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Passive Aggressive is not a Good Look for “Movement” “Leadership”

And other news.

Read this. They loved her non-White boyfriends! Time for more Counter-Currents articles about how the accused “could literally be my brothers or cousins.”  Who knows…maybe it’s true. Literally.

Greg Johnson thinks he’s being funny with the picture accompanying this post. He’s just revealing himself to be a passive aggressive buffoon. It is unfortunate that an individual with pretensions of “leadership” conducts himself in such a childish manner, and trivializes a serious topic. Rank-and-file activists certainly deserve better for their leadership cadre. Anyway, good to know though he’s reading this blog. Thanks for the heads up, Greg. I appreciate it, I really do.

With respect to whaling, it is my contention that civilized (White) men should have a respect, an affinity, for intelligent life.  Of course, when it comes to self-defense, war, and survival, killing intelligent life is necessary; humans have been doing so to each other since the beginning of our history.  However, whales are not attacking people; we are not at war with Moby Dick; and Scandinavian traditions and the Japanese hunger for whale meat do not equate to survival.  Eating dogs is part of Chinese tradition and Chinamen have a hunger for canine meat, so why not equate that with survival and excuse it, similar to how some excuse whaling?

I used to joke that a reason why the ETs in their flying saucers weren’t landing publicly was that they were afraid of being mugged by Coloreds. Instead, perhaps it is that they are afraid of being harpooned by the Herrenvolk. Indeed, maybe this whole whaling controversy is clever trolling by the “ethnonationalists” to convince us that the differences between European types are too large to be bridged. Then again, opposition to whaling is fairly widespread throughout the White world, so there’s that.

White men should leave whaling to the Japanese. Maybe the problem is that it is difficult to discern who is in fact Japanese.  Is it this fellow?  Or is it this one?  Confusion, confusion!

In the 5/17/20 livestream, Johnson does his usual mendacious shtick against pan-Europeanism. Distortion after distortion after distortion. He and his “yes man” can’t think of any benefits of confederation. Gee…two people with identical views having a discussion about a controversial topic – and they come to an agreement!  Apparently, that’s the type of “sane” and “decent” debate Johnson is comfortable engaging in. The intellectual courage is breathtaking!  Free debate!  The spirit of intellectual inquiry!

Sovereignty!  Pan-Europeanism is “back to diversity!”  Sovereign ethnostates!   Great Greg. Let’s put John Morgan on trial for violating the sovereignty and homogeneity of Hungary. Let’s put Full Moon Ancestry and Anton on trial for turning Eastern Europe into a bordello. “Peace is better than war” – which is why Johnson advocates war and ethnic cleansing among Europeans (emphasis added):

But what would happen if a sovereign European state signed a treaty to host a gigantic Chinese military base? Or if it fell into the hands of plutocrats who started importing cheap non-white labor? Clearly such policies would endanger all of Europe, therefore, it is not just the business of whatever rogue state adopts those policies. What could the rest of Europe do to stop this? Isn’t this why we need a politically unified Europe?

The answer, of course, is what all sovereign states do when they face existential conflicts of interest: they go to war. Other states would be perfectly justified in declaring war against the rogue state, deposing the offending regime, and ethnically cleansing its territory. But then they would set up a new sovereign regime and go home.

Very peaceful indeed.  

“White people are not a political category.” OK…so what’s White Nationalism about then?  If Johnson is of English descent, he should be all about English nationalism. Nothing else. The Faroe Harpoon Man can stick to his Scandinavian nationalism. Why are they even doing a livestream together?  They are diluting their ethnic heritages!  Of course, that’s not quite the same degree of dilution as “awkward Squad” Full Moon Ancestry dating ethnically alien Slavic women, or John Morgan imposing himself on the long-suffering Magyar people, but still. 

See my arguments here.

Laugh at this.

In a perfect world, every white man would find a compatible white woman to marry and have white children. 

“Every white man.” Including the homosexual ones?

I am who I am because of my parents.

Do they find that comment offensive?

I have been told that I take after the characteristics and mannerisms of my father.

How did he father a child then? 

While my mom took me to my first concerts as a kid, I went to a lot of concerts as a teenager with Adam. He drove us to a Slayer concert and I recognized a group of girls from our high school. I was attracted to one of them…

We’ll assume she was not of Danish ethnic descent.

…so I asked Adam to come over with me to talk to them. The girl I liked had another friend with her that Adam started talking to. That girl would later become Adam’s wife.

So, Adam was successful and FMA was not.  I’m shocked.  

Our current culture and societies do not want white people to form families and have white children.

