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Are We Not Men? We Are Traditionalists!

Type Is on the march.

Space colonization – NO!  Living in communes eating twigs and branches – YES!

An intelligent commentator:

John Carter
Posted October 14, 2018 at 6:51 am | Permalink
“Build the ethnostate by emulating hippies and regressing to the level of subsistence farming peasants.”
Another fantastic idea from the guy who thinks the space program will run on oil.

Why only oil?  The steampunk starships of the future will run on coal!  Complete with smokestack and propeller beating against the solar wind and the interstellar dust.  Full steam ahead at 20 knots!  Steady as she goes!  Ahoy!  The captain will be a fellow with a peg leg, hunting for a drunken green-colored space whale named Moby Mick.  And to think Ahab had to be content with sails and wind; steam-powered space travel is the perfect synthesis of Traditionalism and Science!

A less intelligent commentator:

You know who is trying space colonization. Elon Freaking Musk. Doesn’t that make you feel dumb for promoting it?

That’s an argument, I tell ya!  Space colonization is no good; after all “Elon Freaking Musk” is trying it.  QED.

It is especially crazy when certain voices in the alt-right-the ones who are way too convince in “race realism” – try to make it out as if space colonization can only be done by whites. I’m pretty sure China and India have space programs now.

Let the Chinese and Indians do all dat dere fancy schmancy science and space stuff.  When Asiatics reach the stars, Whites can be all nice and snug in their hobbit holes.

The Frodo Who Can’t Tell Time!


Der Movement Thursday

More “movement” madness.


F___ot Doctor Evil (h/t MPC) hates President Trump, as evident by the daily TDS droppings of the newspaper he owns, the Washington Post-Op. If Bezos gets his greedy mitts on a monopolistic stranglehold of streaming video, you can just imagine the amount of anti-Trump, anti-White, anti-American bilge that would spill forth every minute of every day. “93% negative stories on Trump? We can hit 100%! (with no pee breaks)”

It wasn’t so long ago that Roissy was predicting Bezos would take a “hard right” turn politically, because he was working out and was “jacked.”  That’s what passes for “analysis” in gamester land.  Fat chance of any of them ever admitting they were wrong.

Bezos is the villain who immiserates the “Forgotten Americans” Trump vowed to protect. So why isn’t Trump taking action? What’s staying his hand?

Trump is lazy, stupid, obese, semi-retarded, anti-White, and a neo-Marxist.  Thus, his hand is stayed.

And now, we have….Greg Johnson:

Greg Johnson
Posted October 10, 2018 at 1:28 pm | Permalink
I am sure you mean well, but I call this sort of comment “low-information moralizing,” since if you knew the truth of the matter, you would change your tune. For instance, Daniel Friberg of Arktos has doxxed some movement people and embezzled funds from others. Knowing that, I cannot treat him as a comrade or colleague without dishonoring his victims or deluding people who might become new victims. In June of 2017, moreover, Friberg and Spencer launched a viciously dishonest campaign to ruin me and Counter-Currents. Although they ended up the worse for it — the collapse of the AltRight Corporation is a direct consequence of their campaign…

AltRight collapsed as a direct consequence of attacking Johnson and Counter-Currents?  I may be “low information” and all of that, but looking at the situation from here snug in my hobbit hole, it looks like AltRight collapsed because it was run by a bunch of Type I “movement” incompetents, who spent their time drinking alcohol in Alexandria loft apartments, making half-drunk podcasts, acting like jackasses, devoid of any serious ideology, taking nutcases like Jorjani seriously, using horrific judgment for each and every decision, having no overarching strategy, having no real organization or infrastructure, and, above all, the cosplay insanity of Unite the Right.  A thought experiment: if Spencer and company had done everything right, and still feuded with Counter-Currents, would AltRight have collapsed?  The question answers itself.

… — they still caused severe damage to the movement as a whole by driving wedges between people who used to cooperate productively and amicably. At this point, the damage appears to be permanent.

Who was it who critiqued the Alt Right from the beginning and predicted its downfall, and who was it who was declaring that “the Alt Right is White nationalism or it is nothing at all?”

Traitors are always more dangerous than enemies. So there is a limit to the “enemy of my enemies is my friend” line of reasoning.

I certainly agree with that.

