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The Lie of GOP Extremism

Lies and more lies.
In the recent media frenzy to link Trump with “racist haters,” the usual media liars assert that this is evidence of the continued rightward shift of the Republican party, which is now populated by “extremists.”
Yet, real extremists denounce GOP liberalism, the cuckservative phenomenon, the uselessness of “surrender conservatism,” and Republican race treason and the continued GOP hatred of their own base. 
These two views are incompatible. Who’s right?  Who is lying?
The extremists are right and the media are lying.
Look at the main points of Trump’s immigration plan:
1) Enforce the law
2) Illegals are, in fact, illegal, they are invaders, and must be removed
3) Immigration policy must have the well being of Americans as paramount (an aracial “citizenist” approach)
4) National sovereignty must be maintained
Is that radical?  Extreme?  Really?  Or just common sense?  As opposed to a “rightward drift” of the GOP, instead we have a leftward drift of society and the System, a leftward drift of the Republican Establishment.
Proof in point: the moderate Establishment Republican Dwight Eisenhower, he who “integrated” southern schools at bayonet point, the hero of moderate Republicans everywhere, good old Ike, instituted “Operation Wetback” to deport illegal aliens.  In the 1950s, deporting illegals was the height of moderation and not controversial. Today, it is considered “neo-Nazi.”
Who drifted?