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Sallis, Strom, and Racial Purity

Depends who writes it, I guess.

Remember this essay?  Remember the criticism the basic points received from the Nutzi peanut gallery?

Read this from Strom, emphasis added:

We have common ancestry with every living creature on this planet, if you go back far enough. So the old racialist idea of “purity” — meaning an unbroken, nearly identical lineage going “back to Adam” — was wrong from the start. Purity is the wrong word; those who used it were unaware of the ever-evolving nature of life. They were ignorant of evolution, which is a branching process; they didn’t know that all the races, varieties, subspecies, and species that ever lived are branches on one metaphorical tree — and that, going backwards in time, all the branches eventually converge into one at the root.

Question: Is the crazed mestizo “Chechar” going to accuse Strom of “sophistry?”  Does Strom – long associated with radical Nordicists like Pierce – have a “Medicist” agenda?  Or is he just talking hard science and plain common sense?

So: If Sallis writes it, then it’s bad.  If Strom writes it, it’s acceptable.  The exact same point, expressed by two different people, received in completely different ways.  Does that tell you anything?  

Then, this:

As the writer David Sims tells us, “Morally speaking, a flaw is anything that works contrary to survival. In any proper moral system, survival has the highest value. Why? Because nothing matters to the dead. Because neither truth, nor justice, nor freedom, nor prosperity have any value at all to extinct groups. Because only to something alive may anything else be good. If a moral system gives to anything but survival the highest place of value, sooner or later a conflict will arise between survival and whatever that other thing is.

Agreed, and that’s a point I was making long ago at Majority Rights, arguing against both the cognitive elitism of GNXP, and the aracial conservatism of John Ray.  We care about various ideas, in the last analysis, based upon how they affect us as people, as evolved organisms, and an idea does not benefit a group if that idea contributes to that group’s demise, or even if it doesn’t positively contribute to that group’s survival.

Regurgitating obviously wrong ideas about an absolute racial purity, which is easily discredited by the Left, does not serve the cause of survival.  A forward-looking emphasis on EGI and evolution (concepts that are not incompatible, by the way, regardless of “movement” lies that EGI favors “genetic stasis”) does enhance group survival – such arguments are proofed against an honest scientific critique.

Der Movement: July Edition

SLC news.

Here’s your periodic reminder: “America’s Senator” Jeff Sessions not only defends Antifa, but also does their legal work for them as Attorney General. He’s worse than the Cuban and the Mormon.

Yeah Jeff, laugh over those “lock her up” chants.  Trouble is, when the audience is thinking of Hillary Clinton as “her,” Antifa Jeff is probably thinking of some Alt Lite bimbo. Or maybe Mudshark Annie herself.

An anti-pan-European Counter-Currents ethnonationalist comments on some stupidity from anti-White mestizo Vox Day.

First, why do Whites listen to the likes of Vox Day or Chechar?  Latinos, White-Amerind mixes, and the like should mind their own racial business and let Whites sort out their relationships among themselves.  As far as Counter-Currents, well, the dastardly Richard Spencer must be opposed, so let’s “diss” pan-Europeanism, while at the same time promoting the Cult of Saint Francis of Yockey, the patron saint of Western Empire.  It’s all a clown show.  How can all the Type Is take any of these idiots seriously?  Then again, if they had the sense to realize the inconsistencies, they wouldn’t be Type Is to begin with.

All these people are fundamentally dishonest.  On the one hand, you have self-described racially-mixed civic nationalists (hint to Counter-Currents morons: civic nationalism is not an acceptable substitute for racial nationalism, it is its enemy, in the same way para-fascism and real fascism are deadly enemies, and how the Mainstream Right is opposed to the Beavis-and-Butthead Alt Right) essentially assert that the state of White America in 2018 is the same as in 1918, or perhaps 1863 with natives fighting Dead Rabbits. The ethnonationalists knock down pathetic strawman representations of pan-Europeanism as wanting to erase European ethnic and national identities, when even Saint Francis repeatedly asserted that even he – the Avatar of Western Empire – supported the preservation of local identities, complete with local sovereignty. All they do is lie,lie,lie, and I have refuted these people so many times it has become boring.

Remember – keep on listening to HBD musclemen and race-mixing gamesters and eat that high fat diet!

High-fat diet (HFD) mimicked the human condition of obesity and insulin resistance, including symptoms such as elevated serum glucose and insulin levels and reduced insulin-stimulated glucose uptake into muscle and adipose tissue. Interestingly, HFD also decreased (-44%) glucose uptake into bone marrow. Bone mass was reduced (-45%) by HFD due to a diminished (-45%) bone remodeling rate. Bone matrix quality aspects, such as biomechanical stability, were additionally decreased…This data shows that exercise prevents some, but not all of the negative effects of HFD on bone health…

If they’re wrong about almost everything else, why not about diet and exercise as well?

