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July 4 and Amren Survey

And other news.

First, a Happy Fourth of July for my American readers. On this day, acknowledge that the United States of America is dead, kaput, finished, ended – murdered, buried under a pile of yarmulkes, basketballs, tacos, chopsticks, and saris.

And, truth be told, also buried under a pile of Pepes, Keks, MAGAs, and March of the Titans. There is plenty of blame to go around.

See this.  Readers of this blog, as well as those familiar with my work elsewhere, know that I have long been a strong proponent of empirical approaches such as surveying. Thus, I approve of the Amren plan, assuming it is executed effectively.

I submitted some potential questions to them. These are reproduced here:

I have long been an advocate of surveys in order to determine White attitudes on race and more important to determine why Whites have naive and destructive views on race and why, if they DO have sane and reasonable opinions on the subject, why they do not support explicitly pro-White groups, political candidates, etc.

The KEY point is to formulate questions that will generate data that will be ACTIONABLE by our side.

Thus, we need to dissect the following:

1. If Whites DO in fact have “race realist” and “pro-White” views, or are at least open to these views, would they support pro-White groups or candidates?  Why or Why not?  What EXACTLY are the reasons why Whites withhold support from pro-White groups and candidates? What PRECISELY are the barriers that prevent pro-White groups and candidates from garnering support from Whites who otherwise might agree with them on issues?  Ideology?  Extremism?  Fear of “social pricing” retribution – doxxing, job loss, loss of status, shaming, etc.?  Do the pro-White groups or candidates say or do things that repulse them?  If so, what exactly?

2. What are the things pro-White groups or candidates should do to win support from Whites?  What are some of the talk and action Whites, particularly “awakened” Whites, want and expect from White leadership that will garner support?  Would these Whites support and vote for a candidate that was openly pro-White?  Why or Why not?

3. In what ways can “social pricing” against pro-White activism be fought?  What assurances and support would Whites require in order to become more active?

4. Do Whites believe that there is nothing that can be done?  

5. If certain Whites are not pro-White but are at least open-minded, what kind of arguments could convince them of the rightness of the pro-White cause?

6. If certain Whites are opposed to our views, is there anything that can dissuade them? What would they require to change their minds?  What would they require to at least let our side express our opinions openly in the marketplace of ideas?

7. What sort of things do more realistic Whites require in their own lives to make their adjustment to modern day America more bearable? Would they support any group or candidate providing that?  

8. Would Whites realistic about race be willing to vote Third Party, or should pro-White electoral politics only be through the GOP?

I am less interested in what non-Whites think, but questions that focus attention on non-White hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance would be useful, such as:

1. If Whites are so terribly racist, why do non-Whites insist on racial integration?  Why do they immigrate to majority White nations?  Why do they follow Whites when Whites try to get away with White flight? Why do non-Whites behave as if they have an inherent right for access to Whites?

2. How is White Privilege consistent with White demographic dispossession, affirmative action, etc.?  How is White Supremacy consistent with the fact that major corporations, academia, mass media, politicians speak in one voice in favor of non-Whites and against Whites?  If America is a “White Supremacist state” why is doxxing of “White racists” effective and why are White activists deplatformed?

3. Why do groups like Asians and Jews have a higher net worth and incomes than Whites?  If that is from “hard work and intelligence” why doesn’t that explain Black and Hispanic failure?

4. If America is a White Supremacist society, why was the death of George Floyd a national crisis, but not the deaths of Tony Timpa, Daniel Shaver, and Justine Damond?

Some of those questions for non-Whites should be asked to Whites as well.

Of course, I realize that these questions may need to be put into a multiple choice format, depending on how you do the survey, but the point here is to inform you as to what sorts of topics should be addressed.  How to actually formulate the questions is a job for a pollster.

That was my input.

The above questions can indeed be put into the proper form by a skillful pollster.  That may not come cheap, but readers of this blog know the facts about money and the “movement.” It’s there, it is just being misdirected and mismanaged.  Is more needed?  Certainly.  But the “movement” should first demonstrate that it effectively uses what it already has before rattling the tin cup for even more. Doing a good job with this survey project would be one example of an effective use of funds.

Common sense against Boratian stupidity:Bruno BucciarattiPosted July 2, 2020 at 6:36 am | PermalinkIf Tucker did what the author suggests, he’d be fired and forgotten about.You move the Overton Window by standing at its rightmost edge, not by LARPing far outside of it, Heimbach-style.Tucker is the only voice in American media speaking for any sort of implicitly white interests. If we lost him, we’d simply have nothing.

