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Please Watch This Video

I’ve been warning you about all of this for many years.

The price of affirmative action – if you watch anything, watch this.  It’s a must. You can find it on Amazon, for example.

It’s all there. The humiliating ease of the infiltration, and how quickly and seamlessly Hermansson rose within the ranks of the pitiful Alt Right. Note that, apparently, ZERO significant (if any) background checks were done on him. Note that no one bothered to check whether or not his false persona was real, whether or not that false persona was, in reality, actually a university student writing a dissertation. No, the “extreme vetting” was essentially: “Are you Swedish?”- literally.  Thus: “You’re Swedish…talk to Steadman.”  That was followed up with meeting with Stead Steadman at Steadman’s favorite eatery…The Nordic Bakery.

I kid you not. You just can’t make this stuff up. Nor could you make up the “Odin Ceremony”- if I tried to invent a parody of Der Movement’s ethnic fetishism, I couldn’t do a better job.  If I tried to invent a scenario demonstrating how Der Movement’s extreme Nordicism has real-life negative consequences, I couldn’t do any better than this. A jug-eared, effeminate, pipe stem-armed Swedish homosexual, with a transparently false identity, is rapidly brought up in the “movement” to the point that he’s doing background checks on legitimate meeting attendees (and laughably warned about “Martin the HopenotHate infiltrator”), and giving a opening speech about the dangers of infiltration (!) at one of Johnson’s meetings, all simply because of Steadman’s ethnoracial obsessions.  I’ll pass over the juvenile jackassery of the “Extremist Club,” the counter-productive provocations of Turner, and the delusions of Jorjani.

What an absolute train wreck. Don’t say you weren’t warned. At the same time all of that was going on, the “crazy and bitter” Sallis was denouncing the Alt Right, warning all of you about the Alt Right, denouncing Jorjani and the whole AltRight Corporation, warning about the “movement’s” ethnic fetishism and Nordicism, being skeptical about the “extreme vetting” – correct about it all.

All of the people who facilitated Hermansson’s joyride through the “movement” have NO business still being involved in racial activism in any capacity – but of course they still are. Of course.  Affirmative action works wonders, eh?

See this.  It’s so easy for them.

And let us not forget this great moment in “extreme vetting” operational security (emphasis added):

I e-mailed Dr. Greg Johnson, organizer of Northwest Forum, Seattle’s hottest closed-door white nationalist convention, asking for an interview on the latest in regional racism. He turned me down. Thanks to the internet, the far right no longer needs the mainstream media to get its message out. Print, television, and radio lose their relevance when everybody’s just a click away from Pepe the Frog, Disney songs dubbed with racist lyrics, and pseudo-intellectual essays that somehow try to bring ancient Rome into all this.

Also thanks to the internet, it only took me about an hour to change my identity from David Lewis, Seattle historian, to Dave Lewis, Neo-Nazi film editor and aspiring book critic from Charlottesville, currently living in Los Angeles. This Dave Lewis has never been to Seattle, but has always wanted to attend Northwest Forum.

My film editor persona dangled a giant chunk of cheese in front of Dr. Johnson. In addition to being a racist, Johnson is also a huge cinephile…Dr. Johnson bit the cheese. Entry into Northwest Forum typically requires “extreme vetting,” which means meeting in person and getting a beer with one of the Northwest’s white separatist organizations like True Cascadia. But I didn’t even have to send in a photoMy e-mail invite listed the forum for August 26th at noon…

Accountability?  Zero.  Consequences?  Zero.  Indeed, the “D’Nations” keep on flowing in.

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000. So far, we have received 367 donations totaling $92,489.93. This is an enormous outpouring of commitment and support.

Remember that the next time Hood scribbles that “the only thing we need is money.”


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

That is why you rank-and-file fellows need to be reminded, time and again, of the humiliating stupidity and collapse of the Alt Right, and of the practical consequences of the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program.

Read this.  (Note: How about “HBD as anti-White pseudoscience?”)  Emphasis added:

Krosch has a broad, testosteronized punim like that of the fanatical Swedish climate crusader Greta Thunberg. 

What?  Blasphemy!  Doesn’t he know that Thunberg is Swedish?  He’s going to get his Der Movement, Inc. membership card revoked!  What are Thunberg praisers like Durocher and Counter-Currents going to think?  For shame!  (Shame culture activated!)

Now, I was rebuked in the comments to my last article at TOO for “draw[ing] attention to minor deficiencies in [the] physical beauty” of the journalists Stephen Daisley and Tanya Gold, but I don’t think the rebuke was valid. As the great Chateau Heartiste has often pointed out: “Physiognomy is real.” The ugliness of leftism as an ideology is often reflected in the ugliness of leftists as people. I also agree with a fascinating article at National Vanguard arguing that “Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people” and that “Jews, as a group, oppose beauty.” In fact, the Talmud advises Jews not to regard physical beauty as important in marriage: “For ‘false is grace and beauty is vain.’ Pay regard to good breeding, for the object of marriage is to have children” (Taanith 26b and 31a).

