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Absolutely Terrible News

And other odds and ends.

Absolutely terrible news.  When you suckers reward failure, gaslighting lies, fetishist dogma, perversion, and utter incompetence then that’s what you’ll get more of.  Also, remember this announcement the next time liars like Hood write that “all the ‘movement’ needs is more money.” OK, suckers – Counter-Currents has the money they wanted.  Now, we’ll see what they do with it in 2020.  Get ready for a bumpy ride.

And we can blame the “movement” for some of this despair, because of its ineptness that has led pro-White activism to be a mocked and ridiculed humiliated failure. And what’s wrong with the universities filling up with Asians?  Isn’t that consistent with “race realism” and “Yellow supremacist” HBD?  Don’t these guys openly declare themselves as “Yellow supremacists?”  White displacement by Asians is a feature of race realist HBD, not a bug. Let’s wonder about that White despair again, when we have “White advocates” who are publicly declared “Yellow supremacists.”

“Italians, bad at war, are well suited for milder competition.”

“Although he learned Italian first Joe, now 24, speaks English without an accent and is otherwise well adapted to most U.S. mores. Instead of olive oil or smelly bear grease he keeps his hair slick with water. He never reeks of garlic and prefers chicken chow mein to spaghetti.”

“Like Heavyweight Champion Louis, DiMaggio is lazy, shy and inarticulate.”

Well, after all, Louis and DiMaggio are racially similar, except that Louis no doubt had significantly more European ancestry and DiMaggio significantly more sub-Saharan African ancestry.

Interesting that the “Italians, bad at war” was written in 1939. Imagine it if was written in 1945. We can ask why the wops have been militarily inept. IQ? If we accept the HBD dogma, then it seems like smart Northern Italians are not really militarily superior compared to dumb Southern Italians; it wasn’t like Northern Italians were draped in military glory. Further, other groups that are not particularly intelligent still have better military reputations than do the Afrowops. The HBDers invoked “neurosis and anxiety” to explain the Schettino fiasco.  Certainly, “neurosis and anxiety” could inhibit military performance – but aren’t some East Asians also high in those metrics?  And those Asian populations do not seem to be particularly militarily inept. Could it be due to the genetic pacification of the Italian population during the Roman period, from which the Italian population never recovered from?  But the more unruly and violent Southern Italians (based on organized crime and vendetta violence) are certainly not militarily superior to the more law abiding Northern Italians.  How about a lack of societal consensus, with amoral familism – Italians will fight for their families (actual or criminal) but not the nation state (with its genetically heterogeneous population)? Or maybe it is a combination of these various factors, all converging on the same population. Does the Basilone example suggest that this military incompetence is cultural and not genetic, or was Basilone just an outlier?

The Speaker Syndrome, emphasis added: 

Despite the team’s success on the field, tensions were often high in the clubhouse. Speaker and catcher Carrigan never got along and had several brawls. Speaker was often not on speaking terms with Duffy Lewis, who, like Carrigan, was an Irish Catholic. (Religious differences had created cliques on the club, with Speaker siding with other Protestants including Joe Wood and Larry Gardner)…Fred Lieb wrote that Speaker once told Lieb he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Although the Klan kept its membership rolls secret, Speaker’s alleged membership would not be surprising given that the Klan experienced a nationwide revival beginning in 1915, gaining much popularity with its anti-Catholic rhetoric…Meanwhile, newcomer Joe DiMaggio’s graceful play in the Yankees outfield inevitably caused comparisons to Speaker. The proud Texan bristled at the suggestion that DiMaggio was a worthy successor. When asked about the Yankee Clipper in 1939, Speaker responded, “HIM? I could name 15 better outfielders!”

In 1947, at the request of general manager Bill Veeck, Tris returned to uniform as a special coach, to help convert Larry Doby, who had played second base in the Negro Leagues, into a center fielder. 

Micks and wops bad, heroic Negroes good!

Ladogan of the Year!  Der Movement spontaneously ejaculates in response – “we’ve struck oil, it’s a gusher!” One wonders what happens when the typical American Type I “movement” “activist” visits Sweden – does he have an intractable priapism?

A sincere man of genuine greatness!  MAGA! Pepe! Kek!  

Another homosexual lecturing heterosexual men about how the latter should interact with women and mediate their sexuality.  Experto crede!  Note the shameless tin cup rattling at the end.  With Counter-Currents, it’s all about the money.  Der Movement, Inc. – a money-making (and money-wasting) enterprise.

OK Millennial.  More Jeelvy attacking older generations.  This shtick is really tiresome. 


Mirabeau B. Lamar was both an intellectual and a soldier, who devoted his life to his beloved Texas. He was of that generation of men who fought for Texas liberty, the best of the South’s founding stock of English Cavaliers and Scots-Irish frontiersmen. It was men like him who built this country, and men like him will save it.

Sure!  Like Hubert Humphrey and John Lindsay.  We need more men like them – they are of great benefit to all humanity!

Odds and Ends, 12/10/19

Various issues.

UPDATE – the post now credits “Robert Hampton” for the low quality review.

Robert Hampton (not Greg Johnson?) unburdens himself:

Most World War II films like to portray America’s fighting force as an ethnic melting pot. In Midway, nearly all of the characters are Anglos and heartlanders who don’t reminisce about Brooklyn. 

As opposed to reminiscing about Brokeback Mountain.

The one clear exception is Gaido, an Italian from New York. 

That damn wop!

The historic American nation fights for itself.

Like John BasiloneNo, wait….

Basilone – the extended phenotype of guys like Johnson, who clearly exclude “Manila John” from possibly ever being accepted into “the historic American nation.”  No affirmative action for you, paisan.  Gaslighting Greggy and Raunchy Richie want to keep it all for themselves.

