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Justice for Michael Douglas

Not the actor.

In response to this, I say: hey, Laura, given the dark stain in your past, why don’t you just shut your filthy mouth?  Instead of making excuses for the young man you killed, why don’t you come clean, after all these years, about it?  Were you driving drunk? Why no sobriety test?  Did you harbor a grudge against the victim?  Was it all really an accident?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Laura Bush is an enigma wrapped in another enigma. She is shy, beautiful, bookish, and in 1963, she blew through a stop sign and killed a guy. It was probably an accident. Perhaps it was simply youthful recklessness. Or maybe, just maybe… it was murder. Join Mrs. Bush for this intimate evening of reminiscences: of her childhood in Texas, of her marriage to George W. Bush, and of their rapid ascent to the very pinnacle of world power. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with the woman behind the Decider.

You know, there is no statute of limitations on murder.  Nothing stops authorities from reopening the Michael Douglas case to see if there is any evidence to put before a grand jury.  It can be done right now.  It should be done right now.  Why not?  If there is nothing wrong there, if there is nothing to hide, why not reopen the case and put all questions to rest?  Speaking of rest: Can Michael Douglas finally rest in peace?

Justice for Michael Douglas!

Of Cucks and Men

Something positive about the Alt Right.

I have been critical of the Alt Right, including Spencer, when called for, and will continue to do so (something about the latest Jorjani fiasco will be out soon).  But the converse is true as well: when these guys do something right, I’ll support them.

Even though the Florida speech didn’t go down in an optimal fashion, nevertheless, giving these speeches – or attempting to – is a good idea, and I have to give Richard Spencer credit for putting himself out there, physically, taking risks, speaking truth to power, and defending his people.  

Whatever else one can say about him, Spencer is a man, contrasted to mewling pathetic cucks like John McCain or George W. Bush (whose wife, in my opinion, should be indicted for murder for what she did in high school).

As for the scum in the Florida crowd, shouting Spencer down, I say this: Like it or not, the Far Right is here to stay. I don’t like the Alt Right nor the “movement” as a whole, but I do acknowledge that we are, broadly speaking, on the same side, and I certainly fully support Spencer in his quest to get racial nationalist ideas a fair hearing.

Now, I think he’d be more successful if he’d cut ties with the juvenile jackassery of the Alt Right, and not deal with the likes of Jorjani again, but I realize that when I give advice to the “movement” it goes in one ear and out the other.

Regardless, I’ll give credit where credit is due.

George P Bush and Trump

What’s all that about?

In the headlines: George P Bush urges support for Trump.

What is that about?

The Bush dynasty is clever.  They may see the handwriting on the wall, that right-wing populism is the long-range future of the GOP,  But given White worthlessness and White tendencies to “cuck,” the populist voters will always feel guilty about being “racist.”  In rides the “vibrant” George P, who will meld – in other words, co-opt – right-wing populism with diversity, big business interests, globalism, etc.  It’s all right to be a populist, George P says so!  We’re not racists!  The grown-up “little brown one” will provide a safe cover for Establishment cucks to take back the GOP from the populists.  Oh, well, the cucks need now to talk about “Americanism” rather than, say, pounding the drums about abortion or transgenders in bathrooms, but, hey, whatever works!  A nice brown face leading the populists back to the cuck reservation, with a thin veneer of “Americanist red meat” to keep them happy. It’s all worked before.  But to be credible, George P has to support Trump in 2016 (while the rest of the Bush clan undermines Der Touchback). Oh, those White rubes, they’ll buy it every time.

Of course, if Trumpism was explicitly White, this co-opting could never be attempted.  But furtive implicit Whiteness can always be controlled by cuckservatism.  And, after all, young “vibrants” like George P are the future. Old Trump is the Dead White Past.

Get with the program, all you budding White cucks!

In Search of Right Wing Populism

Unfortunately, not found in America.
On a previous Counter Currents podcast, Greg Johnson asserted that “right wing populism is the sweet spot in American politics,” and I agree.  I believe there are many middle class and working class White Americans who tend to be “leftist” and populist on economic matters and “rightist” on issues of race, culture, and society.  This is something that really doesn’t exist in modern American electoral politics, with the exception of outliers like Pat Buchanan (who hasn’t run for office for a very long time).
Thus, if we crudely look at the political grid, we have the Democrats, who are leftist on both economics and race, we have the neoconservative wing of the GOP which is leftist on race but conservative-libertarian right on economics and we have the Tea Party types who are conservative on both race and economics. There is no organized force in American politics that is Right on race, and Left on economics, and that’s not by accident.  
The GOP is 100% in hock to Big Business, so what we have there are all the free trade open market types, with a racially liberal leadership, who sometimes throw a few rhetorical bones at the implicitly White dogs of the Tea Party and associated “core conservatives,” in order to win enough votes to push the Chamber of Commerce agenda. The Democrats are more sound on economics, but they are the party of overt anti-White hatred. Middle class and working class Whites have the dilemma of voting their pocketbook (Democrats) but putting into power a party foaming at the mouth with race hate, or voting against their economic interests (Republicans) compensated with an implicitly White veneer and some small scraps of sociocultural conservative red meat, but, mostly, what they get from the GOP is constant betrayal as that party pursues the Big Business open borders agenda. It’s a lose-lose situation for White Americans.
A combination of economic populism with hardcore paleoconservate sociocultural, racial, and immigration restriction views, would be a real vote-geter, and would actually stimulate enthusiasm among White voters (instead of the grim drudgery of voting for a McCain, Romney, or Bush). Yes, I know, this right wing populism is still a far cry from what we really need, but it would be a step in the right direction. At the very least, it would unleash the forces of balkanizing chaos, as racial politics would become more explicit.
But powerful forces, with lots of money, have a vested interest in suppressing right wing populism. Big Business certainly doesn’t want their GOP-voting White sheep to stray from the Chamber of Commerce pastures, and the Tribe is going to think that the natives are getting restless, and that the mob and their pitchforks is coming.
A third party is needed, but how such a party can battle against the Big Business money and the Tribe money, and also the controlled media, is a question for which there is no easy answer.