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Sallis’ Law and Other News

In der news. In all cases, emphasis added.

Amren writes about Italy, so….

OT, I know, any mention of Italian politics always makes me think how we sacrificed so many men there in the war to free a people who, then and now, regularly give about 10-12% of their votes to Communists. Not delusional, Bernie-type leftists, but actual, hard-line Communists.
Tim  JackKrak 
My Dad was there for the invasion of Sicily. And more… As the campaign was winding down his troop ship was converted to a POW one for the voyage back home. So he found a Prisoner who spoke passable English, and gave him his parole and seven dollars, telling him to go find vino and some black shoe polish, on his strict promise to return within the hour. Fifty five minutes later, the POW reappeared at the gang plank as promised, with a basket of Chianti, a shoe shine boy, the shoe shine boy`s big sister and five more POW`s...
Rich at Large 
It seems that Italy’s government is always collapsing in any given year. It’s part of the “charm” of Italy.

Other news:


Johnson:  Trump is a man of genuine greatness.

Sallis: Trump is a vulgar ignorant buffoon.

The latest:

Two days after he said buying Greenland wasn’t a top priority, President Donald Trump canceled an upcoming trip to Denmark, which owns the mostly frozen island, after its prime minister dismissed the idea.
Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen had called Trump’s musing about buying the Danish territory “an absurd discussion” after the former real estate mogul-turned-president began to talk up the idea.
Trump said Sunday that he was interested in such a deal for strategic purposes, but said a purchase was not a priority at this time. “It’s not No. 1 on the burner,” he told reporters.
Trump even joked about his proposal as it came in for ridicule, tweeting a doctored photo of a glistening Trump skyscraper looming over a small village in the Arctic territory.
“I promise not to do this to Greenland,” he joked Monday.
But on Tuesday, Trump abruptly canceled the visit, also by tweet.
One can imagine a tweet that would be Peak Trump. For example:

We are buying Greenland as a strategic base to defend Israel! I will appoint A$AP Rocky as Governor General!

The sad thing is that would be a perfectly plausible Trump tweet.

Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark

Another failure for mainstreaming.

Sallis: Mainstreaming doesn’t work, one reason for that is that the Center-Right can co-opt your lukewarm positions and scoop up your votes as the “safe” alternative.

But the situation is even worse than I had written – Denmark shows that even the Left can co-opt weakly moderate “anti-immigration” positions – and of course later betray those positions, leaving the stupid hoodwinked voters high and dry and leaving the Far Right out of power (as usual). If you cannot even distinguish yourself from Social Democrats, then isn’t that the most searing indictment of mainstreaming possible?

The riposte will be that in Europe, with their “hate speech” laws, more aggressive campaigning is not possible.  Even there, Sallis is right once again:

Some will object – what about Europe?  They have repressive speech codes and aren’t the national governments there considered legitimate by the people?  First, I can’t speak for rightist Europeans – it is very possible that the growth of populism there is indicative of a growing element that does indeed consider the System illegitimate. And, second, the USA, with its particular history of, and alleged commitment to, free speech, is expected to exhibit a much stronger association between free expression and political legitimacy than do nations that have histories of kings, dictators, strongmen, and laws against lese majeste. What about the argument that European nationalists have had success despite the speech codes there?  What success?  In some nations, there has been a temporary slowdown in the degeneration, which can be quickly reversed by any subsequent leftist government; at best, there have been victories by civic nationalists and moderate petty nationalists. The “grand success” in Europe is a figment of the Nutzi imagination. And I can turn the argument around – imagine how much more successful the European Right could be if they could actually express their real views without fear of being fined or jailed?

So, no, the pathetically flimsy “successes” in Europe – which in any case have limited relevance to the American situation – in no way disprove the thesis put forth here.  Given the concerns of White nationalists, the situation in Europe remains dire. Demographic replacement is still “baked into the cake” there. Can European nationalists freely and frankly discuss these concerns?

Der Movement argues how wonderfully the ethnonationalist heroes, with their carefully worded mainstreaming, are doing in Europe.  Sallis argues that this vaunted success is an illusion and that mainstreaming is a disaster, and that without the ability to speak freely – that for the most part European nationalists do not even have as a part of their political platforms – nothing significant can be accomplished.

Sallis – correct; Der Movement – wrong.

But that’s OK, keep on supporting the Quota Queens, those empty vessels who have all the depth of a piece of tissue cut by a microtome and all the heft of a rotifer.  Affirmative action and all that. Meanwhile, enjoy the fruits of mainstreaming in Denmark.

And then we have America:  Trump will be monitoring the situation.  Stay tuned!

