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Looking Back and Ahead

Let us consider together.

Looking back with 20-20 hindsight, the election of Donald Trump as President in 2016 must rank as one of the greatest catastrophes in White American history – and perhaps, White history in general.  Unlike “movement leaders” I can admit when I am wrong.  Now, I was 100% correct in my overall view of Trump, my identification of Trump as a fraud and a vulgar ignorant buffoon, occurring at the same time the “movement leaders” were onanistically foaming at the mouth over their “God Emperor” who was to be “the last hope for White America.”  However, I was wrong to endorse Trump, and wrong in my positive expectations of his Presidency from the standpoint of the societal ramifications.  

Trump has been a far worse fraud than I had ever imagined.  Further, Whites in general have been more inert and cowardly that I had ever imagined.  Thus, even though Trump did create chaos as I predicted – more due to the Left’s perception of him than from anything he actually did – not much actual balkanization occurred. The problem is that the chaos has been coming from only one side, from only one direction – the Left/Colored direction. Whites in general, and Trump in particular, remained, and still remain, passive and inert. In essence, the sum total of Trump’s Presidency has had him doing virtually nothing except energize, mobilize, and radicalize the Left, while at the same time, depressing, demotivating, and in some cases actually persecuting (via the DOJ) his own supporters.  We are now set for a potential disaster in November 2020 and beyond, with the ascension to power of this empowered Left. And even if Trump wins in 2020, what will we then have? Four more years of uselessness, blustering tweets followed by inaction and “monitoring the situation,” further radicalization and mobilization of the Left, and simply “kicking the can” down the road to 2024. Either way, regardless of the precise outcomes involved, Trump’s Presidency has been an unmitigated catastrophe for White America. Trump indeed is a world historical figure – in a purely negative sense.  The man is a monster.

And that is just the external effects on the broader society. Internally, with respect to (American) White racial activism, the entire phenomenon of Trumpism, broadly defined (including and especially his campaign of 2015-2016), has been an utter calamity, since it empowered the Alt Right and other such negative aspects of the “movement.”  Whatever little seriousness and gravitas that existed in American White racial activism was dissipated by the “Beavis-and-Butthead” antics of the Alt Right, by Pepe and Kek, “youth culture” and “memes,” “shitposting” and cosplay rallies, the rise and fall of Spencer, the conflation of White nationalism with the Alt Right, followed by deplatforming, defeat, depression, and despair. Trumpism was the central node of a convergence of factors that were in play – the degeneration of the American vanguardist Far Right since the death of Pierce, the “Gresham’s Law” aspects of the Internet and the over-dependence on digital activism, the pernicious “behavioral sink” effects of social media, the rise of the HBDers within the “movement,” the influence of the homosexual cabal, the resurgence of Nordicism and ethnic fetishism, the ability of greedy grifters to leverage the Internet to vacuum up the bulk of “movement” financial resources into do-nothing cul-de-sacs, the emergence of Millennial sensibilities in activism – all of these negative trends were empowered and amplified by Trump.

Looking ahead, I will continue extending and expanding my thoughts and advice on what needs to be done in the dark days ahead.  Some of the individuals responsible, in part, for the current state of affairs – the affirmative action “movement leadership” – can to a limited extent redeem themselves if they start doing the right thing. Of course, I have zero confidence in their leadership, judgment, and abilities. One cannot expect too much from this direction. However (unfortunately), these individuals do have status, followers, resources, connections, and funding – in essence a body sans an effectively functioning brain. Combined with a “leavening element” of some merit-based, prudent, judgment-enriched individuals, there could emerge a “brain trust” or “think tank” (using the words “brain” and “think” for only those individuals for whom they are appropriate) of individuals who could begin the process of (private of course) high-level discussion and strategizing to plot a course forward in these dangerous times. This would require certain individuals placing the racial good above ego, personality, desire for status, money-hungry grifting, feuds, and the like, and work at a higher level for race and civilization, rather than for self.  At the very least, some sort of infrastructure –“collective social goods” – needs to be established for use by the more useful (in relative terms) precincts of the “movement” (this should have been begun decades ago).

