is “one of the boys” so years of extreme anti-WN activism is breezily dismissed; Sallis, on the other hand, is an “outsider,” so decades of contributions are flushed down the memory hole before you can even say the words “latrine flies.”

The “rock stars” may not want to hear any of this, but it’s true.  And it’s a damning indictment of their poor character.


Der Movement in Der News, 10/26/17

More nonsense.

Nihilistic hedonist Roissy, a self-admitted race-mixer who has chronicled his sexual adventures with Negro and Oriental females, tells us that:

Hillary Clinton is going to jail

Maybe she is.  Who knows?  But we can ask, which is more likely to happen first: leftist harridan Hillary Clinton going to jail, or leftist cuck Donald Trump being impeached?  A close call, I think.

And then we see this:

Counter-Currents now has a new shopping cart system, and the best way for us to debug it is for you to put items into your cart and buy them.

Let’s give credit where credit is due: these guys certain are innovative when it comes to thinking up new ways of getting “activists” to give up their hard-earned money.  Help to debug our system by buying our stuff!  One hopes Brimelow is paying attention; the opportunities for VDARE to adopt similar tactics to keep all the Happy Penguins comfortable on their leafy New England iceberg abound.

Do listen to that podcast.  Is it because it is well done?  No.  The personages discussed, or doing the discussing, are important?  No.  The events described are of significant impact?  No.  Instead, because it is yet another small spotlight that illuminates the madhouse of Der Movement, and how the potential of the Trumpian chaos is being wasted.

Some questions.  Isn’t this Chapman the same “based stickman” that the Alt Right was telling us, not so long ago, was worthy of our awe and admiration?  Aren’t these civic nationalists thugs, in their own way no better than Antifa, representative of the same Alt Lite that certain Alt Right leaders were telling us, not so long ago, that we should be in a “big tent” alliance with?  And do you remember what Far-Right dissident (hint: see this) was telling you, correctly, that the “big tent” was a bad idea, and that WNs should have nothing to do with the Alt Lite?  And aren’t all these people – Alt Right as well as Alt Lite – the same who go to rallies dressed up as if they just came out of a cosplay convention, and that after telling us we should eschew “fascist” uniforms because such are “un-American” and would “turn off the normies?”  Given that American rightist populism has an established history of uniforms (e.g., the Silver Shirts), and given that the comic book characters these cosplaying Alters dress up as are for the most part Jewish creations, which is more “un-American?”  Do you think that “normies” will follow men dressed up like Captain America or Batman?

They’re Hopeless

They are incapable of learning.

An Alt Righter with sweaty fantasies about documented race-mixer Ann Coulter writes:

The Left thinks it has scored some recent victories by “infiltrating” our private gatherings and reporting on them. This includes the London Forum and the Counter-Currents-sponsored Northwest Forum. As Greg Johnson has already pointed out, all these infiltrators succeeded in doing was proving that we say the same things in private that we do in public.

The absolute cluelessness of Der Movement, it’s “rock stars,” and the pathetic fanboys of the rock stars, is stunning.  They still just don’t get it.  The fundamental take home lesson of the Hope Not Hate infiltration (no scare quotes necessary, you mendacious shill) is not what was revealed, or not revealed.  That’s not the point at all.  The point is what it tells us about “movement” “leaders” – feckless, mendacious, naive, with horrifically poor judgment, a complete inability to distinguish friends from enemies (embrace your enemies and give them the keys to the kingdom, “ban” your friends), freakishness (yes, let’s walk around in khaki shirts, drinking mead, blowing on Viking horns, and reciting poems in Old Norse), and the typical ethnic fetishism (“extreme vetting” vanishes when a Swede with a transparently flimsy cover story shows up).  Worst of all, the “leaders” cannot admit error, cannot take responsibility for what they have done, cannot accept accountability for their stupidity, but instead lash out at justified criticism and have shills write nonsense to defend them.  They’re hopeless. Hopeless.