There are also associations between a high fat diet and cancer risk.  Build dem muscles!  I don’t know… maybe you can slip in some steroids along with the chemotherapy?

Der Movement in the News, 5/9/16

Two items.

A. The Occidental Observer has not only jumped the shark, the shark has jumped itself. TOO now features the scribbling of demented mestizo Nordicist Chechar, the poster boy for “movement” insanity.  TOO – stick a fork in it, it’s done  That’s where following HBD gets you.

B. A two step action plan for commentators like Ulf, Walter, and Leon here.

Step 1: Read Poe’s short story The Purloined Letter, and ponder the major point Poe makes in that work.

Step 2: Listen to the podcast again.

Good luck with that.

The "Movement" and Following Through on Premises

The biological determinism premise.
The “movement” – particularly its HBD faction – promotes the idea that behavior is biologically determined. Certainly, culture and environment count for little according to this meme.  I am more in agreement than disagreement with this viewpoint: biology is predominant, but perhaps not exclusive.
But, if biology trumps culture according to “movement” memes, then this woman’s destructive ethics can’t be laid at the feet of her Jewish conversion.
Never fear though.  The “movement” is never at a loss. Obviously, this behavior is good – disinterested moral universalism from a hunter-gatherer origin! – simply exploited and perverted by nefarious others. This woman – who can reasonably be seen as prompting the “peaceful” world-wide genocide of Europeans – is merely a victim.  Indeed, a certain Liberal Latino will argue that the hardware is great, it is only a software problem.  The “movement” has answers for everything.
Unfortunately, reality moves inexorably forward, disregarding “movement” dogma.

Age of Treason on Chechar

Interesting points.

A post from Age of Treason about an anti-White non-White.  I would like to quote some excerpts (from the main piece and the comments thread) and comment on them.  Excerpts are in block quotes. In all cases, emphasis added.

As I’ve explained before, I’m not inclined to make lengthy or frequent responses to Chechar because he mainly craves attention and doesn’t really offer any new or useful ideas. His belief that Whites suck is already the dominant belief amongst Whites, and it’s doing Whites great harm. 

That is of course Chechar’s intention: harm Whites.  As a non-White dedicated anti-racist and apologist for the Tribe, what else would you expect?

Chechar’s just-so argument is not simply wrong, it’s wrong in an ironic and telling way. Chechar misinterprets and downplays the influence of jews on both Christianity and Spain, and jewish crypsis more generally.

I’d say likely greater than 90% of Chechar’s output is wrong.

If a significant number of Whites are prone to be like Chechar, then does it not make a tentative case for White Pathology?

Chechar is not White.

Chechar’s narrative on crypto-jews follows the first paragraph, the “litany of suffering” portion of the jewish narrative above. But note that even the jews don’t pretend that jews were completely eliminated/neutralized, as Chechar does.

Chechar more of an apologist than are Jews?


16 DECEMBER 2013 AT 9:52 PM

Chechar, the Spanish imposter,

Boring blog, no ideas to foster.

He’s descended from Moops

and still jumps through hoops

to forget being bullied by Auster.

If by “Spanish imposter” that means he’s a Mexican posing as Iberian, I agree. If it means that he’s a Spaniard posing as a racialist, then it should be reworded “Mexican imposter.”

He’s shifted the middle portions of his argument, but his premise and conclusion, that Whites suck (or to be more precise, Whites are fundamentally broken, in that we have some inherent jew-independent drive to self-destruct), remains the same.

He’s no longer focused on how I suck, but broadens it to how White nationalists suck:

Of course he is hostile to White nationalism. He is anti-White.

Yes, I’ve noted that as well, his consistency in diverting a directed criticism of what he has said by saying what he said was “hyperbole”.

That statement completely undercuts whatever point he was making, since the “hyperbole” was his core point.

What he does next is ask you to read a book that is 1,000 pages long, or redirect you to 10 of his past essays plus the entire output of Counter-Currents for the last two years.* Until such a time as you do so, he no longer permits you to engage him in debate.

Or he accuses folks of “sophistry” while admitting he’s not able to define what about that person’s arguments is wrong.

What Chechar sees is what he went searching for in the first place, a way to blame Whites and excuse jews.

Of course.  He’s anti-White.

My point is that Chechar is the one making ridiculous arguments and all-or-nothing claims. He acknowledges jewish infiltration and subversion only to dismiss it.

