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Of Emails and Morons

The usual stupidity.
The Trump fanboys are all once again becoming hysterically breathless, this time about the FBI announcement that they are re-opening the Clinton email investigation, this due to material found in their investigation of Middle Eastern Asiatic Anthony Weiner, soon-to-be-ex-husband of Hillary’s “good friend,” the horse-faced Asiatic Huma. According to the fanboys, this announcement alone is sufficient to absolutely ensure that Der Touchback does a Vince McMahon strut into the Oval Office, “grabbing pussy” with both short-fingered hands.
More sane individuals will take a “wait-and-see” approach. FBI investigations, particularly on important subjects like this one, are typically not completed within a week-and-a half, unless there is actually nothing there of importance and is quickly announced as such, which may well be the case. In that scenario, this whole incident will rebound to Clinton’s benefit and Trump’s detriment. This scenario may indeed unfold as a “boy who cried wolf” situation in which the electorate gets sick of hearing about email “smoke” that does not lead to indictment “fire” and instead worries about much more important things, such as when the next yeast-infected vaginal windbag is going to accuse Don Fats of years-old sexual harassment.
Now, of course, it may be possible that this renewed investigation does find truly damaging material. But for it to affect the outcome of the election, it would seem to require either:
1) Something so horrendous – like the revelation that Hillary smothered Scalia with that pillow (or, more realistically, with one of her torso’s fat flabs) – that it must come out now and shatters the Clinton candidacy (although I suspect most of her supporters would still vote for her even if she were under investigation for murder), OR
2) Something less dramatic, but still truly damaging, which gets revealed via a leak or via an official announcement by an FBI under pressure to announce what it is they are investigating. This may – may – flip enough votes for Der Touchback to squeeze out a victory.
But we do not know what’s there, we do not know whether this is just another misdirection, we do not know what the timetable will be of any revelations, if there actually are any. It may well be that a Clinton Presidency (the sequel) will be mired in endless scandal and investigation (just like the original). It may well be that Donny Amnesty pulls out a surprise victory. Who knows? Definitive comments about an unknown and fluid situation is stupid – the hallmark of Der Movement.
Indeed, the Roissyian hysteria is just another indication of Der Movement’s absolute, unbridled stupidity – and that applies even if the emails contain a bombshell revelation.
Meanwhile, a Roissy commentator writes:

What is your fear of hubris protecting us from? Feeling bad that we predicted wrong? That bet-hedging comes at the price of unsteady confidence when it is needed the most, where we are now, in “the deep breath before the plunge.”

Can this be believed? That a (ostensibly) White man needs to have explained to him why Negro-like empty overconfidence is dangerous? Again, are these the kinds of folks you want in the foxhole with you, or actually leading you into battle? People who see no danger in hubris? Who don’t see the dangers of foolhardy words and actions, driven by empty bravado, endangering the group and putting things at risk? Going back to the “boy who cried wolf” – even the retarded “movement” masses, enabling as they do affirmative action quota queens, may eventually tire of false promises, absurdly wrong predictions, non-existent “victories,” dashed hopes, and the constant stench of absolute failure. The Roissy crowd sings the praises of NW Euro-Germanic man, but they themselves instead behave like mindless strutting Negroes or, even worse and lower on the racial scale, foppish gold chain-wearing guido Afrowops.
Once again “Dienekes Pontikos” proves himself a purely apolitical and unbiased observer of the ethnic/racial/sociobiological/anthropological/genetic scene. On the other hand, compared to the Polish/Slavic chauvinism of “Polako,” Dienekes actually is all of that – but only in comparison.


Dienekes on U6

An Eurasian origin?

Ordinarily, I have zero interest in mitochondrial and NRY DNA studies, but there is an underlying issue here that is relevant to the important autosomal DNA – some of what has been considered “admixture” may not be, it may be due to a misunderstanding of haplotype/haplogroup origins or, for autosomal DNA, a lack of proper parental populations (or a lack of application of statistical significance).  Or, a failure to go back far enough.  That may or not be the case here, but in population genetics, as in science as a whole, there is never a “final answer” – new data should can always alter beliefs/hypotheses.

In any case, the “racial purity” meme is less relevant to EGI than is genetic kinship, an all-encompassing concept that takes into account all sources of genetic divergence (including real admixture), to establish the genetic benefits and costs of different biopolitical scenarios.

The Latest From Fogle…No, I Mean Derbyshire

More HBD stupidity.

Child porn legalization-supporter (*) John Derbyshire has more nonsense on the far-left VDARE site.

The stupidity in all of this is incredible.  The idea that Serbia’s average IQ is in the range of American Negro IQ is ludicrous, and more Lynnian imbecility. Imagine a nation composed of American Negroes, similar to a giant Detroit, and then compare areas of Europe Lynn and the HBDers say are roughly equivalent. Even morons like the HBDers should see the problem immediately – except they are so consumed by their rigid political dogmas they cannot even question the discordance between theory and reality.