Gaido is captured by the Japanese after his plane is shot down. He’s thrown into the sea when he refuses to give the position of the American ships.

Ah…he’s expendable.  Why shouldn’t he sacrifice himself for real White men?

It’s dangerous to show heroic whites defeat evil yellow men.

Derbyshire may get offended.

Question: Do dumb dagoes still send “D’Nations” to Counter-Currents?  After all, Greg needs to fund going to the movies, so it’s all good!  Close to $100,000 for the latest fundraiser – remember, those who give live in the Golden Age today!  Just not in Brooklyn.    

Unlike Rand, I’m not going to imply Jack Merritt had it coming. His father’s grief must be immense. Yet he is waging an online political battle immediately after his son’s death at the hands of a Muslim.

We’ve seen this before. University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts disappeared in 2018. After police arrested an illegal immigrant, her father rather bizarrely defended Hispanics. “As far as I’m concerned,” he said, “they’re Iowans with better food.” He also attacked politicians who call for stricter border control, saying Mollie would have called their views “profoundly racist.” Her mother let an illegal immigrant who was related to the alleged killer stay in her home.

Kevin Sutherland was killed, apparently at random, by a black man on the Washington D.C. Metro on Independence Day 2015. He was stabbed repeatedly; no one tried to help.

The late Sutherland worked in liberal politics and had been an intern for Congressman Jim Himes. Sutherland’s Twitter feed was filled with attacks on the Confederate flag, Christianity, and conservatives. Then presidential candidate Chris Christie blamed “liberal policies” for the murder. Congressman Himes condemned him, accusing Governor Christie of “fearmongering and thinly veiled racism.”

In 2015, two black men raped a pregnant woman named Amanda Blackburn and shot her in the back of the head. Her preacher husband Davey Blackburn said he “forgave” the killers and hoped he could “get the opportunity to share the Gospel with these guys.” He also said, “Jesus takes what the world says is a tragedy and makes it beautiful.”

That same year, Islamic militants killed 129 people in Paris. In a video the New York Times called “moving,” the husband of one of the victims said he didn’t hate the killers. “I will not give you the gift of hate,” he said. “Even though it is what you were hoping for, responding to hatred with anger would be to fall to the same ignorance that made you the people you are.”

There’s also Amy Biehl, a young Fulbright scholar who traveled to South Africa to register blacks in the first all-race election in 1994. She was murdered by a black mob, despite her pleas that she was a “comrade.” Her parents showily forgave the killers, who were released without punishment because the Truth and Reconciliation Commission determined the murder was “political.” Indeed, her parents took the opportunity to honor those who “lost their lives in the struggle.” They gave jobs to two of the murderers.

How can we explain this? I believe it’s something beyond pathological altruism.

Yes, it’s those “high trust northern hunter-gatherers” in action. If the “movement” really believes all of that in the genetically deterministic sense (and apparently it does), then everything that Hood wrote is a warning not to put all our eggs in the “high trust” basket. Maybe we should have some input and leadership from some “low trust Neolithic farmers” to balance things out.

If even half our readers sent in ten dollars a month, let alone 10 percent of their income, I have absolute faith we’d triumph — and quickly.

Once again, Hood peddles the outrageous lie that all we need is just more money.  If you give that money to the “movement” as it currently exists, it’ll just waste it, just as it wasted the millions of dollars it already ran through, generating nothing but endless failure.

See this.  It’s already dead.

Richard Lynn, the stalwart defender of the race hypothesis, issues a challenge from on high to find a single instance in which Africans have higher IQs than Europeans and then claims that under such circumstances, “the evolutionary and genetic theory of these differences would be falsified.” Chanda Chisala then says, “Game on!” and manages to find one instance in which a small subset of black children outperform a much larger subset of white children on a series of exams.

Does this mean that Chisala refuted the race hypothesis in IQ? No. It means he refuted an unwise and arrogant statement made by Richard Lynn.

Putting “unwise and arrogant” and “Richard Lynn” in the same sentence seems to me to be a redundancy. 

True enough, finding exceptions does not disprove the clearly observed general trends of racial differences in intelligence. But that is not the point here. HBDer Lynn put forth a falsifiable hypothesis. The hypothesis was falsified. By Lynn’s standards – derived from his moronically unwise and pathetically arrogant statement – the hypothesis is incorrect. In reality, the real hypothesis, that of general trends in intelligence due to racial differences, has not been falsified.  But Lynn’s retarded, completely genetically deterministic, cartoonish views on IQ were falsified.  Yes, it was falsified in a somewhat unconvincing manner, but that is the fault of Lynn for framing the hypothesis the way he did.  I do agree with this:

Does this mean that Chisala refuted the race hypothesis in IQ? No. It means he refuted an unwise and arrogant statement made by Richard Lynn.

But we need to put Lynn ns the same category as Rushton – a fraud and a hypocrite.  It’s not enough to cover up Lynn’s manifest deficiencies by merely saying he was “unwise and arrogant” in one instance. That one instance is a reflection of the hand-waving, pseudoscientific, never admitting to being wrong, nature of HBD. This one instance is a peek at the rotten underbelly of the HBD travesty.

Spencer expresses himself.  And whose fault is that?  The “movement’s” affirmative action “leadership” – of which Spencer is a prominent member.

Counter-Currents comments:

Svea Svensson

Posted December 7, 2019 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

Even if most whites generally prefer a partner of their own race, many of them will choose someone of another race if he or she is younger and more attractive. They trade their whiteness (and sometimes money) for youth and beauty – at least as long as it is socially acceptable.

The most common example of this is probably white men marrying Asian women, which explains why 12% of the white men, but only 10% of the white women, marry outside their race.

This constellation also seems rather normalized among racial nationalists. The American Renaissance Conference even invited one of these men to give a speech on “The Arctic Alliance” earlier this year!