And Antifa Jeff Sessions is going to actualize any action against Tech-Corporate censorship of the Right?  Once I stop laughing, I’ll point out that the DOJ is too busy prosecuting rightists for “hate crimes” and “serial rioting” – we can’t expect them to actually do anything that would benefit Trump’s and Sessions’ own (deluded) supporters, can we?  Let’s not be unreasonable here!  

Der Movement reaches out to the White ethnics in its own inimitable fashion (via TOO):

Gotta hand it to those Italians…, they sure know how to solve a problem. LOL
Take a lesson from Rommel in North Africa if you want to know how to handle Italians.
Italy is a dogs breakfast as far as I can see.
The Italian IQ (Racial) difference between the northern and southern ends of the country,
combined with a (((banking system))) and a hijacked (((Catholic Church))) in charge of a large chunk of wealth within the country and,
and organized crime (mafia) under the proxy-control of both these wealth hording institutions,
makes Italy the dysfunctional epileptic member that it is within the EU.

Now with comments:

Gotta hand it to those Italians…, they sure know how to solve a problem. LOL

We instead should follow the lead of Frau Merkel and Germany, who have solved their problems admirably.

Take a lesson from Rommel in North Africa if you want to know how to handle Italians.

The same Rommel who lost North Africa, lost France, and who was later forced into suicide.

Italy is a dogs breakfast as far as I can see.

London, on the other hand, is a White paradise. All you got to do is ignore the mayor, dodge the flying knives and acid bottles, and accept the fact that you can count the number of ethnic English on the fingers of one hand, and it’s all good!

The Italian IQ (Racial) difference between the northern and southern ends of the country,

Which actual IQ testing does not support.

combined with a (((banking system))) and a hijacked (((Catholic Church))) in charge of a large chunk of wealth within the country and, and organized crime (mafia) under the proxy-control of both these wealth hording institutions, makes Italy the dysfunctional epileptic member that it is within the EU.

We all can’t all be as functional, sane, and healthy as, say, Germany, can we?  By the way, who re-introduced the Mafia to Italy after Mussolini crushed it?

More 23andMe Hogwash


Read this.

I’ve commented on this before, but let’s dive deeper into the details. I’m in a critical mood today (as opposed to my more typical cheerful and forgiving devil-may-care attitude).

Excerpts, emphasis added:

Every now and then, I’m aghast when I look at a product and wonder how the devil it ever escaped the lab.  Is there no quality control?  And who thought it was a good idea, anyway, and why?

23andMe’s new Ancestry Timeline, released last week, is one of those.

Not only is it incorrect, but it deceives people into believing something that isn’t true.

Let’s take a look.
My Ancestry Timeline at 23andMe is shown above. I notice that my Middle Eastern/North African is missing from the timeline.  It’s less than 1%, but then so is my Native American which is included.
You can see in the text underneath the timeline that 23andMe says this timeline reflects how long ago my MOST RECENT ancestor in that geographic location was born.

Let’s compare this with reality.  You may recall that I recently wrote the article, Concepts – Calculating Ethnicity Percentages. In that article, I utilized my known and proven genealogy for my 64 great-great-great-great-grandparents to calculate what my ethnicity results should look like.  I’m referring to the same chart of my 64 ancestors for this exercise as well, since I’ve already done a great deal of the work.  Let’s see how reality stacks up to the 23andMe timeline.

On the chart below, I’ve shown the geographic category, the dates from the 23andMe timeline reflecting my most recent ancestor’s birth, my most recent ancestor from that location, and the accuracy of the 23andMe estimate.

Category 23andMe Dates My Most Recent Ancestor Birth 23andMe Accuracy
British and Irish 1900-1930 1759 – Henry Bolton Utter hogwash
French and German 1840-1900 1854 – Hiram Ferverda Close
Scandinavian 1750-1840 No ancestor More hogwash
Eastern European 1720-1810 No ancestor Hogwash
Italian 1690-1810 No ancestor Hogwash
Native American 1690-1790 Uncertain, mother’s side – early 1600s, father’s side – unknown Not verifiable, reasonable
The part of this equation that I find extremely upsetting is the sheer magnitude of how misleading the 23andMe timeline is.  It’s not just wrong, it’s horribly deceptive – massively inaccurate by any measure possible.