But this infiltration has the potential to birth an even more important, and less obvious, unintended consequence (and this one is real Cunning of Reason stuff). After the infiltration of the Northwest Forum, the organizers have now decided to make these events public. Our movement already has annual or semi-annual conferences, such as AmRen and NPI. However, the vast majority of events are private, invitation-only affairs which rely on secrecy: vetting (sometimes none-too-successful-vetting, it seems), announcing the location at the last minute, etc. These infiltrations teach us that the way forward may be to end this practice, and make many of our events open to the public. This would make us more visible — more of a regular part of the social and political landscape.

That’s great.  If it is such a great idea, why weren’t the meetings public to begin with?  One must await how this new genius idea will work out. Who will be picked to arrange meeting security?  Tim Wise?  Noel Ignatiev? Antifa?  

Some will try and pass this all off as “the crazy and bitter Ted Sallis going on a tirade again.”  The fact is, I’m just as bothered – actually more bothered – by the reaction to the infiltration than the fact of the infiltration itself.  None of the primary victims have exhibited sufficient character to hold themselves accountable for what happened, or to even acknowledge how bad it all was.  Instead we get ‘spin” – the infiltrator was an effeminate nobody, inarticulate and forgettable (yet invited to give speeches and invited to assist in meeting vetting, and involved in “movement” activity for a year, meeting all sorts of “rock stars”), and he really didn’t accomplish anything.  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see here.

Actually, the “movement” got lucky here, more damage could have been done if the Left was not so inept, and so navel-gazing that they thought that exposing some reasonable Alt Right viewpoints would somehow be a disastrous exposure.  The only disastrous exposure was to show how inept the Right is.

And, since I’m on this topic I’ll formally raise the following disturbing possibility: this incident is just the tip of the iceberg, perhaps even a distraction from a more troubling possibility indeed.  Perhaps Der Movement has its own Gerald/Bill Haydon (and maybe more than one) – not an infiltrator per se but an actual well-placed and deep cover mole.  Maybe one of the current or future “rock stars” of Der Movement is actually a dedicated anti-racist, well burrowed into the fabric of “movement” Nutzi antics.  Who knows what revelations there are to come?  Meanwhile, the run-of-the-mill “sincere” ineptness of Der Movement does enough damage.

Advice For the Young Activist

Navigating the madhouse.

What advice would I give a (real, not infiltrator) newcomer, particularly a young one, to the “movement?”  Since most, albeit of course not all, such newcomers would be expected to be relatively young, and since younger, less experienced, individuals would be more likely to be vulnerable to errors of judgment, I entitle this piece: “Advice For the Young Activist,” although it applies to all people who find themselves in The Movement Madhouse.

Based on plenty of experience (most of it negative), I would start off with the following.

Be careful of who you deal with, who you have confidence in, who you trust.  In more than 20 years involved with racial activism, I can honestly say that there have been only two people I’ve known in the “movement” that I have had complete confidence in, who I would consider 100% trustworthy.  One of these is someone I’ve known for nearly 20 years, the other is someone I worked with very closely for several years before he passed away. That’s it.  Two in 20+ years, of the dozens and dozens (if you can online commentators, hundreds) of people I’ve encountered.  If we relax the criteria and ask how many people in the “movement” I have reasonably solid confidence in, people I’d be willing to invite over for dinner, interact with personally – maybe half-a-dozen total (including the two already discussed).  The point: be very careful who you associate who you trust.  You will meet some of the best people you will ever know in the “movement,” but also some of the worst, and the latter will outnumber the former.  A dissident movement will by its very nature tend to attract marginal personalities, and that has been amplified by freakish dogma, lack of quality control, and piss-poor leadership.” Combine that with outright trolls infiltrators, and agent provocateurs, as well as the weak-minded who join for dubious reasons and then leave – without being able to keep their mouths shut about it – and you have a recipe for disaster unless you are very careful. Then one hears rumors of “homosexual grooming of young boys” at “Alt Right pool parties” – I have no idea if that is true or not, but young men should exercise caution.  The same applies to young women entering the “movement” who may be the center of attention from the sex-starved heterosexual activist contingent.

