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The Eurasian Union

The American “Movement” – a Pathetic Disaster

What’s really going on in the Ukraine?  Why, it’s the Eurasian Union, brought to you by that wonderfully pro-White traditionalist, the new White Knight of starry-eyed “traditionalists” infesting the fever swamps of the pitiful circus known as the “American racial nationalist movement.”

Who first proposed the idea?  

…but was first proposed as a concept by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, during a 1994 speech at a Moscow university.

Central Asians.  But of course.  Why would they want to become “subservient” to Moscow? Answer: they are well aware of the demographic collapse of the Slavic East, and are ready to engage in a campaign of race replacement immigration conquest, aided by power-hungry Russian politicians ready and willing to sell out Russian/Slavic EGI with their dreams of a rebuilt Soviet Empire.

And then we have this, shades of Dugin:

…since the member countries have a comparable level of economic development, as well as common history and values.

The racial future of Russia as part of this Eurasian Union can be seen here:

Yes, indeed, the Eurasian Union is analogous to the European Union – both have as their underlying agenda the genocidal race replacement of racially European peoples.

And we have people in the American “movement” who foam at the mouth in favor of Trad Vlad, the grand traditionalist, a multiracialist who’ll flood Russia with Central Asians, Turks, and Vietnamese.

These people are so incredibly moronic, we all need to be spared their imbecilic naivete; can they please retire from the “movement” and spare us the tragicomic embarrassment of their stupidity?

Better yet, can the entire American “movement” be dispensed with, so we can start over again with mature adult rationality?