For a beginner or someone with unknown parentage, this timeline is horribly, horribly midleading and will cause novices to make massively incorrect assumptions. A British or Irish ancestor born between 1900-1930? Seriously?  This timeline combined with the 39.8% British/Irish suggests a parent.  Think about what an adoptee would take away from this timeline – and how their research could be derailed as a result.  Without parents available to DNA test, this erroneous information could make someone question their parentage.

I’m not alone either.  This, from another long-time genealogist: “I am dumbstruck.  It couldn’t be further from the truth for me.  I am very colonial on both sides.  Most recent immigrant ancestor was 1797.”  And from another: “No.  Just no.  Not accurate.”

So let me say this again.

You. Can. Have. No. Confidence.

23andMe, you should be ashamed of yourself for perpetrating genetic hogwash on your unsuspecting, believing and often vulnerable customers.  Climb down out of your ivory tower, buy a vowel and get a clue.  Statistics in an academic environment and reality sometimes just don’t mesh – and you, 23andMe, have the wherewithal and the customer base to discern the difference. You are supposed to be a science company.  You have no excuse.

Also see this.

And this.

Also this.

And finally this.

Saturday Movement Madness

The usual.

Jared Taylor and Paul Kersey explore the ominous implications of the Trump DOJ’s arrest of pro-white activists based largely on leftist investigations.

Time for Roissy to post about Trumpian handshakes…oh wait, he’s done it. After all, tweets, negs, and handshakes form the cornerstone of what a real “MAGA” President is all about.

This is an excellent Taylor video.  I’ll say it again- Taylor should run for elected office. Despite whatever ideological disagreements I have with Amren, I’d wholeheartedly support a Taylor candidacy.  There’s no one in the “movement” today better suited.  

I have one fundamental criticism to make – that is apart from the while Jew/Asian/HBD thing.  Amren, particularly Taylor, is very descriptive, and not at all  prescriptive.  Yes, there are some, very few,  lukewarm exceptions – Hood telling us we need to develop “White Identity” and so forth, but nothing concrete, nothing substantial.  Perhaps it is to preserve their non-for-profit status, maybe it is just that they believe their role is merely that of information dissemination.  However, it becomes tiresome after a time to hear all the horror stories, all the problems, with no solutions offered, no strategies proposed, no path forward outlined.  Ultimately, what do they see as the endgame?  Do Whites vote themselves out of this mess?  Do we need metapolitical/sociopolitical organization – neofascism?  Violent revolution?  Or do we just “ride the tiger” and discuss “race realism” while the ship of White civilization is capsized under the rising tide of color?  What do we do?

Yes, Pat, we are all deplorables now.  So, when are you going to come out in support of White nationalism?  Or are you afraid of being indicted for “hate crimes” by the far-left Bolshevik Antifa Jeff Sessions?  It’s a legitimate concern, I agree.

This is a decent Johnson essay, but he comes close to “movement” blasphemy at two points.

The Jewish connection throws a lot of light on the neuroticism and subjectivism Lilla laments. It also accounts for the preachy moralizing Lilla bemoans. Yes, a lot of political correctness seems to have New England Puritanism in its DNA, but who were the Puritans if not a “Judaizing” sect of Christianity? 

Criticizing the Puritans? KMacD got in some trouble with “movement” factions several years ago for doing just that.  Careful, careful

What does citizenship mean when a Chinese can take a test, swear an oath, and then commit espionage against America for China?

And now the Chinese?  The HBDers and the Silkers storm off in a huff. After all, isn’t the HBD dream a Jewish-Asian-Puritan/Anglo alliance, with the former two groups on top and the latter on the bottom?  Isn’t the Silker dream one of Chinese girls with guns guarding the borders of the West?

No, Steve, it is not self-parody; women are actually insane.  They actually believe “cooking a difficult meal” is the equivalent of volunteering for war, jumping out of a plane, or getting involved in Charlottesville Ragnarok.

The Usual Movement Madness

It’s…Der Movement!  In all cases, emphasis added.

About Roissy’s commentators:

1. It is amusing, but not surprising (after all, consider Fraser combining extreme Anglocentrism with Christianity) that some of the more snide Nordicist commentators at Roissy’s pussy pedestalization site are also the most ardent Christians, Christian apologists, and die-hard defenders of Christianity.  Interesting how they square their racial views with a Universalist “love everyone” religion of Jewish origin that, literally, worships a Jew.

2. Also amusing that these ardent Christians show up as commentators at a site dedicated to nihilistic sexual hedonism, a site always obsessing over “poosy,” that strategizes on how to seduce STD-infected mudsharking bar sluts, and that is presided over by a vulgar idiot.

