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Der Movement’s Dangerous “Minds”

SLC News.

In an otherwise fine book review and analysis by Johnson, we find two disturbing bits.


This is why I don’t regard Alexander Dugin and Richard Spencer as contributing anything to White Nationalism, which is the advocacy of ethnic self-determination for all white peoples. 

That’s an incredibly misleading, actually mendacious, description of what White Nationalism is, essentially equating White Nationalism as the sum of all the various intra-White ethnonationalisms added together.  Instead, what most honest people in the “movement” consider by “White Nationalism” is exactly what the term literally implies – a form of nationalism centered on race rather than ethnicity; the ORION principle: Our Race Is Our Nation.  Thus, for White Nationalists, the ultimate form of nationhood, and the highest form of national allegiance, is to the race as a whole; individual ethnic allegiances are secondary.  In this sense, White Nationalism is the antithesis of narrow ethnonationalism.

Instead, they are simply apologists for Russian imperial revanchism. 

Dugin yes.  But Spencer?  That’s going too far.  By the way, who has it been promoting the work of Dugin over the years?  All the Type Is out there, all the “traditionalists,: certainly not me.

Spencer regards ethnonationalism as “petty”….

He’s right about that. 

…siding with the UK against Scottish independence, the EU against Brexit, and Spain against Catalan independence. 

I disagree with Spencer here and go along with Yockey: In an Imperium there can be whatever local autonomy people wish, and if Scots and Catalans (or whoever) want such autonomy, fine, as long as all these regions and micro-nations are confederated into the Imperium.

But although he opposes the UK leaving the EU, he opposes Ukraine joining it. He praises the EU as a transnational, imperial organization — but not NATO. 

Spencer can explain his UK vs. Ukraine views himself.  The EU in principle is not a bad idea; its execution is globalist and anti-White, so I oppose it.

Clearly, he is more interested in shilling for Russian geopolitical interests than in setting forth a coherent moral and political framework for white survival.

Is White survival instead advanced by setting forth coherent moral and political frameworks of White nations ethnically cleansing each other?

Then we have this:

Beiner then quotes Spencer denouncing “fucking middle class” values and proclaiming “I love empire, I love power, I love achievement.” We even learn from a Jewish female reporter that Spencer will sometimes “get a boner” from reading about Napoleon.

If any of that is true, what can I say that I haven’t said before?  All you Type I Nutzis and heavy breathing fetishists out there are responsible for that, you are the ones who enable the affirmative action program.  You made your bed so now lie in it (albeit not along with Spencer reading about Napoleon).


Movement Roundup: 8/9/17

Odds and ends.

Crucially important Sailer comment of world historical importance:

Personally, I haven’t had a car for the last year, at least not when my wife is at work. I probably lost a little weight from all the walking to do errands. My son has the 1998 Infiniti with 250,000 plus miles, but I hope to get it back within a month.

Here’s why they didn’t fire him immediately: he had to train his H-1B replacements, a Chinese man and an Indian man.

Spencer shows good sense here.  That’s something that should have been decades ago.  Also, is it unfair to say that Spencer is the only good thing about the Alt Right brand?

General McMaster and I are working very well together. He is a good man and very pro-Israel,” Trump said…

After all, what else is important, right?  Cuckadoodledoo!

Here is why the Alt Right “big test” is just a destructive failure.  Alex Jones  – Alt Righter? Dugin as the ideological meme-generator for the “Western far right?”

“But Dugin’s ideas have certainly become an ideological rallying cry for the Western far right,” Michel said.

That’s laughable, since most in the “Western far right” – even in the Alt Right itself – reject Dugin and his stupidity.  And yet, because of “big tent” politics and the “Alt Right brand” genuine White nationalism, which has nothing to do with Jones and which rejects Dugin, now has to be publicly represented as an extension of both of those nitwits.  It is often said that more damage can be done through stupidity than through malice. Thanks again, Alt Right.

Who Else Aids Israel?

Say hello to China!

Now, is is true that the leftist, multiculturalist Putin Russian regime favors Israel?  Of course they do. Putin is not against the System, he’s part of it: ask the Russian nationalists jailed.

But, what the haters of Russia (and here I talk about Russia and the Russian people – that I strong support, not the Putin regime, which I do not) don’t tell you is that China is also strongly pro-Israel, apparently as part of the Asians’ rising tide of color alliance against Whites and White interests.

It’s not one or the other.  It is not a choice between:

1. Let’s be infatuated with Trad Vlad and be slavishly pro-Putin/Dugin, or

2. Let’s be pro-Asian cucks, led by the nose (or by another piece of anatomy, eh?) by cunning Asiatrics, and their “Silk Road” horseshit.

How about a “third way” so to speak: being pro-White, Whites including Russians who we hope one day will be under a true racial nationalist regime. The West and Russia have a common enemy: The East, which includes both the Jews and their fellow Asiatics of East, South, and Central Asia.

Ourselves alone!

