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A Bit of Physical Anthropology

Let’s sink our teeth into this, so to speak.

This bit from Strom is good, although some of the genetic data he uses are somewhat dated. It doesn’t change the interpretation, which is correct.

I wonder if Strom knows about some interesting work on racial dental patterns (emphasis added):

Assuming that phenetic expression approximates genetic variation, previous dental morphological analyses of Sub-Saharan Africans by the author show they are unique among the world’s modern populations. Numerically-derived affinities, using the multivariate Mean Measure of Divergence statistic, revealed significant differences between the Sub-Saharan folk and samples from North Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and the New World, Australia/Tasmania, and Melanesia. Sub-Saharan Africans are characterized by a collection of unique, mass-additive crown and root traits relative to these other world groups. Recent work found that the most ubiquitous of these traits are also present in dentitions of earlier hominids, as well as extinct and extant non-human primates; other ancestral dental features are also common in these forms. The present investigation is primarily concerned with this latter finding. Qualitative and quantitative comparative analyses of Plio-Pleistocene through recent samples suggest that, of all modern populations, Sub-Saharan Africans are the least derived dentally from an ancestral hominid state; this conclusion, together with data on intra- and inter-population variability and divergence, may help provide new evidence in the search for modern human origins.

In case there is any confusion what “derived” means in terms of physical anthropology, see this (emphasis in original):

The definition of primitive and derived characters. Primitive characters are those that were present in the common ancestor of a group of animals. Derived characters are those that are shared by only a subset of a group of animals, all descended from a common ancestor.

In other words, “derived” traits are the opposite of “primitive” traits – the “derived” traits are those that have further evolved from the original primitive state. Therefore, the work on the Negro dental complex demonstrates that Negro dentition is most similar to that of extant and extinct non-human primates as well as that of “earlier hominids.”  Thus, Negro teeth are the “least derived” from the original dental complex, they are similar to the teeth found in “an ancestral hominid state,” in contrast to European and Asian teeth that are more “derived” and, hence, more evolved and specialized compared to those of Negroes. This is mainstream science, not Nutzi or HBD ranting.

This is a remarkable finding, which torpedoes the sinking ship of race-denial and false equality.