3. Despite following a Universalist religion, these types oppose race-mixing, and (justifiably) criticize an anti-Christian commentator for his predilection for having sex with Negresses.  At the same time, they ignore Roissy’s own race-mixing behavior, his bragging about his Negress (“gravity-defying asses”) and Asian (“inserting fingers into male rear ends”) girlfriends, and his assertion that race-mixing improves a man’s SMV.  Hypocritical much?

The patron saint of Counter-Currents.

She also sought to found a religion, Esoteric Hitlerism, fusing National Socialism with the Traditionalism of René Guénon and Julius Evola. 

Certainly, that’s a meme that will resonate with all the “normies.”  Esoteric Hitlerism – part of a “big tent” strategy!

She was born Maximine Portaz born in Lyons, France on September 30, 1905. Her mother, Julia Nash was English, descending from Viking stock. 

Good, good, good!

Her father, Maxim Portaz, was three fourths Italian from Savoy, one fourth Greek. 

Bad, bad, bad!  More Negro than Lawrence Dennis!

Because of her mixed-European heritage, she identified herself simply as “European.” She also described herself as a “nationalist of all nations.”

Insufficiently ethnonationalist!  Blasphemy!  The Woman Who Can’t Tell Time!

Then there’s this.

Well, she did not have much sleep, but she was up and down all the time trying to pee, as she said; you know it always took her ages.

An enlarged prostate?  

What really bothered me was the bit I did read of the letter from Matt Koehl (of whom I never beard before in my life)…

Matt Koehl was someone’s beard?  The plot thickens!

We went to Philae, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Karnak, the temple of Hatshepsut, Esna (where I did not go as I wanted a rest and an afternoon on the ship’s sundeck, looking at the lovely Nile in peace) and of course to the Valley of the Kings…Never did I expect to meet Tutankhamen at seven-thirty in the morning. 

And he looked exactly like Dolph Lundgren!

I often wonder what became of Savitri’s other friend Peter Greenslade who we nicknamed Nimrod as he always said he was “interested in Nimrod” and it was difficult to tell just why. He was the one who told me he would like to have an electric fire made with the element in the shape of a swastika, so that he could sit in the dark with it and put himself into trance!

Now, that’s what we call a Type I activist!

Great news, re: Twitter.  Not sure why the System is attacking its own running dogs (the HBDers), but if they want to shoot themselves in the foot in this manner, let them.  I don’t believe that there should be censorship in a “democracy,” so, no, I’m not supporting the censorship aspect, I’m instead mocking the System for turning against one of its own. The Autophagic Establishment.

How is it possible for Italy to deport a Tunisian?  Two problems.  First, aren’t Italy and Tunisia the same country?  All North Africa!  Second, didn’t the great and good Desmond Jones tell us that Italy is 100% ethnically homogeneous, until the end of time, forever and ever, amen?  What’s a Tunisian doing in Italy, then? The second problem is solved by the first: there are no non-Italians in Italy, since North Africans, sub-Saharan Africans, Middle Easterners, etc. are all racially and ethnically identical to Italians.  Tunisia is Italy and Italy is Tunisia.  QED. But then Jones still has the problem of Chinatowns in Italy, those being racially identical to David Bromstad and Bjork.  Problems, problems, Der Movement’s problems never end.

Der Movement answers this questiona Negro.

Please compare:

Case one.

Case Two.

Female Privilege marches on.  Where are all the White Knighters now?

A Bit of Racial Reality

It’s sad that one must continuously reinforce the obvious and proven fact of the biological basis of race.

This is one of Strom’s better efforts, emphasis added:

An article at the Harvard University Web site (and Harvard is heavily-Jewish in both student population and administration) argues that since “almost half” of alleles in the human genome are found in all seven major regions of the globe, there can’t be human races. Now, that’s really a bizarre argument. It means that by their own admission most human alleles (genetic variants) are not found in all regions, yet they persist in their claims. The article even admits (after invoking Donald Trump as one cause for all this terrible belief in human races — give me a break) that “7.4% of over 4000 alleles [studied] were specific to one geographical region” — that’s almost 300 alleles, and 7.4 per cent. — as we shall see in a moment — is a huge degree of difference, more than enough to account for human racial variation, even human-animal species variations. As one commenter pointed out, in 2012 the National Library of Medicine published a study of bears showing that having just half of the alleles shared among two populations was enough to prove that the populations were not only different races but entirely different species! In the scientists’ exact words, this degree of genetic difference was consistent with the two populations being “different species with little or no gene flow among extant populations.” So, if two groups share about half of their alleles, it proves they’re different species — if they’re bears. But if they’re humans, it proves the exact opposite — not only are they all the same species, but there’s not even any racial variation among them. It’s pretty obvious that someone is lying here, and I don’t think it’s the guys and gals studying the bears.

