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Behold the Movement, 1/3/15

More “movement” sci-fi/fantasy.
A very imaginative commentator at The Occidental Observer writes:

Third, you are right to cite Pagan Europeans for carrying many of our law customs but in truth those pagan Europeans got booted out of the Holy Land starting in 745 BC when they spent a lot of time in ancient Medes (Iran and Iraq today) being carried there by the Assyrians. The 12 tribes of now pagan Israelites who lost their identity would travel mostly though the Caucuses between 600 BC and 200 AD flooding into Europe under different names as testified by the Assyrian, Roman, Greek, Babylonian and even Scottish Government records. Please check, for example, the Scottish Declaration of Independence penned by Robert the Bruce.

It’s not enough that in any future White ethnostate/Imperium, that the anti-White multiculturalists first visit the dock (legally convened tribunals – all perfectly by the letter!) and then the gallows (being obviously guilty). ┬áThe HBDers will follow them, and then we need to sift through Old Movement leaders and activists who, by their dishonesty, stupidity, insanity, etc. held back the sort of sane and rational activism required to achieve our objectives. All must go.