Also, Argentina is not “97% White;” population genetics studies clearly show a very large mestizo population; only a minority fraction of that country are Spanish, Italian, or German.  The idea that “Argentina is White” is one of the great racial lies of HBD as well as Der Movement.

Derbyshire not only quotes Jayman and Lynn, but also the subhuman HBD GNXP worm Malloy, a low-life, no-character piece of filth who, approximately a dozen years ago on the Dienekes blog, called me a “terrorist” because I (1) oppose Asian immigration, and (2) wrote a positive essay about Belgian politician-soldier Leon Degrelle.  In the post-9/11 hysteria, to label someone a “terrorist” simply because they disagree you with on immigration policy or interpretations of history, clearly shows that the person doing the labeling has to be among the biggest pieces of shit in human history.  Just the type to be linked to John “Jared Fogle” Derbyshire.

* His actual words, emphasis added (be sure to spread this far and wide):

…there is an anarcho-tyranny angle here that is sufficiently deplorable in itself. Why should it be a crime to have child porn on your computer? (Note that the item on the charge sheet about Bukovsky “making” child-porn images is bogus. As Claire Berlinski explains, under U.K. law just downloading images counts as “making” them.) 

Enjoying child porn is weird and creepy to be sure. I cleave, however, to the old principle that you can’t go to jail for what you’re thinking. In the Western world of today, as the waters of totalitarian conformity rise all around us, that point of view seems positively quaint.

Defending Salterism: Polygeneic Adaption

Polygenic adaption.

With respect to this study reflecting “polygenic adaption,” I would like to comment, in effect pre-empting retarded “arguments” by anti-Salterian (and anti-White) activists asserting that the genetic changes discussed somehow invalidate the EGI concept.
There has been a mistaken belief – from both Right and Left – that the concept of genetic interests supports a form of biologically reactionary genetic stasis/conservatism, in which any change, even positive, is eschewed.  That is false.  In On Genetic Interests, Salter makes clear that replacing maladaptive alleles can boost the fitness of the distinctive genome, hence enhancing genetic interests, and there is also the statement that genetic competition and unequal outcomes must be allowed to continue.
Further, natural processes such as natural selection, sexual selection, genetic drift, etc. will occur, will always occur, and, of course, as a sexually reproducing species, independent assortment and recombination during meiosis means that the “genetic deck of cards” get “reshuffled” each generation.  That is part and parcel of sexually reproducing life, natural selection is part and parcel of all life, and so all these phenomenon are also part and parcel of genetic interests.  Of course, there will be change. Indeed, the EGI concept is also compatible with eugenics, and Salter has written on eugenics as stand-alone essays in other forums (for example, see footnote).
What EGI does reject is large scale (and unnecessary) replacement of the genetic information of one people by another, through mass migration, miscegenation, etc.  That a single ethny will change somewhat over time due to natural processes is of course perfectly natural and acceptable, that this ethny will be race replaced or radically altered through mongrelization is neither natural nor acceptable.
It is quite possible to compare the genetics of ancient peoples to that of moderns.  One can observe that, for example, despite thousands of years of genetic differentiation, Otzi the Iceman falls within the European genetic spectrum, and is more similar to modern Europeans than to, say, Nigerians or Chinamen.  In this respect, the genetic interests of Otzi and his co-ethnics of his time are preserved as much as possible in modern Europeans; however, if modern Europeans were to be race-replaced by alien peoples, then this broad genetic continuity would be broken.  Otzi was a form of European, as are the different European peoples of today.  Nigerians and Chinamen are not.  One can compare the native Britons of today with those of the past and note significant genetic differences due to selection (as well as drift); nevertheless, these peoples share a genetic history and are more closely related to each other than to members of other races. 
I trust the point is clear. Indeed, the ability to adapt to changing environments, without large-scale race replacement or mongrelization by truly alien peoples, would help preserve the genetic interests of past Britons in the present population. The genetic interests of those past Britons are not threatened by selection, but instead by the mass immigration that will make Britons a minority in their own homeland in the coming decades.


HBD in the News, 4/26/15

Two small items.

South Asian Jews share the same pattern as the ones infesting the West: male Middle Eastern contribution in relatively recent times coupled to admixture with local female stocks.. 

But – South Asian Jews! HBD salivates at that reality. But we must go one better and study Chinese Jews. Yegads! Certain HBDers would explode in an onanistic frenzy of measured groveling over such sublime superhumans as those!
And then we have Roissy:

Some men new to the Charisma Arts create unnecessary hurdles to jump in their minds. One example is the mistaken idea that teasing girls is a laborious “dancing monkey” ordeal that by dint of the effort required of a man must necessarily “put the pussy on a pedestal”. 

Two flaws with this thinking: one, teasing is (or should be) fun for both parties, so it won’t feel like a chore. Once you get into a teaselord rhythm you’ll hardly want to stop (but you will need to stop, because too much teasing is just as counter-productive to bedding women as is too little teasing). 

