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Der News: Rotten Orange, Silk Road, and Der Movement

Der Movement marches on.

Here is affirmative action in action – both sex and ethnic.

What choice did we have?” she asked. “I don’t apologize. … He said all the right things and nobody else would even say it.”

OK, fair enough, Mudshark Annie. Making a strategic decision to support Trump given his rhetoric during the campaign – one could understand that. But, here, my dear curry muncher, is the problem:

Coulter help drum up big support for Trump during the presidential campaign and wrote the book “In Trump We Trust,” in which she said she “worshiped” him with “blind loyalty.”

“I have no regrets for ferociously supporting him.”

How about – I don’t know – prudently supporting Trump without declaring your “blind loyalty” and how you “worship” him?

And, no, this is not “20-20 hindsight.”  I’ve been criticizing the “God Emperor” all along – as well as being exasperated with the “blind…worship” of him. Here are five posts which I made just in a period of several weeks in August 2016, representative of my skepticism:

It was always obvious what Trump was.  The disappointment of idiots like Coulter simply reflects their bad judgment (you know, bad judgement like dating Dinesh).  But Annie is a “wimmin” and “one of the gals” (the vaginized version of “one of the boys”) so she’ll get a free pass, while those who actually did know better long ago are castigated as “bitter” and “insane.”  It’s all a mystery!

More on the Jew-Chinese-Trump axis of Silk Road anti-Whitism.  To borrow the language (in a more dignified fashion) of a certain love-struck Silker blogger, one can say that the Silkers are “fellating Jewish phallus.”

This what you get when you worship “dem wimmin” in De Movement.  Is Jef going to make Pettibone breakfast?  Affirmative action cuts all ways, doesn’t it?

“Just ask…straight out.”  First, as if that’s the way to get to the truth, and second, who cares if an airhead has an affair with a Derb-wanna-be?  Oh, that’s right, Roissy cares. What I care about is racial activism, and how vagina-worship from thirsty betas introduces stupidity – well, more stupidity than is normally present.

Silk Road News: All Hail ThomasER916!

The Asian plague.

Those law-abiding cognitive elitists.

Arrogance and recklessness – colored is as colored does.

Lin, who was going through a divorce from his wife around this time, said he was also too ashamed to report two other relationships he forged while in Hawaii. It was there that he befriended a Chinese massage therapist living in the U.S. and also struck up an internet relationship with another Chinese citizen, the woman he was traveling to meet when apprehended.
“Divorce is shameful in my culture,” Lin said…

His culture…he’s right about that – a bizarre alien, as different from real Americans as would be “ET” from outer space, a biologically and culturally specimen incompatible with any majority-White nation.  When will be free from these colonizers, who should all go back to their “culture?”

An Alt Right commentator answers “Kumiko” thus:

ThomasER916  Kumiko Oumae • 4 hours ago
Just accept reality. You’re not White. You’re an interloper. You’re a subverter. Fuck off to Riceland!

I – unlike Thomas and the Silkers themselves – wouldn’t use the obscenity, but otherwise I agree with the comment.

The diseased Oriental answers thus (with my own comments thrown in):

I get that Lauren Southern is quite good looking (the only thing I share in common with her, haha)…

I really doubt that last part.  But thank you for once again pointing out that the real reason that Japanese anime pseudonyms and Chinese “maidens” are popping up on White nationalist boards is because Asians pimp out their women to thirsty beta White malelings in order to promote Asian agendas.

…and that she’s very high profile, but she just doesn’t agree with you politically. This may be annoying for you, but it’s nevertheless the truth.

And it is nevertheless the truth that “Kumiko” is a White-hating Asiatic alien intent on subverting White nationalism.

Telling me that I’m not White as though that is supposed to be insulting to me in some way, or as though it’s a form of rebuttal, is just laughable. There is nothing for me to ‘accept’, since I am never trying to be White.
One of the most bizarre things about the Alt-Right, and about White Nationalism in general, is how many of its adherents think that yelling “You are not White” at obviously non-White people, somehow constitutes a powerful argument in and of itself.

