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The Native American Ploy

Whites as Amerindians.

A comment often made – frequently observed for example on Yahoo comments threads – by leftists in response to complaints about White American dispossession is to raise the issue of Amerindians – “You guys invaded the lands of the Native Americans and pushed them out and now you are being invaded and pushed out, ha ha, too bad” is a typical example of this genre of comment.

We should be gratified when opponents make such arguments – for not only do they reveal their anti-White aggression, but, more importantly, they are admitting that the displacement of Whites in North America is akin to the displacement of the Amerindians, and we all know how “well” that worked out for the Amerindians.  Indeed, the response to such comments should be to thank the commentator for supporting the argument that White Americans are indeed being subjected to genocidal race replacement, and to note that Whites are under no obligation to let themselves be displaced and replaced.  Indeed, the Amerindians did resist as the frontier “Indian wars” demonstrate – the problem for the Amerindians is that they lacked the numbers, organization, intelligence, and technics to resist White expansion. Whites, on the other hand, could resist displacement if only they would demonstrate the same fighting spirit as the Amerindians.  Finally, another point in response to anti-White comments about “Native Americans” is to ask whether the commentator opposes the replacement of Whites in their native homelands of Europe, a situation that very well matches the Amerindian scenario.  If the “they were here first in their homeland” argument is so important to aggrieved leftists, then they should be among the strongest supporters of the European Far-Right.

Sanders and the White Working Class

Jew fraud.

Sanders now is whining that Democrats have lost “working class White voters,” blaming the Clintons, and saying that Democrats need to do something about this. Well, my Jewish alien Levantine friend, let me tell you something.  Remember that debate you had with Clinton, where the Negress moderator asked (with a smirk) what you and she would do specifically for White people?  Remember your response?  You exclaimed in an incredulous, dismayed, and sarcastic voice: White people? – and the audience – Democrats all – were also dismayed by the moderator’s question.  Some laughed. Yeah, Jew, it was real funny and all – but not so funny on November 8, 2016, was it?

Middle Eastern Bernie: people know when they are not liked and not wanted (hint to Der Movement, re: White ethnics).  The fact that the Democrats and their core constituencies HATE White folks, particularly working class and middle-class Whites, is well known.  You hate them as well, don’t you, reflected in your spontaneous response to the debate question.

Save your crocodile tears – if Clinton had won, none of you would give a rat’s ass about the “White working class,” and you know it.

The Machado Fiasco

Dumb Trump.

Contrary to Roissy and the other “movement” homoerotic heavy breathers, their God Emperor stepped into it once again, proving that the chubby affirmative action quota queen Touchback Trump learned absolutely nothing from this past summer’s Brown Star Family fiasco.

Yes, I agree with members of the pro-Trump brigade that Trump did need to counter-attack, and did need to point out Machado’s deficiencies as an immigrant to America. But once again, the question is how to do it. Does one do it as an intelligent and disciplined would-be-President, or does one do it as an irrational lazy jackass, whose “alpha” bonafides are apparently evident through his repeated attempts to lose an eminently winnable election?

Here’s what Donny Amnesty should have said:

Look, like it or not, beauty contests are to a large extent about beauty. An important component of why a woman wins is her physical appearance. Everyone knows that. A Miss Universe winner has the obligation to represent the title to the public for one year, and with that obligation comes the very explicit responsibility to maintain her appearance, including not putting on weight. By becoming overweight, Machado failed in her obligations; I tried to help her and I gave her chances to make it right, but she failed. She didn’t want to do it, and it is NOT “shaming” to call someone out for their unwillingness to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities. I can also point out she has a rather sordid past – it’s all online for everyone to see – is this the type of person we want as an immigrant to America? Hillary thinks so, but I do not, and I believe most Americans agree with me. Finally, Crooked Hillary reminds us that Machado is an American citizen and will be voting in November. Well, guess what Hillary – the millions of hard-working folks you labeled as “a basket of deplorables” are also American citizens and you’ll be sure that they will be voting in November! And that’s all I have to say on this subject.

But, no, just like Der Movement that adores him, Trump is an incompetent affirmative action case, with no restraint or long-term strategic thinking. Some leftist criticisms of Trump are correct: he is intellectually and temperamentally unfit to be President. But, Clinton is far more unfit, and, anyway, I’m not going to vote for Trump because I think he would be a good President. I support Trump solely to send a message, solely to unleash the dogs of chaos, solely to throw a monkey wrench into the creaking machinery of the multicultural consensus. What we need more of: misery, despair, hatred, anger, distrust, racial and cultural balkanization; these are all things growing as a result of Fat Don’s unapologetic politically incorrect civic nationalism coupled to SJW hysteria and Colored entitlement.