Two, teasing hardly requires mush more effort than breathing. A tight tease that lands pointedly on a girl’s pudenda is likely to be a majestic demonstration of pith. Novellas and mime acts are rarely the stuff of good teases.

Let’s see. First, being a dancing monkey, which is exactly what “game” suggests and promotes, does not have to be “laborious.” How “laborious” is it to act like a dim-witted jackass? Lazy Negroes do it all the time. Letting your arm slide down an escalator, onto your lady fair (i.e., STD-infected slut) – one of the brilliant ploys previously celebrated at the Chateau – is hardly “laborious.” Sending out moronic tweets is hardly “laborious.” It is also undignified, moronic, juvenile, and indeed represents the man being a dancing monkey to satisfy fleeting female “hamster” whims. It may be fun, no doubt, to the sort of mental age-stunted retards who claim Roissy as a guru. I’m sure mudsharks find their miscegenation fun too. Derbyshire may find his “measured groveling” quite enjoyable. There are times when “fun” and doing the right thing are not exactly the same thing.

On the other hand, while the specific act of teasing need not be “laborious,” the entire Roissy program indeed is: the complete transformation of a man’s persona to please Milady Mudshark, the complete subjugation of the male to the Pedestal of the Pussy, as exemplified by the need for hundreds of posts, each with triple digit numbers of comments, a degree of effort that requires complete focus. If not, then why is Roissy still at it? After all, with such a simple program, a few posts left online in perpetuity to teach newcomers would have been sufficient.
But, no. Worshiping the female requires a daily dose of dancing monkey tomfoolery, and while each act of dancing need not be laborious, the entire mental effort to transform a serious man into a grinning buffoon does indeed necessitate much intense training and effort indeed.

Durocher’s Stupidity Explained With Charts


With a whole literature of population genetics out there, including sites like Dienekes that puts the data in a form that even semi-retardates like Durocher could understand, and the idiot uses material from the anti-Salter, anti-White, Jamaican HBDer “Jayman” as well as from 23andMe (*), a commercial DNA testing company which, for whatever utility it may have, is still deeply flawed and misleading (when will they give statistical error? parental populations and how that creates artifacts in the data?), and, of course, has an agenda to make money (indeed, all past criticisms made in the past about DNAPrint Genomics and my support for that flawed product [**], also applies in this case as well).

Durocher is an embarrassment and he is making a mockery of Counter-Currents. He should stick to things he has knowledge of: political jock-sniffing of Orban and fanboy heavy-breathing over Marine Le Pen. European ancestry and genetics are not part of that knowledge base it appears (putting aside that biopolitical considerations need to be based on genetic kinship, something you won’t get from White-hating HBD bloggers or politically-correct companies).

*Who themselves take some of the material from the literature, which Durocher is too stupid and lazy to access directly, or even indirectly through Dienekes that supplies the original links. Of course, Durocher doesn’t want to delve too deeply into this, as the data refute his previous flim-flam about European nationalities being akin to different races.

**It was the only game in town at the time for autosomal testing, and introduced the concept to the market. These days, with the field much more advanced, there is no reason to be so far behind the curve with respect to what is in the literature. And, despite all their faults, DNAPrint did put some material online about statistical error, more than I can say about today’s companies, which for the most part pretend that it doesn’t exist.

The Pontian View: Yes

Golden Dawn thinks differently.
Dienekes argues against a “No” vote on the current Greek referendum. Not surprisingly, Golden Dawn supports “No” – not surprising since the contrast is between Greek nationalists and a blogger who believes (or has believed in the past) that someone who is 31/32 Nigerian and 1/32 Greek has just as much right to be a “Greek citizen” as someone who is of 100% Greek ancestry.
Unfortunately, both sides are wrong in this instance.  A “Yes” vote, favored by racially liberal Pontians, means that Greeks are slaves to International Finance and to the anti-European EU monstrosity.  A “No” vote means that Greeks continue to live up to the stereotype of being carefree, incompetent, immature, undependable, undisciplined, parasitic Medish deadbeats, who refuse to pay their debts and who lazily leach off of those who are more productive.
Ultimately, the Greeks are at fault for getting themselves into this mess, endless years of mounting debt ignored to enjoy an “easy life in the sun.”  But, we can’t let the Germans off the hook either. The current White-hating EU is primarily their “baby” (as well as that of France and other such relatively well off Western European continental nations that favor globalist integration). The EU being the latest German hegemonic project, they need to accept the bad as well as the good.  It should have been obvious that, in the absence of a complete biocultural renaissance, there would be no way for Greece to be as productive and responsible as Germany.  But then, a people who support mass importation of Turks and Africans to replace their own dwindling population are, in their own way, as defective as the Greeks.
Europe is on fire, and the moronic EU “leadership” and the sheeple under them are throwing gasoline onto the flames.