Of course.  The HBDers promote the grand Jeurasian future. Derbyshire, an Englishman married to a Chinatrix with mixed-race children and who is a Judeophile – is the leading proponent of this. So, of course, he’ll be featured prominently at Amren.

Another Ghost

Posted December 7, 2019 at 3:56 pm | Permalink

I agree with you. There was an article I believe on this website that stated white men whom date outside their race often do it out of lack of confidence.

Derb – “awkward squad” – so designated by his own mother.

“Movement” solipsism on display as follows.  A Counter-Currents commentator links to scientific research – real science, not 23andMe junk – clearly showing extensive New World admixture in the Argentinian population.  The “movement” peanut gallery responds thus:

Phineas Eleazar
Posted December 8, 2019 at 12:52 pm | Permalink
Argentina is the worst Latin American example for you, because its white population is largely descended from recent immigrants from Europe, in about the 1900’s. That is certainly the reason they still have sizeable numbers of nearly pure whites.

Who cares about dat dere science?  Someone writes something on the Internet, so it must be true.  Every thought, every comment, every post from Der Movement instantly creates reality!  The Lathe of Heaven Syndrome.

Laugh at this:

Greg Johnson
Posted December 8, 2019 at 11:21 am | Permalink
You are painting with a very broad brush here. There is an edge of hysteria to this sort of MGTOW apocalypticism. I can’t help thinking that communicating such attitudes, even subliminally, must make a man less attractive to women.

Certainly, Greg is an expert on this matter.

After everything that’s happened, after the complete and humiliating collapse of the Alt Right, we still get this in December 2019.  Remarkable.  And, of course, rattling the tin cup for “D’Nations” – also in the name of the utterly discredited Alt Right:

Gifting TOO—We’re a Central Cog in the Populist, Alt Right Surge


Lee Priest White Power t-shirt.

Predicting eminence.

This investigation examined whether math/scientific and verbal/humanistic ability and preference constellations, developed on intellectually talented 13-year-olds to predict their educational outcomes at age 23, continue to maintain their longitudinal potency by distinguishing distinct forms of eminence 35 years later. Eminent individuals were defined as those who, by age 50, had accomplished something rare: creative and highly impactful careers (e.g., full professors at research-intensive universities, Fortune 500 executives, distinguished judges and lawyers, leaders in biomedicine, award-winning journalists and writers). Study 1 consisted of 677 intellectually precocious youths, assessed at age 13, whose leadership and creative accomplishments were assessed 35 years later. Study 2 constituted a constructive replication-an analysis of 605 top science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) graduate students, assessed on the same predictor constructs early in graduate school and assessed again 25 years later. In both samples, the same ability and preference parameter values, which defined math/scientific versus verbal/humanistic constellations, discriminated participants who ultimately achieved distinct forms of eminence from their peers pursuing other life endeavors.

That’s in Northern Italy and thus an assault against those blonde, blue-eyed, ultra-Aryan, Hallstatt Nordics there – like this fellow – and we can’t have that!

Hainan at Home and Jeelvy

Chinatrix calling Whites “foreigners”…in America.

Read here. Emphasis added.

Thus, when, a week into the crisis, it looked as thought the U.S. was going to stand firm, I got into a spot of bother with my suggestion that perhaps George W. Bush should counter the Chinese demand for an apology by demanding an apology from them. After all, I pointed out, the U.S. plane was over international waters, and the F-8s must have been flying awfully close for the accident to have happened — close enough to fairly be accused of harrassment, whatever the precise details of the mishap.

Rosie: “Nonsense! China give an apology to America? You’re mad! What was that plane doing so close to our shore? Spying, that’s what! You foreigners think you can just do as you like in China! …” In less time than it takes to hit the MAYDAY button on an EP-3 control panel, we were into the Opium War and the suppression of the Boxers. Dialectical Materialism may have passed undigested through Rosie’s alimentary canal, but the xenophobic stuff went direct into her bloodstream.

Keep in mind that “Rosie” was living in the USA at this time (as she does now).  If I am not mistaken, “Rosie” is now a “American citizen” who votes. “You foreigners,” indeed.  Thanks, Derbyshire.

It’s OK. In the style of Mao Tse-tung, who was fond of comparing crises in the Party with earthquakes, this is no worse than a 4 on the Richter scale. It certainly doesn’t compare with last August 6, a Sunday, and a day that will live in infamy, when I woke early with the horrible realization that it was our wedding anniversary, crept out of the house, spent a frantic hour trying to find a card store that was open, and got home … too late. Harmony will re-assert itself. I just have to follow the President’s example: be patient, and do some measured grovelling.

The last five words = the role of Whites in the “Arctic Alliance.”  And also a summary of HBD.

The ethnocentrism on display here is also reflected in all the spying scandals involving ethnic Chinese living in America spying for their ethnic homeland, reflected in the mind-numbing knee-jerk hatred of Whites and of Western civilization, and is also reflected in networks of ethnic nepotism, including in the professions. Keep on groveling – in a “measured” fashion of course – Whitey.  Kneel down in abject subservience before the Altar of Asia. Hail HBD!

No Nut Jeelvy!

Pathetic. Jeelvy:

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard by now of No Nut November, which is a challenge for all who take it upon them not to commit the sin of Onan – i.e., masturbation – in the month of November. As it happens, most of the people taking the challenge are young men, most of them white and, if not quite on the Right, then at the very least not allergic to our ideas. Of note is also that No Nut November has been countersignaled by the smut merchants at VICE, which I consider to be a glowing endorsement.

I am glad to tell you, my friends, that I have passed this challenge. My mind is at ease, my soul feels clean and pure again, and my body is a weapon fit for the Archangel Michael. I could also offer you details concerning some of the other psychosomatic effects, but as Counter-Currents is a highbrow webzine, the traditional Slavo-Mediterranean braggadocio about sexual prowess and genital size should be used sparingly.