This seems to be the article in question.  By the way, my own essay on the subject was written without knowing about that National Vanguard piece. The Talmud quote supports my theory.

Those conservatives – like folks who shill for capitalism?  By the way, note how Asians mirror Black and Hispanic voting and public opinion patterns – the same as Jews, it should be noted.  Colored is as Colored does.

Ethnonationalism marches on.  Hail Brexit!  Hail ethnonationalism!  Rule Britannia!

Counter-Currents marches on:

A possible objection bears discussion. All Indo-European beliefs, and indeed most traditional doctrines the world over, posit an inevitable end to this world. Whether it comes to a close with the Age of Iron, the Second Coming, the Age of the Wolf, or the Kali Yuga…


A possible objection bears discussion. All Type I “traditionalist” beliefs, and indeed most traditional doctrines the world over, posit an inevitable end to this world. Whether it comes to a close with the Age of Aluminum, the Googolplex Coming, the Age of the Hamster, or the Yogi Bear…

Behold the Millennial “activist” Jeelvy:

I am a crotchety and aging millennial, with a self-cut undercut; my body is a hearty mix of muscle and . . . heh, insulating material; and my head is full of sanity-preserving copes, nightmares, and immature dick jokes. I’ve got a tenuous grip on a sinecure, I write for Counter-Currents, I lift weights and practice martial arts, and I hike with my wife on weekends. Her tits are only slightly bigger than my clenched fist. I have a Facebook page where I post photos of puppies and horses.

The entirety of Jeelvy’s writing can be summed up thus.

Time for Jeelvy to get hysterical about “Boomer mate poaching.”  No Bueno!

Shallow and stupid: It’s Jef Costello.  Isn’t he thankful about Ann Coulter as well?  When’s breakfast going to be ready?  Dinesh is getting hungry too.

Exposing Ben Shapiro

Nothing surprising here.

I don’t see why anyone is surprised that a Jewish Neocon is hysterically anti-Trump, is hypocritical about ethnonationalism for Jews vs. Whites, tries to conflate genuine racial nationalism with fraudulent Sailerian citizenism, runs to a liberal newspaper to attack those on the Right while posing as a “conservative,” promotes aracial policies for America, and is an out-and-out mendacious hypocrite.

It’s in the blood, as they say.

Example 1,001 in the case exhibit on how Jewish interests are incompatible with those of Whites.

What it is Good for the Establishment Goose is Good for the Trumpian Gander

Establishment hypocrisy.

If Trump loses, many factors would be to blame, including Trump’s behavior itself.  It is obvious that a major strategy of the anti-Trump camp is to bait him, make him lose his temper so that he makes injudicious comments that hurt his campaign.  Yes, it did not damage his chances in the primaries (probably helped him there), but the general election is quite different.  Trump is like a bull that cannot resist charging at the red cape of the matador.
But another major reason Trump may lose is the lack of support – nay, the opposition! – to his candidacy by Conservatism, Inc.  Cuck McCain (why do the voters of Arizona keep on returning this melanomic turd to office?) lambasts Trump in defense of alien brown invaders (in this case Asiatic NECs rather than McCain’s usual Mexican fetish). Cuck Ryan critiques Trump constantly, the “Never Trump” campaign has its roots in neoconservatism, the Koch brothers refuse to fund Trump, prominent Republicans and Republican donors endorse Clinton, and dishonorable scum like Jeb Bush, Cruz, and Kasich refuse to honor their “pledge” and thus they do not support the Republican nominee.
Regardless of whether Trump wins or loses, the White base of support for Trump must never forget this, and must turn the tables on the cucks when those cucks come back to beg the “bigots” for their electoral support.
For decades, the Republican Establishment has hoodwinked Whites with the “Liberal Democrat” bogeyman, with the “lesser of two evils” argument.  We had to vote for ultra-cucks like Dole-Kemp, for the Bush family, for McCain, for Romney-Ryan, because to fail to do so would “elect a liberal Democrat.”
But now this same Establishment would allow a liberal Democrat like Clinton to win – in some cases even endorsing her! – because they won’t return the favor and hold their noses to vote for a Republican that they, the imperial Establishment, do not like.
Thus, never again should the White voter be taken in with the Liberal Democrat Bogeyman argument.  In the future, when that card is played, the riposte should simply be: “you didn’t support Trump against Clinton, so we are not supporting GOP Cuck vs. Liberal Democrat Bogeyman.  As you said with Trump, principle is important.” 
What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

More Asian Perfidy, 7/26/16

Asians, Asiatics, and Desis, oh my.

Why say anything?  After all, it’ll be mostly White Americans getting sick and dying, and who care about those long-nosed, hairy barbarians, eh?