Think of this as a test: Character vs. selfishness, pettiness, and greed.  I for one am skeptical; I believe that they will all fail the test.  But I am sometimes, albeit rarely, wrong – see above.  I do not believe I will be wrong in this case, but we shall see – will any of the faux heroes step up to the plate and be men?

At the very least, no one can say that the need for such action was never stated. This post stands as that statement. The clock is ticking; the test awaits.

MAGA in Three Easy Steps!

MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!

Step One: Trump tweets that Antifa is going to be declared a terrorist organization.

Step Two: This occurs.

Step Three: Trump does nothing.

How is what is happening in Seattle different from what Aaron Burr was accused of doing, except in this case we have public, real-time evidence (witnessed by millions, not only by “two”) that the group is levying war against the USA – in other words, legal and constitutionally defined treason? Worse, this is a group Trump declared a “terrorist organization.”  Let’s understand this – a group so declared is in open, treasonous, armed insurrection against the US government and Trump does absolutely nothing except tweet.  Nero fiddled when Rome burned; the retarded jackass Trump tweets as America burns.

Pepe!  Let’s scream “Kek!” and chug gallons of milk!

What would happen if a bunch of armed WNs declared an autonomous zone in, say, a trailer park?

Trump would send Kushner to personally lead the airborne assault to destroy the WN 2.0 collective.

Seriously though, who is ultimately to blame for this state of affairs and the fact that the only Far Right reaction is some snide tweets?

I blame YOU, dear reader, all of you rank-and-file nitwits who have been enabling Der Movement’s ethnic affirmative action program, who prop up outrageous incompetents, who went along with the Alt Right and all the God Emperor nonsense, all of it.

But, but, but, you sputter…isn’t this the “chaos and balkanization” Sallis wanted with Trump’s election?  No, because true chaos and balkanization requires action and reaction from both sides of the equation.  What we are seeing is the total victory of the Left, because, like a bully in a schoolyard, they’ve tested the mettle of the class nerd and found it lacking.

Trump is a pathetic weakling.  Whites are a race of pathetic weaklings.  The Quota Queens are not only weaklings but grifting incompetents.  

What we have been seeing is not “chaos and balkanization.”  It’s nothing more or less than the equivalent of a (cowardly) middle school bully shaking down a (even more cowardly) wimp for his lunch money.  One punch in the face and the bully will run off crying, but the wimp can’t manage it, which is why he’s a wimp.

Trump is a wimp.  All the big and brave “twigs and branches” Type Is are wimps.  Any Far Rightists in the Pacific Northwest are wimps.  

The Alt Righters are now crowing that this shows that America, the liberal state, is an empty facade.  The pot calls the kettle black. When these types look in the mirror do they actually see a reflection?  Is there any there there?

Trumps, Naps, Fetishists, Informants Oh My!

Der Movement.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Two rules of thumb:

1. If someone, online or in person, starts talking to you about committing illegal acts, chances are good they are an informant, or some other type of infiltrator or law enforcement agent.

2. When in doubt, see rule one.


1. Do you notice that violent leftists never seem to get caught up in these stings?  Two possibilities (which are not mutually exclusive). First, the Left is more careful and serious than the jackass Right.  Second, the far left Trump administration and its law enforcement agencies are specifically targeting rightists.

2. Idiots like the person charged are likely brought to the point of desperation because of the manifest failures of Der Movement’s affirmative action Quota Queen “leadership.”

3. If someone wants “chaos” then there are plenty of perfectly legal and non-violent ways to achieve this. The multicultural system is so inherently unstable that political campaigns, rallies, propaganda, the “democratic multiculturalism” for majorities Salter espouses, and a myriad of other political and metapolitical stratagems, can cause societal chaos far better than talking to some informant or actually doing some foolish acting out. Heighten the contradictions!

4. One wonders what percentage of commentators on the varied Beavis-and-Butthead Far Right forums out there are actually government informants, leftist infiltrators, and other frauds. 5%? 10%? 20%? More than 50%? (The answer for Far Left forums probably hovers around 0%, see above).

