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More of the Same

Let’s see what that may mean.

Greg Johnson says that the reaction of he and Counter-Currents to the changes in America as a result of the recent election (and what may occur with the Senate runoffs in GA) is to merely do “more of the same.”

What can “more of the same” mean with respect to Der Movement?

Number one.

Number two.

Number three.

Number four.

Number five.

Number six.

Number seven.

Number eight.

Number nine.

Number ten.

In particular, I must apologize to the 30-odd people at the Northwest Forum who were exposed to this snitch because of me.

Number eleven.

Also thanks to the internet, it only took me about an hour to change my identity from David Lewis, Seattle historian, to Dave Lewis, Neo-Nazi film editor and aspiring book critic from Charlottesville, currently living in Los Angeles. This Dave Lewis has never been to Seattle, but has always wanted to attend Northwest Forum.

My film editor persona dangled a giant chunk of cheese in front of Dr. Johnson. In addition to being a racist, Johnson is also a huge cinephile who has published two books of “pro-white” movie reviews wherein he rants against Zootopia as “pure evil” but surprisingly enjoyed 8 Mile. The role of film editor also worked to my advantage because, despite a recent fundraising spike, the white nationalist movement still has a hard time attracting people with artistic or technical talent.

Dr. Johnson bit the cheese.

Number twelve.

Number thirteen.

Number fourteen.

Hailgate.  Unite the Right. Wasting the four years of Trump and accomplishing nothing.  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!

Roissy wrote:

And now we can add a very big name to the list of those men who have become transformed by the Trump Effect:

Jeff Bezos.

GAYASSERICA Bezos: [picture of Bezos]

Trumperica Bezos: [picture of a muscular Bezos]

Cinco Jotas theorizes based on this and other details of his personal life that Jeff Bezos is about to take a turn to the hard right. Physiognomy doesn’t lie, and it’s a proven fact that masculinity via the testosterone pathway predisposes a man to see the world through swole-colored glasses. Maybe we’ll read the cheesy nümale header at the Washington Post Op change from “democracy dies in darkness” to “from russia, with love, losers!”.

(IMO, I think Bezos is warming up to Trump, or warming himself up to out-alpha Trump, because he fears a bigly anti-trust Trump-led crackdown on his empire of SCALE.)

MacDonald – Jeff Bezos has “Nordic ancestry” so he is suddenly going to support the Far Right.Too bad Johnson didn’t tell that to Taylor and MacDonald (and Roissy) back in 2016. 

The insanity of the Left: On the one hand, they lambast Trump for not conceding (in the face of transparently obvious election fraud) and call him a “baby” and a “sore loser.” On the other hand, they revel in discussing how Trump should be prosecuted, tried, and imprisoned one he leaves office, pure poltically-motovated legal persecution. Gee…it seems he has nothing to lose but fight the fraud, doesn’t it?  

Quota Queens on the March

Pathetic. In all cases, emphasis added.

Affirmative action at the Presidential level.

Trump was perplexed. 

A common occurrence, no doubt.

The economy was strong. 

Tax breaks for big business!  That’s what the working class Whites in the Rust Belt voted for in 2016, right?

The president had built an enormous political infrastructure and was raking in hundreds of millions of dollars. 

All squandered. Quota Queen!

That month, Trump’s campaign conducted a $1.1 million polling project showing him leading prospective Democratic challengers even in blue states such as Colorado, New Mexico, and New Hampshire.

Laughter commences.

“Sir, regardless, this is coming. It’s the only thing that could take down your presidency,” Parscale told the president.

Trump snapped.

“This fucking virus,” Trump asked dismissively, according to a person with direct knowledge of the exchange, “what does it have to do with me getting reelected?”

Trump would undoubtedly make a wonderful “movement” leader:

  • German-Scottish ancestry – check.
  • Dumb as a stone – check.
  • Piss-poor judgment – check.
  • Error after error after error – check.
  • Selfish grifter – check.
  • Flubro statements – check.
  • Treating your supporters with contempt while pandering to people who hate you – check. (*)

*E.g., Trump treating his White base with contempt while pandering to Blacks; Amren treating White ethnics with contempt while pandering to Jews (and East Asians).

Hey!  Maybe Trump can replace Spencer as the President of the NPI!  MAGA! Pepe!  Kek!

Griffin gets what eludes our “movement” “rock stars” – 

Donald Trump and his campaign team were cucked on race. They were too afraid to crackdown on Black Lives Matter and Antifa. They were gaslit by the “white supremacy” narrative. As a result, they pandered to minorities, demoralized their base and the White vote slipped and they lost.

Could it have easily turned out otherwise? Yes, Donald Trump’s campaign took the White vote for granted. It is what got him elected in the first place in 2016. In the final analysis, it was what undid him in 2020. They ran a different kind of campaign in 2020 than 2016 in which Joe Biden was able to improve on Hillary Clinton in 41 out of 50 states and all but two swing states…

See this.

I certainly don’t envy Trump if he has to leave office with prosecutors and others poised to attack.