Will reading this literally kill Derbyshire?  Don’t read it, Johnny!  Save yourself!

And so, Derbyshire engages in more measured groveling.

Is this Zman?

“Lying sophist” – pot meet kettle.  By the way libertarians are still useless after they transition into Alt Righters.

What “accelerationists” like this miss is that their beloved “movement” is as useless and inert as is Trump.

Four years of Trump – OK, is your “movement” ready for further “acceleration?”  All these johnny-come-latelys are delusional.  Fact – your “movement” is weaker, stupider, and more pathetic today than at any time since my involvement, a quarter-century ago.  It’s been wrecked by the Alt Right, and the only “acceleration” will be your “movement” accelerated into the dustbin by a leftist broom.

Who Should You Listen To In the Dark Days Ahead?

Me or them?

This is your “movement” – 

Joe Dixon  The McVeigh bombing and The Order were creations of the government and they guys that are in prison today are the fall guys. It wouldn’t surprise me if the character that they called McVeigh is happily sunning himself on some tropical beach living under an assumed name or maybe under his real name.

Amren marches on:

John Flower  Michael Whalen Look under Alphaville (1965) at the end of this article. I get a lot of my thoughts disallowed, erased and even re-written here because he does not appreciate my point of view or respect my privilege to share my thoughts.My thoughts have actually been re-written and when I attempt to return them to my original words, it is disallowed. I have to avoid using certain words in this/every thought in order to have them allowed.AmonGothII  John Flower He gets a number of us. I try not to visit this site as much as I used to. It’s taken a sorry turn for the worse since I originally started in 2007. See alot of others who have left altogether and some like me have scaled back. Comments is only decent aspect of this site, and now being snowflake effeminate moderated.

The Nordicist Durocher gloats…with some squid ink at the end to confuse the stepandfetchits. How are your Herrenvolk doing these days, Durocher?

Very cognitive, very elite.  No doubt that the TROPICAL COLORED Chinese are supporting their TROPICAL COLORED allies as part of THE TROPICAL ALLIANCE. [Please ignore that weeping off in the corner…that’s just Derbyshire in a fetal position]

When you read this, remember that the Quota Queens were calling Trump “a man of genuine greatness,” a man of “sincere” belief, an American Caesar who is the “last chance for White America.”  Even here, Costello labels Trump a “last hope.”  I, on the other hand, accurately labelled Trump as a “vulgar ignorant buffoon” even before the 2016 election.

Now, it’s true that we are all in big trouble if Trump loses.  But, you know, it didn’t have to be that way.  If Der Movement had taken my advice, and used the past four years to QUIETLY build in depth, build a real infrastructure – while at the same time leveraging mainstream right-wing populism (NOT “movement” antics) to “trigger” the Left in a manner to cause chaos to benefit that QUIETLY building vanguardist activism, we would not be in this position today, regardless of the outcome of the election.  Der Movement basically did the worst thing possible – frittered away the past four years AND triggered the Left by “movement” antics that shined the light of Leftist fury on racial nationalism, instead of diverting it to expanded right-wing populism and Trumpism.  Trump could have been the perfect foil to absorb the Left’s attention, with careful stirring of the pot by our side – INDIRECTLY, while racial nationalism grew in the shadows.  But, no.  The Quota Queens had to have their Unite the Right, had to have their meetings and Twitter accounts, had to put on a show to reinforce their status and their “D’Nations.”  You all listened to the losers who were WRONG about Trump, instead of listening to Sallis, who was (almost) always right.

So, assuming the worst occurs, ask yourself this question – who should you listen to in the dark days ahead – the folks who are always, always, always wrong about virtually everything or the folks who are right, say, 95% of the time?

Put another way – in times of crisis, should you follow inept affirmative action cases whose only reason for being in positions of leadership is that they “chose the right ancestors,” or should you follow individuals with a proven track record of good judgment and of typically being correct in their predictions and suggestions?

I’ll certainly write more in the future on what needs to be done, but to be brief – what we need is more electoral politics, more legal action, and more infrastructure building – and less freakishness and bizarre dogmas and less grifting for “D’Nations” from useless do-nothings. That applies to whatever electoral outcome occurs, but if Trump loses, the electoral politics and legal action efforts move way up to the top of the list.  I’ve written about this before – explaining why and will no doubt do so again.   All I’ll say now is that if the Quota Queens think that “business as usual” is going to suffice, they are leading you all right off the cliff (but not before they milk you of your “D’Nations”).