I’m no stranger to addictive behavior, or to the cessation of addictive behavior. In my life, I’ve been seriously addicted to three substances: risperidon, nicotine, and sugar. Two of those I’ve completely dropped, while sugar I’ve learned to consume in moderation. I’ve also had my fair share of problems with video game addiction…

Isn’t this the guy with the fist-sized-breasted wife?  So…what?  He was masturbating regularly before “No Nut November?”  Yes sir, that “traditional Slavo-Mediterranean braggadocio about sexual prowess” really fits when a married Millennial finds it necessary to pull a “no nut.”  Counter-Currents is really hitting new heights of “highbrow” erudition with the new crop of writers Johnson has pulled out of the Alt Right sewer.

As someone who used to write for both sites, I have to say that there are some remarkable parallels between Majority Rights and Counter-Currents. In my opinion, one major reason why Majority Rights declined is because of Guessedworker’s inability or unwillingness to exercise quality control over his site, to realize what is or is not appropriate for the site. While Greg Johnson, unlike Guessworker, actually moderates the comments section of his site (too much in my opinion), apparently he is not exercising quality control over the actual contributors to his site (Jeelvy being a perfect example). And thus, the sad decline continues,  Remarkably, the “movement’s” marching morons continue sending in the “D’Nations.”

Odds and Ends, 12/4/19

Various issues.

Greg Johnson describes how he attacks those on the Right:

principled intellectual disagreement vs. personal invective (It is not “divisive” to sincerely disagree with someone.)
defending oneself from attacks vs. launching attacks on others
calling out people for harming the movement vs. pointless personal vendettas

The problem is that this is exactly what Ted Sallis does, but when Ted does it, he’s “crazy and bitter” and to be “banned.”

Type Is on the march.

Zaremski was an emergency medical technician who frequented white supremacist forums online and had a trove of neo-Nazi literature. He was caught only because he sent a photo of his ex-girlfriend wearing parts of a Nazi uniform to her employer, officials said…He also affixed a “Right Wing Death Squad” patch to his EMT jacket.

Der Movement, Der Movement, Der Movement marches on.

Look at this naïve buffoon presenting ancestry testing results to the decimal point for Gabbard, including percentages of 3.8, 1.1, and 0.8.  Depending on the test and the parental populations used, I would question even the percentages in the 20s.

Let it not be said that the “movement’s” affirmative action “leadership” does not come up with brilliant ideas – this is one!  Heil Der Movement!  Heil!  

No, actually the Alt Right should just continue on the glorious path already established.

Andrew Fraser wanna-be and “Wilmot” lover Morris the Liar is back again with the same old shtick. Question – wasn’t it the grand old WASP foreign policy establishment that gave us American involvement in WWI and WWII (and don’t start braying about “Pearl Harbor” with respect to the latter, with all the grand work Der Movement has done over the years uncovering the FDR administration’s perfidy regarding that)?

Oh you’ll say – the Jews were manipulating there.  If that is the case, as far back as WWI, then when did the USA have an authentically Humphrey Irelandish foreign policy apparatus?  The Spanish American War perhaps, brought to us by grand fellows like Hearst (journalism leading foreign policy) and the reason we have so many Puerto Ricans and Filipinos in American today.  What?  Do we gave to go back to Polk and the Mexican American War?  Or perhaps Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase?  Or Washington’s Farewell Address?

Der Movement likes to pontificate, but cannot back up all of the hot air with historical reality.

If you believe that in the past that American foreign policy was run by the “Majority,” then this is relevant.  Fiction mirroring reality. After all, if Der Movement loves the Pesci scene so much, they can also consider the content of the remainder of the movie as well.

Now, I did state:

A case can be made that folks like the Wilsons founded and built America and so they have the right to pull the strings…

Very well.  But if so, at least have the honesty to admit when the Wilsons screw things up, instead of pretending those were halcyon days – the Golden Age of foreign affairs from which we’ve sadly fallen to the Yogi Bear (“Kali Yuga”). But then, the concept of accountability is not very well accepted by Der Movement and its “leadership,” is it?

My response to this nonsense is this EGI Notes post.  Fact is, Rushton was exposed as a fraud and a personal hypocrite by a fellow HBDer.  That Johnson blithely ignores the facts about his hero and continues to peddle him as some sort of admirable figure is unfortunate but not (to me) surprising.

Please Watch This Video

I’ve been warning you about all of this for many years.

The price of affirmative action – if you watch anything, watch this.  It’s a must. You can find it on Amazon, for example.

It’s all there. The humiliating ease of the infiltration, and how quickly and seamlessly Hermansson rose within the ranks of the pitiful Alt Right. Note that, apparently, ZERO significant (if any) background checks were done on him. Note that no one bothered to check whether or not his false persona was real, whether or not that false persona was, in reality, actually a university student writing a dissertation. No, the “extreme vetting” was essentially: “Are you Swedish?”- literally.  Thus: “You’re Swedish…talk to Steadman.”  That was followed up with meeting with Stead Steadman at Steadman’s favorite eatery…The Nordic Bakery.

I kid you not. You just can’t make this stuff up. Nor could you make up the “Odin Ceremony”- if I tried to invent a parody of Der Movement’s ethnic fetishism, I couldn’t do a better job.  If I tried to invent a scenario demonstrating how Der Movement’s extreme Nordicism has real-life negative consequences, I couldn’t do any better than this. A jug-eared, effeminate, pipe stem-armed Swedish homosexual, with a transparently false identity, is rapidly brought up in the “movement” to the point that he’s doing background checks on legitimate meeting attendees (and laughably warned about “Martin the HopenotHate infiltrator”), and giving a opening speech about the dangers of infiltration (!) at one of Johnson’s meetings, all simply because of Steadman’s ethnoracial obsessions.  I’ll pass over the juvenile jackassery of the “Extremist Club,” the counter-productive provocations of Turner, and the delusions of Jorjani.

