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In the News, 6/10/15 and a Bit on Christianity

Assorted odds and ends from around the “movement.”
Is this an example of Slager’s White Privilege?  One must give credit to Stix (putting aside his ancestry) for pointing out all these hypocrisies.
The Counter-Currents website seems to be down. One hopes they are updating their site to fix certain commenting problems.
Looking at this and this (and the past promotion of the Raciology embarrassment) summarizes The Occidental Observer over the past few years: some strange amalgamation of Christianity promotion and apologia, HBD, and mild Nordicism. Although, while I vehemently disagree with Ferrari’s defense of Christianity, one can give her credit for pointing out the possible Tribe affiliation of the commentator quoted here.
Normally, I find juvenile the “movement’s” shtick of pointing and sputtering “Jew!” every time someone writes something they don’t like, and, as well, it is not definitive that the commentator in this case is actually Jewish, rather than the typical “movement” nitwit.  But, true enough, what WN is not going to spell out “Yahweh?”  Who is going to know or care about “Jesus/Joshua” or whatever?
But, like Christian obsessives everywhere, Ferrari misses other points about this issue. Instead of labeling this as an example of “Jews bashing Christianity” why not label it as an example of “Jews trying to divide Europeans against one another” which is usually more typically the case, and something the HBDers, brownsters, and other Asiatics and Asiatic-lovers attempt frequently? If one wants to make the case against Christianity, which I do and, apparently, TOO does not, one can argue that this religion, as Nietzsche argued, destroyed Rome and the classical civilization, it’s a levantine contamination which first affected Rome (given that the Empire was the leading enemy of the Tribe and the focal point of Western politics at that time), and later spread northwards. Rome was the first victim of Christianity, not an existential part of it.

And, you know, Jews have reasons to dislike Christianity apart from some diabolical plot to undermine Western morality. They no doubt see Christianity as a perversion of their own faith, a pathetic imitation derived from the attempt of the lowly “goyim” trying to mimic the “chosen ones.” More importantly, they blame Christianity for much of their “persecution” in Europe over the centuries. As Yockey pointed out, during the religious phase of Western culture, hostility to the Jews took a religious form, and that lasted a long time and left deep memories.  Later, during the materialist phase of Western civilization, hostility toward the Jews took a racial form – and, to no surprise, Jews are hostile to racialism as well.

The Jewish attitude toward Christianity is perhaps best reflected in the golem myth – a creation meant as a defense against one’s enemies that backfires and turns against its creators themselves (but which still does much harm to those enemies in the meantime).  Despite their vaunted intelligence, the Jews have a historical tendency to create such golems and they never seem to learn from their mistakes – Christianity, Communism, and now the Globalist Multiculturalism that will eventually, in the long run, destroy the Jews and their beloved Israel as it is destroying the West.  So much the worse for them and so much the worse for the West, the first victim of all these golems.