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Chimps With Index Cards

The “movement” marches onward.
Durocher shilling for Orban again.  Of course, the grand Magyar King of Mainstreaming can’t even stop leftists in his own nation from defacing his billboards, or the UN to come in to put up their own. Of course, he was able to stop racial nationalists from holding a meeting in Budapest, those people he was able to arrest.
The pathetic “movement” reminds me of the hypothesis that, given enough time, a group of chimpanzees randomly pressing keys on typewriters (or, today, computer keyboards) could eventually reproduce all the great works of literature.
Let us instead give the chimps a set of index cards, on which are written certain words and phrases. Given enough time, these chimps will be able to reproduce classic “movement” works simply by shuffling the cards around in various combinations.
Some examples of words and phrases:
Viktor Orban; affordable family formation; mainstreaming; Savitri Devi; cephalic index; Nordics of Ancient Greece and Rome; ZOG; Frankfurt School; human biodiversity; IQ; Greg Cochran, creative genius; Sailer ranting about irrelevant nonsense, such as Tom Wolfe’s weightlifting routine or Obama’s cigarette smoking habits; northern hunter gatherers; 0.001% admixture; man above time; man beyond time; man who can’t keep track of time; Ride the Tiger; Northern Europeans; Who We Are; Radio Derb; Brimelow talking about his children in irrelevant contexts; Indo-European migrations; Chinese with big brains and high IQs; number of times Hitler farted each day; Holohoax; anarcho-tyranny; high trust societies; Putin playing a deep game; March of the Titans; Kali Yuga; Age of Iron; Aryans from Atlantis; Khazar Jews; True Romance; Sailer mentioning at every chance that he was right but no one listed to him at the time; etc.