Don’t fall in with personality cults.  Note to the “movement”: there are no “rock stars” – or there should not be any; no one is infallible; and although there are some important personages who have done real solid work, which should be respected and appreciated, no one is above criticism.  The idea that we should, on the one hand, critique “the personality cults of Jewish intellectual movements” while, on the other hand, mimic the same type of personality cult among racial activism, is outright hypocrisy and demonstrates a stunning lack of self-awareness.  If you read or hear “rock star” in reference to anyone, if you see, read, or hear anything that tells you that criticism of certain people is forbidden, then run as fast as you can.  That’s a cult, not a genuine movement.

Think for yourself, don’t mindlessly swallow fossilized “movement” dogma. The same admonitions against cultism applies to dogma that is above criticism.  We all know the official dogma: Nordicism, ethnic fetishism, Ostara-like “racial history,” HBD, etc. If there is something you are not allowed to criticize, then that’s a cult, not a real political movement.

Be wary of real-life public meetings and rallies, know very well what you are getting into and be prepared.  There are a number of dangers here.  First, even in the absence of leftist opponents, you will likely be exposed to some “sincere” unsavory characters.  Second, the leftist problem exists and comes in two flavors.  There’s the “infiltrator” flavor and then there’s the overt “in your face” flavor, the latter of which runs the spectrum of merely loud protests, and the taking of pictures and filming, to actual physical assault. Most likely, your personal self-defense will be your own responsibility, and don’t expect any real security to weed out infiltrators or to even to prevent someone sticking a cell phone camera in your face.  Weigh the costs and benefits of such meetings, look at your own personal situation carefully, understand the implications and consequences, and go from there.  If you do attend meetings at which there is no confidence of security (most of them), you at least would want to consider investing in some “technics” to obfuscate identity if you do have that cell phone camera in your face.  It goes without saying that unless you want to play a leadership role – and you know you would be accepted as such based on your merits (see below on “affirmative action”) – then do protect your pseudonymity.

Take care of yourself first.  When you travel by plane, you are told than in case of emergency, you put your own oxygen mask on first and then you help the person next to you.  The same principle applies here.  If you and your life are a mess, you’ll be little help to anyone, including “the White race.”  Education, career, financial security, family, health – all come first, racial activism comes second.  That’s not “selfish individualism”  – is it just good sense and putting yourself in the position of being the best you can be, which will be of benefit to everyone around you.  Be wary of the siren song: “I don’t know why people bother going to college or saving for retirement – don’t they know that the System is going to completely collapse in five years?”  They’ve been saying that same nonsense for more than 50 years now.  Ignore them.  Essentially what they are saying is: “Don’t take care of yourself – take care of ME instead.”  They want your time, your effort, and, above all else, they want your MONEY.  Don’t fall for it.  In many cases, calls for “selfless altruism” are actually self-interested appeals for the altruist to sacrifice himself for those doing the calling.

Don’t buy into the “Armageddon” rhetoric that “the collapse of the System and the revolution” is just around the corner, within five years it’ll all collapse.  As noted above, they’ve been saying that for more than 50 years

Don’t waste time with online comments threads flamewars.  That speaks for itself.  That’s all a waste of time, unproductive, revolving around personalities and not issues, and this time sink will get you more involved with activist freaks than you would ever want.

Don’t have unrealistic expectations and then get “burnt out” when you don’t see victory right around the corner. I’m not necessarily echoing Spengler’s “Optimism is cowardice,” but you must be realistic.  This is a long-haul endeavor, anyone who promises quick fixes ad immediate gratification is either delusional or a charlatan.

Be persistent but know when to change strategy and tactics when a “dead end” won’t budge.  Don’t be a fossil.  Be flexible.

