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Sven, that is weak. Sen is a blatant agitator. Listening to that section from 18-20mins is stomach churning. He’s OBVIOUSLY pushing the anti-White narrative that race doesn’t really matter that much because non-Whites can breed with Whites and still create White looking kids. And get this, they EVEN have blue eyes too! Well, that’s me sold, screw recessive genetics and all that! It’s like a F**king Daily Mail story! Sen, even has the gall to claim his kids are some of the most Aryan looking he has seen and all that just 1 minute after admitting his Grand Father was an Indian and that he himself has Indian blood too. Then he has a swipe at pure White men by more or less saying they are cucked and that he is more of a man than they are. His argument is that he puts his face out there. Okay. question for Sen, where are you getting your money from? You say you’re putting your face out there but how do you support your family? How do you afford to do this Jack? How do you support your family with you being this brave savor of the White race? The reason other British men can’t do this is because they’ll loose their job. So tell us all how you do it so we can uncuck ourselves and not have to rely on an Indian man to sort out our mess! Sorry i am not dropping this one because i see through this cock and bull story and anyone supporting him is either deluded or not to be trusted either.