Never forget this.  We all talk about the Hermansson fiasco, but this was almost as bad.

Amren declares war against White ethnics? – 

The Dispossessed Majority by Wilmot Robertson — An extremely valuable racialist text…

I’ve warned all of you stepandhfetchits repeatedly.  They really do despise you.

Odds and Ends, 6/29/20

In der news.

In preparing for possible legal and government regulation action against certain left-leaning institutions, I came across one vulnerability that may be useful.  Interestingly, certain Far Right entities are probably even more vulnerable to the same approach.  I obviously will not discuss what it is here – I’m not in the business of assisting the Left nor of warning the Quota Queens.  I’ll simply continue to plan ahead for possible legal action against the aforementioned leftist entities (if necessary).

But I will say that this all confirms to my mind the ineptness and reckless stupidity of the Quota Queens, and the manifest inferiority of WN 2.0 (WN 1.0, insofar as I know, didn’t make the same error). It also underscores to an even greater extent how moronic and inefficient the Left is – for all their massive resources they leave low hanging fruit unplucked.  Or is it that they are afraid that the same approach can be leveraged against them? Perhaps that is it.  But given the anarcho-tyranny of a biased legal and government system, do they really need to worry about it?  Will the same consideration of System protection of the Left (i.e., protection of itself) hamper my own anti-leftist efforts in this regard?  On the other hand, for some entities, the thing they fear most of all is bad publicity. So, in that sense, the Left has far more to lose (given that the Right is already always portrayed badly in any case) unless the Left’s control of the media results in their bad publicity being squashed.  But in today’s era of the Internet and social media, I’m not sure that even the Left can put a lid on bad publicity.

Moving on…

In the short storyNever Meet Again by science fiction writer Algis Budrys, a German scientist lives in a late 1950s alternative reality in which the Axis won the war and Germany is a prosperous and happy National Socialist regime. The scientist is himself personally unhappy because he blames the Nazis for the death of his wife.  So he designs a device that allows him to travel to an alternative reality that he thinks will be better – one in which Germany lost.  So, he does so – and ends up in a real dystopia, our reality, in which he turns up in Soviet-controlled dark and dreary late 1950s East Berlin. All around is squalor and miserable people. There, he meets that reality’s version of his wife, still alive, overjoyed to see him, since he himself was killed by an American bombing in this reality.  At which point, the wife, upon learning what he had done, turns him over to the Soviet authorities who want him to rebuild his machine to be used as an anti-American weapon.  Budrys was, in the word of the Alt Right: “based.”

Then we have Tau Zero by Poul Anderson, who was of Scandinavian descent, a book which pictures a future Earth ruled by (an ethnically homogeneous and very Nordic) Sweden.  That book displaces porn as onanistic material for Durocher.  Put that book down Durocher, lest you get a priapism.

The Slavic soul.

A perfect example of why Counter-Currents is despicably dishonest – a commentator there writes:

I don’t see eye to eye with Nicholas R. Jeelvy on a lot of things, but he hit it out of the park with this analysis. “Racist Liberal” only came about as a term of insult in March 2020 in response to White Nationalists who were opposed to the COVID-19 shutdown. Basically, COVID exposed a schism between WN’s who support freedom and individualism vs. WN’s who come from a Leftist or even Communist background and thus are highly in favor of collective measures, which they justify under the guise that they are “protecting society.” Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Eric Striker, Marcus Cicero of Daily Stormer fame, and numerous Twitter accounts – especially the ones using fake Black People names – are all in favor of collectivism and “What’s Good For Society” over individual liberty for White men and White women. The term “Racist Liberal” was invented by these people.

Excuse me, but the “collectivism and ‘What’s Good For Society’ over individual liberty for White men and White women” mindset this commentator decries is not only exhibited by “Hunter Wallace, Richard Spencer, Matt Parrott, Keith Woods, Eric Striker, Marcus Cicero of Daily Stormer fame” BUT ALSO BY GREG JOHNSON HIMSELF.  And does the “great man” come in to reply to this comment and defend his covid-19 views?  Of course not. Later in the thread he responds to someone asserting that the sneering Frenchie poodle “scientist” won the covid-19 debate because Johnson’s ego is bruised by that, but he doesn’t directly defend his collectivist pro-lockdown views when those are ascribed to a “Leftist or even Communist background.”