Hey, you mendacious Oriental, the point is that you are an alien who doesn’t belong on pro-White boards, and you’re pushing a hostile and pro-Asian agenda.  You are a subverter, as the man said.

2 + 2 is still going to be 4, even if I am the one who points it out.

The only thing you and Danny boy point out is that your geopolitical agenda is the subservience of Europeans to Asian interests.

Silk Road News: Asians at

Asian perfidy.

I now see that White-hating Asian “Kumiko” is fishing around on, desperately attempting to find any yellow fever fetishists to pump up the barren comments threads at Majority Rights.  Just as MR promotes Asian colonization of White lands, so does that pushy yellow believe she has the right to infiltrate into White blogs pushing Asian supremacist memetic poison.

“Celestial Time” is correct and Majority Rights is an anti-White hate site.  Look, it’s not complicated.  Majority Rights supports:

1. The colonization of White lands by Asians, where borders will be enforced by black-booted Chinese girls with guns.  That’s not my imagination.  Daniel S explicitly endorsed that, complete with pictures.  It’s there  – not only in “black and white” but in color as well.

2. Yellow fever fetishism. As per “sexual fetishism” see point 1 above, as well as Kumiko’s use of pictures of young Asian females accompanying her rambling MR articles promoting Eurasianism.  Also note her avatar used at Why not send Danny or GW to proselytize for the greater glory of MR?  Not as marketable to the basement-dwelling, anime-loving, lulzing Alt Right masses?

3. “British Asians.” Majority Rights believes that “British Asians” are an integral part of that nation.  “Segregated neighborhoods” – did you catch that, my friend Celestial Time?  Not “segregated nations” – but “neighborhoods.” After all, Asians just must, must, must live in White nations.  In their own neighborhoods of course.  Maybe those can be the “Chinatowns” in “European cities” and “along borders and along the Mediterranean” that Danny imagines will be full of his gun-toting female border guards.  

4. White division. MR also opposes White cooperation, pan-Europeanism, and supports White nations like the UK making common cause with Asians against other White nations.

5. Majority Rights supports “inflicting harm on Russians” (the crazed Asian’s own words) so as to benefit Asians.

And they are so fundamentally dishonest, they can’t admit that Trumps shift to a pro-Chinese, anti-Russian policy perfectly coincides with his administration’s takeover by Jewish influences.

Basically, the MR-Kumiko strategy is this: Exploit yellow fever fetishism, underlying currents of Asiaphilia among some White activists, and knee-jerk anti-Semitism (*) to push gullible White males to be bossed around by black booted Asian girls carrying guns.  It’s pathetic and embarrassing, but it will continue as long as the Alt Right continues to let the yellow infiltrator post on pro-White sites.  How about containing the contagion to MR and let it burn itself out there?

*They support the bizarre idea that one has to be either pro-Asian or pro-Jewish.  The idea that someone can be opposed to both groups doesn’t enter their mindset.  Thus, they accuse someone like myself – with a long history of “virulent anti-Semitism” (according to the Alt-Wrong) – as being “a tool of the Jews” and of “sucking Jewish cock” (**) simply because I oppose Asian influence on pro-White sites.  They’re nuts (***).

**Again, note the sexual obsessions.

***Kumiko and Daniel (and to a lesser extent, GW) have a ludicrous tendency to make ridiculously wrong-headed assumptions and accusations against their opponents, jumping from one absurd statement to another as each is proven wrong in turn.  First, they accused me of being someone named “Thorn” – apparently some pro-Jewish troll posting at their blog. When that accusation fell flat, they admitted that Ted Sallis is Rienzi/JWH, but that I am a “tool of the Jews” – an accusation obviously seen as ludicrous by anyone following my writing – including in Majority Rights itself! – over the years.  That accusation not being credible, GW next offered that while it is true that I’m not pro-Jewish, I’m instead motivated by an allegiance to “Mediterranean” interests – that despite my long-argued contention that there is no such thing as a “Mediterranean” identity (and my pan-European promotion of the interests of all Europeans).  Next, I was accused of being a fan and ally of “The Right Stuff” and in cahoots with someone named “Seventh Son” – that despite the fact I’ve been constantly criticizing the Millennial “snark and lulz” faction of Der Movement (aka, the “Alt Right”) and that I’ve looked at the TRS site maybe one or two times total, and have a complete lack of interest in what they are doing.  Now, I’m an “anti-Asian conspiracy theorist” simply because I expose the Asian supremacist imperialism of MR and I link to online information about Asians as part of “Silk Road News.”