I’m fair-minded, and will praise Der Movement when it is warranted.  Thus, in the midst of the horrendous pile of written garbage that now passes for Counter-Currents is a thoughtful essay that I believe has real value – see here.  This attitude, to be actualized into reality, will require community activism, focusing on real social and economic problems instead of nonsense about “Kali Yuga,” and will require an adoption of populist “lefist” economic positions instead of “conservative-libertarian” posturing about “sweet business deals” (the latter coming, perhaps not coincidentally, from the pro-Jewish HBD side of the “movement” aisle).

In Der News, 6/9/18

Der news.

Sunic foreword to Bolton’s Yockey book.

That’s the foreword to the book itself; insofar as I know, currently, I am the only one who has written an independent review of this important work.  That speaks volumes about the pathetic, low-rent “movement.”

Getting back to Sunic’s foreword, I’d like to say that Tom is one of the finest people involved in nationalist activism.  I don’t agree with everything he’s ever written of course, but people can disagree on issues but still think highly of each other, respect fine work, and note their essential decency as human beings.  Indeed, I sometimes disagree with Salter on some issues (as recently chronicled in posts here), but I cannot think of anyone whose work I respect more.  As I’ve said a number of times before – Salter deserves a Nobel Prize for his work on ethnic genetic interests; in a fair world, one not dominated by anti-White leftist politics, that Prize would be awarded.

By the way, Sunic probably doesn’t remember it, but he and I had a pleasant phone conversation many (15+) years ago.  A good man.

More evidence (if you needed any) that Sallis is right once again: the Danish left is farstreaming right.  Evidence to support mainstreaming: zero.  Evidence to support farstreaming: Trump, Orban, Denmark, etc.

Best Amren comment, in response to this article:

Jason Lewis • 10 hours ago
Right after they tell you that population numbers are concerning they’ll tell you that there aren’t enough babies being born in Western countries requiring a endless flood of immigrants.

Sane Dane

Some sense.

A Danish commentator, posting on the thread of the recent article by anti-White activist Durocher, makes some sensible points:

The big role mafia plays in Italy, suggests a weaker ethnocentrism to me. 

I agree.  As I have written before, amoral familism is NOT ethnocentrism, more of its opposite.  Low investment in collective social goods, a pitiful military performance in 20th century history, a lack of interest in ethnic improvement (see the reaction to Rienzi and Mussolini) – all of that indicates low ethnocentrism in Italy, coupled to hedonistic individualism and amoral familism.

The many Danes joining the SS wiking and the Finnish Resistance during ww2 was not only motivated by fear of the soviets, but racial solidarity too. How would a whole nation like Germany be swayed by NS if it didn’t hold a strong sense of ethnocentrism to begin with?

Exactly.  But don’t make these points to the HBD/TOO/Hajnal line/northern hunter-gatherers explain everything crowd. They have their dogma and reality must fit into their theory, not the other way around.

I´m not so persuaded by the idea that ethnocentrism is lower in the north, only that particular genetically based moralist survival mechanisms (trust) has rendered us more vulnerable to manipulation of our mechanical religious instincts.

Maybe.  I’d like to see more evidence on the trust issue.  But I have written on these topics before, speculating that the greater genetic heterogeneity in swarthoid nations selected against trust and investment in social goods (with physical appearance being a practical proxy for genotype) – if you are not that related (relatively speaking) to your co-ethnics, why invest in them rather than in your family, where kinship is more definite?  To put it crudely, why should a wop who looks like Giuliani invest in a wop who looks like Bin Laden?  

European Madness

You just can’t make this stuff up.

A Danish teenager who was sexually assaulted near a migrant asylum centre has been told she will be prosecuted after using pepper spray to fend off her attacker. The 17-year-old told police she was targeted in the coastal town of Sonderborg by an English-speaking man, who knocked her to the ground and tried to undress her…However, as it is illegal to use pepper spray, the teenage girl is set to face charges. It is likely she will face a 500 Krone (£50) fine Local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd: ‘It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely to be charged for that.’ The man who attacked the girl fled from the scene and has not yet been charged. It is unclear if the man was an asylum seeker or refugee.

It’s difficult to keep pace with the hyper-masochistic worm-like weakness and pathetic inferiority of the festering biomass known as “the White race.” If I had written several days ago a scenario in which a teen-aged European girl would be criminally charged for defending herself from a colored immigrant would-be rapist, while the attacker is not charged, the causal reader would scoff and say, “there’s Sallis acting like a hyperbolic lunatic again.” But, alas, it is all too true.
Once again I make the following scientifically accurate statement: From the objective standpoint of biological fitness, a single maggot eating its way through a pile of dog feces is infinitely superior to the entire White race, since the maggot acts to boost its fitness, while Whites act to suppress theirs.