That’s the “swamp” that the incredibly lazy and useless Trump forgot to “drain.”  Remember what the first thing Trump said after he was elected? He said that he did not want Hillary Clinton investigated in any way – “leave her alone, she’s suffered enough from losing.”  So, all the “Lock Her Up” chants during the campaign were just more fraudulent Trumpian bluster. Unfortunately for Trump, it is unlikely that the other side is going to take such a forgiving attitude toward him. His charitable attitude toward Clinton was – rightfully – perceived as weakness by the Left, and like sharks smelling blood in the water, they went on the attack. And Trump, like the blundering hapless buffoon that he is, fell into all the traps set for him.

Biden’s speech on Saturday evening and the celebration, in the context of consensus support of liberal-left media and even foreign leaders despite recounts and court cases looming is an attempt to make it a fete accompli, a done deal that can’t be reversed. 

Note – “fete accompli.”  Let’s fete that accompli, guys!  Incredible.

But realize that if it is certified and given that the Senate could flip depending on the results in Georgia, all the consequences of a Biden presidency noted in my “Why It’s Important for Trump to Win” might happen. 

But, hey, Strom says don’t worry about electoral politics.

Of course, if there’s one thing Trump should have done it’s rein in the media monopolies. It’s been discussed quite a bit but Trump did nothing more than complain about it and say he was monitoring the situation. Too late now.

Yes, too late now. I suppose that’s the price to be paid for being an incredibly lazy blithering idiot play-acting as President. Now, the Republican establishment is “monitoring the situation” as Trump’s re-election was stolen from him.  

Democrat victories in Georgia would mean Dem control of the Senate and all that that implies in terms of statehood for Puerto Rico and DC (likely permanent Democrat majority), packing the Supreme Court with justices that would be happy to impose criminal penalties for “hate speech” and restrict gun ownership.

But, hey, let’s not have any, like, you know, plans for that or anything. Johnson tells us he’ll just do “more of the same” while Strom assures us that the National Alliance is above such petty political concerns.

70 million unhappy Trump voters who firmly and reasonably believe that the election was stolen (such allegations are all over mainstream conservative media) are going to be a serious force in the years ahead if not in the very near future.

If they have no leadership – and they currently do not – they are not going to do a damn thing.

Despite Biden’s high-flown rhetoric about all coming together and healing the divisions, things will be worse than ever. They should be careful what they wish for.

Yes, after all, it may all come true, and the Right will, as usual, do absolutely nothing to oppose it.

But still. I have to say that today I am very depressed.

No worries.  Jeff Bezos will recognize his Nordic ancestry and save us all!  High Trust!

todd hupp

todd huppsays:

November 7, 2020 at 4:52 pm

Any chance of the USA remaining a NW European nation may have evaporated.

NW European…like Trump, Spencer, Johnson, and all those Whites voting for Biden.

Aristo Boho

Aristo Bohosays:

November 7, 2020 at 5:18 pm

Dear Doctor MacDonald,

Yes, I too am very depressed. Let’s never forget that the Republicans are just as much at fault. When Mister Donald John Trump took office in 2017 as President Of The United States Of America, the Republican Party controlled both Houses of the Congress. 

Yes, let us not forget that for the first two years of Trump’s Presidency, the GOP controlled ALL branches of government and accomplished precisely nothing for Trump’s White base. Nada.  Zero.  Zilch. Nil.  The null set.  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!

In this of our Lord 2020: he should have immediately brought in the finest medical minds and come right out that the Coronavirus Disease-2019 was nothing but a shame, the biggest in world history.

Yes, I agree, it was and is a shame. Or did you mean to write something else, perhaps?  Like “fete accompli?”  Or, perhaps, let me guess here…sham. What a shame. Or is it sham? A shameful sham!

How about this – “it is a shame that the sham of Coronavirus Disease-2019 was a fete accompli.”  The sham is a shame and the shame is a sham.  Where is Jeff Bezos when you need him?  Working out and getting “jacked,” right Roissy?  Working that right bicep more than the left; leaning right, no doubt!When people on the Right complain about “fifty years of affirmative action” they should be referring as much to Der Movement as they are to America as a whole. In both cases, I suppose it will just continue indefinitely.

Odds and Ends, 10/17/20

In der news.

Obama’s buddy Al Sharpton.  This puts an interesting perspective on the Italian-Black conflicts in NYC, involving Sharpton, in the 80s and 90s. The folks in the streets are cannon fodder, while Italian and Black criminals collaborate to make money.  

Yet more evidence that Der Movement is always, always wrong while Sallis is correct.  Remember Jimmy WideAssMan and his “Generation Zyklon” “the kids are alright” nonsense?  And there is this retardation.  Harsh reality.

Wow, a real surprise.