Throwing Russia Under the Bus, Part 3

Hail Rus!

In contrast to many areas of the “movement” – as exemplified by issues discussed in the last two posts – I am pro-Russian (*). Of course, ultimately, ethnic Russians have to be the ones to decide the fate of Russia.  But I have an opinion, and it is this.

I call on Russians to reject Putin-Dugin Eurasianism – you are Whites, racially European, not Asians – and to also reject Raciologynonsense – you are Slavs, not Celto-Germanics, and no amount of wishful thinking and rewriting of history will change the fact that most Nazis looked down on Russians and other Slavs as subhumans.  That was stupid, but it is what it is. Russians need to reject kneejerk anti-Westernism: the multicultural horror currently passing as the ‘West” is an abomination brought about by the same forces that imposed genocidal communism on Russians and other Slavs. While it is true that Russia has its own unique culture and identity, it is also true that, ultimately, that culture and identity is tied to that of Europe, particularly those Western European areas emphasized by Yockey. Thus, it is time for the Eastern and Western halves of Europe – sundered apart by history – to rejoin, just as it is important for the Northern and Southern halves to come together as well (talking here about High Politics and actualizing a High Culture, not a panmixia).
It is also time for all Whites to stand firm against the Colored Tide, including and especially the deadly Yellow Peril. Indeed, the duplicitous behavior of Asians is on full display. On the one hand, China – for now – grabs on to close relations to Russia as a counter–balance to America (and vice versa) – a mirror image to Nixon’s “China ploy” against the USSR.  On the other hand, devious Orientals come to pro-White blogs to agitate against Russians.  Also, while male Asian leaders come together with other Afro-Asiatic leaders to form an anti-White Pan-Colored Alliance, they are clever enough to send their females to sex-starved “movement”/HBD nerds to create intra-White divisions and to try and seduce WNs to fight Russians for Asia’s benefit.
Be wary of these things, my Russian brothers.  It’s time to assist in building a New Movement, for all Europeans, including Russians, and make the stand against the rising tide of color.  Hail Rus!
*Some humorless idiots may point to anti-Raciology ridicule at Richard Lynn’s Pseudoscience as “evidence” of the opposite.  To them, I answer that all European groups (as well as the colored races) get ridiculed there, the “Med” “swarthoids” most of all.  It is obviously “tongue-in-cheek” and heavily sarcastic.

Yet More on Hungary

Those brave and hearty pan-Turanists.
A commentator at Counter Currents reasonably states:
Posted September 30, 2014 at 9:39 pm | Permalink
I am profoundly disappointed with the lack of support from Jobbik. The way the MP pathetically bowed out of the conference, citing those eeee-vil “U.S. racists”, is an embarrassment to anything that could be called right-wing. It’s time to break with these people once and for all. What a bunch of rotten bastards.
Yes, indeed.  Of course, Jobbik is not a pan-European party, it’s an anti-Romanian ethnonationalist party that grovels to the Turks in some sort of misguided pan-Turanism.  Thus: Turks – wonderful, Romanians – evil, American racial nationalists – evil.  But, hey, don’t worry, mainstream Orban denounces even the anti-racialist and pro-Turk Jobbik party, once again proving the wonderful facility and utility of mainstreaming.
Say what you will about Lowell and Imperium Europa, but those guys wouldn’t have folded like a cheap camera in a similar situation. And although Malta has the same “race laws” as Hungary (indeed, Lowell was convicted some years back, merely for making very mild comments), it still would have been a better choice for a conference site than Hungary. But, no doubt, the Old Movement wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Malta and the Maltese, since, well, you know how it is with those types down there….

And who was the buffoon who thought it a good idea to invite the anti-White, anti-Western, Eurasianist Dugin to the conference, thus giving a “cover” excuse for the anti-White “mainstream” Orban government to cancel the conference?  Greg Johnson is correct: while Orban – the mainstreaming superhero! – would have cancelled the conference regardless, he has been able to “save face” with his more nationalist supporters by painting the whole thing as a Putinistic anti-Ukrainian gathering of Duginist extremists. And for what?  So that neo-hippy can expound on the “fourth political theory” or whatever other nonsense he’s peddling as a front for re-establishing the Soviet Union and flooding Russia with the brown and yellow trash of Asia?

More on Anti-White Dugin

More information.
Note the last paragraph, as well as part about the Waffen SS plan for a pan-European federated Western state.
Interesting.  Or is it only “Medish lies?”  Most of the “movement” would believe the latter, I presume.

Say Hello to the Dugin/Putin Ideology

The pathetic, destructive “movement.”
That’s the intellectual underpinning to Putinism.  That’s what all the pathetic, blushing, starry-eyed schoolgirls, with their onanistic infatuation with Trad Vlad, are tacitly endorsing. The “movement” is pathetic and disgusting, and must be rooted out, replaced, destroyed, and annihilated, so that something more sane, rational and healthy can take its place.