Silk Road to Rotherham

A note.

For British Asians in the Brexit environment, our lives and our property are bound up with the fortunes and the flag of Great Britain, so it is only natural that we would stand with Britain against any and all opponents. 

“British Asians” is an oxymoron.  “British” properly describes the native peoples of the British Isles (the English, Scots, Scots-Irish, and Welsh) and their cultures.  It does NOT describe Asian invaders, alien colonizers, the ones who are helping to displace the native British peoples and who were responsible for the horrors of Rotherham and other sex-grooming scandals in the UK (mostly Pakistani South Asians).  The whole point of White nationalism is White nations for Whites, British nationalism is Britain for the British, English nationalism is England for the English.  A Britain in which Asians wrap themselves in the “British flag” (cucked civic nationalism) – a mere symbol – to justify their continued presence in someone else’s homeland is not a Britain that reflects ethnonationalist or racial nationalist values. That is multiracial, multicultural diversity – the very thing Majority Rights was created to oppose. Indeed, by normalizing the idea of “British Asians” MR supports the globalist idea of a multiracial Britain and it is morally responsible for Rotherham.

And as far as GW goes, I just don’t understand how an English patriot and nationalist, who created Majority Rights to oppose White dispossession and as a reaction to the Asiatic arrogance of GNXP, can blithely accept arrogant Asians who think they have the right to colonize his homeland.  Instead of objecting to “British Asians” he instead writes how “entertaining” the British Asian post is, and of course, chuckling at insults hurled in my direction. I’d tread carefully if I were him.  GW lies in stating what my interests and preferences are.  I don’t even believe “Mediterranean” is a valid biocultural concept, so I don’t know what he’s gibbering about there.  Hey, GW I say one thing to you – first, consider your blog as it was, say, in 2005-2007, with the people and posts back then, and now take a look at the “creative destruction” present now.  I’m gone, you drove Bowery away (the details of which you probably think I forgot, but I did not – suffice to say that I remember very well your response when I contacted you in private and told you that your blog’s treatment of Bowery was despicable and that he deserved better from you), Phil what’s his name is long gone, Beck is gone, where’s Zeka, where’s all those people (Regardless of what I thought of their ideology. For example, I’ve had my disagreements with Bowery in the past, but I believe that he’s an honorable man who is dealing with things now with dignity and the way you casually tossed him away as a valued blogger demonstrates your piss-poor character). You should be ashamed of yourself. Now your site consists of your endless and boring debates about “white leftism” or Kumiko’s self-interested Asian colonization or Danny’s ranting and the comments section consists mostly of the aforementioned stupidities, sprinkled by Chaos’ “lulzing” and Danny posting comments under descriptive names, basically padding his own posts with his own comments.  Creative destruction, indeed.

As far as the rest of the Kumiko-Danny tag team, I’m not going to waste my time arguing all of their lies.  Let’s just take one example to demonstrate how shockingly dishonest they are. Kumiko, again, tries to deny that Daniel wanted Asian colonies, including Asian military, in White nations.  East Africa, my ass.  These are his own words, emphasis added for reading comprehension addled Oriental retards:

Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand will likely need to become smaller at any rate in order to be maintained and defended. But with the increased manageability of defense will come an opportunity to offer cooperation to Asians to have some sacrosanct territories of their own in these places.  

We already have Chinatowns. Now there could be some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.

Paragraph one: offering Asians to have “sacrosanct territories of their own in these places.” What places?  Err…Danny had just mentioned “Sacrosanct European territories in the Americas, Australia and New Zealand” so he means Asian colonies in “the Americas, Australia and New Zealand.”

