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Towers of Power

Did you ever notice: decline of the West, architectural version.
Did you ever notice that all of the tallest buildings in the world, the ones that currently exist, the ones in the process of being built, and, insofar as I know, all the ones on the drawing board, are all in non-Western nations, in the Islamic world and in East Asia?
A minor point you may say, and who cares.  But isn’t it emblematic of the decline of the West, that the non-Western world is growing, confident, striving, while Whites grovel in humiliation towards the World of Color, that while Coloreds build to the skies, Whites are falling into the gutter?
While the Coloreds are ascendant in their own lands, their presence in the West is a prime reason why the West collapses.  The World of Color acts to enhance the well-being of coloreds, while the White World also acts to enhance the well-being of coloreds at the expense of the Whites themselves. Hey, when your resources are going to colored parasites and “refugees,” there’s no time or money for skyscrapers, space exploration, or any scientific and technical accomplishments whatsoever.
Of course, the West is probably fearful that any sort of 3,000 foot “tallest building” will become a terror target – a target by the same coloreds the West lets into their nations.  So the West watches as the symbols of power and prestige go up in other civilizations, and then representatives of those civilizations help ensure that such symbols can never be present in the West. 

The White Race: a comically embarrassing slab of flab.