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Is Kevin Williamson the New Bromstad?

Kevin, not Chilton.

First, I apologize for previously confusing Kevin Williamson with Chilton Williamson, rushing to get posts up, not remembering which was which. My error.
That aside, we can ask, what do we know about Kevin Williamson?
Well, this. And this. A far cry from him admitting he has a “black father” or some such thing.
Before I believe “movement” retards, as well as scum like Silver, that Kevin Williamson is a mulatto, quadroon. octoroon, whatever, I’d like to see some, you know, actual evidence to back it up.
Until then, this seems like another case of the “movement” not liking the phenotype of someone from a “movement”-approved ethnic background, and then inventing a fictitious ancestry to reconcile their cognitive dissonance.
Of course, there may be evidence in which case the interpretation will differ. So, please, Kevin, can you tell us all about your Negro paternal ancestry?


Ilias Kasidiaris

Comparing celebrities.
It seems that the American “movement” is disturbed by the physical appearance of Golden Dawn celebrity Ilias Kasidiaris, and making racial inferences about Greeks based on this individual.
Fair enough, physical appearance is very important in racialist circles.  Therefore, I am confident that the phenotype of David Bromstad will come under equal scrutiny, and similar ethnoracial inferences made.
Will any snarky remakes about Andrea Dworkin and Maxim models be made about this?  Or does the “movement’s” affirmative action policy take care of the issue?

And no, this isn’t a Japanese geisha or anime cartoon.