What an absolute train wreck. Don’t say you weren’t warned. At the same time all of that was going on, the “crazy and bitter” Sallis was denouncing the Alt Right, warning all of you about the Alt Right, denouncing Jorjani and the whole AltRight Corporation, warning about the “movement’s” ethnic fetishism and Nordicism, being skeptical about the “extreme vetting” – correct about it all.

All of the people who facilitated Hermansson’s joyride through the “movement” have NO business still being involved in racial activism in any capacity – but of course they still are. Of course.  Affirmative action works wonders, eh?

See this.  It’s so easy for them.

And let us not forget this great moment in “extreme vetting” operational security (emphasis added):

I e-mailed Dr. Greg Johnson, organizer of Northwest Forum, Seattle’s hottest closed-door white nationalist convention, asking for an interview on the latest in regional racism. He turned me down. Thanks to the internet, the far right no longer needs the mainstream media to get its message out. Print, television, and radio lose their relevance when everybody’s just a click away from Pepe the Frog, Disney songs dubbed with racist lyrics, and pseudo-intellectual essays that somehow try to bring ancient Rome into all this.

Also thanks to the internet, it only took me about an hour to change my identity from David Lewis, Seattle historian, to Dave Lewis, Neo-Nazi film editor and aspiring book critic from Charlottesville, currently living in Los Angeles. This Dave Lewis has never been to Seattle, but has always wanted to attend Northwest Forum.

My film editor persona dangled a giant chunk of cheese in front of Dr. Johnson. In addition to being a racist, Johnson is also a huge cinephile…Dr. Johnson bit the cheese. Entry into Northwest Forum typically requires “extreme vetting,” which means meeting in person and getting a beer with one of the Northwest’s white separatist organizations like True Cascadia. But I didn’t even have to send in a photoMy e-mail invite listed the forum for August 26th at noon…

Accountability?  Zero.  Consequences?  Zero.  Indeed, the “D’Nations” keep on flowing in.

Our goal this year is to raise $100,000. So far, we have received 367 donations totaling $92,489.93. This is an enormous outpouring of commitment and support.

Remember that the next time Hood scribbles that “the only thing we need is money.”


Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

That is why you rank-and-file fellows need to be reminded, time and again, of the humiliating stupidity and collapse of the Alt Right, and of the practical consequences of the “movement’s” ethnic affirmative action program.

Read this.  (Note: How about “HBD as anti-White pseudoscience?”)  Emphasis added:

Krosch has a broad, testosteronized punim like that of the fanatical Swedish climate crusader Greta Thunberg. 

What?  Blasphemy!  Doesn’t he know that Thunberg is Swedish?  He’s going to get his Der Movement, Inc. membership card revoked!  What are Thunberg praisers like Durocher and Counter-Currents going to think?  For shame!  (Shame culture activated!)

Now, I was rebuked in the comments to my last article at TOO for “draw[ing] attention to minor deficiencies in [the] physical beauty” of the journalists Stephen Daisley and Tanya Gold, but I don’t think the rebuke was valid. As the great Chateau Heartiste has often pointed out: “Physiognomy is real.” The ugliness of leftism as an ideology is often reflected in the ugliness of leftists as people. I also agree with a fascinating article at National Vanguard arguing that “Jews themselves are an unattractive and, on average, ugly people” and that “Jews, as a group, oppose beauty.” In fact, the Talmud advises Jews not to regard physical beauty as important in marriage: “For ‘false is grace and beauty is vain.’ Pay regard to good breeding, for the object of marriage is to have children” (Taanith 26b and 31a).

This seems to be the article in question.  By the way, my own essay on the subject was written without knowing about that National Vanguard piece. The Talmud quote supports my theory.

Those conservatives – like folks who shill for capitalism?  By the way, note how Asians mirror Black and Hispanic voting and public opinion patterns – the same as Jews, it should be noted.  Colored is as Colored does.

Ethnonationalism marches on.  Hail Brexit!  Hail ethnonationalism!  Rule Britannia!

Counter-Currents marches on:

A possible objection bears discussion. All Indo-European beliefs, and indeed most traditional doctrines the world over, posit an inevitable end to this world. Whether it comes to a close with the Age of Iron, the Second Coming, the Age of the Wolf, or the Kali Yuga…


A possible objection bears discussion. All Type I “traditionalist” beliefs, and indeed most traditional doctrines the world over, posit an inevitable end to this world. Whether it comes to a close with the Age of Aluminum, the Googolplex Coming, the Age of the Hamster, or the Yogi Bear…

Behold the Millennial “activist” Jeelvy:

I am a crotchety and aging millennial, with a self-cut undercut; my body is a hearty mix of muscle and . . . heh, insulating material; and my head is full of sanity-preserving copes, nightmares, and immature dick jokes. I’ve got a tenuous grip on a sinecure, I write for Counter-Currents, I lift weights and practice martial arts, and I hike with my wife on weekends. Her tits are only slightly bigger than my clenched fist. I have a Facebook page where I post photos of puppies and horses.

The entirety of Jeelvy’s writing can be summed up thus.

Time for Jeelvy to get hysterical about “Boomer mate poaching.”  No Bueno!

Shallow and stupid: It’s Jef Costello.  Isn’t he thankful about Ann Coulter as well?  When’s breakfast going to be ready?  Dinesh is getting hungry too.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Odds and ends.

On this day, let us all be thankful that the Alt Right collapsed before it became even more intertwined with racial nationalism and dragged racial activism down into the abyss.

I would like to point out with respect to some of my recent harsh criticism of certain “movement” figures that it is not personal and does not deny that those people have made important contributions to the cause.