Paragraph two: Danny talks about that “we already have Chinatowns.”  Then he proceeds to say that there could be “some intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities with border and migrant control an explicit part of their mandate.”  Again, it is clear, STOP LYING.  He openly and very clearly states having Chinese colonies – akin to “Chinatowns” – “intermittently disbursed along the borders of the Mediterranean and among European cities” in order to enforce “border and migrant control”- and shows black booted Chinese girls with guns (*) as an example of such a force.  

That you cannot admit what’s clear in black and white – that you are so cowardly and stupid that you folks can’t even take ownership of a comment you left at your own blog demonstrates that you are so fundamentally dishonest that there’s no point dealing with your insane gibbering any more.

But I ask: if I’m so much of a Jew-inspired enemy, why do you keep my EGI post at your godforsaken blog.  I’ve lost count how many times I’ve asked it to be taken down – privately to GW multiple times (do I need to dig up all those old emails?), more recently over the last several months.  Another indication of what low character trash you people are.

*I showed that comment to an associate of mine who knows nothing about MR and the “people” there.  His response was to sadly talk about “beta males in their basement masturbating to pictures of Asian women.”  And the picture accompanying the British Asians post does nothing except reinforce my belief that yellow fever fetishism is an underlying foundational element for support for Silk Road White nationalism among certain White males, and their fantasies of being ordered about my stern-faced female Chinese soldiers with rifles and black boots.  Frankly, it is all bizarre and embarrassing. And third party observers who support and enable the spread of MR’s madness out of their sandbox are also morally responsible for the racially destructive outcomes that results from that spread of the Silk Road infection.

Answering an Idiot

Evidence that the “high East Asian IQ” is a myth.

Greg Johnson wanted this answered off his site, so here it is:

I have to be more light-handed in my moderation, primarily because people like you persistently create an environment where you try to absurdly racialise every action that I make. The very thing that you are asking me to do now, is the same kind of action which if I were to do it, you would write several blog posts telling people not to post at Majorityrights because ‘Kumiko the evil Asiatic might censor you’ or whatever.

If you had bothered to understand the history of the blog that you are in the process of destroying, you’d know that I repeatedly urged Guessedworker to moderate the site and get rid of vulgar and moronic comments.  So the idea that I would write: “Kumiko the evil Asiatic might censor you” is a strawman argument and just more “look at me the poor colored person being picked on” whining.

In fact, it was you who wrote in your recent blog post that you in fact saved Captainchaos’ comment so that even if I did decide to delete it you could simply reproduce it and put it back! 

“Put it back!”  Back where, you imbecile?  Yeah, that’s right…I would hack into MR and reinsert the comment.  Are you retarded or paranoid or both?  I simply saved the comment in the event that you Silk Road liars would in the future deny it was ever there.

In other words, you were already prepared to publicly work against the very same moderation policy that you are disingenuously exhorting me to adopt here. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s amazing that you are so childishly stupid, with the mentality of a brain-addled five year old.  Do you actually read the silly things you write?  Or is the Asiatic mind so alien to that of the European that I shouldn’t even try to make sense of any of it?  The fact that I want to save evidence of MR perfidy is in no way incompatible with my desire for your blog to stop said perfidy.

Now, regarding my own treatment of Greg Johnson in that thread. I’m sure you read the thread on 28 Jan 2017, and that you are therefore aware that I used up about a quarter of the thread repeatedly defending Greg Johnson. I said that while I don’t understand the choice that Johnson made to not sound the alarm about Enoch’s shameless lying ways earlier, and that he should be asked about why he made those decisions in that moment (for the sake of forming a more complete picture of the events), that there is a correct way to ask about that and a wrong way to ask. I said that Captainchaos and Ned Flanders were wrong to say what they were saying and that it was not acceptable. I am completely open to the idea that there were reasons which we who are looking at it in the aftermath would not be able to see. That’s why I said while we are going to be rough on Enoch, we should approach the issue of everyone else who may have known or suspected something about him in a fundamentally different way. I explicitly said that in the same thread.

Yeah, that’s great.  The fact remains you left Chaos’ comment there.  

It’s pretty disingenuous for you to now be trying to lecture me on what a decent person ‘should do’, seeing as you yourself are in fact a key component of the indecent and essentially deplorable problem which I had find a way to deal with there.