Johnson won’t do it, but I will, since I’ve been more on the covid-19 is a serious threat side as opposed to the flubro side.  Talking about “Leftist or even Communist” is simply ad hominem.  Collectivist action could be fascist, national socialist, Far Right, what have you. The good old “freedom and apple pie” USA always had no problem with collective action in wartime; the military draft being a prime example. Indeed, sometimes society requires protecting, and that usually entails collective action and investment in common social goods, not “sturdy individualism.”  “Freedom and individualism” requires collective action for protection, as others with less adherence to those principles will use collective action to strip those from you. Better collective action voluntarily by Whites, in a White manner, sacrificing some “freedom and individualism” to save the remainder, than to have alien outsiders use collective action to strip the White man of everything.  And, as I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again, the whole covid-19 lockdown issue is a strange “hill to die on” for the rah-rah individualists. Maybe being so militant would have served better as regards forced racial integration, affirmative action, mass immigration, etc. But I suppose defying White doctors and scientists is easier than defying Colored militants and their Jewish controllers, eh?

Introducing the Costello Counter-Currents diet plan.

This is TOO:

Let’s look at the term aryan used by hitler the nazis and also the roman salute. The iranians are these days some of the most racially mixed peoples, on averege 15% east indain also part arab and so on. Hence the old aryans are dead.

The term “Aryan” is moronic.  The “Aryans” were never what the fetishists though they were.

As for the roman salute, most italians are mixed with arabsa and north africans these days, partially as an effect of the roman empire.

Sallis’ Law in action again.  Remarkable that after the Roman genetics study – mysteriously completely ignored by Der Movement – that we continue to have such comments, but there you go.  What about East Asian/Siberian admixture in Northern Europe?  Move on, move on, there’s nothing to see there – and it’s of great benefit to all humanity, and don’t you forget it!

The swastika, is mainly used in india, where whites tried to stay separate but all mixed with non whites to some degree, the cast system probably reflects an attempt at keeping the mixture lover for parts of the population.

The cast system?  By the way, when were there “Whites” in India, in the sense of the word meaning Europeans?  The British control to be sure, but before that?  India was never “White” to begin with – “beige” perhaps?

Gene tests of hitlers relatives has shown mixture with berbs, north africans (could be berbs and arabs occupied spain, then spain occupied The Netherlands that is a neighbour country to germany which is bordering austria)…

First, that’s the NRY.  Second, amusingly, we note here that any potential admixture in Hitler is blamed on…Spain.  But of course. And what is a “berb?” The same as a “blurb?”

Hence all the choices of symbols by the nazis hevily represents racemixing. The ideology also led to 40 million people dying, most of them whites, 8 million of them german.

The Nazis supported race-mixing!  QED!  But, hey, at least the Iranians, Italians, Indians, Nazis, and Hitler knew basic spelling, which is more than what can be said about this minor Herrenvolk nobility.

This is correct.

Hey now!  It’s time to discuss the racial admixture of the “dago” Frank Rizzo and his “big meatballs.”

Standing six-foot-two and built like a rhinoceros, Frank Rizzo has been called “larger than life”…

Are you sure that’s not “five-foot-two?  After all, we don’t want the moldering corpse of Humphrey Ireland to get confused or anything.

Der Religion and Der Movement and Der 1970s

In all cases, emphasis added.

First, an observation. The three main branches of Christianity tend to reflect the character of the European peoples who form the focal point of each branch.

The shallow pomp and pageantry of Catholicism reflects the superficial lack of depth of the gesticulating Med. Thus: Schettino.

The staid and grim bloodless moralizing of Protestantism reflects the humorless virtue-signaling Nord.  Thus: Merkel.

The otherworldly spirituality of Orthodoxy reflects the irrational religiosity of the tormented Slav.  Thus: Rasputin.

Greg Johnson’s cluelessness.  He doesn’t seem to realize that on a civilizational level, on the level of global racial conflict, the petty nationalism he supports is akin to individualism and the pan-Europeanism he opposes is akin to collectivism. Yes, indeed, only enemies would promote individualism in such a scenario.

Question: What recent “movement” book production was so poorly edited that “public” was rendered as “pubic?”  Raise your hand if you know what I’m talking about here.  Affirmative action!

See this.