Don’t throw good money after bad. Many “movement” outlets have their hands out; they are very good at pan-handling.  You may feel like: “I’ve already invested so much into these people, I can’t give up now.”  No, it’s a sunk cost, accept it and move on.  This applies to the investment of time and effort as much as the investment of money. Avoid the “denial of sunk cost” trap – which you are afraid to “break” with a failed group, etc. because of the perception that you’ve sunk too much into it to leave it now.  You will just sink deeper and deeper into failure.  Accept sunk costs and move on.

If some individual/group/organization is unable to clearly define who their “ingroup” is, who they are for, run as quickly as you can.  In particular, if you are in any way unsure whether you yourself are “in” why would you waste any investment of time and resources if a group of mendacious liars or indecisive dithering idiots?  You have the right to invest in your own genetic interests.  You are not there to be the extended phenotype of someone else, defending their genetic interests at the cost of your own.  Demand transparency and reciprocity regarding interests, and if you don’t get it, take your business elsewhere.  Don’t fall for the “we’ll sort all this out after the revolution.”  No, sort it out NOW.  And if you find some individual or group trying to renegotiate the ingroup after the fact, suggesting that maybe you don’t belong after all, AFTER you’ve already invested your time, effort, and money with them, then they are utterly devoid of character, and you need to leave them ASAP, regardless of what they “decide” about ingroups.  Deciding on the ingroup is the FIRST thing – the DEFINING thing any group must do.  The definition of a group is meaningless without a clear “in/out” and if the “in/out” is going to be redefined midstream, then the definition of the group is also meaningless.  Don’t waste your time with meaningless groups….or with meaningless individuals.

Don’t waste time with “man on white horse” syndromes, magical thinking about quick fixes, and that mainstream leaders are “secretly on our side.” They’re not.

Don’t be afraid to call out “movement” “leaders” when such fail time and time again. They’ll get hysterical, “ban” you from their sites, call you names (the pot calling the kettle black), they’ll do anything to protect their money stream.  After all, we can’t let the rubes know how they are getting fleeced now, can we?  As a corollary don’t buy into, or yourself promote, the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action policy. If any “movement” precinct declares that groups A-M are part of their ingroup, and groups N-Z are not, well and good, but then leadership of that precinct should be able to come from any qualified person derived from that ingroup (A-M).  Any “movement” group that has a caste system within their ingroup – run.  They are being disingenuous; they really want an ingroup narrower than they outwardly proclaim, and are just fishing for more money sources and other forms of support.  Again, don’t be someone else’s extended phenotype.

If I think of any more advice, a follow-up to this post will be produced in the future.