Yes, a person who hasn’t been involved with Majority Rights for – what? – nearly 10 years is obviously “a key component” of the problems there.  I very honestly and sincerely believe that you are mentally ill.  

My response – which was the ‘nephew and niece group selection argument’ – seems to have also been agreed with by Richard Spencer because within days Spencer in fact approvingly echoed the substance of my argument on one of his podcasts (without attributing the comments to me – which is fine by me).


Do you know which outlet actually found my handling of it to be inappropriate? The Daily Shoah with TRS, of course. The Shoah subsequently had a show in which they addressed that same specific argument that I made (without attributing the comments to me – funny how so many people suddenly decided it was really time to talk about group selection in an extended family context, it’s really an astonishing ‘coincidence’), and they addressed it by ranting about ‘degeneracy’ and how apparently ‘un-European’ such an argument is.

Who cares?  TRS in general are a bunch of juvenile jackasses.

So rather than acting as though I am the problem here, maybe you should go and ask your supposedly persecuted friend Mike Enoch…

He’s not my friend.  I never heard of him before Greg’s article defending him and after subsequently listening to TRS I have no desire to waste my time with that drivel. I simply believe your treatment of him was repulsive.  Then again you and MR as a whole are repulsive and so I am not surprised.

…at TRS why it is that he allows homophobia and misogyny on his show and on his website in the form of actually hundreds upon hundreds of Disqus comments literally every single day, and why it is that he reinforces and echoes those views at every opportunity. Ask him.

I have no communication with that individual, nor do I want any.  I do not have a high opinion of TRS.  That doesn’t mean I support Asiatics using crude “Jew baiting” in order to get yellow fever omega White males – fantasizing about Chinese girls with guns – to jump on the Silk Road bandwagon.

It is almost surreal that you are having this conversation with me of all people, and that you are having it across the comments section of Counter-Currents.

Why not?  I’m not going to disgrace myself by going to your sewer of a website.

To accuse me of supporting homophobia is basically the most absurd – but comical – accusation I have ever faced from you. Seriously, it is absurd. It’s almost like you asked yourself: “Let me see if I can find the single most liberal person on sexual politics in the ethnonationalist sphere and accuse her of homophobia because that would be the single most hilarious thing that I could do. Oh, there’s Kumiko, let me try this on her!”

Moronic and alien Oriental: please improve your English reading comprehension.  I never accused you of being homophobic.  I simply pointed out that any decent person would have deleted Captain Chaos’ comment – which was homophobic – and that you did not do so.  If you are incapable of understanding the difference, then that supports my low opinion of your “intellect.”  No, you are not homophobic.  You are just a foul-mouthed, paranoid, not-too-bright individual who doesn’t have the common decency to remove a comment about Greg Johnson that was very highly offensive.

It’s almost like the kind of thing that if I didn’t know better, I’d say Mike Enoch and Seventh Son actually put you up to it. 

Yeah, that’s right, we had a meeting in our local synagogue.  Indeed, we receive instructions from Israel.  A Tel Aviv rabbi has a set of atomic-powered, high-speed, gyroscopic dreidels that emit a special radio frequency detected by a special receiver built into my yarmulke. We also receive instructions – hand delivered by a dancing bear dressed like a Cossack – from Putin himself.  It’s an Israeli-Russian conspiracy against the grand geopolitical strategizing of Majority Rights!  Time to send some Chinese girls with guns over the Amur and straighten that all out!

The reason I know better is because I know you guys aren’t nearly that organised.

We can’t be as well organized as those black-booted female Chinese solders that form the basis of Silk Road onanism.

Some Silk Road Realities, 10/7/16

Asians hate you, White man.

