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About Colored Allies


Has anyone else ever noticed that many – although of course not all – non-White “friends and allies” of White nationalism tend to promote memes that divide Whites against each other.  Certainly, virtually ALL non-White (and many White, by the way) “race realists” (HBDers) promote such memes.

Note also that many of these Colored allies and realists live in majority-White nations, and they have no intention of leaving.

Caveat emptor.

Towers of Power

Did you ever notice: decline of the West, architectural version.
Did you ever notice that all of the tallest buildings in the world, the ones that currently exist, the ones in the process of being built, and, insofar as I know, all the ones on the drawing board, are all in non-Western nations, in the Islamic world and in East Asia?
A minor point you may say, and who cares.  But isn’t it emblematic of the decline of the West, that the non-Western world is growing, confident, striving, while Whites grovel in humiliation towards the World of Color, that while Coloreds build to the skies, Whites are falling into the gutter?
While the Coloreds are ascendant in their own lands, their presence in the West is a prime reason why the West collapses.  The World of Color acts to enhance the well-being of coloreds, while the White World also acts to enhance the well-being of coloreds at the expense of the Whites themselves. Hey, when your resources are going to colored parasites and “refugees,” there’s no time or money for skyscrapers, space exploration, or any scientific and technical accomplishments whatsoever.
Of course, the West is probably fearful that any sort of 3,000 foot “tallest building” will become a terror target – a target by the same coloreds the West lets into their nations.  So the West watches as the symbols of power and prestige go up in other civilizations, and then representatives of those civilizations help ensure that such symbols can never be present in the West. 

The White Race: a comically embarrassing slab of flab.

Did Your Ever Notice: Media "Debate"

Debate, or the lack thereof?

Did you ever notice:

That news shows (the PBS NewsHour is the undisputed master of this), whenever they have a “debate” or “discussion” on any topic touching on race, immigration, multiculturalism, culture, hate speech, free speech, etc., NEVER include any viewpoints further to the right of Jeb Bush?

In fact, they often have “debates” between people who are in basic agreement on the fundamentals of an issue, always of course promoting a left-of-center anti-White viewpoint.

So, for example, if there was a discussion on immigration to the USA, they would include the following three debaters:

1. Someone who favors more legal immigration and wants to give a full amnesty to illegals, including citizenship.

2. Someone who favors more legal immigration and wants to give a partial amnesty to illegals, including permanent residency but not citizenship.

3. Someone who favors more legal immigration and is not sure about amnesty, but who wants to make illegal immigration irrelevant by a total open borders policy.

How about changing American demographics and an impeding White minority?

A classic debate between someone who thinks White minority status would be a great thing and that it will cause no problems vs. someone who thinks White minority status would be a great thing but there will be a problem with White racism and a White backlash.

Race relations in America?

A Black who blames everything on White racism and that Whites should be exterminated vs. a White who blames everything on White racism but all we need are more hate speech laws (White extermination optional).

Anti-Semitism in America?

A debate between the ADL, the SPLC, and the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Did You Ever Notice, 11/20/15

Did you ever notice:
That when Whites (rarely) commit acts of racial violence against non-Whites, it is roundly denounced as “hate,” is presented as evidence of the endless and boundless perfidy of Whites, we are NEVER asked to consider if the Whites had a legitimate complaint or justification for their action, the act is used as justification to increase anti-White oppression and to pass new laws to “fight White supremacism” and “outlaw hate” – BUT – when Negroes or Muslims or other non-Whites commit racial crimes, terrorism, rioting against Whites, then this is presented as evidence of how bad Whites are for provoking the act (by White racism), this is justification for more laws and projects to favor non-Whites and oppress Whites, we are told that we need to understand the reasons for the action, we are told we need to sympathize and empathize with the perpetrators and not the victims, we are told that the major concern is “backlash” against the perpetrators, we are told that we need to reflect on how we need to change White behavior (the root cause!) as to prevent this from happening again.
That Whites are considered morally guilty for alleged crimes committed by Whites centuries ago, crimes that the Whites of today openly denounce; but when non-Whites commit horrific crimes today, and are supported by their co-ethnics today, we are told that we cannot blame the “millions of innocents for the crimes of a few.”
That Whites are associated with Whites as a race when Whites are blamed for historical crimes, but never for White historical achievements (which are just from atomized individuals).
That the only race officially discriminated against by law, and which is the only race being subjected to government-sponsored genocidal race-replacement immigration, is also the only race called “privileged.”

That Yahoo is full of anti-White stories from all sorts of far-left sites, many founded and/or edited by Jews.

That women are so navel-gazing and self-absorbed that Yahoo is full of stories written by women, such as “Why I love my 800 lb. body,” or “My message to the woman who looked funny at my distorted retard baby,” or “The day I stopped shaving my armpits” or any other of a myriad of inane and insipid stories that get international distribution as part “our” feminized and degenerate “Western” “culture.”

That the democratic globalist multiculturalists always want to “declare war on” and bomb racially different peoples from different civilizations, and yet “White racist haters” instead wish to negotiate with those peoples.

Did You Ever Notice, 11/18/15

Shitlib and cuckservative hypocrisy.
Did you ever notice:
That the same people who tell us we need immigrants for “economic growth” are often the same types who tell us that rampant consumerism is wrecking the environment and causing “global warming,” so that we need constraints on growth?
That the same people who worship “the free market,” and who believe the market can solve any problem, also believe that the same market would be unable to solve the problem of low birthrates/worker shortages without desperately accepting mass immigration?
That “states cannot make immigration law” when said states try to enforce existing federal immigration laws, but that there is no problem with states making up their own laws when said states and said laws favor illegal immigrants, and give the invaders drivers licenses, in state tuition, and other goodies?