We need a half million dollars a year donation so that we can really have the media operations we need; so we can take the pressure off of me and my family alone so that I can direct a sizable and competent staff, and so I can publish and write the important books I need to create before I die; so we can have a daily video presence instead of just a weekly radio presence; so that our media can expand to include channels tailored to women, tailored to Second Amendment supporters, tailored to young people, et cetera; so we can issue press releases and demands and statements to public officials on a daily basis; and much much more.

Kevin Strom, meet Peter Brimelow.

You know, for all my differences with the National Alliance, I’d much rather see them get this money than have it essentially flushed down the VDARE toilet.  I can trust Strom to at least do more than “create and manage Internet publication.”  

You should also donate to Salter.

And to the Free Expression Foundation.

I would rank those in importance as: Salter higher than the Free Expression Foundation which is higher than the National Alliance.  VDARE I would not rank at all.

By the way, isn’t it interesting how the search results differ comparing DuckDuckGo to Google?  Search for “Kevin Strom” in the former and you get his website as the top hit.  Now try the same in Google…good luck.

Greg Johnson, August 2019:

Trump is toast in 2020 no matter what…He will lose in a landslide.

Greg Johnson, June 2020:

Trump needs to make sure this is repeated 1 million times, and he will cruise to re-election.

I’ll let the reader decide for themselves what to think about those two comments, particularly as the second one was made without any acknowledgement of the first.

See this.  That’s one of the e-thots mocked here at this blog, and one of them that Johnson vigorously defended.

Consider this comment in light of recent events; including this portion of the comment:Lauren can spend her earnings on any frilly, silly, frivolous thing she wants.

Greg Johnson is an unmitigated disaster for the “movement.”  He is wrong about – what? – probably 50% of the things he writes.  Maybe more.

I’ll say it again – I blame all of YOU out there for the continued presence, and authority, of this comic buffoon, this zero-judgment disaster, in your beloved “movement.”  

Laughable from Amren.The “scientists” are all HBDers, with several pseudoscientific frauds mixed in. Of the five writers, three were out-and-out Nordicists, with Sam Francis being a borderline fourth. So, in essence: HBD-Nordicism, precisely what one would expect.


The domestic disease-elements within the Culture which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission, are the forces of Culture-retardation. These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter. Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership, and therefore devote their lives to opposition to great formative Ideas, creative spiritual currents, and leaders of vision and genius. They are the churchills, the spaaks, the gaulles, the rejects of higher history who offer themselves to the forces of negation and destruction. The most critical form of the disease of Culture-retardation is the condition in which it seeks to prevent the realization of the Idea of the Future even at the shame of allying with outer forces, the degradation of becoming their vassal, and the risk of destroying the entire Culture. Before showing the effect of the disease-elements on the external relations of the Culture, their internal effects must be summarized.

It seems to me that the “petty nationalist” ethnonationalists are perfect examples of Culture-retardation. 

Let’s see:

The domestic disease-elements within the Culture…

Yes, they are White.…

which wish to retain the outmoded ideas and methods of the Past and to fight against the creative spirit which is actualizing a Cultural mission…

Yes, they oppose pan-Europeanism and Imperium and instead support the divisive and destructive atomized petty nationalism of the past.

These have been brought into the service of the Culture-distorter.

Yes, they are in an alliance with the Jew-infested HBDers.

Actually these elements simply desire to lead, but are themselves incapable of leadership…

Don’t we know that!

Rewriting this:

White ethnics when they realize they have more political power by withholding their support from anti-White ethnic “movement activism” rather than groveling harder.

This is important.  Step one – stop wasting money on VDARE and the other Quota Queens.

Whigger Cannon?   Compared to today, the 1970s were inferior in science and technics, medical care, cars, and hairstyles – and superior in virtually everything else. Some people mock the clothes fashions and architecture of the 1970s, but I for the most part prefer them. What can top my grandfather’s burgundy pants or the unique patterned and colored suit jackets and sports jackets of that time?  What constructs built today can match those built in the 70s, which wonderfully resemble the sort of buildings one might see in a low budget scifi film of the 1960s or early 1970s? Movies, literature, sports, comic books – all clearly superior in the 1970s.  TV shows are a matter of taste – in general, I prefer the 70s style. Politics, of all types, were more serious back then. Society – even though rapidly degenerating – was infinitely more sane then than today. And, hey, the US nuclear arsenal was relatively new back then – as we are essentially using the same weapons today (Super Duper!).  And in the 70s, the French and Chinese were still blasting away with above ground nuclear tests. Those were the days my friend!