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Der Movement Dictionary

Dictionary for the American “movement.”  Possibly more to come in the future if I can think of any more.

Der Movement terms on the left, real-world translations of what Der Movement is really talking about on the right.

The American Movement: Nordicism

Nordicism: The American Movement

White nationalism: Nordicism

Pan-European: Europe to the north of Vienna and west of Berlin

March of the Titans: Sci-Fi/Fantasy literature that is the “movement’s” New Testament to Mein Kampf’s Old Testament

Who We Are:  Who We Aren’t

Population Genetics: Tarantino’s movie True Romance

Jews: Either (1) devils to blame for all our ills, or (2) superior HuWhite men of the West

Africa: Southern Europe

Asia: Eastern Europe

Negroes: According to Der Movement, a step above Southern Europeans, racially speaking

HBD/race realism: Yellow Supremacy, measured groveling of Whites to Asians, Jew worship, pseudoscientific and anti-White memetic poison that attempts to delegitimize kinship-based racialism

Silk Road White Nationalism: Putting the interests of Asians ahead of those of Europeans, letting Asians colonize the West, thinking that Chinese girls with guns will guard the borders of Europe, hating Russians, accusing anyone who disagrees with you of “sucking Jewish cock”

The Mountaintop: Where you engage in serial monogamy, living off the donations of folks you mock as “soft, city-bred Whites”

Watchdog groups: Where your organization’s “secret” files end up after being stolen by an obvious infiltrator

Truth: Laughably stupid fossilized “movement” dogma

Rock Star: A “movement” personage considered infallible and immune from criticism (except from Shit-Stirrers)

Shit-Stirrer: A racial nationalist who rejects Truth and criticizes the Rock Stars

Trump: The Holy God Emperor

Mitt Romney: America’s Dad

Traditionalism: Moronic rantings of demented hags (Savitri Devi), rambling butthurt swarthoids who invent “spiritual race” concepts because they lack the knowledge and common sense to effectively refute retarded Guntherism (Evola), and all other manifestations of imbecilic gnostic esotericism that is an obvious substitute for religion for those weak-minded individuals who cannot accept empirical reality

EGI: A talisman to invoke (usually by people who never read On Genetic Interests) to explain everything from bad weather to the price of milk

Ethnic Genetic Interests: A vitally important concept that most in Der Movement (1) never heard of, (2) do not understand, and/or (3) willfully misrepresent

Science: Pseudoscience

Jeurasian: The planned outcome of HBD/race realism

Hitler: Der Movement’s God

White: Northwest Europeans

HuWhite: Jews and Northwest Europeans

The Land of the Gods: China (more broadly: Northeast Asia)

Ethnonationalism: Concept that destroyed the White world through two world wars, typically promoted by folks who reject true Pan-Europeanism because well, you know, we can’t make common cause with those types….

Happy Penguins: Making a good living promoting trash like Sailer and Derbyshire

Child Porn: Something Derbyshire questions as to why it is illegal

Measured groveling: Something Whites must do to Asians

Arthur Kemp: Often mistaken for Joe Pesci

The Good Shepherd: Movie that includes a scene with Matt Damon and Joe Pesci that Der Movement, in its sweaty obsessions, misunderstands

Racial science: Bizarre, obsessive ethnic fetishism

Racial history: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Podcasts: A form of communication that some activists go on with different names but with the same voice

Game: A manosphere concept in which men must change their personas, and modulate their every word and action, in order to appeal to ditzy, STD-infected, mudsharking sluts

The Lioness of the Right (aka “The Goddess”): A Desi-loving mudshark several decades past her SMV prime

Chateau Heartiste: A HBD-Game site led by a sneering weasel-face who pretends to be pro-White, but who brags about his past Negress girlfriend, and who believes that miscegenation can increase a White man’s SMV, and that we should  “sit poolside” and let “suckers” save Western Civilization

Latrine Flies: Term used to describe pro-White Amren conference attendees, given to them by folks invited to speak at such conferences

Hart’s White Separatist State: Multiracial America minus Negroes (and only Negroes)

Affirmative action: What Der Movement opposes for coloreds but practices itself

Der Movement leadership: Quota Queens

Der Movement rank-and-file: Ethnic fetishists, defectives, trolls and infiltrators, morons, and a fraction of good and intelligent sincere activists

Codreanu: A historical figure Der Movement plays lip service to admiring but who would be rejected if he ever showed up in the American scene, because well you know…

Joe Tommasi: American National Socialist activist murdered because well you know…

Rockwell: American National Socialist leader whose murder by the swarthoid Patler is focused on by a “movement” which (1) ignores the role played by Pierce in antagonizing the Rockwell-Patler working relationship, and (2) studiously ignores the murder of Tommasi

Francis Parker Yockey: Man whose fundamental vision of a Pan-(Western)European Imperium is rejected by those who profess to be Yockey adherents and admirers

Shit-stirring trouble-making crazy no good swarthoid: Ted Sallis