Take Hood for example. Much of what he writes I agree with, but the outrageous gaslighting about the history of the Alt Right and its support by those on the Far Right, and also about support for Trump, is unacceptable. His comment of “we just need money” is also unacceptable, as Der Movement has frittered away millions of dollars with nothing to show for it except for endless humiliating failure.  MacDonald had done good work, but the current HBD-Nordicist direction of his work delves into pseudoscience (for an example, see below).

I will continue to speak truth to power.  The power in this case being Der Movement, Inc.

Laugh at this prime Type Isim.

In Donaldson’s mythos, which is equal parts Joseph Campbell and J. R. R. Tolkien, ancient races of elves, dwarves, and giants represent elemental aspects of our world and our souls. Storm giants, for example, represent what is violent and destructive in men and also the great winters that caused the last Ice Age. Before the advent of men, these races often did battle, with the storm giants routing the elves in North America and sending their great prince, Boden, fleeing to Europe. There, the elves managed to defeat the storm giants (an allegory for the retreating glaciers after the Ice Age) with the help of humans.

My elf, my elf, my storm giant for an elf!  I don’t know – those silver age Tales of Asgard comic tales by Jews Lee and Kirby seem to me better than Donaldson

Next for Ash Donaldson – writing a sequel to The Iron Dream.

A Race for the North imparts above all else the great kinship shared by the white European peoples.

By “white European peoples” that is, of course, everyone who derives from the north of Vienna and the west of Berlin.  That may be a bit too inclusive though – how about from the north of Calais and the west of Hamburg?  Dat right!


At some point, I decided to watch until I saw an ad featuring anything resembling normal people doing normal things. I gave up after about thirty minutes. If a space alien tried to understand America based on television, its conclusion would be that we are ruled by frizzy-haired mulatto lesbians and homosexuals.

What about Spencer’s octoroons?

With respect to the HBD-Nordicists, see this.  Emphasis added.

And in Sweden, public shaming and ostracism — punishments typical of a feminized society — are very powerful.

Sweden a shame culture? I thought that all of those high trust northern hunter gatherer Inner Hajnal peoples were individualistic “guilt cultures” and the collectivist “shame cultures” were what one would expect from two foot tall greasy Med swarthoids?

See this. Emphasis added.

In cultures that are more individualistic, one’s primary responsibility is to oneself. People make their own important life decisions (e.g., what kind of work to do and whom to marry), and have to live with the consequences of their choices. Thus, it is argued, guilt is a key motivator. (I don’t do something wrong because doing it would make me feel bad.)

In cultures that are more collectivist, one’s primary responsibility is to others—one’s family, tribe, religion or other social entity. Important others in their group make key life decisions for the individual (e.g., what kind of work to do and whom to marry) because they have the requisite knowledge and power, and one’s primary responsibility is to the group and to them because of their elevated position within it. Thus, it is argued, shame is a key motivator.

Back to Amren, emphasis added:

Swedes practiced collectivism long before the Social Democrats came to power in the 1930s…

Swedish collectivism?  Say it ain’t so!  What happened to the individualism of the high trust northern hunter gatherers?  The edifice of HBD-Nordicism continues to crumble.  I suppose they’ll engage in hand-waving spin to “explain” that Swedish collectivist shame culture is due to “egalitarian societal consensus.”  This demonstrates why HBD is not science, but is pseudoscience. From the perspective of the HBDers, their dogma is not falsifiable. Whatever theories and hypotheses the HBDers come up with, if evidence is shown to falsify those theories and hypotheses, the HBDers just create “spin” or lie or create bizarre misinterpretations in order to evade the fact that the falsification occurred.  They never admit to being wrong. If people refuse to accept that their hypotheses have been falsified, they are not real scientists. That is pseudoscience.

Listen to this. It is interesting that Taylor makes a distinction between “White countries” and Jews and Israel. I have no problem with that, of course, but I find it surprising.  

Taylor’s comments on racial differences in serum testosterone is based on what? HBD nonsense?  It doesn’t seem to be based on actual scientific evidence.  Quite the opposite.  See this as well.  There may be other issues involved, such as levels of androgen receptors and the gene expression response to hormones, etc., but that was not what was stated in the interview – the comments there were specifically about serum testosterone levels.

Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.

Do HBDers ever admit to being wrong?  Or is it more non-falsifiable (from their perspective) HBDism?  Overt pseudoscience.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get these facts right. Making obvious errors such as this – obvious because a few seconds of online searching can find the current scientific consensus – gives the Left ammunition to smear all racial science as “pseudoscience.”  Authentic racial science is not pseudoscience, only HBD is. Unfortunately in Der Movement, the two are intimately linked, with the latter trashing the reputation of the former.

More of the same outrageous lie.

The single greatest – but largely unmentioned and unstudied – ethnic conflict in America is that between Yankees and Jews.

The truth, emphasis added:

In part, Yankee concern for black rights was genuinely inspired by Protestant moral fervour, but it was also influenced by the same strategic principle which underlay the southern-Catholic alliance: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Indeed, other than their opposition to white southerners, white Massachusetts Unitarians and black Mississippi Baptists have almost nothing in common.

The history of US politics is little more than the history of these two coalitions: the southern-Catholic alliance and the Yankee-black alliance.

But the civil rights movement united Jews with blacks and their traditional allies, greater New England Protestants and Germanic Americans, against white southerners and northern white Catholics. Today, Jews are the most loyal white ethnic group in the northern coalition, which nowadays goes by the name of the Democrats.

The Yankee-Jew-Negro/Colored Alliance. That’s the truth – not Counter-Currents gaslighting lies.

Lie, lie, they always lie.

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Why imagine?  You people were supporting him for years.  MAGA!  Pepe!  Kek!  Hail Trump!