Now, why would someone do that?  Let’s see:

I think the best explanation for his behavior is that he’s either a crypto-jew, neurotic, or both. I think his bombast about Hitler and exterminating jews is squid ink. Whatever the cause for Chechar’s crusade, the bigger picture, I think, is that as the parasite is exposed and its cries of “ANTI-PARASITISM!!!” lose potency, the host’s antibodies can expect tacts like “IT’S ALL THE HOST’S FAULT!!!” to come to the fore. My larger point is, why does he do this? Why is he looking for a way to blame Whites and excuse jews? I have asked him directly. He ignores the question. In fact, when he made public the email where I asked if he was a crypto-jew, he deliberately left out that portion, the better to paint me as “paranoid”…

Of late, Chechar has been posting more and more on the necessity to exterminate large amounts of White people in order to preserve White people (well, specifically English Roses). It may seem counter intuitive to you or I but it makes great sense to Chechar.

I don’t know about the “crypto-Jew” thing – although it’s certainly possible. The bottom line is that we have a Mexican attacking White interests while pretending to be somehow “pro-White.”  He tells a certain faction of the “movement” things they like to hear, so he has an “amen corner” that pays attention to his neurotic drivel.  It’s pathetic. I’m sure exterminating Whites makes great sense to him. If you are filled with a resentment-fueled animus toward folks of Old World European heritage, you want to exterminate them. 

I thank the Age of Treason blog for this insightful information.

Stoddard on Red Man’s Land

Should they dictate to Europeans?


The breeding of pure whites in Latin America was thus both scanty and slow. 

On the other hand, the breeding of mixed-bloods began at once and attained notable proportions. Having slaughtered the Indian males or briganded them in slave-gangs, the Conquistadors took the Indian women to themselves. The humblest man-at-arms had several female attendants, while the leaders became veritable pashas with great harems of concubines. The result was a prodigious output of half-breed children, known as “mestizos” or “cholos.” 

And soon a new ethnic complication was added. The Indians having developed a melancholy trick of dying off under slavery, the Spaniards imported African negroes to fill the servile ranks, and since they took negresses as well as Indian women for concubines, other half-breeds mulattoes appeared. Here and there Indians and negroes mated on their own account, the offspring being known as “zambos.” In time these various hybrids bred among themselves, producing the most extraordinary ethnic combinations. 

As Garcia-Calderon well puts it: “Grotesque generations with every shade of complexion and every conformation of skull were born in America a crucible continually agitated by unheard-of fusions of races. . . . But there was little Latin blood to be found in the homes formed by the sensuality of the first conquerors of a desolated America.”

New Movement Science Fiction Book

Mestizos lecturing Whites about race.
A certain Latin American mongrel has published a book, once again pursuing his hate-filled anti-White agenda of turning Europeans against each other, to ensure the final victory of the colored hordes, of which he is one. Note the chapter on “Italian mudbloods” – that coming from someone born in Mexico City.  The city of racial thoroughbreds!
The hatred of the New World hybrid toward genuine Southern Europeans is easy to understand.  It’s envy and self-hatred, coupled to self-delusion.  On the one hand, the deluded product of centuries of triracial miscegenation deludes itself into thinking it is equivalent to its Iberian forebears.  Then we have the self-hatred, given the inner knowledge of the true nature of the New World genetic and cultural chaos, exemplified by the self-hating mixed individual.  Then there is envy toward those who are descended from Old World European stockthe hybrid is “close but no cigar.”  Close, so close, but not there; the frustration must be extreme.  Then, finally, this leads to projection: labeling certain Europeans as “mudbloods” while the true “mudbloods” are putting themselves in the position as arbiters of how Europeans should relate to each other.  I think that Latinos have the entire Western Hemisphere south of the Rio Grande as their territory and can build their own civilization, following the lead of their Amerind ancestors, and can, I think, allow Europeans to solve our problems on our own.
It’s times like this I do wonder – who it was who mendaciously altered the Bromstad Wikipedia page? If not one of our “movement” heroes, then someone with a similar agenda indeed. After all, it wouldn’t do talking about “mudbloods” when assumed “purebloods” walk around with an appearance that makes third party observers online continuously ask, “are they part Asian?” Or, more to the point, to have liars alter the Wikipedia page to invent a fictitious “Chinese mother.”

And since Sir Cholo loves Pierce, the following is of interest (emphasis added):

Underneath this Mexican nationalism is genuine racial hatred and racial resentment. The mestizo compensates for his deeply felt racial inferiority…

Indeed. There’s a lot of truth there.  Resentment against Old World Europeans, the Iberians for example: “Why did you have to miscegenate in the New World and produce the likes of me?” There’s one step from that to asserting that those no-good forebears were themselves already mongrels – “I hate you and you are no better than me.”  Resentment and deeply felt racial inferiority.