That cogelite’s disdain for “cranky old White folks” is just dripping like venom from his brown, alien, Desi mouth.  But even a far-leftist knows what Conservatism, Inc. wants to avoid acknowledging: non-Whites care not for conservatism, only “cranky old Whites” do, and those “cranky old Whites” have grown tired of alien Asiatic filth like Roy talking down to them, taking them for granted (while expecting their votes like a feudal lord expects his serfs’ services), and ignoring their interests and desires.  Mainstream conservatism is becoming an ideology without a constituency, as Whites begin to wake up, thanks to Der Touchback and his incoherent campaign.

Scum like Roy fail to understand that their own contemptuous dismissal of Whites and White interests is to a large degree responsible for the rise of Trump and the demise of mainstream conservatism.
Alien filth Zakaria – the face that launched a thousand autisms– gets put in his place by Putin.  Congratulations to Trad Vlad for sticking a metaphorical thumb in the eye of Zakaria’s leering Asiatic countenance.

Racial Politics in the News, 6/28/16

Two items.

A short-sighted gorilla.  Negroes are not too bright, so it doesn’t occur to this chimp that having sharply divergent racialized politics in America does not bode well for the multicultural utopia that some think is upon us.  What about the idea that White youth are liberal, and we just need to wait until the old Whities die off?  First, with the proper cultivation of balkanizing impulses, Multicultural America may not last that long.  Second, there is hope that the tendency for Whites to “move right” as they age will also apply to the current generation.

The bottom line is though that there must be clever and prudent leadership to take advantage of an increasingly racialized political scene in America,  We need far-sighted far-Right leadership, not the current crop of buffoons and idiots who are no more far-sighted than is your typical “ancestors evolved in the tropical jungle” Negro commentator.

Political Experts Proven Wrong Once

Will it happen again?

There’s still a convention to get through, but if Trump is the eventual GOP nominee, it is amusing to look back at this electoral cycle, and all the “experts” who confidently told us flatly that “Trump will not be the Republican nominee” and “there is zero chance Trump is the nominee” and “once the early silly season is over, voters will choose one of the serious candidates.”

Didn’t work out that way, did it?  Is the White Man finally getting tired of cucked conservatives?

Will the “experts” be wrong about the general election as well?  (By the way, a Trump defeat, if it occurs, will fall blame wise on White females, another reason suffrage was a deadly mistake).

One must mention as well, in the interest of fairness, that the behavior of Der Movement in this electoral cycle has been despicable.  Between the slavish support of Trump the man (instead of the honest admission that the man is a buffoon and the only important thing is what he represents), the slow realization of the ethnocultural basis of his support (Indiana notwithstanding), and their inability to mention the name “Lind,” Der Movement is once again discredited as any realistic vehicle for White preservationism.

Hood on Trump: The Last American

Hood on Trump. 

Yet what could a President Trump really do? In the unlikely scenario Trump wins, we’ll paper over the hole where our national soul should be with big projects designed to conceal the decline. True, the Great Wall of Trump would be a glorious symbol of our national will to survive. Unfortunately, unless we repatriate post-1965 non-white immigrants, legal and illegal, the demographic damage is already done. One positive effect is the conservative movement would be reconstituted along nationalist lines, but without confronting demographic issues directly, there would be almost no way to reverse the underlying causes of American decline. Trump himself has said he would not challenge anti-white racial preferences and aside from immigration, would leave the multicultural spoils system essentially untouched. While Trump has undoubtedly fueled the rise of the Alt Right, in office, he might function as a safety valve rather than an accelerant. Like Putin, Trump would impose a vaguely conservative, patriotic veneer on a state with crumbling ethnic foundations. It’s not that Trump is “pro-white”; it’s that he’s not anti-white, which makes him far Right in the current political context. 

Trump is an opportunity for the System to save itself by giving whites a sense they are tied to the existing System…Regardless if he ever wins a single primary, let alone the election, Donald Trump is already a transformational figure. He reveals the System is incapable of saving itself, and European-Americans should plan for what comes next.

That’s good, but Hood’s analysis leaves out one important fact.  A reason why Trump is a “transformational figure” is that there is the perception that he is a pro-White “hater” even if he definitely is not.  That perception means that increased Trumpian success translates into increased chaos, increased inter-group mistrust and hatred, balkanization, a stumbling block to the smooth working of the multiculturalist regime.  In a sense, Trump is a “useful idiot” but this time for our side, not the Left.  We must have no illusions: Trump is no savior, is not one of us, and a Trump victory would in no way “save White America.”  But, like a hammer or a wrench, Trump is a useful tool to accomplish a specific task – to agitate the Coloreds (especially the Hispanics) and the White/Jewish Left, to shine a disinfecting light on multiculturalist lies, to throw a monkey wrench into the smooth running of the machine. Trump is dangerous to us because he can be a “safety valve” for White discontent, just as Hood asserts; Trump can be a danger to the System, because he “heightens the contradictions,” also as Hood asserts.

If Trump is a useful tool, then we use the tool to the extent that it assists in our objectives, and once we are done with that tool, we ignore it and look for a better one.