Hmm.  White.  Racial. How about ethnic…as in ethnonationalism?  Maybe Slavs and Balts want to have Slavic and Baltic children and not part-Danish hybrids. Please leave Eastern Europe alone.

But what I would tell them is that we as ethnic nationalists and white advocates care about them.

As long as “them” doesn’t include Eastern European men experiencing mate poaching (no bueno!), it’s all good!  Those caring “ethnic nationalists”…who go to other people’s nations and take their women.

We have a duty. We have a biological imperative. I would remind our brothers that we must do whatever we can to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children…I myself have never been married and I do not have any kids.


I just hope they give a better speech at my wedding.

In Ukrainian or Estonian.  Not Danish.

She supports anti-vaxx propaganda that perpetuates disease and human suffering.  The hypocrite Johnson retweets this.  Does Dershowitz have a better character than “movement” activists?

Coronavirus has discredited Der Right. Including Johnson.

Der Stupidity, 12/9/17

More “movement” antics.

Richard Spencer (laughably) asserts that an obvious non-White mongrel like Markle can “pass for White or Italian” (those two categories being, obviously, separate and distinct).  The resident wop on the podcast, along with Spencer, ended up making a joke out of it all (one could almost hear Beavis and Butthead sniggering in the background), and the podcast went on, the small faux paus of ethnic fetishism gently skipped over with a chuckle, akin to adults smiling when a toddler innocently passes gas in public.

Very well, everyone is entitled to their opinions on racial phenotypes, just as they are entitled to the glasses or corrective eye surgery that they so sorely require.  The irony though is that while these fellows decry that the “conversation moves in only one direction” – focusing on the hypocrisy between royal mores of the 1930s compared to today – they themselves exhibit the same tendencies to follow rigid trains of thought. How about moving the conversation about racial phenotypes in other directions?  If accusations of “ethnic fetishism” are thought to be unfair, then when are we going to hear Der Movement discuss how David Bromstad looks more Asian than Yukio Mishima, or how Bjork can pass as a Japanese Geisha?  Blasphemy!  Blasphemy!  Time to vandalize the Bromstad Wikipedia page with new lies about a “Chinese mother,” no doubt.

Critiquing Der Movement once again, I note the absence so far (apart from this blog) of commentary about Donald “Saturated Fats” Trump, the vacuum cleaner scarfing up piles of junk food like any typical obese American land whale, and his slavishly pro-Jewish Jerusalem ploy.  America First?  Laughable.  But all the “movement” heroes no doubt don’t want to dwell too much on this, as it would focus unwanted attention on their unrequited Trump lovefest, and their incurable “man on white horse syndrome.”  

Siberian Gene Flow into Europe

Raciology alert!

Something to read, emphasis added:

Siberia and Northwestern Russia are home to over 40 culturally and linguistically diverse indigenous ethnic groups, yet genetic variation and histories of peoples from this region are largely uncharacterized. We present deep whole-genome sequencing data (∼38×) from 28 individuals belonging to 14 distinct indigenous populations from that region. We combined these data sets with additional 32 modern-day and 46 ancient human genomes to reconstruct genetic histories of several indigenous Northern Eurasian populations. We found that Siberian and East Asian populations shared 38% of their ancestry with a 45,000-yr-old Ust’-Ishim individual who was previously believed to have no modern-day descendants. Western Siberians trace 57% of their ancestry to ancient North Eurasians, represented by the 24,000-yr-old Siberian Mal’ta boy MA-1. Eastern Siberian populations formed a distinct sublineage that separated from other East Asian populations ∼10,000 yr ago. In addition, we uncovered admixtures between Siberians and Eastern European hunter-gatherers from Samara, Karelia, Hungary, and Sweden (from 8000–6600 yr ago); Yamnaya people (5300–4700 yr ago); and modern-day Northeastern Europeans. Our results provide new insights into genetic histories of Siberian and Northeastern European populations and evidence of ancient gene flow from Siberia into Europe.

Perhaps some of that leaked into the David Bromstad and Bjork family lines. Actually, Bromstad would seem to be a solid candidate to be recruited by HopeNotHate for their next Alt Right infiltration.  Infiltrate the Nutzis as well.  And if the Alt Wrong mistake him for a high-IQ Chinaman, so much the better, although I suspect the Alt Wrong and the Nutzis, with their yellow fever, would be more prone to accept Bjork as an infiltrator.

In any case, the idea of absolute racial purity takes another hit, and the unscientific “hypodescent” paradigm, as applied to Old World demographics, is again shown to be untenable, unless all of Northeastern Europe is now to be considered “Asian.”