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In the News, 12/17/15

Three items.

Guard the borders? No.  Guard the funeral of NEC terrorists?  Yes. The System hates you White man.  What are you going to do about it?  Don’t worry – there’s a football game on TV.  Watch some Negro behemoths – each with a White wife and/or girlfriend – run around the field. That’s the ticket!

It’s a trifecta: illegal, Hispanic, and a terrorist.  I assume: coming to America as an “act of love.”  Jeb Bush at his finest.  Maybe Jeb can get a new gig scrubbing toilets in Trump Tower?
Ted Cruz, the liar.  Question: if the Establishment derails the Trump campaign, will stupid and useless Whites flock to Cruz?  That sounds like a typically White thing to do.

Stupid Lazy Sailer

Breezy as usual.

The affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami a half-century ago are of course highly white in ancestry.

“Of course”  After all, just look, look, look at Cruz and Rubio!  That’s all the evidence you need!

More serious, and less lazy, people would actually check the data, including this study of Hispanics living in the USA, a study that includes Cuban-Americans.
The data are summarized in this table.  Now, Sailer may quibble whether the sample represents “the affluent anti-Communist Cubans who took over Miami a half-century ago,” but based on the data we have, it doesn’t seem like Cuban-Americans are that different from those in Cuba.

As far as Puerto Ricans living in the mainland USA, as opposed to those in Puerto Rico, the data in that study, and others, suggest they are a bit “less White,” consistent with other data accumulated by Shriver and colleagues some time ago.

But don’t let dem dere facts get in the way of a classic HBD story, based as it is on cherry picked data, personal opinions, and “look at these pictures of a couple of celebrities.”  For shame, Breezy, leaving out the half-Cuban Cameron Diaz (*)!

*Breezy the liar doesn’t tell you that Ted Cruz is only half-Cuban as well.