By the way, I call “BS” on the idea that Watson and Venter are more similar genetically to a Korean than they are to each other. If you sample sufficient number of alleles, that is NOT going to be the case.  See this.

As the authors used more and more markers to compare the three major racial groups (Europeans, East Asians, and sub-Saharan Africans), the less stringent clustering measurements rapidly fell to a 0% overlap, as expected from previous studies.  What about the more stringent measurement “w”, which looks at comparisons between individuals, and does not consider group data?  Once the authors reached 1,000 (or more) markers, the genetic overlap between these groups essentially reached zero. It is useful at this point to quote the authors about this fundamentally important finding: 
This implies that, when enough loci are considered, individuals from these population groups will always be genetically more similar to members of their own group.
With respect to the question of whether individual members of one group may be genetically more similar to members of another group, they write:
However, if genetic similarity is measured over many thousands of loci, the answer becomes ‘never’ when individuals are sampled from geographically separated populations.
Thus, the naive “anti-racist” view, actually stated at times (e.g., the NOVA program on race), that it is possible for individual Europeans and Africans to be more genetically similar to each other than to members of their own race, is simply false.  Any such “finding” is simply due to insufficient numbers of DNA markers being used.
With an adequate methodology, individual members of the major racial groups will always be more similar to members of their own group than to members of other groups.  Some may not like this and deem it “racist”, but these are the scientific facts, nonetheless.

Read this, which, by the way, is from a Jewish researcher, emphasis added:

What makes the current study, published in the February issue of the American Journal of Human Genetics, more conclusive is its size. The study is by far the largest, consisting of 3,636 people who all identified themselves as either white, African-American, East Asian or Hispanic. Of these, only five individuals had DNA that matched an ethnic group different than the box they checked at the beginning of the study. That’s an error rate of 0.14 percent. 
Neil Risch, PhD, a UC-San Francisco professor who led the study while he was professor of genetics at Stanford, said that the findings are particularly surprising given that people in both African-American and Hispanic ethnic groups often have a mixed background. “We might expect these individuals to cross several different genetic clusters,” he noted. That’s not what the study found. Instead, each self-identified racial/ethnic group clumped into the same genetic cluster.
The people in this research were from 15 locations within the United States and in Taiwan. This broad distribution means that the results are representative of racial/ethnic groups throughout the United States rather than a small region that might not reflect the population nationwide.
For each person in the study, the researchers examined 326 DNA regions that tend to vary between people. These regions are not necessarily within genes but are genetic signposts on chromosomes that come in a variety of forms at the same location.
Without knowing how the participants had identified themselves, Risch’s team ran the results through a computer program that grouped individuals according to patterns of the 326 signposts. This analysis could have resulted in any number of different clusters, but only four clear groups turned up. And in each case the individuals within those clusters all fell within the same self-identified racial group.
“This shows that people’s self-identified race/ethnicity is a nearly perfect indicator of their genetic background,” Risch said.

And here is one of my old articles on the subject at Amren.

Also see this.

However, racial reality is not the same thing as “racial purity.”

Der Movement Saturday

Odds and ends.

It’s dat dere traditionalism!  Is the Dalai Lama snug in his hobbit hole?  Meanwhile, keep that tin cup a’rattlin.

Flake is more of an “alpha” than Trump.  Are all the fat cells in Trump’s body secreting estrogen?  What does it say that pink-frilled Republican Ms. Lindsey Graham has shown more grit and aggression this week than did Der Touchback?

Do the false memories include that of Dinesh and Costello?  Where’s her breakfast, Jef?

And yet, noodle-armed soyboys can make “Proudboys” scurry for cover at a LA bar.  Mental toughness counts too, I suppose.

According to (the American) Der Movement, all individuals involved in this incident, including victim and girlfriend, are non-White.