Another attack on White ethnics from Counter-Currents. Never mind some of the comments. Not on the cusp of whiteness here.  That’s pure Nordic, son!  Just like this look-a-like. The Wild Bunch as anti-fascist fiction?

Seriously though, Counter-Currents is increasingly establishing itself as a Der Movement focal point of hostility against White ethnics.  Shabbos sud fools who contribute their shekels to Johnson take note. If Counter Currents gives you an extended middle finger, withhold donating to them. You owe nothing to those who despise you.

Of course, some “ethnics” do deserve contempt.  Since this blog talks honestly about ethnic types, let’s consider for a moment Judge Napolitano.  This guy has always annoyed me; he can be considered in many ways “peak wop.”  Now, the fact that he’s squat, coarse-faced, broad-nosed, non-gracile, and looks and moves like an over-stuffed puppet, cannot reasonably be held against him as a person. But what about aspects of his persona that he has control over?  The puffed-up Guido hairstyle, which is vaguely reminiscent (albeit in a more attenuated form) to that of Ray Luca of Crime Story, would look stupid enough on a younger man, but for a man of “Nap’s” age it is positively ridiculous. What’s next? Gold chains and cheap cologne?  Worse is his constant petty sniping against Trump.  Certainly, Trump deserves criticism from the Right for being an insincere fraud and a buffoon, but that’s not what Napolitano is doing. Instead, he attacks Trump using leftist talking points, and the rumor is that this derives from personal animus over being snubbed by Trump for some sort of judicial appointment. This Napolitano, who older generations of Eyetalians would term “a real guinea,” deserves all of the contempt he undoubtedly receives from the Nordicist types. He’s earned it.

Worse than Napolitano is Cuomo, and worse than Cuomo is any idiot who believes that Cuomo is any sort of spokesman for Afrowop-Americans. Counter-Currents has degenerated to such an extent that each post is worse than the last, and the comments read as if they were lifted from the worst of Chateau Heartiste.  

The AI and White Revolution

Mobilizing the disaffected.

Read this.

I recently listened to a podcast talking about the massive changes in the workplace and society due to Artificial Intelligence (AI)-induced human obsolescence (*).  For example, read this.

One third of able-bodied American men between 25 and 54 could be out of job by 2050, contends the author of “The Future of Work: Robots, AI and Automation.”
“We’re already at 12% of prime-aged men without jobs,” said Darrell West, vice president of the Brookings Institution think tank, at a forum in Washington, D.C. on Monday. That number has grown steadily over the past 60 years, but it could triple in the next 30 years because of new technology such as artificial intelligence and automation.

And it is not just “low-skilled” labor – even radiologists can be replaced by AI that can read CT and MRI scans, never mind analyzing something as relatively simple as X-rays. Robotic surgery is being increasingly utilized.  AI can certainly replace accountants.  This is the new reality.  And talk of re-training is ludicrous, as I have discussed here previously.  First, a large fraction of the population does not have the cognitive ability for such re-training, and some fraction of the economically obsolete will be too old to retool their careers, even if they have the IQ to handle it.  Second, even the jobs these folks will be re-trained for will also eventually become obsolete due to AI. And what are radiologists and other very high-skilled workers going to be retrained as?  Third, even if people can be retrained, the economic and societal costs will be enormous, and even under a best case scenario, the fraction of the population that is out of the workforce will still be significantly increased compared to today.

This of course brings opportunity.  Prime age White men, disenfranchised economically to go with their racial dispossession and societal-cultural deconstruction – this is a potent brew, an army of the disaffected looking for someone to blame, and looking for someone to give them purpose.

Remember how Saint Adolf mobilized disenfranchised German men to fill the ranks of the SA – the Nazis who rode the tide of the Depression, and the resulting societal upheaval, into power.  