I’ll ignore for now Dr. Jekyll’s pontifications, and as well ignore Silver’s bizarre obsession with the Assad regime in Syria (what White person really cares what goes on in Syria other than stopping the flow of migrants?  And even there the problem is more with us – don’t let them in.  Let Syrians do in Syria what they hell they want.  I’m sure NECs do care about Syria in and of itself though….), and instead look at an excerpt from this excellent article (emphasis added) that takes a good look at the Asian character.  It’s another warning against the stupidity of “Silk Road White nationalism” (as if the fact that you do not make unnecessary “permanent alliances” with your greatest long-term strategic enemy is not enough):

However, the actual “success” should be given a second look. South Korea is only different from North Korea due to the presence of thousands of well-armed, highly trained and disciplined American troops forcing the adoption Western standards on a non-Western population. Additionally, Seoul is filled with battalions of American advisors, businessmen, and diplomats. This influence is what makes South Korea’s prosperity possible. Korean culture on its own is North Korea. Indeed, North Korea is more like Korea prior to Japanese rule than otherwise — the land of Juche is merely a reversion to the pre-1905 Hermit Kingdom.[17]

Like all Oriental people, Koreans are more concerned with saving face and harmony than actual substantive results. This is why a gold medal gained by cheating in boxing in the ’88 Olympics was more important to the South Koreans than an honestly gained silver medal. To emphasize appearance over substance, Asian societies produce people that are good at taking tests, but not so good at cutting through the professional fog in real life. Part of the reason for excellence in taking tests is a widespread culture of cheating. Cheating scandals are so common that one must wonder exactly why Universities bother to accept Asian students.[18] In the United States, cheating by Asians, including South Koreans is very common. One blogger writes,

The stereotype, delicately put: first and second generation Chinese, Korean, and Indian Americans, as well as nationals from these countries, often fail to embody the sterling academic credentials they include with their applications, and do not live up to the expectations these universities have for top tier students.

Less delicately put: They cheat. And when they don’t cheat, they game tests in a way utterly incomprehensible to the Western mind, leading to test scores with absolutely zero link to underlying ability. Or both. Or maybe it’s all cheating, and we just don’t know it. Either way, the resumes are functional fraud.[19]

This fraud comes out in funny ways. Discovered in the fallout of the Obamacare website rollout scandal was Asian incompetence. Writes another blogger:

But just who has been behind the crash-and-burn of Obamacare? None but Henry Chao, Deputy Chief Information Officer and Deputy Director of the Office of Information Services at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer of the United States, and Aneesh ‘Depak’ Chopra, former CTO.

It reads like a who’s-who of Asian ‘America.’[20]

The scandal also revealed large swathes of stolen code in the Obamacare website, setting up the US Government for all sorts of lawsuits. Indeed, much of Asian technological progress hinges upon copying (or stealing) the technological advances made in the United States and Europe.

Up until Omar Mateen, an Islamist from the savage Pathan tribe, shot up the Pulse Nightclub in 2016, the worst spree shooting was done by Korean Immigrant Cho Seung-Hui in the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting.

The hatred in the center expresses itself in the margins.

The existential meaning of Asians is hatred of Whites.  These are enemies, not allies. The only difference between Jews and Asians (other than the Jews’ obvious better ability at phenotypic crypsis) is that the former is the major short-term enemy and the latter the greater long-term enemy. One does not pick one over the other: a pox on both their houses.

Daniel S is Correct, 8/20/16

Can’t argue with this answer.

Posted by Captainchaos on Fri, 19 Aug 2016 05:49 | #

Daniel, are you opposed to Nordic preservation (ie, exclusive living space for Nordics alone) on the North American continent? 

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that you are and Nordicists’ response to that is, “We don’t care.  And if you don’t like that, you can go fuck yourself.”  No offense intended, just sayin’.

Posted by DanielS on Fri, 19 Aug 2016 08:32 | #

I am not opposed to Nordic preservation at all, nor their exclusive preserves, on the contrary: that is one of the key reasons for maintaining the idea of nationalism, so that our different kinds can be preserved.

I only object when the Nordicist/Hitlerian bent doesn’t recognize that other European nationalities like and want to preserve their kinds as well and that Nordicist/Hitlerian bent takes positions (e.g., “rationalizations”) which would needlessly throw other Europeans under the bus, see them as cheap labor, or even slaves, cannon fodder or other trivia, even feed to placate Africans and Muslims.

Daniel is correct.  And Mr. Chaos should also understand that Nordicists are not the only people capable of saying: “We don’t care.  And if you don’t like that, you can go fuck yourself.”