And as far as the broader society goes, these Millennials and Generation Zers cannot afford to talk negatively about anyone else. Examining American 18-30 year olds (as well as high school students), what do we observe?  Not only is a huge percentage of them non-White, including what Pierce termed “the raceless ones” (semi-Whites; bizarre hybrids of every ancestral and phenotypic configuration), but those who are White are weaklings, freaks, hysterical SJWs, blue-haired fatties, purple-haired deviants, pink-haired queers, an alphabet soup of sexual perversions, radical leftists, sobbing soyboys, masculinized feminists, feminized white knighters…

Really, it is no surprise that inept Quota Queen Johnson wants to recruit the equally inept Quota Queen Roissy to the Counter-Currents sewer.  All of these AFFIRMATIVE ACTION types stick together, ignoring each other’s piss-poor judgment, endless errors, gaffes, miscalls, and general stupidity. After all, being always, always wrong is no big deal when everyone around you are equally always, always wrong – and when you can conveniently label those always, always right as “insane.”

Please compare this with this here dose of reality.  Further, it is simply astonishing that in 2020, after four years of Trumpian betrayals on race, any sort of pro-White advocate could write:

Trump’s record on keeping his campaign promises is mixed, but not for lack of effort. He never seems to give up, and when blocked on one path, whether by congressional or judicial opposition, thinks out-of-the-box to find a way around to another path.

Then we have:

To Trump’s credit, on racial issues he has often gone beyond his campaign promises, taking bold action on matters not discussed in the campaign, which should be regarded as surprise bonuses by White advocates. Recently he denounced both “Critical Race Theory” and “The 1619 Project,” two of the leading current expressions of anti-White ideology…

Trump could have acted against “Critical Race Theory” starting on day one of his Presidency. That he only does so now is indication that it is merely an electoral ploy to try and shore up his crumbling White base.

Yes, I will vote for Trump, for my own reasons, but I have always been realistic about the man – he is a fraud and a buffoon who has been spitting in the face of his base for the past four years. The lack of judgment in Der Movement, including and especially about Trump, is surely extremely disturbing.

And for those of you who think that I am too critical of McCulloch (as a long time critic of his work), let us see what a supporter of McCulloch writes (emphasis added):

White Zion remains the ONLY option. I admire McCulloch’s early and steadfast devotion and extensive academic contributions to White Preservationism, but this article rests on an enormous and fatal misconception: that most Whites support WP, and thus would support an ethnostate. That simply assumes away the essential problem, which is the suicidally low level of White racial consciousness and concern among the vast majority of Whites. As I have argued for over 15 years now, Whites obviously suffer from some sort of evolutionary defect, or at least, maladaptation, rendering them at this particular historical moment uniquely unable to resist race denialist and utopian ideologies. After all, if most Whites were racially healthy, we wouldn’t be having these discussions.

Government is mafia. This guy is “conservative in most…feelings” – surprise!  The ethnic gap, revisited, eh?  The reality is that Italians and other White ethnics in America make up a strong part of the Trumpian base – and they should be given credit for that.

Nazi rocket monkeys.

What about The Altar of Asia?  Measured groveling!

This is serious.  And what with the social media censorship of rightist politicians in America, I need to re-think the electoral politics angle.  I still say it is important, but there are serious problems that need to be addressed.  This is why we need a Far Right think tank – as opposed to Quota Queen stupidity.  We really need high level actualizable analysis to sort through the issues we now face. I’ll need to do some analysis on this topic. But, for now, it’s probably a good idea for politicians, particularly those in authoritarian anti-White Europe, notto use “1488” memes.

Odds and Ends, 10/5/20

In der news.

Comment about HBDer John Engelman:

HT  Samuel Hathaway 

John believes Democrat policies whereby the government takes money from whites and gives it to blacks is the best solution.

Never forget that HBD is a political movement aimed at disenfranchising and dispossessing Whites.

Genuine scientist?  Laughable. See this in response.

This is your “movement.”

Johnson-Goad: Greg Johnson wants to recruit Roissy for Counter-Currents.  That sounds just about right. Pathetic.

Let us remember what Johnson wrote about Roissy in the past:

For several years now, the website I read more than any other has been Chateau Heartiste, formerly known as Chateau Roissy…But, for all the pleasure and knowledge I have derived from these and other manosphere writers, I am increasingly drawn to the view that the net result of the manosphere is to morally corrupt men.

If Roissy ends up working for Johnson, we can consider the “over-under” odds of how long would it be before Johnson and Roissy have a falling out, and for Roissy to end up on the Matt Forney show to discuss Johnson.

Back to Johnson-Goad: Wow! Derbyshire gets his work down to exactly 1000 words!  A mathematician!  A genius!  Stunning!   Er…you do know that Word has a word count feature, right?  All one needs to do is write an essay that is within a couple of hundred words of 1000 and then edit until you reach 1000. It is actually fairly simple to do, but the real question is whether why anyone would want to submit articles that are all exactly 1000 words.  Carefully consider the character of such an individual who would even bother doing so (I doubt Taki required articles to be exactly 1000 words, otherwise there was no point to discuss Derbyshire’s “genius” in this regard, as everyone would be doing the same).

I must say that the Alt Right has pretty low standards for being impressed by someone’s cognitive abilities.  He can write essays of exactly 1000 words!  Another Newton!  Another Goethe!  Another da Vinci!

Listen to this.  Does Johnson live in Budapest as Forney claims?  Ethnonationalism!


When my mom visited me in Eastern Europe…

Not Denmark.