And a clever movement – a real movement with real leaders – can very well show this army of disaffected White man how their futures, how their lives, and how their nation was stolen from them.  Class resentment merges easily with racial resentment, particularly since Jews and Asians are at the top of the human energy pyramid, over-represented in the professions (which will be the last jobs to be replaced by AI), with disproportionate wealth and opportunities, and who will be in a position to leverage societal upheaval to their own benefit.  Indeed, Jewish places in the System may be among the most AI-resistant, and as the wire-pullers, they can direct the flow of AI-induced dispossession away from themselves and toward blue collar and white collar Whites.  Lawyers, media executives, economists, etc. will still float at the top of a society dominated by AI, and one can expect clever and ethnocentric Jews to quickly fill, and dominate, those few professions left relatively unscathed (at least at the beginning) by the AI revolution.  Asians may be somewhat more vulnerable than Jews, since their niche professions are somewhat more easily filled by AI, but even then, they are, per capita, much less vulnerable than Whites, given Asian wealth and over-representation in professions that will be among the last to be lost.  Further, Asians can be a useful target for racial resentment if one focuses on the stereotype of the “Asian computer nerd” as being responsible for developing intrusive AI technologies (**).  On the other hand, the AI revolution can also breed White resentment against the Blacks and Browns, who will be competing with Whites for remaining employment, with the advantage of affirmative action and other programs; further, one can expect Black-Brown criminality to increase even more than its current astronomical levels given increased societal chaos and economic obsolescence.  In addition, downwardly mobile Whites will be intersecting with Blacks and Browns and competing for niche spaces, in general terms, in this re-ordered society. Thus, Whites can be shown how all their hard work was used to trick them, disenfranchise them, their wealthy stolen by White traitor fat cats, Jews, Asians, and the Colored underclass.

What we need are populist demagogues who can take advantage of these upcoming changes to fan the flames of chaos, hatred, and unrest.  What we need to avoid like the plague is any connection with traditional conservative hyper-capitalist economics.  We need to eschew Boomer “White advocates” preening about their “sweet business deals,” and we need to eschew Millennial libertarians (the same retards who populated the defunct Alt Right), and we need to eschew “pro-White” Jews and their call for laissez-faire free-trade Jeurasian states.

I’ll give credit to Greg Johnson here for talking about social credit – these are the sorts of ideas and solutions we need to be promoting, not warmed over crony-capitalism and ever-increasing wealth disparities and the creation of globalist elites.  Economic populism has to go hand-in-hand with racial-cultural populism. There needs to be consistency and authenticity – how can a racial demagogue leverage economic crises to fan the flames of ethnoracial hatred if that same demagogue is a proponent of the capitalist system causing the problem?  And the problem is NOT ‘science and technology” as the Type I traditionalist retards will say – a racially and culturally homogeneous nation could leverage the economic productivity of AI and automation to provide its citizens with a citizens dividend, coupled with shorter working hours, cultural production, and useful make-work and entertainment for the left side of the Bell Curve.  A sane racially unified society can make the AI revolution into a well-managed positive (**), instead of the dystopian nightmare we are headed toward as large numbers of men, of all races, find themselves made obsolete, all mixed together and competing in a multiracial madhouse created by the Jews and their White globalist collaborators. In this latter case, the AI revolution can lead to a real revolution – the question is, WHOSE revolution?  If we want it to be of the White Right, and not the Jew-Colored Left, we had better prepare now, to link the AI Revolution to White Revolution.

This is not something that needs to wait – we can get started now, with the already high numbers of men – that includes White men – out of the workforce, and who are not only economically and racio-culturally disenfranchised, by sexually disenfranchised as well, by a society that combines, feminism, female “empowerment,” and female hypergamy in the sexual marketplace.  Stop with the stupidity about Kali Yuga and cephalic indices and start mobilizing the disaffected – a mass of disaffected that contains some fraction of useful right side of the Bell Curve folks looking for a purpose, for meaning in life. Either we give them that purpose or someone else will do so.


*Needless to say, of course, all of this makes immigration not only economically unnecessary but economically harmful – just adding to the population that will be in the category of having been made obsolete by AI.  

**While we should embrace, and not reject, science and technology, we can still, as suggested above, slyly suggest to the left-side-of-the-White-Bell-Curve crowd that Asians and their fetish for computers and robotics are to blame for human economic dispossession. We could distinguish between creative White technics that empower people and destructive Asian technics – originally copied from Whites and then degenerated into negativism – that are used to create a faceless, insect-like, hive society in which people are dominated by machines instead of vice versa.