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Moving Toward the Core

What is the Christian core?

Christian apologists often make the argument that the weak, pathetic, deracinated, ethnomasochistic Christianity of today is an aberration, and they point to the role played by a more virile Christianity in centuries past as a defender of the West. We must all work together to return the faith toward that ideal, they argue, although one must question why they, as believers, cannot do that themselves, and why they insist that non-believers have to join in to save a religion they do not believe in (and often oppose).
Very well. But one must ask the question: which version of Christianity is truly the aberration?  The “surrender the West to the colored hordes” Camp of the Saints Christianity of today, or the muscular “defend the West” Christianity of the past?  In what direction is it easier for Christianity to move?  What is its default pathway?  What are the core beliefs of Christianity?  Is the pathetic Christianity of today moving toward or away from that core?
The core of that religion, as preached by its founder (or founders, depending on your viewpoint), was of that of extreme egalitarianism.  We are all one before God, “nether Greek nor Jew.”  Further, “the meek shall inherit the Earth,” and one must “love thy neighbor” and “turn the other cheek.”  Also – “judge not, lest ye be judged”…one can continue in this direction.  Nietzsche considered Christianity to be at its heart a slave religion, a religion of ressentiment, a revolt against one’s betters. Some have made parallels between original Christianity and Marxism; indeed, there is a reason why “liberation theology” fits so seamlessly into Christian teachings. This is the core of Christianity.
At the time this religion started to spread northwards in Europe, the Germanic peoples of that time were a strong, virile, healthy race, and their acceptance of Christianity was predicated upon its Germanification into more of a robust and muscular warrior religion (indeed, it was often imposed by the sword).  And so, this Germanized (“Aryanized”) Christianity served as a glue, holding the West together, particularly when threatened by non-Christian peoples from the South and East.
So, it was that Germanic virile Christianity that was the aberration, removed from the original “good tidings.”  Today, all Europeans, including and especially the Germanics, are effete pansies, and there is no longer any brake, any force, any incentive, to prevent Christianity from sliding back toward its egalitarian core of beliefs.  Therefore, the weak, self-hating, and self-destructive Christianity of today is indeed the true Christianity, moving toward the original core of belief. The traditionalists have it all backwards. The “modern” Christianity they hate is actually the true and authentic faith, and the warrior Christianity of the past was the inauthentic aberration. Forcing Christianity to return to the warrior ways is going against the tide, going against its core beliefs, a distortion of Christian realities. It would be a monumental waste of time and effort, for even if successful, it would do nothing but recreate the same artificial and unstable faux-Christianity always poised to return to its Bolshevist core whenever the tight control of religious doctrine is relaxed.
And the same holds for other reactionary, delusional fetishes. Those who want to return to the “American constitutional republic” fail to realize that a form of government based on the (Christian) premise “all men are created equal” contains within it the seeds of self-destruction: universal suffrage, aracial citizenship, and exaltation of civic virtues over ultimate interests. Again we ask: are we moving toward the core or away from it?  The degenerate America of today is moving toward the core of beliefs the nation was founded on, a core that may have been acceptable given the continuation of a homogeneous founding stock populating the nation, but which is now unacceptable given an extremely heterogeneous population all demanding their “rights” without any accompanying responsibilities

If we know the kind of society we want, we should promote memes whose core beliefs are consistent with that ideal society, so that the default movement of those memes will always be in the direction of the core beliefs we value.  It is stupid and useless to promote memes based on core beliefs incompatible with our ideal society, memes that would always need to be carefully monitored and controlled lest any relaxation of constant surveillance allows those memes to slip back toward their core and thus threaten social viability. Christianity, constitutional republics – there are all the dreams of the past, indulgences of a racial childhood. As adults, we need to face facts and separate the memetic wheat from the chaff.