A Response to Greg Johnson

Behold the “movement.”
Greg Johnson writes at Counter-Currents:
This will be your last comment here. You’ve got your own blog for your embittered rants. You no longer have anything constructive to contribute.
Greg Johnson
Greg, believe it or not, I always thought you were a good guy and a useful intellectual contributor (despite our disagreements).  Apparently though, you are a bit too thin-skinned, a trait that won’t serve you going forward.  An inability to accept criticism, however harsh, from your own side, is the path to personal stagnation. To answer your latest criticism (which I accept with no personal rancor):
I may well be a “crazy, bitter, low information moralizer,” but I’m also not the one responsible for the potential doxing of dozens of activists, I’m not the one who let an infiltrator waltz through “extreme vetting” because of ethnic fetishism and affirmative action, I’m not the one who took The Great Persiante Shah Jorjani seriously, I’m not the one who let “Smoky Mountain SS” walk off with secret National Alliance files to be handed off to “watchdog groups,” I’m not the one who invites Hart, Weissberg, and Derbyshire to speak at conferences, I’m not the one who lived on a mountaintop engaging in serial monogamy while living off the donations of members who I secretly (and not so secretly) despised, I’m not the one who cheerfully interviews activists who I publicly accused of being untrustworthy and mentally unstable only a few years prior, I’m not the one who changes fundamental aspects of my worldview essentially to spite other activists with whom I’m engaged in a public feud, I’m not the one who shamelessly panhandles for money online using pictures of my children (who are too young to understand how they are being used), I’m not the one who throws activists who I recently posed with “under the bus” because they did something that may offend some of my Jewish supporters,  I’m not the one who chuckles with Jewish correspondents about how a prominent racialist activist “may get shot,” I’m not the one who considers certain “movement” figures to be “rock stars” that are immune from criticism – while at the same time criticizing the “personality cults” of Jewish intellectual movements, I’m not the one who championed “mainstreaming” for years and stated that Marine Le Pen’s election was the last chance for a peaceful resolution of Europe’s racial crisis while having no comments to make about her humiliating electoral defeat, I’m not the one who publicly airs the most intimate of “dirty laundry” in “movement” feuds (although I do know plenty of such laundry, some of which I’ve kept to myself for two decades), I’m not the one who writes that it is good to sometimes “punch right” but who then myself exhibits a “glass jaw” when a few legitimate memetic punches are thrown in my direction, I’m not the one who publicly questions why possession of child porn should be illegal, I’m not the one who writes under two different names and then does podcasts under each name thinking that no one will notice that the voice is exactly the same (granted, most “movement” activists are so clueless and unaware that I’m sure they did not notice), I’m not the one who wrote that “Trump is the last hope for White America” and I’m not the one who makes the “man on white horse” error over and over and over again, I’m not the one who made a cartoon frog and “Kek” the symbols of racial activism, I’m not the one who gambled away supporter contributions, I’m not the one who organized Charlottesville or threw up my right arm at Hailgate, and I’m not the one responsible for decades of racial nationalist failure and incompetence.  That’s the purview, it seems, of sane, cheerful, high-information activists.  
That’s not an “embittered rant.” It is in fact objective truth, and if there is one single point listed in the above paragraph that is factually incorrect, then please point it out. But there are none. Not a single one. What we have here is simply personal anger and hurt feelings up against verifiable, objective facts. Is this perhaps a clue as to why incidents like a year-long infiltration by a thinly disguised informant repeatedly take place?
Good luck with your blog.

A Clarification for Der Movement

Stating things which should be obvious.

Posted by Captainchaos on Wed, 10 Aug 2016 00:51 | #
There are two major problems with the “creative intelligences” that have come and gone here over the years:
1. While their diagnoses of what ails are often brilliant and correct their proposed cures represent a declension into lunacy that reveals a large eccentric streak.
2. They are easily butthurt pussies.
These factors paint a huge target on their backs which makes trolling all but irresistible.

Based on previous comments Mr. Chaos made about me on Majority Rights, I will assume he includes me as one of the “easily butthurt pussies” so described.
Ordinarily, I would ignore such typical “movement” nonsense, but there are some important points to be made here.

First. to be clear: I did not leave Majority Rights due to the stupid antics of low-life trash such as Silver or Desmond Jones. I left because of Guessedworker’s reaction (or lack thereof) to such antics, and there’s a world of difference between those two reasons.

Now, to be clear again: I’ve always liked Guessedworker, he provided a forum for me to discuss important topics and I am grateful for him for that, and he is no doubt a sincere activist. But, in my opinion, he failed in his leadership role in running his blog. I expected to participate in a serious forum of discussion of important issues, not an insane asylum of nutcases, obvious frauds and trolls, vulgar lunatics and the like. The problem that made me go my own way (which I am better suited for anyway, I make a poor follower, this I admit) was one of failed leadership, not of being “butthurt” over moronic comments made by laughably stupid jackasses.
“Movement” activists like to assert that we are engaged in a sort of “shadow war.” Very well Let’s take the military analogy farther. One should view their fellow activists through the prism of “is this the kind of person I would want in a foxhole with me in time of war?” “Is this the type of person I’d trust to watch my back, trust with my life in a time of deadly danger?” And with respect to the “leadership” of the “movement” (including those who lead multi-member popular blogs) – “is this the type of person I would want as my officer leading me into battle?” As regards the top “leadership” – the likes of Pierce – “is this the type of person I’d want as a general formulating the battle strategy in a war I would have to fight?”