A Danish Native Son

Not quite.
Another day, another violent terror attack on our native soil of Europe by your friendly neighborhood NECs.  No worries though, it’s all covered and controlled by our masters in the usual manner. For example, the American mass media refers to the killer as a “native son” of Denmark, as if he were a Nordic Scandinavian, a Viking berserker, or perhaps a brooding introspective Hamlet, rather than a Levantine Semitic Arab, who, of course, hadn’t the slightest business living in Denmark to begin with.  Reports indicate a specifically Palestinian ancestry which, if true, would further explain his radicalization, with Israeli treatment of that ethny contributing to much anger in the Islamic world.

Indeed, the role of Jews in the ongoing low grade civil war in Europe is quite interesting, apart from the usual tinfoil hat conspiracy theories that I will not dwell on here.  On the one hand, Israeli dispossession of the Palestinians, and the West’s (particularly, America’s) reflexive support of Jewish behavior, enrages Muslims the world over.  Then, the Jews strongly support immigration of Muslims into Western nations, as part of the grand objective of diluting the racial and cultural patrimony of the European peoples.  Further, Jews also strongly support “hate speech laws” which criminalize native European objections to their genocidal race replacement.  But, alas, a few Jews suffer some “blow back” from Islamic immigration, as the newcomers do not show appreciation toward the Jews who have helped unlock the gates of Europe to the alien invasion.  And this you see is a big problem.  The Western leadership accepts – nay, advocates! – the demographic and civilizatitional eclipse of Europeans by immigrants, they cover up immigrant crimes up to and including the mass rape of native children, they look the other way when ordinary Whites live lives of quiet desperation over the loss of their neighborhoods, cities, and nations, but – but! – let one Jew come to harm, let Israelis call for a Jewish exodus from Europe, and the leaders of the West collapse into paroxysms of agony and anguish.

Indeed, the idea of a large scale migration of Jews out of Europe, the possibility of which should be met with universal joy and ringing celebration, is instead treated with horror by the same elites who shrug off Rotherham with cheerful insouciance.

And as far as the immigrant invaders themselves?  I’ve written here, a number of times, that the Western, the European leadership reaction to these events, to these massacres, would be to call for more immigration, a greater alien flood, more race replacement, more speech laws.  To those who would label me unduly pessimistic, I refer you to this.

But are the White masses any better? Let us not underestimate the weakness, stupidity, masochism, and cowardice of the White race. You’d think that after Rotherham, Charlie Hebdo, and now this, you’d think that there’d be some sort of reaction, some sort of sign of puissance, some expression of outrage. But, no. Nothing. Now, let me make a disclaimer.  Of course – of course! – I advocate for legal and peaceful activism to promote European survival, and let there be no doubt – none whatsoever! – that I unequivocally denounce and reject any violent responses.  That said, one can consider what a healthy people would have done in response to these outrages (never mind that a healthy people would not have allowed any of this to occur in the first place, but never mind that for now).

With the exppsure of Rotherham, what would have been a normal reaction of a sane people?  One could envision mobs of outraged Englishmen, their breasts burning with anger –  a rage building for years, for decades – crashing into the prisons, dragging out the accused, and lynching them.  Then, the mob, just getting warmed up, would find those officials of their own race who turned a blind eye to the years of outrages against English children, they would find those officials and string them up as well.  And, just like the storming of the Bastille, these actions would precipitate a  nation-wide revolution, and the streets of London would run red with blood (amazing enough, this time NOT the blood of Englishmen slaughtered by immigrants).  And about the “refugees” that Europe must joyfully accept?  Those boats in the Mediterranean? Torpedo them.  Or, if advanced naval armaments are considered too valuable to waste on such vermin, then just let them die at sea and, if they try to land on European soil, open up with the machine guns, bullets being somewhat cheaper than torpedoes. And for those aliens living in Europe, regardless of citizenship or place of birth: give them a defined time frame to get up and leave, to go back to their homelands, or suffer a less pleasant fate.  That’s what normal and healthy people would do.  But, I repeat: I do not advocate that.  Let us be humane. Let us use the political process. But do Whites do even that?  Are White flocking to the polls to vote in real leadership? In Greece, a pro-immigration far-left party has come to power, with the support of the alleged “far-right” Marine Le Pen of France.

We live in a age of madness.  And the way things are going, the West will die in an age of madness as well.  Don’t say we never told you so.  We did.  But you all just are not listening.