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The Ukraine, 3/1/14

Good news, bad news, and a shot of reality.
The good news: the “coup” included “ultra nationalists” and “neo-Nazis.”  In other words, genuine Ukrainian patriots.
The bad news: these nationalists are so ill-informed that they actually want to be part of the same EU that nationalists throughout Western Europe are desperate to get out of.  This is a perfect practical example of the need for cooperation between Euro-nationalists.  Obviously the Internet, and the global information network, was not sufficient for Ukrainian nationalists to break out of their short-sighted Ukraine-Russia shell and realize that the EU’s endgame for the Ukraine is open borders, mass Third World immigration, miscegenation, and the transformation of the Ukraine into the Dominican Republic East.  If the Ukrainian Right was integrated into a pan-European nationalist movement, then they would have known the “score” about the EU, and would not have exhibited wild (and admirable) Slav bravery in order to fight for a System to ensure a Negro male for every Ukrainian girl.  
The only use for the EU is to be infiltrated by nationalist MEPs, which is what Norman Lowell wants to do. Unfortunately, that’s not what the Eastern Europeans want; they actually believe that the EU, as it currently exists, will help them, rather than destroy them.  It’s a shame.
More bad news: If the coup stabilizes and is not overturned by Putin (see next), then it is likely that the USA/neocons will push aside the “ultra-nationalists” and make sure some real “kosher” politicians are running the show. In other words, mass immigration sooner rather than later.
Trad Vlad: and then we have Putin and his invasion of the Crimea, and threats to move into eastern Ukraine.  In his message to the “American President,” that grand traditionalist Putin, superhero to starry-eyed Kali Yugaists in the American “movement,” justified his action as a response against Ukrainian “ultra nationalists” (those nasty haters!).  Political analysis rightly cites the fact that the “coup” threatens Putin’s plans for a Russia-headed “Eurasian Alliance” – in other words, a Moscow-led multiracial empire.  That’s some traditionalism right there; that’s respecting the Ukraine’s right to be an independent  nation, that’s showing sympathy for nationalism, that’s showing concern for the genetic interests of the Russian people (hint: those interests are not served by Eurasianism)!  That last sentence was sarcasm, in case the “movement” fanboys couldn’t grasp that on their own.
Anyone in the “movement” who thinks Putin is some sort of White savior is an unmitigated idiot.  Putin’s agenda = Dugin’s vision = hostile to racial nationalism and to what all the traditionalists profess to believe.
The American “movement” needs to be flushed down the toilet, where it belongs.
And I won’t even mention those uninterested in any of this, because, you know, those “Ukies” are “not their people” and anyway, anything to the east of Berlin and the south of Vienna is all irrelevant and equivalent to Timbuktu or the rice paddies of southeast Asia.