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Tip of the Iceberg

More to come.
What do you expect?  My prediction remains this: the System in Britain will “double down” on diversity – MORE immigration, MORE pandering to NECs, MORE anti-White “hate speech laws.” The White reaction?  Nothing. Silence.  Thought experiment: what would happen if the British government were to release all the arrested NECs and instead arrest and prosecute the victims for “racism.” The White reaction to that? Nothing. Silence.  After all, let’s watch some comedy on the BBC, and have a “pint” at the pub. The government could pass laws requiring White girls to be molested by immigrants, and the native White population there would do absolutely nothing.

They Will Go On Like That

Sound and fury signifying nothing.

As Dan Hodges (a professed liberal) wrote this week in The Telegraph: “We can’t carry on like this. We just can’t.”

 Quite right. Cataclysmic changes must be made because the Left that has been culturally dominant throughout the West for decades is intellectually bankrupt; more importantly, it is morally bankrupt. Perhaps Rotherham and the other rape scandals around the UK will finally burst the Left’s aura of moral superiority to the point where advocating immigration and multiculturalism will make one a moral pariah and induce feelings of guilt among Whites.

Doubt it. After all, Whites have an nearly unlimited capacity for ethnomasochism, they have the attention span of a mayfly, they are degenerate and hedonistic, and. as “dark enlightenment” guru CH hypothesized recently, the White elites don’t identify with the White masses, but instead see themselves as a separate de facto race and people, with interests incompatible to that of Whites. Further, despite muted spasms of outrage over Rotherham, the totalitarian machinery of speech control is still very much intact in Britain and the rest of the EU. What? If Weston were to make another speech criticizing Islam (quoting Winston Churchill!), he’d be arrested just as before, Rotherham or no Rotherham.
My prediction: there will be a period of weeks, maybe months, where some folks, in Britain and among American WNs (not the American media or political classes, of course), decry Rotherham. They’ll be a lot of chest-beating and talk that “things must change.” And then – nothing. It will be forgotten. A few colored “Britons” will be trotted out as “proof” of “assimilation,”  “More important” issues such as “council housing” and “tax rates” will take center stage.  Scottish independence voting will grab the headlines. There’s sports and the “telly.” The White masses will forget all about it, the elites will breath a sigh of relief, and the outcome will be: MORE immigration, MORE hate speech laws, MORE displacement of the British, MORE appeasement of the invaders, MORE crimes against Whites that are covered up. More, more, more.  What’s to stop it?  Nothing.

“We can’t carry on like this.  We just can’t.”

They can and they will.  Because there’s no one there – no one with any power and influence – calling for an end to immigration and the beginning of repatriation. If they did call for that, they’d be arrested. Even after all of this, no one is calling for a revocation of all the “race” laws in Britain, those “speech codes” that prevent natives from expressing ethnic interest in freedom.  Saying “we can’t take it” but acting like you want more of “it” is not going to stop “it” – you are just going to get more of “it.”  Talk – whatever talk is possible in Orwellian Britain – is cheap.  Aracial spasms of carefully modulated PC outrage is cheap.  Question: are White Britons flocking en masse to the “far right?” Or as they cowering in their homes and pubs hoping to get through another day without being killed by a colored or arrested for “hate speech?”  We know the answer to that, don’t we?

Extreme White Pathology and Inferiority

More evidence that the White race is at the low end of the biological fitness spectrum.
I’ve already written here on the objective worthlessness of the White race, and this is yet more evidence for that.  “Pathology” is too weak a word for what is described there.
If Britain still retains even the slightest possibility of hope, the following should now happen, at the absolute minimum:
1. All those responsible for these crimes, including the authorities who looked the other way, should be promptly put on trial, convicted, and publicly executed.
2. All “anti-racist” laws should be repealed.  “Anti-racist” publications should be shut down, organizations banned, and supportive activists, politicians, authorities, media personalities, and academics jailed (or deported if they are not of native stock).
3. Involuntary deportation of anyone not of native British stock should commence. It doesn’t matter where they were born.
Of course, this will not take place.  Expect more immigration, more “anti-racist” laws, more coddling of aliens, etc.  Who knows? Maybe the girl victims will be prosecuted – one could assert they are “racists” who didn’t willingly engage in sex with these nice and noble NECs and thus are responsible for causing this problem to begin with.  Yes, that’s the ticket!  In fact, each and every NEC now in custody for this crime should be released and automatically appointed to the House of Lords!  Hail Britannia!

Your Friendly Neighborhood NECs

Don’t notice the difference between them and ECs.
But…GNXP (Breezy’s buddies) has said that we must import “hundreds of thousands” of such “cognitive elitists” each year. A certain “Serbian-Greek” has in the past become hysterical over any assertion about the fundamental incompatibility of ECs and NECs. Remember that when reading articles such as this.