Let’s be honest though: Trump the man is a disaster, easily the worst general campaign candidate in my lifetime. I’ve never seen such a combination of joyful ignorance, in-your-face laziness, unpreparedness, delusion, inability to learn from mistakes, the hysterical lack of restraint one would expect from one of Trump’s Negro friends (or even worse: a swarthoid Afrowop) – what is this Trump? He’s a goddamn embarrassment.

And if the Trump lovers think I am being too harsh on their hero, consider the following. When Trump eschewed doing a mock debate, we were assured that he was being adequately prepped by his advisers while riding the campaign plane, advisers who were imploring Trump not to let himself be baited and side-tracked by Clinton. And look what happened. What an idiot.

I do wonder what those psychologists told Clinton on how to handle Trump. Maybe something like this: “This guy Trump deep down really does not want to be President, he doesn’t want the responsibility, and he doesn’t want to give up his lifestyle. He went into it for his ego, because he was angry at Obama. But he is inwardly rebelling against becoming President, which is why he is constantly sabotaging himself. All you need to do is set him up to self-destruct and he’ll inevitably detonate in an explosion of unrestrained tweets.”

Despite all of this, Trump can still win: after all, Clinton is also a historically terrible candidate and there’s lots of anger out there in White America. But, let’s “keep it real” – anyone who says that Trump is “the last chance of White America” is more of an idiot than is Trump himself.

Debate One, Truth on Trump, and Roissy Weeps

These are the facts.

Here is an honest comment from Radix, emphasis added:

Riopel • 9 hours ago
Not sure which debate you watched, but in the debate I saw, Trump came off as a bumbling idiot, rambling incoherently, going off on pointless tangents, and resorting to his stockpile of moronic cliches he’s been saying for a year.
Hillary was hitting him hard nonstop, and Trump looked increasingly frustrated throughout. Maybe he was overwhelmed by the overt hostility of the crowd and the uppity google “moderator,” but he could have easily dominated if he’d prepared better.
The problem with Trump is that he’s simply unintelligent. I can’t think of anyone less qualified to lead any kind of nationalist revival in America; a lowbrow celebrity with mob ties whose kids are all married to jews.
Maybe some moderates will be turned off by Hillary’s snark and the hostile environment, but overall, last night was quite simply Trump’s lowest moment in his presidential run. If he doesn’t improve for debates 2 and 3 it might just give Hillary the edge she needs to win.

Donald Trump: vulgar ignorant buffoon, Negro-lover, beta race cuck, lazy, unintelligent, a shallow hedonist who is doing his best to throw an eminently winnable election.

Don Trumped, 9/27/16

Trump, the beta race cuck loser.

The low-energy beta race cuck Donny Touchback didn’t do too well in his first debate, with even the love-struck Roissy (*) complaining about Trump’s missed opportunities.  Well, that’s what happens when a lazy, borderline obese (BMI 29.5), hedonistic “God Emperor” can’t even be bothered to participate in one mock debate, something that even the decrepit Clinton was able to do.

Cue the whining now about the mulatto moderator.  Did the “alpha jerkboy” Trump expect fairness? 

That said, the SJW comments about Trump’s sniffles are ludicrous – are you going to compare a simple cold to someone collapsing in the street, or giving a speech with their eyeballs pointing in different directions?

*Isn’t it amusing that the HBDer Roissy says that we need to forget “race realism” in 2016 America when his hero grovels – in typical Trumpian lickspittle fashion – to the Negro?  Is that one reason for Trump’s laziness and ill-preparedness? Hanging out too much with Negroes? Is Der Touchback going down the behavioral sink?

A Lazy God Emperor

Dat Trump.

I’ve read that Trump is eschewing mock debates and is just getting “debate advice” while riding on his campaign plane.  If true, that’s amazing.  He may do well in the debates and he may win the election, but I must say that Trump is the laziest Presidential candidate in recent memory.

This is an winnable election.  If he loses he’ll have no one to blame but himself.

If being an “alpha male God Emperor” means that you exhibit ZFG even about the most important facets of your campaign, then I’ll stick with being beta, thank you very much.

Looking To The Debates

A brief comment.

I hope someone from Trump’s campaign sees this and takes it seriously. With all the hysterical Trump Derangement Syndrome extant, he’ll need to achieve an overwhelming victory in the debates just to have his achievement called “almost even with Clinton.”

Indeed, Clinton could start screaming during the debate in a deranged fashion: “I hate White America, and I’m going to destroy all those irredeemable deplorables,” followed by her collapsing to the floor in an epileptic fit, with Trump genuinely trying to aid her, and the news headlines would be:

Healthy Hillary defeats Trump with a masterful debate performance; crazy Trump attacks Hillary and knocks her to the floor

You very well know that is exactly what would be written.