More Testing Follies and Other News

More 23andMe fails and other news.

As background, read this.  Also read this.

Prepare for an unexpected shock – Sallis is proven right once again.

Over the last year or two, companies such as 23andMe have been updating their customers’ ancestry results; in almost all cases that has been as a direct result of expanding their parental (reference) population sample database with all sorts of non-European samples. They do this (concentrating on the expansion of samples from outside Europe) even though they have grossly insufficient coverage from various parts of Europe (particularly the South and East) and even though most of their customers are of European descent. 

In the months since I posted the above linked criticisms, I’ve been studying online forums in which customers discuss their results, including the more recent updates, as well as looking at statements by the companies themselves, and also material forwarded to me by correspondents.  

The problems accompanying these updates, combined with the pre-existing problems of the tests, essentially completely confirm my previous criticisms and interpretations of these ancestry tests, particularly with respect to the issue of “parental privilege.”

In these updates, in general, the changes in ancestral proportions perfectly mirror the additions of parental population samples that are likely inappropriate for the customers in question (based on their actual, proven genealogical ancestry). Thus, customers who have poor parental population coverage of their actual ancestry exhibit increased ancestral proportions for precisely those (genealogically non-ancestral) parental reference populations that had their numbers increased in companies’ databases.

Therefore, and 100% consistent with my past criticisms, the results are completely dependent upon the choice of parental populations, and the degree to which particular parental populations are represented in the databases. More of a certain parental population shifts ancestral proportions precisely in that direction, causing customer results to fluctuate wildly dependent on the parental population choices.

In addition, with these updates, the “unassigned” percentages for the conservative estimate (90% confidence) markedly increased for these same customers (in these cases specifically 23andMe, which provides confidence levels and “unassigned” portions of the genome – other companies do not generally do so), clearly demonstrating that the updated results are less accurate than the preceding. 

As a model of this, look at the first example here. Consider a scenario in which  the testing company refuses to add (more, if they have any) “green” parental population samples, but significantly increases the representation of “yellow” (but not “blue”) samples in their database. What happens? “Green” individuals are suddenly shown to exhibit a much greater percentage of “yellow” ancestry – which is purely a consequence of the shifting representation of different groups in the parental population database.  What if the number of “yellow” was decreased, and “blue” increased?  Then the “greens” would be more “blue.” But, here’s the rub – if significant numbers of “green” were introduced, then the “blue-yellow”” “greens” would – presto! – be represented as mostly “green.”

Again, my criticisms have been 100% confirmed as legitimate by the direct correspondence between expansion of certain parental populations in the databases and the increased ancestral proportions for those same populations among customers who lack proper parental population representation.

An equally valid conformation of my criticisms is that for many of these customers, the updated ancestral proportions have been accompanied by an ever-increasing “unassigned ancestry” percentage when considering results at the (more proper) “conservative” (“90% confidence”- which itself is a bit too low) estimate levels – often increasing to ludicrous levels. If “updates” markedly increase the amount of unknown ancestry at reasonable confidence levels, then this is strong evidence that the updates are providing ancestry estimates that are less accurate than those preceding.  How could it be otherwise? By introducing parental populations that are more distant from customers’ actual ancestral backgrounds, in the context of refusing to increase the appropriate parental population representation for those customers, of course the results will be less accurate, with less of the genome being reliably assigned at higher levels of confidence. The more the parental populations are unrepresentative of the customer, the less likely they will fit the data at the highest confidence level – hence, “unassigned ancestry.”

Anyone getting over 20-25% “unassigned” at the 90% level should view their results with extreme skepticism.  What if it is over 40%?  That is in my opinion essentially useless.  And what about levels exceeding 50% (!) – and some of them (believe it or not) do?  That is in my opinion a tragicomic embarrassment. That’s what one could expect if one tried to represent, say, Russians using some English reference samples and an increasing Japanese reference database. That the company actually releases data with such high “unassigned” levels is shocking.  If person A has an “unassigned” (at 90% confidence) of, say, 5-15% (or less) and someone else has 40-55% (or more) – how can you possibly equate the validity of those two sets of data?  In some cases, the differences are at the level of an order of magnitude.  

Note to testing companies: More references samples from Europe. Many, many more, covering ALL areas.  Most of your customers are of European origins.  You need high level coverage from throughout Europe, all of Europe, before you do your SJW sampling of other areas to satisfy the diversity-mongers.  Get all of Europe covered before you handle those Egyptians, Tibetans, Nepalese, Martians, Neptunians, or whatever. Your customers are your customers, not SJWs screeching about “diversity” in reference populations. You want “diversity?”  First start with Europe.

ALL of your customers should have “unassigned” in the low range at 90% confidence – not just those with “parental privilege.” And even for those latter customers, who are much better off than the others, the results are still suboptimal.  Consider Derbyshire’s data, which is not fully matching his actual ethnic ancestry; however, at least Northwest Europeans fall within the correct sub-region, even if national-ethnic affiliations are not always on target. The swarthoids and slavoids often do not get even that.

For now, 23andMe may be useful for the raw data (that can in theory be used for kinship analysis, which is biopolitically relevant) as well as the health data. The ancestry testing is laughable.  And, by the way, the “timeline” feature is a bad joke, based as it is on the flawed “chromosome painting” and consequent ancestry estimates. Note to company geniuses: Just because you model someone’s ancestry with your limited and inappropriate reference parental samples, does NOT mean their actual ancestry derives from those sources, so that you can “time” when that non-existent ancestry entered their ancestral line (shown to be ludicrously – and objectively mistaken – recently).