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then it is time to move on. This is all too serious to waste time otherwise. It has nothing to do with liking someone, or even respecting them or knowing they are sincere. It is not a question of loyalty either – as I said, I appreciate what Guessedworker did to give me a forum and I would not abandon him if he was in danger. I just cannot work with him at his forum because in my opinion it was mismanaged, and I take all of this too seriously to continue in such a situation.

Second, taking all of this seriously, I ask – what kind of degenerate assholes believe that “trolling” serious activists is “irresistibly” justified? Frauds like Silver and demented obsessive fetishists like Jones, I can understand. But anyone who is not a fraud or not a fetishist had better ask themselves whether this is all just a source of personal amusement for them, or are they trying to get something done foe their race.

At the Intersection of Mainstreaming and HBD

Madness, it’s folly and madness.

At Amren, a “White Advocate” commentator writes:

My understanding is that many AmRen supporters hold that both Jews and North Asians are more intelligent that gentile Whites. While the term Jewish supremacist won’t work for a whole boatload of reasons, let’s experiment with North Asian (or Oriental) supremacist. Imagine inviting the press to a North Asian Supremacy conference only to have them stumble in to a room full of white guys.

Paging John Derbyshire!  It’s time for some “measured groveling” to our Asiatic masters!  If I wrote the above quote as a parody, some would think that I was going too far; unfortunately, that’s a real comment and no parody. And it’s reasonably consistent; after all:

He claims to be a “yellow supremacist” because he has theorized that Asian people are the most advanced humans (in evolutionary terms), followed by white people and those of African descent.

And it’s not just that site.  A more radically WN site has recently been commandeered by an aggressively domineering East Asian female, who has got the henpecked White males there agreeing to a “Euro-Asian alliance” so as to “inflict pain on Russians” (you know, the most populous ethnic group in Europe) and to colonize the West with Asians so that Western borders can be defended by Chinese girls with guns.  Again, that’s not a parody of their position, it’s the actual position itself.

People wondering why I am so adamantly opposed to HBD can perhaps begun to discern the direction that HBD/race-realism inevitably leads us: worship of Asians, a “movement” based on “Oriental supremacism” with subaltern Whites groveling before the more “evolutionarily advanced” Asiatics.  In some cases, Whites are to grovel before Jews as well; in other cases, “movement” fears of “Jewish infiltration” never for some reason extend to the danger of infiltration by yellow and brown Asians.

Recently, the “movement” – including some of the pro-Asian sites mentioned above – has been harshly critiquing Roosh and the PUA stupidity.  While that criticism has been richly deserved, a question that goes unanswered is: why is being race cucked by a Chinaman any better than by a Persian?

And all talk about “alliances” is doubly ludicrous.  First, because we have all sorts of grand alliances being proposed by small groups of powerless bloggers, the sort of “fascist delusion” mocked by the likes of Roger Griffin (*).  Second, because it should be obvious that alliances should never be formed from a position of weakness.  In the mid-late 1990s, there was much chatter among the “movement” about forming “alliances” with Black nationalists.  To which more sane people queried: and what do we offer them?  Negroes under Farrakhan had just marched en masse onto the nation’s capital, while White neckbeards have continuously proved unable to march down a side street without being out-numbered by crowds of hostile protesters.  Why should anyone form an “alliance” with the losing side (Whites)?  Such an “alliance” would be nothing more or less than the terms of surrender by Whites, negotiating from a position of perfect weakness.

But, then, the “movement” always knows better.  With such fine merit-based leadership, who could ever doubt their wisdom?

*Nothing wrong with proposing ideas.  But when it “jumps the shark” into grandiose designs complete with multiple maps and empty bombastic rhetoric then we have moved from reasonable advocacy to fever-dream delusion.