Going back to the Russian (23andMe) customer scenario, let’s model it differently for the sake of illustration. In one scenario, there are no Russian reference (parental) samples, only Germans and Central Asians.  At 50% confidence, the Russian would likely be represented as mostly German but with a significant Central Asian ancestral component.  At the low level of 50% (!) confidence, some chromosome fragments would seem slightly more Central Asian than German and would be assigned thus – it’s only at the coin-flip level of confidence, remember.  At 90% confidence, likely 40-50+% of the chromosome fragments, and hence the ancestry, would be “unassigned” – since at that more reasonable level of confidence, many of the chromosome fragments do not at all match either German or Central Asian. Of the remainder, most would be German, with a small minority of Central Asian. What if the Central Asian reference population was suddenly increased with more samples – increasing the chances that at 50% confidence a match was more likely with some new Central Asian sample than with the original German parental samples?  The Central Asian proportion of the Russian customer’s “results” would be increased at 50% confidence, and the “unassigned” would increase at 90% confidence – the latter occurring because these new results are actually less accurate than the preceding. Thus, at 90% confidence, the chromosomal fragments are not matching these new Central Asian samples. What if the parental populations were Sardinian and Central Asian? Likely the Central Asian component would be larger at 50% confidence than with the German and Central Asian parentals, since Russians are more genetically distant from Sardinians than they are to Germans. And here, with Sardinian parentals, the “unassigned” at 90% confidence would be even larger than with the German parentals.

Now, let’s do another scenario.  Here, there is a large and very comprehensive Russian parental population – many reference samples from ethnic Russians from all parts of Russia. What happens then? This same Russian customer – the same individual with the same genome – is now represented as being overwhelmingly Russian (and since Russian would be considered “European” by the company labeling, the customer would be so labeled), with only smaller amounts of other ancestries (since the customer may not be an exact fit to the co-ethnic reference samples). Note that the results from the two scenarios would be completely, utterly different. Also, in the latter scenario, at 90% confidence, the “unassigned” percentage would be low, since there would be a good fit between the Russian customer’s chromosome fragments and a large and comprehensive Russian reference population.

Consider another scenario.  Imagine if “German” was defined only by samples from North Germany. A Bavarian at 50% confidence might be mostly German but with a strong minority of other ancestries, with a hefty “unassigned” at 90% confidence. If “German” was subsequently redefined to also include many South German/Bavarian samples, then the Bavarian would see his German results greatly increase and his “unassigned” decrease.  

This isn’t rocket science or nuclear physics.  When you identify ancestral components by comparison to reference samples, then the composition of those references will of course determine the outcome of the ancestry determination. The accuracy of that determination can be ascertained by how much of the ancestry is “unassigned” at higher levels of confidence.

Can you believe this petty, puerile, and utterly childish attack on Spencer, coming from – surprise! – the obsessives of Counter-Currents.  That’s an embarrassment.  I suppose though it is a useful distraction from the real criticisms of Spencer and of the Alt Right that would hit too close to home to those currently attacking Spencer for talking about hamburgers.  After all, those screaming “Kek” (figuratively and/or literally) three years ago would like to pretend it never happened.

Comments on the comments: 

Ivan White
Posted November 26, 2019 at 11:17 am | Permalink

Spencer might not be a great leader…

Better: “Spencer might not be a leader…”

…but he is certainly a brave man that has risked his money and personal safety for Our People. He deserves some recognition for that.

I agree.  I have never questioned his physical courage. As far as money goes, I don’t know his personal circumstances – indications are that he is from a very wealthy family, but who knows what he has personally.

I do not know the writer of this piece…

All you have to do is click on his name on the side-bar.  Is that so difficult?

…but I get the feeling he has a personal grudge against Spencer.

Welcome to Counter-Currents.

Maybe the writer is a Groyper…

Groper maybe…for all those young lads in “rainbow thongs?”

…which is ironic considering Greg Johnson is one of the few people in the movement that uses the term “White Nationalist”. Isn’t that bad optics?

Ah…he’s a “white advocate” now.

John Wilkinson
Posted November 26, 2019 at 3:45 am | Permalink

I’ll have a Faustian burger with a side of pan-European fried potatoes, please.

No, I’ll have a Traditionalist burger with a side of ethnonationalist fried potatoes, please – in Hungary, even though I’m not Hungarian.  Chow down! (Morgan salivates)

Samuel Nock
Posted November 25, 2019 at 11:43 pm | Permalink

It appears to have been flushed down the Internet memory hole, but a few years back there was a quite funny meme consisting of the below-linked photograph with thought bubbles above each person as follows:
Brimelow thought bubble: image of Ronald Reagan
Derbyshire thought bubble: image of a young Asian woman
Taylor thought bubble: ‘they look Hwhite to me’
Sam Dickson thought bubble: image of a frosted donut
Richard Spencer thought bubble: image picturing himself as Bond in tuxedo with gun

That’s about right…but Brimelow would be more appropriately thinking about depositing money into a Happy Penguins account.

See this.  Emphasis added:

…universities threw open the gates, admitting Jews, women, blacks, other races, cripples, and sexual deviants. Since these people do not belong at university…He goes out of his way to bemoan the fact that as women become professors, the profession becomes devalued. He notes that there’s a general pattern that as women are pushed into jobs previously done by men, the market devalues those same jobs – almost as if the market were correcting for falling standards.

But, but, but…Joan of Arc!

Real professors ascend through a hierarchy and are eligible for tenure, which means job security for life. 

Actually, real tenure is becoming increasingly scarce in academia.  It may exist in some tangible form at some of the top universities, no doubt, as well as at some lower level institutions desperate to attract and retain anyone, but, in general, it’s becoming more and more an empty honorific, and in those cases certainly does not mean “job security for life.”

See this.  But it is not only about adjuncts. Full time faculty either are being not offered tenure track or the “tenure” offered is the equivalent of “job well done, here’s another title for you” but has zero practical meaning.

Once again: Wrong, wrong, they’re always wrong.